Humans in 10,000 Years, Part Two

This morning I had the privilege of sitting in a dentist’s chair for almost 4 freaking hours. I don’t mind the needles or prying my tiny mouth open to accommodate freakishly large fingers. I mind taking 4 hours of my day, leaving me with an end of day that is packed with work. After the party Saturday, for instance, we collected so much dirty laundry and towels that it looks like I’m operating a laundromat for a prison. Load after load after load. It never ends. It was worth it, though, because the party was wonderful. Only one visit from the police, too! (It ain’t a party until the police are called.) We have a cranky elderly couple that lives behind us that doesn’t like music above 4 decibels. The police thought it was silly, but we turned it down anyway. 

Enjoy this last in the series about humans in 10,000 years. 

Me: Well, what will our dwellings look like?

Erik: Mom, the one thing everyone wants but doesn’t know how to get is that their own existence is easy.

Clearly ignoring my question, but this seems important.

Erik: And in this frame of mind that we’re talking about in 10,000 years, people will understand that they are their own cause of unease.

Me: Mm.

Erik: I don’t fucking care what we’re talking about, at that point in time we’ll be very well adapted to that understanding. What we resist and react to, we’re essentially causing our own harm and disruption of peace. In 10,000 years, that will be long gone.

Me: Okay. I know I could do an hour on this subject alone, but we don’t have that. Will we still live in houses, condos and apartments?

Erik: Yes, but they’ll be really different. They won’t look anything like the houses that we’re used to.

Kim: They look like a hut in the woods, way more natural and environmentally friendly.

Erik: Our bodies will be –

Kim: This is so weird. You can’t even wrap your head around it, but whatever.

Erik: Our bodies will be less harmed or affected, if at all, by the external environment. Because of our level of consciousness, we can adapt to the energy around us and the hot, hot temperatures or the cold, cold ones won’t affect us.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Think about it. If you’re at a certain vibration and the environment is all snowy and shit and freezing—

Kim laughs.

Erik: –you haven’t changed to adapt.

Me: Yeah, but we’ll be able to change our vibration to adapt, right?

Erik shakes his head, yes.

Erik: So it won’t harm our physical body.

Me: All right. I have to move on kind of quickly. Sorry, guys. What will the number one technologic or scientific breakthrough be 10,000 years from now?

Erik grins and dings a little bell.

Erik: THE scientific breakthrough, THE technological advance, is not needing it. At that point in time, we won’t need it to find information. People these days wouldn’t know what to do without Google.

Me: I know!

I’m one of them!

Erik: At this time in the future, people will understand that they are Google. They’ll be able to look into themselves to find all information. Mom, it’s about merging. You’ll be able to merge with any source of information—

Me: Yeah, like you do, Erik. You merge with information. Gosh, that’ll change the whole school system, right there! If you can merge with information, you won’t need school anymore.

Kim: He just showed computers and cell phones combusting. They’re just evaporating.

Me: Okay, moving on. Will we have money or will we barter? What will commerce look like then?

Kim: Mm, that’s a good question.

Erik: Money will have no value.

Me: Okay.

Erik: You’re going to see more barter. This is where we’ll go back to more “primitive” living like bartering meat and other things from the environment.

Me: Awesome. What about war? Will we have wars?

Kim: He takes this just beyond 10,000 years.

Erik: After that, no.

Me: Oh, good. What about our relationship with aliens?

Erik plays some weird music, then gets up close to the camera and says—

Erik: We are aliens, Mom!

Me: I know! I’m talking about other alien species.

Erik: There will be more interaction and contact.

Kim: In his statement that we are the aliens, the realization that we’re not separate and that we’re all one will make sure the term, “alien” is no longer in use.

Me: Interesting. What about our DNA? Will our DNA still be the same? What will it be based on?

(Long pause)

Kim: This is interesting. See, I’d just love to talk to a scientist about this. He’s showing DNA makeup changing because of the absence of emotions. Emotions are understood, but they really become a separate entity.

Erik: Because you’ll be vibrating at such a higher level, your DNA will change. That will manifest a different physical structure, a different body.

Me: That’s like Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief. He posits that belief or thoughts can actually change DNA. It’s almost like that, huh?

Erik: That’s right, Mom.

Me: Will DNA still be carbon based?

Erik shakes his head, no.

Me: What will it be based on? Silica? Light?

Kim: He pulls his energy back and says:

Erik: I want you to follow me for a minute. It’s going to be based on you. Now you, the spiritual self, are a light frequency, a vibration.

Me: Ah!

Erik: The physical is that, but slowed down to a more dense form. The essence of your mechanical makeup—

Kim: He’s showing me the flesh.

Erik: –is going to be based on your consciousness, which is essentially light and the light source.

Me: Okay.

Kim: I don’t know why, but he just interrupted himself and used the word, permeable. I don’t now this applies to this!

She laughed.

Me: Will we be light based, then? Will our DNA just be made of light?

Erik: It will.

Kim: When he said the word, permeable, he literally showed himself in the physical form walking up to another human and not having that stop mechanism.

Me: Ah, cool!

Erik: They’ll be able to go through each other in the physical form.

Me: That’s cool. I guess it’s because of how we vibrate. You know there is more empty space between atoms. Solids are 99% empty space so being solid [and having that stop mechanism] is kind of an illusion. We should be able to pass through each other. Last question: You talked about how our bodies would have different proportions. Can you give me a little bit more detail on how our bodies will have changed by then?

Kim: He shows us being bigger, not bigger in build but taller. Over all, we’ll be more commonly taller and thinner. I see a bunch of people with thinner builds.

Erik: Mom, you have to understand that vibrationally, negative emotions create so much illness, and that’s what leads to the physical features that we see today. Now, when we shed all of that and are not emotionally driven and our existence is not emotionally dependent, you’ll see bodies become taller and thinner because of our light based physicality.

Kim: He shows all these emotions being let go, and that’s what changes our stature. It’s interesting. He shows males and females as being very similar. You know how females are curvier?

Me: Mm hm.

Kim: I don’t see that curve anymore.

Me: Okay.

Kim: Very similar build. Breasts are not gigantic.

She chuckles.

Erik: There are fewer differences between males and females.

Me: Well, we’ll still be able to feel, right? Will we be able to feel love and compassion?

Erik: You will. You’ll be more like me, in a state of euphoria.

Me: So the negative emotions are what we’ll drop?

Erik shakes his head, yes.

Me: Okay, good. Well, we’ve gone overtime a little bit, and I feel bad about that! Three minutes. But, anyhoo, thank you guys for watching. Kim, thank you so much for giving a voice to my son, and thank you, Erik. I love you, sweetie.

Erik blows me kisses.

Erik: I love you, Mom.

Me: Bye guys.

Kim: Bye!


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