IBS, Strokes and Eye Problems

We had a great birthday for Arleen, although the party isn’t until this Saturday. Remember how I told you that she could channel Erik by making her “mind turn white?” Well, yesterday, she channeled a birthday message from him and he said, “I got you a present.” She asked what it was and he said, “One of my boogers.” Typical. Then she asked what Mimi (me) was going to give her and he said, “A waterslide.” He let the cat out of the bag, the little rascal! She had no way of knowing that on her own, because I had the box locked away where she couldn’t get to it. I hope everyone continues to nurture her gift and she develops it more and more as she gets older!

Better than Uncle Erik's gift!

Better than Uncle Erik’s gift!

Apparently, Arleen isn’t the only child Erik communicates with. Here’s a story from Shruti, the organizer of the upcoming CE event in the U.K.:

Hi Elisa,

Just sharing what Erik is up to today at this end of the world.

I was suppose to do trance channeling practice today at with Erik 5.30 am with Alison online as my practice buddy. But I forgot about it yesterday and didn’t set an alarm.

Got up at around 6.30am and realized had Erik visiting in my dreams. He showed me that the event day came but I forgot to do the arrangements. I felt really disappointed with myself in the dream. But still didn’t remember that I was suppose to do the trans channel practice today with him.

Then I got ready to go to work as usual. My husband was dropping me off to the rail station to catch the train to work and our daughter was with us. Just when I was about to reach the destination my daughter asked “Mummy, why is Erik mad at you today?”. I was pretty shocked when she asked this (She knows Erik is mummy’s friend and he is invisible but we hadn’t spoken about Erik in days). I said to her, I don’t know baby he did show me a bad dream today though. Then I got out of the car. Still didn’t remember I was suppose to practice channeling with him today.

While at work, Alison messaged me saying ” you were suppose to practice trans channelling Erik today with me in the morning, did you forget?”. And that’s when I remembered and all the clues fell into place.

It’s amazing how Erik can get my daughter to say all these things. He has done his before but today’s was very bizarre. He has got my daughter chanting bananas, bananas, bananas for a month now. She just randomly chants this and thinks it’s funny.

I already apologised to Erik for forgetting and we are going to do a session this Thursday.

Hope you have a good day.

Love and peace,
Shruti xxx

Pretty cool, right? Enjoy this Tuesday Best of Erik! This first ailment affects a lot of my family members.

Me: Oh, I forgot to ask you about another disease. What’s the spiritual basis for irritable bowel syndrome?

Erik: It’s about not being able to digest or process nurturing, usually.

Me: Oh, okay! Because they don’t feel deserving of it, or—

Erik: It’s not even that they don’t feel deserving. A lot of them will feel that they do, but they don’t understand what nurture is—what is caring and what is destructive. It’s more like a confusion about the definition of nurture.

Me: Ah, okay. What about people who’ve had strokes?

Jamie (giggling): Oh god, Erik just gives me this image of a sharpshooter from really far away, and they go, “Okay, he’s gonna have a stroke,” Ppppiiiuuunng!” They shoot him and the person has a stroke.

I chuckle, but I have no idea why.

Me: Good sound effects, Jamie!

Jamie giggles.

Erik: It’s so instant; it’s so in the moment—

Me: Wait, are you talking about cerebral aneurysms or massive strokes?

Erik: Both, I guess.

Me: Okay, there are the strokes that can be pretty abrupt and fatal, but then there are also ones that come on slowly and don’t cause instant death.

Erik: A lot of it relates to a conscious level of being intelligent, being very knowing—Knowing the answers, knowing the way, knowing the direction—and then actively choosing to go against it and lose it all. This is just one of the lessons. Of course strokes and aneurysms can also just be quick exit points when the spiritual contracts are done.

Me: What about eye problems?  Let’s take myopia or nearsightedness. I get the sense that part of it is about the fact that they’ve seen some horrible things in their past lives—maybe?

Erik: Yeah, a lot of it relates directly to the past lives on that one, Mom. You’re right.

Me: Okay. Any other spiritual basis for nearsightedness?

Erik: Well, in the current life, it would relate to taking your life for granted, not being grateful.

Jamie: Is that, uh, he’s showing me an eye condition that’s kind of gradual.

Me: Well, there’s farsightedness, glaucoma, cataracts, uh—

Jamie: No, I can’t understand what he’s saying, because I don’t recognize it but it starts with an “M.” Sounds like macaroni.

Me: Oh, macular degeneration?

Jamie: Yeah, that, that thing.

Erik: Yeah. That’s the one where you’re taking advantage of what’s around you. You’re not showing gratitude, and the lesson has been presented, presented, presented, but you don’t get out of that pattern. So then, the only kind of self-destruction that can occur is to gradually take the eyesight away so that you can’t see what you’ve taken for granted.

Me: Oooo. Yeah!

Erik: It’s a lesson in being humble.

Me: What about glaucoma? Is that kind of similar as far as a spiritual basis is concerned?

Jamie: Wow, he’s saying it has more to do with the brain!

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: It’s about the body not being able to regulate itself. A lot of that is due to the body getting old, like more of a natural process, but if it’s happening more in the younger person, they put too much pressure on themselves to achieve, to be, to meet a goal that is just completely outrageous and out of reach.

Me: Okay. Alright. And cataracts? Is that what you were taking about? More of a, you know, aging process, or—

Erik: It is. It is more of an aging process, but then again, if you look at younger people who have it, that’s a lesson about being humble as well. Thank god we have doctors and scientists that can get rid of ‘em.

Me: Yeah, I know. My great uncle was the one who invented cataract extraction and replacement.

Jamie: No way! That’s awesome! He says they scrape it out. Ooo that gives me the willies!

Me: Yeah, and Ignacio Barraquer, that was his name, along with his sons invented corrective eye surgery, corneal transplants and most of the surgical instrumentation involved. He operated on Greta Garbo, General Franco, the Shah of Iran, among others. Plus it was cool, because he had a lot of animals. I think a lot of people paid him in goats. He also had a couple of cheetah and a chimp. Interesting character. La Clinica Barraquer, at least the one in Barcelona, was designed so that Ignacio sat in the center and the operating rooms rotated around him. He’d do one surgery, then the next one would rotate to him.

Jamie: Cool!

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  • Maya

    You know what? My brother has the exact same pool like what you have. Same style, same tiles, same colors and jacuzzi. Maybe houses built in that years have same styles of swimming pools.

    • Maya

      Like this:

  • Maya

    Hello all,
    Below are some of my personal quotes, in case anyone need an enlightenment: 🙂

    “Wellness meditation can purge away the fear out of you.”

    “No need to fear of anything! (because you detach)”

    “Surrounded by crazy people, no need to be shaken! Just laugh it off!” 😀

    “Against all odds, Lighten UP!”

    “For the things that are outside of your control, there’s no need to think about it that much.”

    “Life itself is already an inspiration. Be mindful, and you are already rich no matter who you are.”

  • Jessica Zee Price

    Please please tell me more about the definition of nurture!! I’ve had IBS for so long now. Thank you.

    • Anna Patty

      I HAD IBS found out it was a gluten problem went true gluten free through Dr. Peter Osborne the leader on this subject and no more problems.

      • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

        I had IBS for years–so badly I often couldn’t go out. I was then diagnosed with gluten intolerance and I’m now okay. thank you powers that be.

      • Jessica Zee Price

        Oh wonderful! I’ve gone gluten free a number of times over the years. It’s not a cure-all for me, but my whole body definitely does feel better when I do.

      • Patricia

        Removing gluten from my diet helped my stomach issues too

  • Léon Vrins

    Does Erik know the spiritual meaning of a lazy eye? I was born with it. I don’t know the english word for it, but it means that although I can see with it, it does’nt really cooperate. I can’t read with it, so from the beginning I only used my right eye. It has never been a real problem, because automatically I learned to estimate distances and speed.

  • Kandake27

    About the time I was 9-10 years old my eyesight started going bad. I found out I was near sighted… When I was 12 yrs. Old my eye doctor told me I was a
    glaucoma suspect( something in the back of my eye looks suspicious) and I also have chronic dry eyes(I’ve had ever since I was 10 yrs. Old) I figure something might have went down in some of my past lives.

  • Maya

    Erik young picture had a thick glasses. Where are his glasses on his adulthood?

    • There are pictures of them in the media gallery of the blog. Check under the Erik tab.

  • Lelabelle

    FASCINATING information Elisa!!!! All that background info about eye surgery…I truly appreciated this one. I had cataract surgery 4 months ago. Thank God for your Uncle 🙂

  • tony allen

    Good morning from Qatar, A question for Admin. A very interesting article on eyes. I have had an eye issue for some 16 years. If you deem my issue worthy of petitioning Erik for an answer I would be grateful. Periodically, (anywhere between 2 to 8 times a year) I suffer from what I call a rainbow ribbon or a snake ribbon. It affects my right eye. The ribbon is bright and comprises several colourful bands of vivid colours. They are very bright. I see it more in my 3rd eye yet it has the strength to “blind” my right eye partially such that I cannot use it for anywhere between 1/4 to 3/4 of an hour – a bit like a cloud. It is quite exhilarating, feels spiritual and I meditate to it – then the colours become beyond exotic. I feel quite relaxed about it yet I am uncertain as to the root cause of it and what may physically cause it. I have tried to seek answers elsewhere yet all I get is, “see an optician”. I do not believe that it is a brain or eye defect merely the possibility that it is my third eye opening. Any chance you could ask Erik, if you feel it merits a question for him. If it is my 3rd eye opening how can I accelerate the process? Thanks and regards. Tony

    • Lelabelle

      Tony…as you wait for an answer from Erik…make an appointment with an eye doctor and at least start the process of discovery. You might be surprised.

    • Ask Erik during the radio show tomorrow!

      • tony allen

        Good morning Dr Medhus, Thank you for your message. I am in a quandary. May I ask if you could put the question to Erik for me, please? I live and work in Qatar where private internet access to external web sites is heavily policed. Whilst I can access Channeling Erik at work the “reason for that is due to greater flexibility with IT access for business purposes (although these messages slip under their radar). Sorry to be a pain and I do hope that you can accommodate me. I will be very grateful if you can assist me. Thanks and regards. Tony

      • What question are you referring to? You can ask through the radio show or use one of the mediums I use or wait until I ask for questions for Ask Erik column. I don’t channel personal questions for people myself. I leave that to the experts.

      • tony allen

        My question about occasional colourful ribbon string (my first message a day ago). I am totally snookered as at 6pm in Doha our IT service becomes ” restricted” and I cannot access several sites. If you could ask one of the mediums to put my question to Erik I would be grateful. It will be a further 3 months before I return to Canada and normal IT services will be resumed. Thank you. Tony

  • T Diaz

    You (and your kids) obviously have medicine in your genes!

  • Patricia

    Hi Elisa, that’s so cool about your relative! Also, I love what Erik had to say about the spiritual basis behind eyesight being taken away to teach appreciation and humility. I’ve had eye problems in life and always felt it was related symbolically to those things so this really resonated with me. Thanks for posting!

  • Judith F.

    Elisa, that is REALLY interesting about your great uncle, Ignacio Barraquer, and his sons. The Russians must have learned that rotating operating theaters’ idea from them because they employ that method, too. I have had IBS for many years. It started when I moved to Beirut, Lebanon with my former Lebanese husband. It was a fear-based reaction, and like Erik says, I didn’t know how to nurture myself in that unfamiliar environment at such a young age. Lately, I’ve been using digestive enzymes and ox bile (my gall bladder was removed long ago), and those supplements are truly helping my symptoms. Nurturing myself also involves not over-indulging in foods that I know will cause severe symptoms. I laughed when I read that Erik divulged the secret about Arleen’s BD present! What a prankster!

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