Is Erik Omniscient?

Well, it looks like the wife to the future Earl of Sandwich is quoting Erik now. He sure does get around! Check this communication my daughter, Kristina, received:

Enjoy today’s best of Erik!

Me: Here’s a questions about you, Erik. How all knowing are you now? This is from a blog member, by the way. When you answer questions, to what extent is it your opinion or Universal Truth? Because you’re outside linear time, etc. and simply sees and knows more, this probably plays a factor.

Erik (chuckling): Fuck that. You want Universal Truth? Just go talk to God.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: God, Itself—Not Himself, Itself—cuz that’s the only thing that doesn’t have a fucking filter. But as soon as you separate from God, you have then created your own filters.

Me: Yeah, sure. That makes sense.

Erik: Because this is how God gets to know Itself—through our eyes, our perception, and our experience. Now, angels, they haven’t done all the shit we’ve done, they have less of a filter. They’re more pure, you know, so they’re giving you way more accurate information. But for me, you know, I’m a bit of a ball buster, so if I see that you can stretch to get something done, I want you to do it.

Me: No kiddin’.

Erik: I’m not going to baby your ass and “Poor you; that’s horrible.” No. Fuck that shit. You hate it; change it. So, if you don’t like the way that I work, I’m really not going to be the best person to, you know, start sitting down and holding your hand and talking to you.

Me: But you still love the blog members, right?

Erik: Oh my god! Oh my god! I love them from head to toe!

Me: Aw. I know you do. It shows. You work so hard for them.

Erik: And I love all that other shit that revolves around them.

Jamie: He makes it sound like each blog person is their own little planet, is their own little universe.

Me: Aw.

Erik: But those people are attracted to us, to blog, you know, because I’ve dropped all the shades of holding their hands and working through stuff. I truly believe that, no matter what their state of mind is, they have every capability of getting up and changing it. They don’t need to be coddled or bullshitted or babied. If I do that, instead of being truthful and direct, the work just doesn’t get done.

Me: Sure.

Erik: As for the question about how much is my personality—well, all of it is. It’s coming through me. It’s coming through my filters. How much is pure, all-knowing energy? Well—

Jamie bursts out laughing.

Jamie: Sorry. He just said, with a real serious face, there wasn’t anything funny about it. “I’m pretty damn good at what I do.” It made me laugh, just the way he said it!

I start to laugh, too.

Jamie: And he cocked his head a little bit, like, “You know, I’m throwing it out there. I’m pretty damn good at what I do.”

Me: Aw! You are!

Jamie: He’s really proud of it! He’s got something that he loves doing, you know, and he does the work. He does the research for us. He follows through. He’s so proud of himself.

Me: You should be, Sweetie. We all are. We’re so grateful for what you do. You know that, right?

Jamie: Aw, he’s reaching out to hug you. He’s got long sleeves today.

Me (jokingly): Must be cold up there, huh?

Jamie: White. Kind of reminds me of a surfer, uh it’s got a logo thing on it. It’s like dirty white with a blue thing on it. It’s either a—you know what? (She starts laughing.) I said, ‘It’s either surfing or a motorcycle on it,’ and he’s like, “You can’t fucking tell the difference, Jamie?” I pointed my finger and go, ‘You know what, you present yourself clearer, and I’ll be able to get more detail.”

Me (giggling): Touché, Jamie!

Jamie: But every now and then, he tugs to pull his sleeves down over his hands, like over his wrists, over his hands, and then when you said you were proud of him and everything, he like pulls the sleeves down and reaches his arms out like he’s about to hug you, like drop his arms over you to hug you.

Me (tearing up): Aw! I can just see him do that.

Jamie (choking up): He says, “Just because my mom’s so short. So little.” He wants to know if you still shop in the junior’s section.

Me: Well, it’s not like you were exactly a behemoth, Erik! You’re no Sasquatch yourself!

Erik (laughing): Don’t ruin my image, Mom! A lot of people think I’m larger than life!

Me (laughing): But you’re definitely over a head taller than me! So, when you answer questions, to some extent, it is your opinion.

Erik: Yeah, it’s definitely coming through my filters, but I’m basing it on what the pure answer is.

Me: Ah, I see!

Erik: What’s amazing is if I sit down and translate it as the pure answer as is, a lot of people would just turn their head and wonder what the fuck I just said to them.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Cuz it’s not a good human language at all. It’s a great pure energetic language, but humans aren’t all there at the pure energetic level yet, so I gots to dumb it down.

Me: Yeah, we have to be able to relate to it.

Erik: Yeah!

Me: And you sort of have a more human quality about you instead of entities like Archangel Michael. Sorry Archangel Michael! I’m so sorry! I love you! Please don’t smite me! But Erik, people relate to you more. And it obviously helps the fact that you’re outside linear time so you can see and know more, right?

Erik: Yeah, sure.

Me: Okay. Anything else on this subject?

Erik: No. You got it.

Me: Okay. Thanks, Sweetie.

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  • Marla Richter

    I have a couple of questions. Some say that if you commit suicide, you will have to do the life over. And there is some things you have to do on the other side to make it right. That it is a seriously wrong thing to do. Are they any repercussions for doing so? Another question, having been a member of the Mormon church, I couldn’t grasp Joseph Smith’s account of seeing God and Jesus. Is there any truth to this story? I am not out to “out” all the Mormons, I just need to know for myself. Thanks

    • There is free will here and there. There are no external forces “making” you do anything.

      • Marla Richter

        Thank you

  • Gale Conn-Wright

    Awe, this was a fun one to read!!

  • 403LEC

    This particular post was just GREAT!!!! I feel like I totally “get” Erik and understand his intentions/messages with whatever language he is using. I am not offended by “colorful” language (aka cussing) and use it everyday to express myself. I am not cussing people out I just cuss at inanimate objects and things that go wrong and cause frustration in me. That’s not bad is it? LOL

  • Robin Kincaid

    Wow, Erik really believes in Tough Love! He’d make an awesome parent!
    It makes sense, what he says: If the Spirit Guides weren’t being a little tough on us and getting us to perceive the Guidance, but ultimately make our own tough choice in the right direction, then we’d maybe get what we think we want (the easy way through life). Ultimately, it would not serve our Higher Self’s purpose and we’d feel “stuck/stagnant”; that would seriously impede our soul’s progression later. Have to agree with Erik here, even though it can be tough to, well….make the tough choices that are really best for us.
    Believe that is why some feel a bit shocked and disbelieving when they ask on the weekly radio show what their Life’s Mission is and Erik tells them something they don’t want to hear — what their own Higher Self would like them to do (what they are actually capable of), and that leads to people having active resistance against their Higher Selves. Sometimes we humans may really want to have an excuse to keep doing what we are doing and not make the harder, life altering choices that would get us out of the rut, etc. If it isn’t easy, we don’t tend to go for it. And I can certainly be guilty of that myself! UGH!

  • T Diaz

    The Earl of Sandwich, how cool is that! This is reminding me of “6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.” Eventually how many degrees of Erik, I wonder! Sandwich . . . Bacon, getting hungry 😉

  • Marts

    Ahh this was awesome Erik!!.. Breaking it down and keeping it real… truthfully compassionate stuff… works for me mate, thanks brother!

  • Marq

    Heres my perspective….
    Reality is an infinate multiverse.
    We are fractals (individualised aspects/ perspectives of one gi-noumous consciousness).
    We ourselves are self aware and just like that one overseeing consciousness we also are holographic. It follows naturaly..
    We each vibrate within a certain individualised frequency range that gives us access to a certain version of reality.
    Those ‘others’ we experience and we ourselves are each absolutely central to all we individualy experience. We may or may not re-member it, but we are each fully that one conscious source energy ecploring our own specific vibrational ‘package’ ..

    We are each experiencing a version of reality germain/congruent to our own individualised arrangement of vibrations.
    The others we experience and the settings we play within (heaven, earth, dimensions, dreamscapes ect,.) Are themselves versions of reality revolving around ( more accurately within ) each of us…
    Yes,.. you literally are god..
    The versions are in fact infinate and already exist within the one overseeing consciousness. We move from experience to experience accessing a reality that exactly meets our vibrational state in each moment.
    The idea of various versions of time (linear/non linear) is simply reality shifting frame by frame creating sequence.
    At any given moment reality is an infinate number of still,.. complete options that we access without effort.
    They exist as a perfect reflection of our vibrational selves… As we radiate desire in all its forms,.. we dial up matching experience.
    I can (and have) energetically merged with other ‘me’s’ and experienced existance from their perspective,.. but even looking out through ‘their’ eyes I remain acutely and consciously aware that I am my own individualised self.
    There are as many versions of reality (infinate) as their are versions of me and you (also infinate).
    In this Elisas coment about being free to create our own reality is profoundly true.
    The heaven you retern to and all its inhabitants are all about you…
    You vibrate a reality that is actualy you… as you are in the moment…
    Erik reports and creates a reality according to his beliefs and emotional attachments.
    Those who are within vibrational range of it can choose to ecperience it.
    It is a wonderful version but it is a co creation between each of us and the version if Erik we choose to experience…
    Every thing you can imagine,… every type of world,..afterlife or person can and will emerge for you to consider interacting with.
    They are all within you right now..
    They appear as you shift focus…
    Where do you focus?…

  • Kazi Sabbir Quader

    Hi Elisa,

    You are doing amazing work 🙂 please keep it up *thumbs up*

    btw, could you please ask Erik about there existing “more than one God Source”, as mentioned in the blog?

    and also the existence of a “disturbing Dark Energy that is not part of God”, also from the blog?

    Thanks a lot

    • I think what Erik says, if I remember correctly, is that God Source is All There Is and it’s sentient, self-aware energy in the form of light, a light that is the energy called Love, and dark energy is just the darker spectrum of that light.

  • Alphonso de Barbo

    So… what Erik is saying… is that everyone needs to get a backbone???

    • Everyone needs to have reasonable boundaries for themselves and for their interaction with others and they need to b e emotionally honest with themselves and others, too.

      • Alphonso de Barbo

        But… is this how Erik would put it?

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