Humans in 100,000 Years

Tomorrow is a momentous day. My youngest, Annika, is graduating from Texas A&M University with a perfect GPA no less. Depending on when we have to be there and how long we stay, I may or may not have time to post on the blog. But do check our latest YouTube session with medium, Michelle St. Clair. It should be up sometimes this afternoon. The topic: Life Purpose.

Another LDN update: Two of my family members are experiencing additional benefits. One has a resolution of her allergies and the other has a resolution of his eczema. That’s because endorphin deficiency is at the root of autoimmune conditions like these. Yay!

Also don’t forget that tomorrow at 7 PM CT is Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show. Call 619-639-4606 15 minutes prior to talk to Erik.

Kim: Hello again.

Me: Hello. Long time, no see. That was really interesting, the whole thing about Cuba.

Kim: It was. When you said goodbye and thanked Erik, he showed himself in a tutu, crossed his legs and took a bow.

Kim laughs.

Me: Oh my god, I wish I could see that. All right, you know how we have this series talking about what humans will be like in 100 years, then in 1,000 years, and now we’re going to go all the way up to 10,000 years. What do you think, Kim? You want to do that?

Actually, I already told Erik we’d be talking about humans 100,000 years from now so that’s what he’s doing. We already did the one on 10,000 years from now.

Kim: Sure, let’s do it.

Me: Okay, remember, Erik, to try to use as many words instead of images as you can because it’s not a picture book! So, in 10,000 years (nope, 100,000,) what will our bodies look like—if we even have bodies!

(Long pause as Kim listens)

Kim (chuckling): He’s such a punk.

Me: Oh, yeah.

Kim: It’s because he’s mocking you; he’s mocking me, and he’s just really playful.

Erik: We won’t need bodies. At that time, we’ll be looking back at history.

Kim: He’s comparing how now we spend so much time externally with technical gadgets.

Erik: Mom, we spend so much time developing things, the latest and greatest technical gadgets. “Look what it can do!” Shit!

Me: I know.

Erik: Eventually, we’re going to start introverting our efforts. Instead of developing the latest and greatest gadget—and this is going to take a lot of depth under the surface level of your humanness—we will eventually get to a place where we understand our energetic makeup. We’ll couple that understanding with telekinesis.

Me: Oh, wow. You can manipulate objects with your thoughts? Is that what that is? I can’t remember.

Kim: Yes, that’s what he’s showing.

Me: Like on Talladega Nights: “Can you start a fire with your thought?” I love that movie.

Kim laughs.

Kim: That movie never gets old.

Erik: So, when we get to a place where we first of all introvert our efforts to understanding ourselves and our energy makeup, then we’ll look at developing ourselves further in correlation with our environment. That’s when you’re really going to see telekinesis as the main way, the main avenue of communication.

Me: Telepathy or telekinesis or both?

Kim: Telepathy, yeah. Sorry.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Telepathy and telekinesis will be the main way of interaction, but even then, Mom, there’s going to be no need or much, much less need for use of things of all kinds.

Me (Holding my iPhone against my cheek and petting it): I’m not giving up my iPhone!

I start kissing it. Gagging yet?

Me: Okay, I have 10,000 years to let go of this. I mean 100,000.

I finally correct my mistake!

Erik: Mom, what if I told you that you’ll become your iPhone?

Kim: That’s such a wicked response.

Me: Wow!

Erik: You can become your iPhone and do everything that embodies that. Right now, we’re extroverting our efforts into these gadgets. Eventually, we’ll introvert and develop ourselves like we’ve developed these things.

Me: Okay.

Erik: For example, now, when we go to sound healing or sound therapy with music, crystal bowls or tuning forks, whatever, we’ll be able to attune or focus our consciousness to—

Kim: Argh, he’s kind of talking out of both sides of his mouth.

Erik: We’ll be able to shift our consciousness to where healing is needed and provide our own healing on a much higher vibration without the use of things, but even then, you’re going to see little if any need for healing. That’s because there’ll be a much deeper understanding of the root of all disease and illness anyway.

Me: The spiritual root, yeah.

Kim: Yeah, he’s talking really fast.

Erik: Then, once we have that deep understanding, we’ll be at a much higher vibration to where we know that we don’t have to interact or engage this way or that because sometimes if we do, we just fuck ourselves. We engage and react, and in that reaction or the way we engage, that in turn makes us feel like crap or it asks too much of us. We’ll be at a higher level of consciousness where we know that those are just our thoughts, those are just our emotions. We’ll begin to see them as separate.

Me: Yeah, what about our emotions? Will they be different than they are now?

Erik: They’ll be less and less and less and less—

Kim (smiling): He just keeps saying that over and over. Such a punk.

Erik: There will be less and less need for them to express who we are and to interact with others because, Mom, it’s like me, here. I don’t need emotions to express who I am or to be at my highest.

Kim: He’s literally showing them as a completely separate entity. Thought and emotions, but more so with emotions.

Erik: Thoughts create, but they come from the essence of you, which is your energy makeup. That’s what creates. We’re just so use to putting all of our energy up here (He points to his head.)

Me: Right.

Kim: He’s just rambling on and on.

She laughs.

Me: Slow down a little bit! Poor Kim! Well, I don’t want to get rid of emotions. It sounds like we’ll be boring! Won’t we feel love and all the good emotions like joy? I don’t mind getting rid of the negative ones, but really!

Erik: You really want me to open up that can of worms?

Kim chuckles.

Kim: One thing I keep asking him, and then I’ll have him address that, I keep saying, ‘What about the body? What about the body? Will we even have bodies?’ He’s showing, as “time” evolves, there will be less and less need for a body and the physical incarnation to evolve on a soul level.

Erik: That’s why we come in and incarnate into the physical world. We use it as a way to evolve. That will die.

Me: Okay.

Erik: When it comes to emotions—

Kim (chuckling): He’s doing a drum roll because knows this might ruffle some feathers and trip some people up, I guess.

Erik: Mom, if your joy and your happiness exists upon or within circumstances—

Kim (laughing): Here it comes!

Erik: –is it true joy and true happiness?

Me: Okay.

Erik: Because here’s the key, Mom.

Kim: No, he doesn’t like the word, “key.”

Erik: Here’s the scoop. It’s like this. Anything that is contingent upon circumstances and the concept of time and linear motion is not of real, true or absolute consciousness. It is an unconscious state. So even though you might have the birth of a child or a holiday that is associated with joy and the death of a loved one is associated with pain and sorrow, those are all associated with the concept of time, which is manmade, Mom, and exists in ego, and that is not who you are. Sit and marinade in that for a little bit! (pinching his nose) That’s the stinky marinade!

Kim (laughing): He’s so funny today! He’s so animated!

Erik: A lot of people are going to be saying, “Wait, wait,” and scratch their heads, but true joy and peace and happiness and euphoria far surpasses the concept of time and the concept of circumstances and events because those have to be associated with time. I’m not telling you that your joy is fake, but your joy is fake.

Me: Oh, okay.

Future Humans?

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  • Donna Sherman

    Wow, this gave me chills! Thank you, Erik, Kim and Elisa! I have often thought the direction we, as a species are (jerkily) moving towards mirrors so much what we are when we are not human. Ie; communication and connection energetically.
    I see a lot of our technology as also very crudely mirroring Spirit world and form. Phone texts of all things! Disembodied whispers.across space and time….All part of a process. But the idea that one day we will no longer need human form to evolve….That’s what brought a sudden feeling of being choked up. This world is such a hard place and it is so difficult to remember what we really are, but yet- the idea of not having this opportunity….reminds me of just how precious life here really is, even with all of the sorrow and pain. We are lucky. Despite all of the curses of being human, it is still a gift to get to be. And it resonates as truth to me that one day: this carnival ride is going to be closed! Guess we better make the most of it while we can.

  • T Diaz

    Big Congratulations to Annika! A perfect GPA — that’s amazing! I am looking into LDN prescribers here in the Boulder area. Thanks so much for the information about it, Elisa.

  • Terri Mintz

    question ( not sure if there is a part two to this one) – if in 100,000 years we don’t have physical bodies, then we are just spirits, so then why would we incarnate to earth at all? It would seem pointless that we would leave “home” and come here at all…and also in 100,000 years – what happens to the animals – how to they evolve?

    • Savannah H.

      Wondering the same thing!

  • Kathryn

    Drag! Because IPhones can eat, walk, swim, dance and all that! I’m not coming back! KM

  • Hanna Matsson

    I dont know if this is where to do this.. but ill try :P. Im a new reader, but most of all listener to your youtube channel! I love it, and its so much fun to have found a channel where the “ideas” are a lot like my own believes. So im writing for the Q&A (i usually dont have luck in these things but maybe this time ill get picked). I have two questions for Erik (or anyone who would like to answer): 1. What is my spirit mission? (i often feel lost, especially when it comes to happiness/joy). 2. Will love come to me? (not love from animals, but a partner 😛 ) Thanks so much for sharing and the interessting content! Hm i think maybe Erik came to visit me one day while i was reading the blogg? It felt like lots of energy, at least but im not so open :). oh and an idea for a future clip; do one about The tale of the ice people. I dont know if its a popular book series in the US but in the north of europe its really popular! Im curious if the people in the book are real or not and many more questions 😛 // Love Hanna (the swedish girl)

    • Hey Hanna! If you want your questions submitted for the Q&A, you have to submit them to the first day of any month. Raylene is on Mountain time so try to get it in the morning then because she books up quickly.

  • PA Hames

    so far I have read the first to chapters… interesting read though it repeats the same thins over and over… could simply be Airl’s way of communication… explains some things… Scientology for example… anyway, thank you for sharing. It would be interesting to get Erik’s take on this…

    • PA Hames

      sorry that was supposed to be 10 chapters… typo.

  • Savannah H.

    Alright, hold on, hold on. I’m doing just like Erik said we would! That “Wait, wait”.

    I get here and I’ll read something that makes me feel better, then I’ll read something and it’ll confuse me and make me feel worse. And back and forth and back and forth. (Don’t get me wrong, I do love this blog of y’all’s.) This is one of those that makes me feel not so great when I get to that last part, so, I seek to understand it a little better in hopes to ease that feeling.

    What does Erik mean “your joy is fake”? If our joy is ‘fake’, what’s the point of trying to be happy? Makes me feel a little dumb and insignificant to have emotions if they’re fake, see. I must not be understanding correctly. Is there humor in there I’m taking too literally, perhaps? Help me out here, if you will, someone available.

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