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I think my grandson, Easton, sees Erik. In fact, he and Erik probably got together before his incarnation. I’m sure Erik warned him, “Brace yourself, dude. That family is cray-cray!” So yesterday, I felt Erik next to the couch while I was holding Easton. Then Easton reaches out in Erik’s direction and starts laughing. Just know, he’s been staring at a framed photograph of Erik, then intermittently laughed. This went on for at least 7-10 minutes. They’re already old friends. I find such comfort in that.

Here’s another Best of Erik post:

Me: Well, I’ll follow that up with a much simpler question. Who are we? (This is right after I asked how we could translate lessons, knowledge and life experiences into concrete results.)

Jamie laughs.

Erik: Oh, yeah, because it’s so easy.

Me: Well, these blog members have inquiring minds and they want to know. And so do I.

(Long pause)

Erik: Okay, simple?

Jamie listens.

Jamie (to Erik): Kindergarten level? Sure.

Erik: We, as humans—that’s what you’re asking, right?

Me: I guess. Well, I don’t know. Give me the two-part answer.

Erik: Yeah, that’s totally a twofold answer. We, as humans, are souls from the greater Source having experiences so that we can bring back those experiences to create a larger understanding of life.

Me: Now, is there a difference between experiencing and learning? There’s a difference, right?

Erik: No, there’s really no learning on Earth. It’s just kind of remembering.

Me: Ah, remembering! So, we’re not here to learn. We’re here to experience so we can remember who and what we are.

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Interesting.

Erik: And we, as souls—

Jamie laughs at his answer.

Erik: This is just going to fuck people up if I tell them that there is no beginning. It always does.

Me: Yeah. That’s okay; they’re used to that. We’re all already fucked up, so…

Erik: Ah, thank god! Maybe that’s why the site works so well.

Me: You know I’m just kidding, right Erik?

Erik: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, we’re used to looking at life and creation as having a beginning and an end. We watch birth, and we watch death, and this is the only viewpoint that we’re getting on what life is. This is really just so one-sided and narrow-minded. As spirits, we look at what our spirit life is: It’s multi-leveled, it’s multi-f—

Me: Faceted?

Jamie (with surprise): He really just said that!

Me (in jest): Wow! Such a big word for a little boy!

Jamie (to Erik): Yeah, it doesn’t really sound like you, Erik.

Erik: I don’t want to piss the crowd off. I gotta give them a teaser of intelligence every once in a while.

We all giggle. Except Erik. Guys laugh; they don’t giggle.

Jamie (still giggling): He says as humans, we’re pigeon-toed runners. Do you remember that?

Me: What?

Jamie: God, I told myself I would remember that joke when I heard it, but I’d forgotten it until just now.

Me: What is it? A pigeon-toed runner?

Erik: Yeah, a pigeon-toed runner. We step on our own feet.

Jamie: I just thought that was a funny visual he gave me.

(Not sure what this has to do with the topic, but I’ll persevere somehow.)

Jamie: I’m sorry. He just totally got off track.

(No duh. And I thought it was just me and that shriveled little thing that used to be a brain.)

Erik: When we look at our spiritual life, you know, it’s so many layers, we don’t have a beginning and we don’t have an end. It’s just like looking at a sphere. There are many points, many moments—in fact an infinite amount of moments—that create this sphere creating our soul, and even though—

Me (in a worried tone): Fear? Did you say fear?

(Damn, not only is my brain shriveled, my ears are kaput, too.)

Jamie (with the emphasis appropriate for an elderly demented lady. Sigh.): Sphere. What he shows me is like one of those little bouncy balls.

Me (slightly embarrassed, but chuckling none the less): Okay, okay. Got it.

Jamie (giggling): You’d think it’d be more fancy than that, but it’s not!

Jamie and I laugh.


Erik chuckles at our silliness.

Erik: Even though that sphere is seen as being an individual, it is actually a speck or a moment or an experience in a larger sphere. And that larger sphere is Life Force, God Source, Prime Source, whatever the fuck you wanna call it. It’s the thread that’s tying all of this soul energy together.

(Pause as Jamie listens.)

Erik: And it’s not just human energy and plant energy and animal energy. It’s alien energy, universal energy. You know, there’s so much more to it. We’re kinda selling ourselves short if we really think our happy Caucasian male god only reigns over the humans.

Erik lets out a hearty laugh.

Me: Oh god, yeah.

Erik: You know, I hate to see us sell ourselves short. There’s so much more there.

Jamie bursts out giggling.

Me: What’s going on?

Jamie: I’m just joking with him. I said, “So, Prime Source, Life Source, Life Force, whatever you were saying is just a big bouncy ball?” He said, “Yep!”

Me: Too funny. Well, I guess that’s his way of dumbing it down for us peons. Us huuuumans.

Erik: Well, there’s something else I’d also like to say: it’s not associated to our solar system or our Earth. You know, it’s a much bigger spread of a thread through space.

Me: Yeah. Okay.

Erik: I just don’t want people to think we’re localized.

Me: We’re infinite.

Jamie: Shebing, shebang, shebang. I’m trying to make some funny sounds.

Me: Don’t even try! Please, Jamie.

Jamie (giggling): My accuracy rate is poor right now.

Me: Geez, I can’t take you anywhere. Don’t embarrass yourself, girl. That’s my job. I’m the queen of self-embarrassment.

Enjoy this sweet endorsement for Erik’s book, My Life After Death. If you haven’t read it yet, you must! It’s available in every possible format.

As a member of the Channeling Erik blog, it was such a treat to read the second of the “Erik books.” With the blog and these two books, My Son and the Afterlife and now this her most recent My Life After Death: A Memoir From Heaven, Dr. Elisa Medhus has processed her deep grief in a profoundly transformative and purposeful way and has given a gift to all of us who mourn the passing of a loved one. I will always and forever be inspired by Dr. Elisa Medhus and her amazing journey moving through a loss that, myself also a mother, I can’t even begin to imagine. Erik’s personal account of his death and his life thereafter is delivered via medium Jamie Butler’s exceptional abilities, true to Erik’s unique personality and down-to-earth, tell-it-like-it-is, often humorous, and inimitable style. The details of both his experience of the afterlife and the intense subject matter of suicide are at turns sobering and lighthearted, upsetting and entertaining, always fascinating. The book treats the often uncomfortable and distressing topic of suicide and what can be the esoteric subject of the afterlife in a truly engaging and accessible way. Thank you, Elisa, for your courage to discuss a topic that has traditionally been taboo in our society. Thank you for sticking your neck out and taking the risk of being ridiculed by those who don’t understand. Thank you to Erik, Elisa, and Jamie for your contribution to a greater understanding of life after death for those of us on this side of the veil and for the comfort you’ve brought to so many.

–T.K. Diaz

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