Humans in 1,000 Years, Part One

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Enjoy the first of our two-part series about what’s in store for our future.

Me: Hello again, Kim.

Kim: Hello, again.

Me: Hello again, Erik. I just talked to you guys like 15 seconds ago, so I don’t even know why we have to say hello, but it’d make people feel a little puzzled if we just go right into it. But we are going to go right into our next topic. A lot of people have asked me this question, so I guess I’ll go ahead and ask. What are humans in our world going to be like in the next 1,000 years, 10,000 years and 100,000 years? Let’s start out with 1,000 years from now. What big differences are we going to see in ourselves and in our world? Maybe just like 5 differences.

Kim: One thing he’s really emphasizes less of a need for food like to nourish the body in a physical way.

Me: Oh! Well we’ll consume just energy, I guess.

Kim (smiling): He’s calling them super humans.

Erik: When you have super consciousness, there is less of a need for physical fuel for the body.

Me: Oh!

Kim: He has a very serious face.

Erik: Actual consciousness, Mom.

Me: What do you mean?

Erik: You know how they say you used only 10% of your brain?

I thought it was 20% but…

Me: I’m lucky to tap into 3%!

Kim laughs.

Erik: Could you imagine if that was boosted to 50% or 90%?

Me: God, our heads would explode!

Erik: In that case, Mom, being psychic doesn’t even do the experience justice. It’s complete consciousness with total awareness. You’d be living a life having the awareness that I have right now but in the human form.

Me: Wow.

Erik: Telepathy will be a very normal thing.

Me: Being able to communicate with the deceased?

Erik: Absolutely.

Kim: For some reason, he’s showing me the body changing. This might sound a little bizarre, but you know how you see those evolution charts?

Me: Yeah.

Kim: They’re out of proportion. The feet are a little bit bigger. The torso is a little bit shorter. The shoulders are more rounded.

Me: Ew.

Kim: It’s really interesting how he’s emphasizing the feet.


Kim: Oh! Okay, so body proportions are going to change physically, but I said, ‘What else? Why do you keep showing me these feet?’ And he said the word, “primitive.” There are no shoes on the feet.

Me: Really? Why?

Erik: Mom, just because we move forward in time doesn’t mean we “progress.” We’re going to come back around to living more primitively because of the connection we know and begin to hold sacred again. You can see it now. Some people are obsessed with walking barefoot because they’re spiritual or they’re hippies! You’ll see more of that because of the connectedness. People will want to authentically connect to the earth and environment, so they’ll move to being more primitive.

Me: Well Imelda Marcos better sell off all those shoes before they’re worthless!

For those of you not in the know, she’s the widow of the 10th president of the Phillippines and had a major show fetish.

Kim laughs.

Kim: He’s showing me that when the physical body needs food or fuel, so to speak, there will be more of an awareness going inside to see what the body needs and basically tuning in energetically to change and alter the body with energy.

Erik: So there will be definitely less need for food and water. You’ll be more like me and just manifest the experience to energetically bring you to where you need to be.

Me: We probably need to do this in three parts: One thousand years now, and then 10,000 years in one session and then 100,000 years. What will our world be like in 1,000 years? Will there still be wars? Will there be any cool technological advances like flying cars! People always think there has to be flying cars.

Erik: You’ll see flying cars, Mom.

Me: Okay.

Erik: There will still be wars, but there will be less and less of those because it’ll come to the matter of, “Do I want to entertain that? I don’t.” Understanding what peace is and what your own sacred peace is, you won’t want to put forth the effort to jeopardize that. You’ll see more and more people turn away anything that would create a disruption of peace. Whether that’s on a personal level or on a larger scale with countries, there will be less desire. But we’re talking way into the future.

Me: Oh, yeah. I’m hoping we’ll have no more racism because we’ll probably all have the same color skin after breeding together over a thousand years. Will racism still be an issue?

Erik: No, it’s going to die down.

Me: Oh, good.

Kim: He thinks you’re cute.

Erik: Isn’t she funny?

Me: Better keep my day job.

Kim laughs.

Erik: With racism, when we’re talking this far in advance, we’ll have super consciousness, which has no need for ego. When you understand there’s no need for ego, there’s no need to judge. There’s no need to even see anything or anyone as separate whether it’s skin color, gender—

Me: Okay.

Erik: When people are acting through a super consciousness, it’s much more whole and complete than you can imagine right now.

Me: So we’ll be more connected to the collective? Is that it? We won’t have this big sense of division or separation between each other?

Erik nods.

Me: Oh, okay. Good!

Kim: This is interesting. He keeps showing me nakedness. Are we really going to be walking around naked, Erik?

If so, I better keep my kickboxing membership going.

Erik: Again, there’s less need to divide yourself so there will be a true authentic connection to All That Is. If you go to these different areas in the world and see these different tribes, many don’t wear clothing, but that’s their normal. You’ll see more and more of that because there will be less need, like, people will want to be more connected as one, and giving up material things is part of that.

Me: Probably not going to be happening in Norway or Sweden!

Erik covers his mouth and laughs.

Erik: People will consciously choose to shed whatever it is that makes them “separate.”

Me: Oh, okay. So material possessions are not going to be as important.

Erik: Exactly.

Kim: This is interesting. He’s literally showing me peace on Earth.

Erik: Everyone will want to be whole and one, and they’ll do anything they can to contribute to that wholeness, to that oneness.

Kim: It’s interesting. He keeps giving me strong images of that chart of evolutionary progress.

Me: Those feet! Will there be any medical breakthroughs? What about medicine?


Erik: There already are.

Kim (laughing): That was a smart-ass remark!

Erik: It’s just a matter of acknowledging it and trusting it, but again, this is where we go back to what we know is sacred. We see it as part of us.

Kim: He’s showing me taking medicines from the earth like herbs.

Erik: We will understand it can heal us because we know it IS us.

Me: Oh, yeah!

Erik: When we can accept that on a higher expanded level of consciousness, we accept the healing it provides. But right now, people are still afraid. They’re afraid of the uncommon, the road less traveled. That’s why you see pharmaceuticals still so popular. But we will default to going back to relying on natural forms of healing.

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