Humans in 100,000 Years, Part Two

I hope all of you moms out there had a very special Mother’s Day. I did! For dinner, we had a shrimp and lobster boil as well as grilled steaks. Surf and turf. Yum. I’m not much of a lobster fan mostly because I found out that they’re related to cockroaches. Gross.

I called out for Ask Erik questions yesterday and within an hour I received over 50 of them! Needless to say, I’m at the quota.

Tonight at 3 PM PT/4 PM MT/5PM CT/6 PM ET, Kim, Erik and I will be on the Out of the Box Radio Show with host, Dr. Jeanette. If you would like to call in and talk to any of us, including Erik, the number to the show is 424-258-9318. Talk to you then!

Now for the last part of the future humans series. 

Me: Wait, you say we won’t have bodies. Will we have babies? And let’s answer these a little more quickly because I want to get through them. Otherwise, this will be too long. Will we have babies?

Erik: There will still be procreation, but we won’t need the physical body for it. It’ll be all in energy form.

Me: Wow! What about our environment? Will we be on Earth?

(Long pause)

Kim (chuckling): He’s just rambling.

Erik: You can be on Earth like you can visit, but you won’t have to be or need to be. You won’t need a place to be [unintelligible.]

Me: It sounds like we’re going to be exactly the same as you, Erik! What’s the difference between humans 100,000 years ago and you?

Erik: Bing.

Kim: What he means by that is you won’t need a place to be, to exist.

Erik: You’ll exist above and beyond that. So yeah, exactly what you just said. It’ll be available to you, but it won’t be needed.

Me: Okay, so will there be a difference between humans that far ahead in time—time!—versus spirits where you are?

Erik: You’ll be just like me.

Me: Okay. Well, will we have the human experience? Will we not engage in the human experience like using contrast to—

Kim: That’s what he’s showing.

Me: No human experience, so we’ll pretty much be like you, spirits.

Kim: That’s what he’s showing, not being in the physical body anymore.

Me: Okay. What will the earth look like?

Kim: He’s showing—wow, that’s really crazy…

Erik: The whole human experience is just a “phase” of evolution.

Me: Ah!

Erik: So when we look at the way humans evolve and look at the bigger picture, too, the human experience in the flesh is just a phase in evolution of All That Is. Eventually, that “phase” will die away. We won’t need flesh; we won’t need bodies anymore.

Me: Okay.

Kim: Very interesting.

Me: It is interesting. What will the earth look like? Will is be decimated or will it be okay.

Erik: It’ll be pure.

Kim: He’s showing it as just white. What he’s showing is as we evolve, we will abuse it less and less.

Erik: We’ll become truly conscious of the direct correlation of our existence and the earth’s existence. So it becomes pure Source energy, Mom.

Me: Oh, that’s awesome. So it won’t have cities and woods and whatever? What will it actually look like? Will it be in spirit form? Is that what you’re saying? Or will there be a physical form?

Erik: It’ll be in spirit form. Pure Source energy.

Kim: When you talked about cities, he shook his head no and wiped them all clean.

Me: So will the earth have been destroyed? What will have happened to its physical existence.

Kim: He’s showing us, as a collective, destroying it, but in two ways: destroying it because of our ignorance, some of us—

Me: That’s a big fat bummer.

Kim: –not taking care of it, but then others destroying it because of our consciousness like destroying cities and then restoring it to its natural state as much as they can.

Me: Oh.

Erik: So the destruction will occur on two different levels but it will still contribute to the higher goal. Eventually it’ll just be spinning pure Source energy.

Me: Okay. Will there be wars? Seems like not if we won’t have a human experience.

Kim: Man, he’s like blowing my mind right now! When he was talking about the earth and showing it spinning and turning white and becoming pure Source energy, he said, “Eventually, it’ll just become a memory.”

Me: Ah.

Kim: That’s scary to think about.

Me: That’s sad.

Erik: We’ll see war among ourselves. That’s the only reason why there is war anywhere in the world is because we’re at war with ourselves first. If we were actually at peace with ourselves, there would be no war.

Me: True, but why war if there’s no more human experience and if we’re no different than you are? You guys don’t have wars where you are.

Erik: There will be different levels of consciousness that still exist, Mom. Even when you come here and are in spirit form, you don’t all automatically go to the same level of consciousness.

Me: Ah, I see.

Erik: There will still be different levels of consciousness, but there won’t be harm as you know it. There won’t be wounds and pain as you know it there.

Me: Okay.

Erik: The different levels of consciousness are accepted.

Me: I guess we won’t need money or commerce then, huh?

Erik: That’ll be LONG gone.

Me: I figured. What about any technological or scientific breakthroughs? Will there be any? Can you name one that stands out, if any?

Erik: At that day and age, WE become the breakthrough. We become IT, the next big great thing.

Kim: He’s literally showing me—I’m sure you guys have probably heard of this person. I don’t really know much about him. Have you ever heard of David Blaine?

Me: Oh, yeah! He’s incredible. I was just thinking about him because I want to talk about magic, eventually!

Kim: Oh, wow.

Erik: First of all, he is a very, very old soul, okay? Old being because of the experience, but the time spent with self and understanding self and how self affects the environment, but not physically. He does so through metaphysics and quantum physics, Mom. We’re talking about energy, and as “time” marches on, we’ll eventually max out the next great thing like computers and cell phones and all of that.

Me: Sure.

Erik: Then, eventually, we’ll look at self and realize—

Kim: He’s literally showing bubbles popping, and what this is is consciousness growing and expanding at such a rapid rate, and epiphanies will come like, “Did I just do that with my mind?” He’s showing people responding that way. “Did I just close that door?”

Erik: The physical world also becomes less and less, and we engage more with our energetic self and how that affects our environment.

Me: We won’t need doors! We probably won’t need houses!

Erik: Well, exactly. And as you [make this transformation,] you’ll see the environment clean up, too. As we clean up ourselves, we’ll begin to see that reflected in the environment because, Mom, it’s all a collective and it’s all connected.

Me: Okay, well, I think we probably ought to close because I want to have time for one more subject, but anything else you want to add, Erik, before we do?

Kim: Yeah, I’ll share one more thing. He’s showing –

Erik: Kim, imagine if you could truly get to a deep level of consciousness –or a high level, whatever—where you’re standing outside next to a tree and you actually realize that you’re that tree and that tree is you.

Me: Oh, wow!

Erik: Now, if you actually embodied that consciousness, it’s like biofeedback because you realize that what you do to yourself affects the tree. You can actually see it.

Me: I see!

Erik: That’s what’s going to create this whole, massive evolution. It happens at a rather rapid rate, too, when we begin to see these interactions affecting our environment and ourselves.

Kim: Anyway, the reason why he brought up David Blaine is because he’s conscious of this. He knows how to manipulate his environment because of his consciousness.

Me: Well, I do want to have a session talking about him and other magicians maybe on the next session we have. All right, that sounds great!

We close in our usual way.

Here’s Part One of David Blaine’s Street Magic. Watch all parts! He’s amazing!

Dinner? Not for me!

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  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    This means that in the future mothers will not have to deal with the grief of losing a child. Is Erik saying that we will each progress to a level of being a creator, where we create and manifest anything physical such as a universe with our thoughts? Does that mean that this universe we are in was created by thoughts of evolved spiritual beings? Sorry for all the questions–you don’t have to answer them. I’m just thinking out loud.

    So in the future there will be warfare between the spiritual dimensions–between good and evil?

    • Daniel

      One only experiences grief when there is the perception that a person has been lost and is no longer available to interact with.
      This perception is based on ingrained belief structures which are reinforced by many facets of society such as friends and family, mass media and the fact that we can’t see those that have passed on.

      As more people are their channeling experiences, the idea that death is an impenetrable barrier will dissolve.

      Eventually the mass conscousness will change so that those who believe that death is the end will be in the minority.

      I’m very much looking forward to that time 😀

      • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

        Daniel, I believe in life after death. But I’m not psychic so I can’t see my daughter now that she’s passed over. Her body is gone. I won’t hug her warm body ever again. I won’t hear her laugh, her voice, her smart humour. I can’t look at her beautiful, radiant smiling face. We can’t share a conversation over a meal together. I can’t kiss her forehead good night. I will never see her get married. I can’t see her become a mother and I can’t help her raise her children. I can’t hear her words of wisdom when I have a question. And we can’t talk about the pain she was in when she died. I have such a painful longing, that I dream of the day I leave this earth. I could go on, but you get my drift.

      • Daniel

        I’m sorry if I seemed insensitive. I do feel for you and the pain your going through.
        I hope you find plenty of support and encouragement from the channeling Erik community 🙂

  • connectionup

    No more sex? What a dismal future!

  • T Diaz

    “If we were actually at peace with ourselves, there would be no war.” – amen, bruthah. I love David Blaine – such an amazing, trippy dude!

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