An Interview with L. Ron Hubbard, Part One

I hope everyone had a great Halloween and got more treats than tricks! We had maybe one or two come to the door whereas usually, van loads of kids come from the neighborhoods on the other side of Katy Freeway and line up at our door because our street is known for dishing out good candy by the handfuls. Toward the end of those evenings, my husband would dish out 40 or so pieces per person for fear of having leftovers tempt him. He just can’t say no to a Snickers bar. My favorite candy: Nutrageous Bars. My least favorite: Twizzlers, licorice (duh,) Neccos and Pez.  But since it was rainy as hell and the World Series was on, Halloween was pretty piss poor.  Arleen dressed up as a Peacock and Easton was dressed as a Tootsie Roll. I felt sorry for little Arleen when she dumped out her bag and counted only 11 pieces after going from house to house for an hour and a half! She burned more calories than she got!

Peeps, I am not feeling good at all. My muscles are so week, that I can barely move. I got my labs back and my thyroid is now super low, so I have to get back on the medication, but not the dose that made me hyperthyroid. Feast or famine. Below is the first part of the long awaited interview with L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. Thank you, Joyce M., for transcribing this! Great job with the channeling, Celestine Grace! If you’d like to join the volunteer transcribers’ pool as a way of giving back, email me at As always, below the post is the YouTube version.

Celestine: Hi there.

Elisa: Hello there Celestine, you look gorgeous today.

Celestine: Why thank you Elisa, so do you. It’s the quick makeup job. I didn’t have any on for work today, then I went “oh my God, that’s today, let me get some makeup on!”

Elisa: You cleaned up good girl. So we are, thanks to Erik and you of course, we are going to interview someone who’s been requested time and time again and that’s L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. Hi Erik, how are you doing?

Erik: Hi Mama, I love you so much, I’m amazing and wonderful. I can’t wait to sit and watch, and get all these great questions with L. Ron.

Elisa: Awesome. Well dude, can you bring him in for us now?

Celestine: He’s here. That was easy.

Elisa: What does he look like?

Celestine: So um, let me tell you how he’s dressed first, because he showed up earlier and he was quite dapper. He’s got on a black turtleneck, with a black suit jacket, and black pants that match the black turtleneck, and his hair is very close to his head. He appears to be in his forties.

Elisa: Okay.

Celestine: and he looked and he said “I like, that was a good one for me. That was a good decade. I like that one”. Um, and he’s ready, he’s been ready to be interviewed. He’s very excited.

Elisa: Well, you know, there’s a lot of controversy around you L. Ron. So this is your time to you know, clear things up a little bit. So, let me ask you. These are, well, a lot of questions from blog members, so it may be helter skelter because there’s so many of them. What was your intentions when you wrote the book, very famous bestselling book Dianetics, and when you founded the church of Scientology? For example, did you write Dianetics and hope that your readers could learn to solve their own problems, or other reasons?

Celestine: Well, he sits back and says “that’s a great question. I wrote that for a number of reasons and over quite some time. It’s wasn’t something I just sat down and wrote. And it began to be a book to help people help themselves with the theories that I have written down and developed, and then it almost turned in into uh, a manifesto of sorts, of my own.

Elisa: Yes. Okay, now why were you such an opponent of psychiatry and psychiatric treatment, like you know, electroconvulsive therapy and all that. And do you still feel that same about all that now?

L. Ron: You know there’s quite a different perspective from this side, but while I was in human, I did not care for the psychiatric profession for a number of reasons and one of the biggest ones was the electro shock therapy. That was just barbaric

Elisa: I know, that’s true, you hated that. Why?

L. Ron: That was barbaric, at all levels.

Elisa: Yeah.

  1. Ron: And I really had the opinion that there are many psychiatrists, and I’m not going to knock all of them, but “therapists”, you know “psychiatrists”, that would suggest things to people that really didn’t happen, and rather than help them work through it, magnify the issues.

Elisa: Okay, I believe that. Did you found the church of Scientology to save the planet as many church members say today, or did you do it for financial gain? That’s a biggie.

Celestine: He started talking. “Please give me the first part of that question again.”

Elisa: Alright. Did you found the church of Scientology to save the planet as many church members say today, or did you do it for financial gain? Or both! Maybe it could be both, you know.

L. Ron: So yeah, there were so many different reasons that were ego based for me, and I had quite the ego as everyone had witnessed. To save the planet? No, that was not my goal, but once people mentioned it I certainly let that rumor run wild fire around because that only made me look like a martyr and a really great guy, when in actuality it was not only financial reasons, but seeing how many people I could control.

Elisa: Mm. So, it’s not for the most benevolent reasons that you founded Scientology, is that what you’re saying?

Celestine: He’s saying that, no that wasn’t the basis.

L. Ron: Benevolence was not the basis of my founding of the Church of Scientology, however many followers liked to believe that was the basis of my wanting to start that church, but they spread that and like I said, why not let it, it only helped me. It helped me gain followers. It helped me look good.

Elisa: Well over time did you evolve to think, well wow, I could really help people with this?

L. Ron: Yes, absolutely. Positively, of course, but I have to tell you that even though I absolutely helped people and it was a no nonsense approach to many things..

Elisa: Mm. Hm.

L. Ron: It wasn’t uh, it wasn’t.

Celestine: (to L. Ron) Once again, I’m sorry? Okay. That didn’t start to be what he set out to do.

L. Ron: But because it made me look so good, it was to my benefit again to help people, and I am what the psychiatrists would call a megalomaniac: I do everything to benefit myself.

Elisa: Mm, so basically you helped people because it made you look good, is that what you’re saying?

L. Ron: Absolutely.

Elisa: Okay.

Celestine: That’s exactly what he said.

Elisa: Alright (reading) “if it wasn’t for…” This is saying part of the question. “if it wasn’t for financial gain, did you want any of your self help techniques and therapeutic sessions like auditing to be available to the public for a nominal fee or free if someone couldn’t afford it?”

L. Ron: The only way I would have offered that to the public, the general public itself, um definitely would not be for free or for a nominal fee. You see offering that to the general public would have opened up my thoughts, my tenants, my ideas to everyone and that wasn’t exactly what I wanted because I know I’d get so much opposition.

Elisa: Yeah.

L. Ron: To how I was operating, to the very many things that were helping people.

Celestine: It’s kind of interesting, he just told me you know a lot of these people just could help themselves. They really could, they just needed somebody to say “this is the way you do it!” and they didn’t believe in themselves.

L. Ron: and that’s where I gained so much of my popularity.

Elisa: Interesting. Alright. Did you want David Miscavige, I don’t know if I’m pronouncing that right, to be the new chairman of the board and the ecclesiastical leader of Scientology upon the news of your passing in 1986 or did you want another individual or specific group of people to run the church.

L. Ron: At the time of my passing David Miscavige was absolutely the best groomed subject for that position. There were others, but I felt that he could carry on my tenants, my ideas, my church, and grow it to mass proportions, because he had been groomed to do so. He totally 100, 1000% Scientologist.

Elisa: How do you feel about how he’s managing things now?

L. Ron: Well, truth of the matter is, I have no feelings one way or the other. What I will say about it is that you know I took these ideals and uh, my ego ran with them and made them huge. And while yes, I did help people, it was really a magnification of my ego and stroking of such. And David Miscavige has the potential to be and grow that ego, and that ego driven mentality, the same that I did. So is he suited for the position? Well absolutely because it will fulfill what we planned together with all these people.

Elisa: Do you feel like now that you’re on the other side that all your tenants are true? That what you preached, and you know, what you taught people is the absolute truth?

Celestine: Well he kind of smiles a little bit, you know like this, and he says “you know that’s a trick question because we all have our own truths.”

Elisa: Well that’s true.

L. Ron: So do I regret, or do I look back and say “oh I shouldn’t have done that?” No.

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Elisa Medhus

  • SH

    Hi Elisa, hope you will see this comment. For just some days i had a seans. about life and past lifes. On of my lifes (I am a very old soul), i was actually the Queen Of Scots (and also in france), Mary Stuart. I am also a medium, but i can’t channeling myself right now. So i wanted to comment this (but it’s a little bit scary, but i’m glad you do believe) – so you maybe could do a channeling with perhaps Emanuelle McIntosh, if she can and wants to. It would truly be a honor, and it would help me out in this life a have right now. And also i’ll think many people would find it intresesting to listen to someone who are brought back to life, as a new person.

    Ps: I hope we can do a channeling even if i’m “alive” again, but i remember you channeling Jesus and he was in a new life at the time, in that moment.

    Hope you will see this and maybe do this for me – and the people ofcourse.


    • SH

      Sorry for the wrong spelling!

    • She’s definitely on the list, but the list is long. If you want to book a session with Emma and do the interview yourself, you can. I can help you with questions and make it into a YouTube for you.

  • Addie

    Hey there Elisa. So sorry to hear you’re feeling poorly. I’m struggling some with thyroid dosage myself and I know it’s so important. Has your LDN helped with that at all, or was it meant for other things? I’m thinking of trying it myself as I’ve heard good things about LDN. And sorry for poor Arleen, candy-wise, she looked so cute! Things were very slow last night here in LA too. No rain, but all hands were on deck for the Dodgers, ha, ha. I shouldn’t laugh. They take this sort of thing very seriously here!
    On another note, thanks again, again, again for all you do with CE! Erik’s working overtime, as you know. I’ve been told for years that loving myself was my problem, but until I was able to observe Erik’s example, plus hear him expound passionately on the subject I just couldn’t figure it out. For the first time it’s clicking in my head. I catch myself and stop the criticism in my head and notice I usually don’t even really agree with it anyway. What an energy saver! It’s a pleasure listening to Erik and watching his own and others’ joy in him just being himself! It’s so beautiful!

    PS. You’re pretty good at being yourself too. It’s charming. Must run in the family!

    • Aw, Addie, I’m so glad you’re doing well and that Erik has had something to do with it–although you deserve most of the credit for such hard inner work! The LDN has helped. That’s the problem. It made my autoimmune thyroid disease better so the replacement thyroid dose I’ve been taking for 15 years became too much. I stopped it for two weeks and rechecked my labs and it showed I was hypothyroid again. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get off of thyroid permanently because too much thyroid tissue has been destroyed by the autoantibodies over time, so I’ll just have to take a lower dosage than before.

  • You too!

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