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Today, 34 years ago, I married my husband, Rune. He’s racing in New Orleans now, but we’ll celebrate when he gets back. We’ve been through a lot together, the good, the bad and the ugly, but it’s all made us stronger and our love, deeper. I’m looking forward to at least 34 more years together.

Today, I thought I’d share this amazing video from my dear friend, motivational speaker, Jamin Olivencia. If you struggle in life, connect with him HERE. He can help. 

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Elisa Medhus

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  • M&M

    I came to the blog today to look for some archived Erik posts for some inspiration, and surprise, surprise, there is a post on Sunday and one based on inspiration at that! Thank you for sharing this man’s web site with us, it looks wonderful, and happy anniversary to you and Rune.

    • Thanks so much!

      • entee tov

        I love the blog and I am currently reading the book my son and the afterlife. I am the part where he is talking about creating what ever you want car, boat etc… i have a question or a suggestion. Why dont you ask about how people do materialization here on earth like the bhuddist or hindus materializing diamonds or sand to sugar cubes. Just an example or how they are able to do the secret Tao abilities. Siddhis or shakti powers.

      • If you go through the archives, there are several posts about it. Search “dust bunnies” or go to the categories list and look for “thought creates reality.”

      • entee tov

        Yeah thanks , I read them wish i could chat with him. I have so many concepts of conciousness that ive learned and would like a non religious point of view about siddhis or shaktis. Spiritual powers.

  • Fiona

    Happy Anniversary.

  • Cherie

    Happy Anniversary!

  • Christine Karnitzschky

    Happy Anniversary!

  • T Diaz

    Happy Anniversary, Elisa and Rune!

  • Shikha Parashar

    Happy Anniversary!!

  • Nancy Antia

    Happy Anniversary and congratulations, Elisa!

  • Lorri


  • Lorri

    My imagination wants to be on that beach in the video.

  • Norma Frederick

    My dear Dr., I think it would be a good ides to take some extra time to relax and get grounded. I can’t help but worry a little. Eric, if you agree, do something so I can pass it on to your mom. You know what I’m talking about.

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