Intentions, Part Two

Today, Raylene Nuances is going to channel the questions that people submitted, and I’ll probably post them in two parts on YouTube starting today. I’ll be out of town this weekend so the other half will probably be posted next Wednesday. If we get them all done in a shorter period of time than I expect, I’ll post it as an hour long YouTube today, but I’m not sure if that’s too long for people’s attention spans. It’ll probably be 2 forty-five minute YouTubes. 

I was going to have Emma McIntosh channel Alexander the Great for our contest winner, Justin Marsh, this Friday, but since I’ll be out of town, that’s been moved to 2/22/17. Sorry Justin!! I’ll send you the recording as soon as I have it!

By the way, some of you who attended the fabulous CE weekend at my home left some articles behind. In particular, there’s a pair of brown glasses. Let me know if I can send them to you!

Also, as a reminder, tomorrow at 7 PM CT is Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show. Call 619-639-4606 15 minutes prior to talk to Erik.

Enjoy the last part of our series on Intentions. 

Me: What about people who are really picky? Steve.

Robert (laughing): Don’t pick on Steve!

Me: I know. This is the second time.

Robert: We love you!

Me: We love you! So what’s that all about? They have the intention of finding a relationship, but they’re picky.

Erik: It’s about hesitation. The pickiness, if you want to get even more general, is a hesitation. It’s stopping and thinking, “Oh, you know, what if this is lost?” It goes back to the fear of the loss, which then goes back to not feeling worthy of it.” If you don’t feel worthy, there’s probably something in that person that you maybe see in yourself that you don’t like.

Me: Well what if Steve, for example, is perfectly fit, and won’t even consider a person who is a few pounds overweight? What’s that all about?


Me: Even though that person has a wonderful soul and would make a wonderful soulmate?

Erik: For some people, it’s a body image thing, and there’s this connection to perfectionism and what they define as perfect.

Robert: Now, Erik’s not saying this, but my guides—well, maybe Erik is part of it—they say that perfectionism tends the garden of unhappiness. I put that down in a poem.

Me: Mm. That’s so true.

Robert: It is true. They also said that perfectionism is the inability to see that things are perfect just the way they are.

Me: Ah, I love that! So Steve, everyone you meet is perfect just the way they are.

Robert (whispering): I’m sorry, Steve.

Robert laughs.

Me: He doesn’t know my address, so he can’t come and haunt me. Well, maybe he does. I don’t know! I LOVE YOU, STEVE!

Robert: Yeah, I relate to Steve because I’ve done those things. I’ve been picky.

Me: Sure.

Robert: But, I can tell you for myself, a lot of it was going back to what Erik said about not feeling worthy of love.

Me: Well, it seems like pickiness would be about, “I deserve more!” So that’s kind of an oxymoron.

Erik: It’s an excuse to keep yourself from getting it.

Me: Ah, okay.

Robert (chuckling): That’s very good, Erik! Yeah, I can see that.

Erik: For some people, they just like to tease themselves. They’re a little masochistic and like to keep themselves from getting what they want because they get a dopamine rush from it.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: For some people it can be that way.

Me: What about one of the biggest intentions people put out there, abundance? Money, money, money. Whatever. Maybe just plain old financial security. Can you speak to that?

Erik: Here’s the thing that a lot of people do. They pursue abundance and say they want their intention to be in abundance, but the only reason they say that is because they’re so scared of scarcity. So the words are just covering up their true intention, which is, “I don’t have anything.” You gotta fucking drop that shit! You have to say it like you really do have everything you need. The people that have all of those things don’t sit and worry that they don’t have them. That’s because they know they do.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Even if they don’t have a surplus in their bank account, they still live their lives as if they do, and they’re happier. When they look back on their lives, they see that they had everything that they needed.

Me: Wow, that’s powerful.

Erik: You have to realize that and stop chasing after something because you think that it will make you more complete. You already are fucking complete.

Me: So basically, we have to ask ourselves, “Do I have everything I need?” And I bet that more times than not, the answer is going to be, “Yes.”

Erik: You always have what you need when you realize within yourself that you are the source of love and love, itself, is completely, 100% sustainable. It’s like the sun. It’s a fusion reactor that continues to self-perpetuate. But most of us are living like a fission reactor. It burns really hot for awhile and then it’s gone. Then it leaves a lot of radioactivity.

Me: Collateral damage.

Robert: That’s a great analogy, Erik.

Me: That’s really good. You really used to like this physics stuff. You did really well in physics. You didn’t do very well in the other subjects, but you were pretty good in physics.

Robert: And mechanical stuff.

Me: And mechanical stuff. Okay, so there was another question I was going to ask.

(Long pause, then Robert laughs.)

Robert: Erik shows me this visual of you with this giant purse and you’re like, “It’s in here somewhere!”

Me: Oh my god, no. That’s why I have small purses. I don’t wanna have to dig through them.

Robert: It was like the size of a trunk!

Me: Oh my god!

Robert: You’re digging in there, and half your body is in it with your feet sticking out. You’re throwing stuff out.

Robert laughs some more.

Me: I’m one of those girls who never change her purse. Maybe once a year. I also wear the same earrings for months because I’m too frigging lazy to go to my little tiny box of costume jewelry and change them.

Robert: So you just take those purses and store them away in the attic?

Me: Exactly. So really, a simple life, as long as it’s filled with love, is all we need. We don’t need to listen to society’s claims that to be somebody worthy, we need to have stuff and power.

Erik: If you look at the various gurus and sages that have lived throughout the ages, they didn’t have a lot of material things. They knew that within themselves, they had found this center connected to that sustainability. Really, Mom, you don’t need a lot.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Material things? They’re fucking fun. I love them, but—

Me: You mostly need love.

Erik: It’s about love. This is why, when we cross over, you know a lot of people gave us hell because I talked about how I created a house and TV and all that shit. But what they didn’t understand is that, as a soul, when I first crossed over, I still had attachments to those.

Me: Sure.

Erik: I was just manifesting things that would make me feel comfortable, but I don’t need those things anymore. I’ve gone through all my lessons to get re-acclimated here to spirit. I don’t really focus on that anymore. Now, my work is with the blog member and helping people on this plane. By the way, I get asked why as a spirit I stay connected to your realm. It’s because I love you all.

Me: Yeah, because you’re our spirit guide.

Erik: I love humanity.

Me (softly): You’re our go-to guy.

Erik: And I still like titties.

Robert laughs and blushes, covering up his mouth.

Me: Oh my god. Do you have any crushes on blog members?

Erik: A few.

Me: Oh boy.

Erik: You know, Mom, there are boundaries, so…

Me: You can still have crushes. You can look but not touch.

Erik: Yeah, of course.

Me: That’s so cute. Jillian, what do you think about that? That’s his girlfriend.

Jillian (shrugging her shoulders): We don’t have rules when it comes to relationships. Here, there’s no such thing as possession. People, when they get into relationships, feel like they own or possess the other person. It’s not like that. Over here, you recognize that we’re all the same so when you sit there and say you own this person, that’s like saying you own yourself and you want to control yourself. I mean that from a place of manipulation. That’s just not healthy.

Me: So possession is not 9 tenths of the law after all.

Jillian: There is no law.

Me: There we go. All right, I guess we’ll close unless you have anything else to say, Erik, or Jillian.

Robert: They’re holding hands.

Me: Aw.

Jillian and Erik, hands held, lift up their hands and say, “This is success.”

Me: There we go. Love.

Erik: Connecting to each other. Love.

Me: Everyone remember that we are a collective, and when you hurt somebody, you hurt yourself. We’re all one. Just remember that and absorb the love that is there in the collective. And Robert, are you coming over Friday for the cookout?

Robert: I’ll be there!

Me: What do you want me to cook?

Robert (chuckling): I don’t know!

Me: All right. Well, we’ll figure out something good.

Robert: Yeah, we’ll figure something out.

Me: Okay, see ya Friday!

Robert: Okay. Bye, everybody.

Me: Love you, and Erik, I love you so much!

Erik (blowing kisses with both hands): I love you, Mom.

Me: Aw, you silly boy.

Erik starts to fan me.

Robert: He’s fanning you.

Me: Why? I’m not having hot flashes!

Erik: You will in a minute.

Robert laughs.

Me: Oh, well, maybe I will! I don’t know! We’ll find out.

Never had one in my life.

Me: Bye, guys. I hope you enjoyed this! Like and subscribe if you did!

Don’t be picky!

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