Humans in 10,000 Years

I’m going to keep this introduction short because I have to do a lot of housecleaning and other things in preparation of the party tomorrow. I will say that I had an amazing session with Emma and Erik this morning. We brought in Nicole Brown Simpson, and the detail was amazing. I’ll post it on YouTube tomorrow. It was just…WOW! 

I don’t have time to edit this, so if you guys notice any serious typos, let me know!

Kim: Hello.

Me: I had trouble getting on to Skype so I had to restart my computer! Hello, again, guys! Ready for round 2?

Kim: We’re ready!

Me: Hi, Erik, again. That’s your new last name. Erik Again.

Erik: I like it.

Me: All right, we talked about humans 100 years from now in a previous session. So I was thinking about going off into the future a little bit more into 10,000 years and then eventually, in another session, to 100,000 years. Maybe I should ask about 1,000 years instead. What do you think, Erik? One thousand or ten thousand? What seems more interesting?

Erik: Well, we can talk about the gap between 1,000 and 10,000.

Kim: When he talks about 10,000 years, the things that he described would be very hard for people to accept.

Me: Well, we’re here to grow, stretch our comfort zone and our minds and hearts.

Kim (chuckling): When you said that, he showed me an image of, do you remember—I don’t remember what that cartoon was called, but it would be like, “Go, go Gadget,” and then the arm just extended out 20 feet.

Me: Oh, yeah. Mister Gadget. No, Inspector Gadget.

Kim: Yeah, that’s it! When you said, “We’re here to grow,” that’s what he showed.

Me: Like Stretch Armstrong.

Kim: Erik, you always show so much crazy stuff.

Erik: I have to keep it interesting and fun!

Me: Well, then let’s just go to 10,000 years. Let’s stretch people. Stretch Armstrong people. First of all, what will our bodies be like in 10,000 years?

Kim: I think this is before 10,000 because he went to 10,000 and then he brought it back some. I think I’m looking at 6,000. I don’t know. I don’t know why he does that. Oh, he’s pulling it back more.

Erik: Bodies are going to begin to change in many ways. Proportions will change. Eventually, in 10,000 years, we won’t need the body.

Me: Wow!

Erik: When we’re looking at the Whole, Mom, whole consciousness—

Kim (with a puzzled look): Okay, he just interrupted himself and showed me—this one concept I’m still trying to wrap my head around—we’ve talked about walk-ins, that whole concept.

Me: Oh, yeah.

That’s when a spirit changes places with another one in a body.

Kim: When he’s showing me the bodies—

Erik: You’re going to see people very easily shift from one body to the next.

Me: Wow! Body hoppers!

Erik: Like, “Hey, you wanna trade for a little bit?”

Me: Sounds like swingers.

Kim (laughing): In a weird way!

Erik: Mom, do you remember when we talked to Bigfoot and brought that level of consciousness through?

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: That level of consciousness that creates physical change—with our level of expansion at that time, we’ll be able to move in and out of each other on a much more spiritual, ethereal basis instead of depending on the physical body.

Me: Cool! Will we be able to shift from one dimension to the next?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Easily? I mean, will we be able to go where you are, Erik?

Erik: I wouldn’t say easily at 10,000 years.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: But you will see it done.

Me: Okay, what will our emotions be like? Will they change?


Kim (shaking her head): This is so random. I’ll have him answer that question in just a minute. He looked at me and said, “Aw, you’re going to miss food,” and I was like, ‘What?’

Me: Oh!

Kim: And he put this beautiful big stuffed pepper in front of me.

We both laugh.

Me: That IS random!

Erik: Aren’t you gonna miss it? Doesn’t it smell good? The physical body won’t depend on or need nutrients in a physical form anymore. The level of consciousness at that time will realize that nutrients come from consciousness.

Me: Yeah, it’s all energy! We can just feed on pure energy.

Erik: How about that for a mind fuck? Wrap your head around that one!

Kim covers her face with her hand and drops her head, embarrassed.

Me: Oh, god. As long as I can have my Nutrageous bars and my Twix bars, I’m good. And Snickers.

Kim: As long as I can experience spaghetti and chocolate!

Me: Yeah! That’s pretty great. What about our emotions, then?

Erik: Mom, there will be no life given to them because you’ll see them as something chosen by the ego to exist. You’ll literally rise above [your emotions.] You won’t need those [emotional]experiences to feel or to know yourself. You’ll know yourself beyond and outside of your emotions.

Me: Awesome!

Erik: Your existence won’t be governed by that shit anymore. Yep, and I call it shit because the essence of you, which is Love, isn’t governed by emotions. If it is, you have woken up yet. You’re still in a stupor. You’re still in an illusion. Right now, you need the polarity between the different emotions, and that’s what’s creating our evolution. That’s what’s pushing us to and through it, Mom. As we have these polar opposite experiences with emotions, eventually, when we allow healing again, when we say yes to that, we’ll look back and think, “Oh, I guess I over-reacted to that. Maybe I didn’t have to be or feel that way.” We’ll come to that realization that that wasn’t really needed.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Essentially, what you are is constant. It becomes disrupted when you host negative emotions.

Me: Okay. What about the environment? What will our environment look like? What big changes will exist? I need to keep it brief because we don’t have that much more time!

Erik: Less trash. Less shit.

Me: Good.

Erik: That’s because we’ll be looking internally for food, nutrients, life, so we’re not going to need all of these external things that can create a lot of pollution. Look at travel. When we advance far, far into the future, we won’t need cars to travel. We’ll understand that we’re capable of travel without vehicles.

Kim (laughing): He could talk forever about this.

Me: Well, you can’t take your body with you. Your soul can just travel, maybe, but then maybe you have like those stands of bicycles in other countries or cities, and you rent a bike and then go some place and drop it off at another stand. We’ll just body hop. Like, “Oh, I want to go to Tuscany. Okay, let me see. Let me rent a body for when I get there.” That’d be fun.

Kim (laughing): That’s hilarious. He’s showing shifting your consciousness, aligning in the awakened state and that being the essence of your travel.

Me: Oh, okay. What else will be different about our world?

Erik: You won’t need tires. Tires are shitty. They cause a lot of pollution.

Kim: He’s so random.

Me: Oh, they do.

Kim: He’s just going off, rambling.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  • Anonymous

    Hello Elisa..I am really thankful n respectful towards what you and Erik are doing. I have a question to ask to Erik. How can I do that? I mean I do not know how to contact you. Could you please share your email ID with me as I am not an account holder in any other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter,etc. I am really in need of help and look forward to your response. Thank you so much.

    • There are several ways to ask Erik a question. You can call into the Thursday night radio show; you can read the blog the 20th through the 24th when I call out for questions for the Ask Erik magazine column, you can submit a question to Raylene Nuanes at the first day of any month (she fills up that first day) or you can book a session with a medium. My links page under the favorites tab has the ones I like and have vetted.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for the response,Elisa. I live in India so I don’t think we get the magazine containing the Ask Erik column here. So if I post my question here in the comments say on the 20th will it be possible for you to share the transcript with me through email?

      • I post the column on the blog, so you’ll be able to read it. All you have to do is follow the instructions when I call out for the questions. It’s first come, first serve. I accept the first 10-11.

      • Anonymous

        Am I supposed to post my question here in the blog itself. I wish to keep my name and that of the others involved in my question anonymous. Obviously I’ll give you the original details but if I post it here in comments it won’t be possible to post it as anonymous. Is there any way out? I hope you understand, Elisa. Thank you for being so kind and patient.

      • You can submit it to Raylene the first of any month at or watch for when I call out for questions for the magazine the 15th throught the 20th.

      • pj

        Hi Elisa, I am interested in booking a reading with one of your fabulous mediums. I don’t find the links page under the favorites tab, has it been removed?

      • It’s a glitch that’s being fixed soon. Sorry! It has to do with the latest WordPress update. Same problem with some of the other tbs.

  • Joanne Jerome

    Elisa. Relating to this discussion – was it ever discussed if the Neanderthal beings had souls.

    • Yes, they did. Search the blog and you’ll find out more about their afterlife experience, etc.

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