How’re We Shifting?

Me: Are we still on track for the completion of the Shift? How much of the Earth’s energy, negative or positive, play a part? I’m wondering if all these shootings that have taken place are related to the polar shift—the anxiety, stirring up everyone’s emotions and energy. Does it?

Erik: Yes. Yes. Big time. They don’t know how to react to this shift, because, you know, it’s not something that comes to you and says, “Okay, now the Earth is going to change its vibrational quality, and you are going to feel it subtly. If you’re not fully aware of it, you’ll have more anxiety; you’ll feel paranoid. It’s like having a bad drug trip, but –“

Me: Stay away from guns.

Erik: So, it’s hard for some people to make it, and it’s surprising, this change. We’re really kind of in the middle of it. When I say “in the middle of it,” I don’t mean that if zero is the ground, and ten is up in the sky, and we’re at the number five, and we still have five paces to grow up. Think of a mountain. Zero is on one side of the ground, the valley of the mountain. Five is at the peak, and then ten is on the other side of the mountain. We’ve already gone up. We’ve made all of these changes, and now we need to settle in and get used to our new surroundings and kind of—

Jamie (to Erik with a horrified laugh): Don’t! You use some strange metaphors!

Erik: It’s like a fat person losing a lot of weight, and then they go shopping again, but they still see themselves as a fat person and unattractive and all this, but they’re fucking beautiful not matter what size they are. But they still go for the size 22 pants when they’re really a size four. You know, there’s this adjustment period, and so now we’re going from 5 to 10 to adjust.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: So, around 2015—

Jamie: 2015. Three years! No, 2 years!

Erik: —we’ll really be in the groove of what this change in vibrational quality gave us as being human. A lot of this psychic energy will be more accessible. People will have way more coincidences, but now they won’t be seen as odd. People like Jamie won’t be seen as different.

Jamie (giggling) I’m fine with that!

Erik: So, we have a little bit more to grow into, and we’ll just call them the ones who don’t want to adjust, who still want to see themselves as being fat, and they’re going to have a hard time with their environment and their surroundings.

Me: Yeah, the shooters and people like that, right?

Erik: Yeah. And normally, if you have a hard time, you don’t lie there quietly and take it. You speak up. You act out. You rage out. And this is why we need to start embracing these people and helping them psychologically adapt rather than keep up this fucking punishment shit.

Now given the Boston Marathon bombing, this doesn’t set right for me. No adjusting to The Shift is no excuse to kill and maim.

Me: What about energetically? It seems like the whole root is energetic. Can’t we help them energetically?

Erik: Completely!

Me: Can we help them energetically as a collective? It’s going to be impossible to say, “Come here. Let me do some energy healing on you” to every troubled person. We’re not there yet as a society.

Erik: Yeah. That’s why I love to tell people to focus their time and effort they use on energetically healing someone—focus to the center of the Earth—

Me: Yeah, and then let that energy radiate from the Earth’s core to the soles of the feet of everyone.

Erik: Yeah. Every person will receive that energy, and if you want, you can specifically focus on those who are having a hard time adjusting. Send it to the core of the Earth, and let the Earth radiate that out.

Me: Exactly. We might save a lot of lives that way. What about wars? Will that get better when everything settles in?

Erik: There’s always going to be war. As long as Earth can maintain that lower vibrational emotions—anger, hurt, pain, jealousy, pride. People in spirit actually have a lot of pride, like they say, “Oh, we have Earth that has that! They have that there. It’s attainable,”  whereas stuck in Heaven, that’s not attainable. So as long as Earth maintains that energy, there’s always going to be war. It’s unnecessary war; I’ll give you that. Totally unnecessary. I don’t care what the fuck it’s about, it’s totally unnecessary.

But there’s going to be that one that can woo and get people to follow there ass and create a war and do all kinds of fucked up shit. But what I can say is that they’ll be shorter, less relevant. They’ll be smaller, but for the world to really have a united, peaceful front—that’s a fucked up thought. I mean, yay, utopia! But you get that shit when you die. You came to Earth to have this rough-edgeness. So, it’s going to be there somewhere on the Earth. It’s just not going to be as prominent as it was.

Given Erik’s advice, I think we should all take a moment out of our day, everyday, to practice this healing technique. Link it to some daily task like brushing your teeth so you’ll remember. 

I just heard that Jamie is hosting another online class May 15th about how to protect yourself while communicating to spirits. It’s a 5:00 PM CDT. It’s $20. SIgn up here



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  • Elaine54

    Erik, you’re very good at analogies 🙂

  • Linda2749

    utopia! Yes I thought that was what the shift was all about, that those who make the shift get to go to Utopia land where the colors are like never seen and love is so overwhelming that it takes your breath away, That is the way I have seen the shift portrayed in so many blogs and writings now Erik you say not true that we will go on as is with only small changes for the whole. (SAD TO HEAR THAT)

    • Jane5

      Yes, confusing. Our guides have told us we will see the end of war on earth, just not in this lifetime but in one soon to follow. (But i am not coming back here *shakes fist at higher self* so hopefully i will see it from a different planet! 😉

  • Euphoria

    This is the same time span Adronis and Bashar has reported will make big shifts 🙂 It’s a very exciting time to live in.

  • MikeT76

    It doesn’t really seem that this “shift” is necessary. Earth is supposed to be a duality of positive and negative to apparently help us advance spiritually through trials and hardships. I just need more evidence that the Earth is actually shifting to a 4th or 5th dimensional consciousness, because it really seems to me that this is all just “business as usual”. Good things keep happening, bad things keep happening. I see no real difference.

    • Ash

      I think the point is that the difference isn’t earth, in general, and it’s not necessarily earth that’s shifting… it’s YOU (and me, and everyone else – but at our own pace… sort of). I would say don’t look to the rest of the world to see the shift, look at yourself. How have you changed, how are you currently changing? Who are you becoming? If your perspective of what you see around you changes – the way you view it – it doesn’t matter if the actions of others remain the same. You’ve fundamentally altered your perception of them and they no longer affect you in the way they once did. With that, you are able to change how you react to them, break the cycle and affect change outwardly.

      Now.. take that concept and apply it to everyone else. As we all shift, internally, we begin to manifest those changes of perception through our actions as a whole, on a global scale. Then the world changes.

      • MikeT76

        Good point.

    • steveatl

      I have to agree, but what I do see is that we are evolving/advancing so quickly technologically and socially, I think that is part of the problem. We’re moving so fast some can’t keep up.

  • Ash

    Throughout this whole Boston Marathon thing, I’ve been unable to feel any anger, resentment, outrage, or hatred at all toward the two people who did it. I know that the vast majority of America’s reaction has been more like a lynch mob… but I just don’t feel that way. I pity them. I’m sorry that their experience with America was so negative that it created a desire to do such a thing. And I feel that to some degree, we’re all a little responsible for that (not wholly. There’s a lot of other things that factor in, of course). And I forgive them. They are, after all, reflections of ourselves.

    • Patrick De Haan

      I also agree and have pity. They squandered multiple opportunities and there is a LOT to be learned.
      I detour on the responsibility. These bombers made their experience negative, in spite of ample opportunities and assistance. Did the 19 year old believe killing people yet pursuing a college education provided by the people he killed and maimed, made sense? Did the now dead 26 year old believe safety should exist for himself, his brother, sisters, wife, child and parents but killing others could be included or justified?
      What disadvantage or harm came to them because of religion or immigrant status? To the contrary, they chose to bite off the helping hand extended and then to kill it. “Despicable ingrates” comes to mind.
      Regular, horrific mass killings against Americans in the name of religion have produced no backlash, reprisal or retribution against practitioners of faith; the opposite is common, regular urging from Joe Schmoe all the way to the White House that nobody jump to conclusions or condemn by association.
      I also agree these acts are a reflection but not a general one; they are a symptom of humanity groaning, straining and creaking with its imperfections and freedoms. A nail or joist will fail from time to time. The ability to succeed by one’s choices and efforts must include bad decisions; freedom by someone else’s definition, NO MATTER HOW WELL INTENDED, isn’t. This tragic event demonstrated it.
      As I said, I feel great pity and sorrow for them but responsibility rests on their shoulders.

    • I feel just like you do! I feel like there are so few people on this planet who understand this wisdom. It’s nice to know were not alone in our thinking and beliefs!

  • Dennis

    Hm, it sounds confusing to me that all of a sudden the shift is basically very small. As souls we can still incarnate into all the other earth periods if we want duality or conflict. As time is not linear and everything happens at the same time. All i found so far about the shift means that the stage is going to change and we will be able to experience somethi g thats basically inbetween 3 dimensionality and the afterlife… An environment where we will be more close to the experince of the afterlife but still not completely like it. Like 3.5 dimension to give it a nametag….

  • I thought the shift was caused by Mother Earth trying to correct her own balance? Of is this shift for all of us as well?

    • Yes, it is Mother Earth’s thing, but her energy affects ours.

  • Ninierd

    Since the shift. Has anyone had or felt vibration in their feet and hands? I did a search in here but found nothing related.

    • PAUL

      Ok… I know that this is a full two years after this originally posted and there is a good chance that no one will actually see what I write here… doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.. guess I just need to get it off my chest with that said here goes…I revisited these posts about the shift to try and gain some additional insight I may have missed… but the revisit has not helped any…
      It is now 2015 and for the past couple of years I too have felt and
      continue to feel vibrations in my feet, hands, legs (when seated) and sometimes in my head and my teeth if that makes any sense! This shift has me totally out of sorts! I can’t sleep; I am depressed and have been placed on anti-depression medication; I am irritable and extremely easy to anger and when I think about this shift and the changes which are occurring and the challenges we will shortly face I become enraged! I watch the news reports of the many shootings,
      attacks on police, protests, riots, this ISSIS crap and all the problems the world over and I wonder where is God in all this? Then I remember that the God we thought we knew is nothing but a fairytale; that all religions are man made to control the masses; that there is no “right” and no “wrong” and no “judgment”; there is only the experience of the situation. Which translates into there is no real justice for those who fall/fell victim. Just depressing! I frankly don’t know how to deal with all this anger. I try to conceal it and not let it show…but I guess I’ve not been very successful at it. A co-worker was asked to sum
      me up in a sentence; he described me as “carefully controlled rage”! Maybe I am fighting it; but I don’t see any point or value in this shift!

      • Erik says that you need to ground yourself to the Earth. Image white light shooting out of the soles of your feet to the core of the Earth. Then have the Earth send her energy back through your soles and repeat “Match my vibration” until you feel like the two energy streams are at the same frequency. I just imagine them pulsing in time together. You can also let some of your light travel to the crust and reach life form on the planet, even those in the atmosphere. Working in a garden helps a lot, too. I heard that there’s a microbe: mycobacterium vaccae, that enters the body from soil and raises serotonin levels in our brains, perhaps the reason why so many feel good when they garden.

      • Paul Hames

        Thank you for your reply Elise… I’ll try that… hope it helps.

      • Me too.

      • michelle klammer schrantz

        I feel the vibrations you’re talking about; my feet especially, but also my head and teeth! Hang in there. Try not to watch the news, I’ve been angry too. It’s all clearing (old paradigms and beliefs and habits of thinking) clearing out of our energy fields. Allow the anger, and eventually it’ll subside. Try, if you can to allow exactly what you’re feeling to be “okay” and you’ll find relief, that will gain momentum. And next thing you know (sooner than you think) you’ll be finding and feeling joy. peace… You are a master waking up. No longer a student. It just takes baby steps, which was hard for me to accept at first, but it goes fast onces you’ve got just the smallest amount of momentum going. You’ll see. Hang in there, Paul. Elisa’s advice (Erik’s advice) to ground to the earth helps A LOT. Helped me.

      • Paul Hames

        Thank you Michelle…

      • Yes, the news is definitely a buzz kill for me, too.

  • Mary Beth

    Hi everyone — just a quick note about signing up for Jamie’s new web classes. Please be sure to use the link that is on her web site. For the next class the link is:

    See how the URL has “invite” in the address? If you use the special “invited” link, Jamie gets a bigger percentage of our class fee. If you use the regular link, or search for it on the Learn it Live website or click on the emails that they send you — Learn It Live takes a larger percentage. Let’s makes sure Jamie gets the most benefit for her time!

    Also, if you haven’t signed up yet — DO! I took her first class and it was friggin’ awesome! Even if you can’t be there “live”, signing up will grant you access to the recorded session, complete with the whiteboard comments from the attending students. You can access the recording as often as you like.

  • Yes! Happens to me all the time!

    • Ninierd

      So it is indeed part of the shift. Do you know why this is happening? Is there anything I should be doing or learning?

  • JoAnn

    when i went to the hospital,,,i and my family were told,,,”at least you are a happy, positive person ,,in a mania,,,they said alot of people haven’t had that experience,,,i was “childlike ” in my episode,,but so many people are experiencing pain and fear,,,and the Shift,,,has to be the reason for this,,,,i wish i could be a peer guide or at least try to help teenagers or young adults,,,get from Fear and defense to,,,Love and light,,,i am positive that is the difference,,,, it is Hard to switch like that,,,especially when young people are the ones out there in this Mad World,,,and fear is still the tool,,,in society,,,,and also in our homes,,, I am still the only person I know,,in my circle of peeps,,,that is coming from love and light,,,what about you guys?,,, can we all look around at everyone we know or know of,,,in our Family,work friends,,neighbors,,etc,,,that has made the switch from Fear and defense to Love and light?,,,i have one person in my family,,,that is in the middle right now,,,she has been steadily moving forward,,,but still has days where she can not rise above the pain and fear,,,

  • sharmin

    Jamie can you ask Erik the places most meteorite will strike and the safe zones during pole shift that government don’t want you to know about?

  • codyko

    Dr. Medhus you must see this if you haven’t already!

  • Thanks. I’ll check it out when I get a chance!

  • Courty

    I have been experiencing a lot of things out of the norm which has led me in search for answers. I’m so grateful for this blog for helping me to understand what I’m going through and why. I would love to thank Dr. Elisa and Erik for all the wonderful information on the blog.

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