Intentions, Part One

The Channeling Erik event this weekend was beyond amazing. There just are no words. I think the most common adjective used was “mind blowing.” We all made so many close, lifelong friends, which is always the case with these events. In fact, one couple met at the Atlanta event and are now married with a child. But having the event in Erik’s home made this a very special one indeed. Everyone got to check out his room and feel the intense, high vibrational energy. We also went to his memorial site to pay respects to the shell that is not him, and I freshened his flowers and cleaned his marker. 

Filmmaker, Max Carlson, arrived from L.A. Thursday and spent that day interviewing me and documenting the more menial aspects of my day. Then he filmed the entire weekend and dedicated Sunday to sit down interviews with me, Rune, Lukas and Michelle. Arleen got plenty of airtime and, along with Bella, was a big hit with the crowd of around 50 or more people. He’s going to be creating a documentary in part based on the Channeling Erik story, but he also wants to connect with any of you, particularly those who live outside of the United States, who have compelling stories about communication with a loved one across the veil. If you have such a story, let me know and I’ll forward your email address to him. 

After the organized events were finished, we all hung out either inside or by the pool, sipping wine (courtesy of Sue Lefevre) and became even closer. Some even chilled in the hot tub. Saturday afternoon, we had a raffle to give away some of Erik’s belongs: jeans, hand painted shoes, socks and yes, the most popular item, boxers! It was hard to finally give away some of his things, but there was a healing aspect to it as well. I’m hoping that these articles, all full of Erik’s energy, will help those people connect to him on an even deeper level. And yes, the boxers were washed!

Erik didn’t disappoint in the prank department during the weekend. I think the best one was when he inserted a video of him as a child wearing my pantyhose on someone’s phone. She had never seen much less uploaded that video before. 

Thank you Kim, Laurie, Kevin and Robert for making this event so special. I hope it’s the first of many. Check out this short video clip.

Channeling Erik Event in Houston

Enjoy the first in our series on Intention!

Robert: Hello!

Me: Hey! Last segment of our session! Hi, Robert, and hi, Erik.

Erik: Hi, Mom.

Me: As promised, we’re going to talk about this Law of Attraction shit. I’ve tried so hard to win the lottery, and I’ve put my intentions out there, but it’s not happening. What the heck? Nah, I actually haven’t done that, but seriously, a lot of people say, “I’ve put my intentions out there, but I’m not getting that boyfriend. I’m not getting that raise,” so…

Erik: Here’s the thing. People go and create these intentions, and then they just sit there and wait.

Me: Oh, yeah.

Erik: Well shit ain’t gonna happen if you just sit there and wait. You’re in this physical world to participate. Here’s how you manifest things. You state an intention, you put it out there, in other words you let it go, and then you look for the signs that are leading you towards that intended goal.

Me: So, people are sometimes closed down and not aware of those signs. How do you set the intention and let it go? Do you write it down on a piece of paper, then burn it and let the ashes fly up to the sky or…

Erik: It’s unique to you. That’s what some people do. They write it down and then they burn it. Some people just state it and then don’t hold onto it anymore so it comes from a feeling place. That’s what Robert does.

Robert: Yeah, I just think about it, and then I don’t think about it anymore. I mean I don’t obsess over it or anything or worry like, ‘Oh my God, is it going to happen? Is it going to happen?’ That’s just like living in a place where you don’t have it all the time.

Me: But then it’s hard when you ask us, Erik, to be aware of signs because that means we’re going to have to be thinking about the intention. “Oh, I had this intention. Let me look for the signs.”

Erik: That’s about being emotionally aware. The emotion will trigger you to recognize when that sign is there, so you have to keep yourself in a calm place. Here’s something else that you can do, Mom, and this will help you keep it in your mind without obsessing over it. You know how we have a word when we use the eBoard?

Me: Oh, yeah.

Erik: A little safe word?

Me: Right.

Erik: Robert has a word that he places all of his intentions in.

Robert: Yeah, if there are intentions that I want to manifest, I just say that word once or twice a day. Then I know that all those intentions that I’ve placed in the word, it kind of brings those back to the front of my mind. But I never feel worked up or nervous that that’s not going to happen. It just brings it up that way.

Me: Wow, that’s good!

Robert: And then because I’ve said that word, I notice those signs.

Me: It puts it into your awareness.

Erik: You have to take it out of your consciousness. Your unconscious is really what propels a lot of it.

Me: Ah!

Erik: Your conscious side should feel more calm and secure.

Me: So, just to back up, when we do the eBoard, the Erik board, which is kind of like a Ouija board, we don’t want unwanted spirits to meddle or whatever, so at first, we said this intention like, “God Source—or you can make up anything you want—please protect me with a golden bubble of light and give me the answers that most honor my highest good.” I don’t know. I can’t remember, but instead of saying that whole thing every time, now we just say, “Apples.” “Apples” represents that whole paragraph. So if you have the intention, “I want a raise,” you can just say, “Puppies” or whatever.

Erik: Right, and Mom, you know what this feels like. When you say, “Apples,” you feel a release like, “Okay, I know we’re safe.”

Me: Yeah!

Erik: So if you create a word like that to represent your intentions and you say that word, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. You don’t have to remember all those intentions you put out there anymore because they’re all in that word.

Me: That’s right.

Erik: And then your unconscious will start to clue you in by giving you emotional cues so that you recognize when signs are coming up. Here’s the thing that can help you relax. When a sign comes up and you miss it, it’s because you weren’t ready for it yet. So just chill out. Shit’s going to happen when you’re ready for it to happen. That’s the bottom line. If it’s a relationship that you’re looking for, and you keep saying you want a relationship but you’re not yet fully ready for it, like your soul isn’t there yet, then that relationship isn’t going to happen until you’re in a place where you’re ready for it.

Me: Well, what if you’re never ready for it?

Erik: Well, that’s fucked up, right?

Robert and I laugh.

Me: So you really need to set an intention to be ready for a relationship. You need to change it and say, “I want to be ready for a relationship.” That should be your new intention.

Erik: Here’s the thing about it, though. You have to ask the question, “What is it that’s keeping me from it?” You have to work on those kinds of things.

Me: Give us and example of what that might be. What might keep people from being ready for a relationship.

Erik: It goes back to not feeling worthy of love, being afraid of losing love, which of course ties into not feeling worthy of it. If you’re afraid of losing love, it’s because you’re afraid you’ll never find love again if it goes away. If you feel worthy of love, you’ll know that love will always be there.

Me: Yeah.

Erik; You’ll never have that fear. Sometimes it’s because you feel you have to go along with what society says. Maybe you’re not supposed to be in a relationship. The articles and studies say that people are happier when they’re in a relationship, but that’s not fucking true for everybody.

Me: It’s not true for everybody. Right. So you don’t want to go around and think, “I’m not in a relationship. I must be flawed because society says I’d be happier if I was.”

Erik: Yes, and if you felt worthy of love and completely confident in who you are, you wouldn’t say those things. So, if you’re saying those things, you need to stop and go, “Oh, yeah. Hm. That’s not true for me. Where did I get that from? Somebody taught me to think that way!”

By the way, I was supposed to have my channeling session with medium, Raylene Nuances, this morning to answer the questions some of you submitted for our monthly Q & A, but unfortunately, she became ill at the last minute so we’re rescheduling for Wednesday. Send her healing energy!

Last but not least: Remember when I posted about raising children to be spiritual? Author, Carolyn Hodge, has actually published a book that might just get them started in the right direction!  She sent me this bio. 

I am Carolyn S. Hodge, a retired teacher turned intuitive tarot card reader and spiritual advisor. My book, “Spirit Families” provides a simple way to introduce children to the topic of angels, spirit guides, and loved ones on the Other Side/Heaven. The book is written in a rhythmic format, which makes it easily memorable for children.

Visit and click on the “books” tab to see links to the sites where the eBook can be purchased, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble and IBook. For a printed copy please contact me at

Here’s a short excerpt and the beautiful cover:

There is never a need to fear,

Angels will always be near.

When danger is lurking about,

Angels send it on another route.

Special Angels for a special task,

All you have to do is ask


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