Is the Afterlife Real?

Channeling Transcript
Me: Okay, here’s another interesting one, Erik. One reader wants to know if someone, perhaps Jamie, Kim, Jeannie, me or someone else, could prove to skeptics that the afterlife is real, even applying for the Randi Foundation. I think the prize is around a million dollars or so. We could use that to fund the foundation we talk about.

Jamie (laughing): Erik says that guy is an asshole!

Me: Oh, really? I just assumed it was a girl, like a girl’s first name. He must be a skeptic, then.

Jamie (continuing the laugh): I am so shocked! Have you met him, Erik? Have you, uh, what do you know?

Erik: Here’s what I know. The guy is totally a skeptic. He’s using this in a way, uh, he’s trying to get answers about the spiritual afterlife to fit into a scientific equation.

Me: Oh!

Erik: So repeat the process, get the same response; repeat the process, get the same response.

Me: Yeah, you can’t expect that from the spirit realm, huh?

Erik: Thank you! That’s what I’m saying! He’s such an ass, because he knows it cannot be replicated, because each person is a different instrument.

Me: Yes!

Erik: But he’s totally alienating that kind of proof. Mom, there’s no way to win.

Me: Well what about doing this: A being in the afterlife who is known to be dead appears in front of a huge audience for that purpose. He or she could materialize and say something like, “See, I’m still around!” Can that be done, Erik? Or perhaps it shouldn’t be done.

Erik: Of course it can be done, and it’s been done in lots of places around the world.

Me: Oh, really?

Erik: Yeah, but what that Randi dude wants is the ability to record it and image it and then the next night, at eight o’clock, have it happen again like HBO or Showtime.

Me: Oh, I see. Wow, that’s tough.

Erik: And we just don’t a) function in that kind of time frame and b) care to entertain a jerk like him.

Me: What about taking him out of the equation. What about doing this for everyone else? Would it be a positive or a negative for our society?

Erik: Oh, it’d be a positive; that’s for damn sure. We’re going to be coming into more of that, because people are coming out of denser energy and becoming more, you know, fine tuned inside their brains, their bodies. Higher vibrations. So this kind of understanding is going to be common knowledge and common acceptance again like it was before a long, long time ago. So it can happen more easily.

Me: Oh, good! That’d be so cool!

Erik: Belief systems are required to raise vibrations, but at the same time, the belief system is what narrows your opportunities.

Me: Oh, yeah.

Jamie: And he makes this sort of box shape with his hands, like “shwoomp.”

Erik: So an open belief system is best. And that’s where we’re headed as a country, as a world.

Me: Oh, good. I hope so. Here’s another one. I don’t know anything about this, either. A reader wants to know if you’re familiar with the Suzy Smith Afterlife Code Experiment, Erik. Apparently this is another avenue for establishing proof. Everyone wants proof.

Erik: Now, her deal is a little bit better. But still, it’s looking for repetition.

Me: Okay.

Erik: And repetition using different instruments. The fault part here is you’re using what you know, which is science, to explain something non-scientific.

Me: Wait, there is some science behind spirituality, isn’t there, like quantum physics?

Erik: Sure, but I’m talking about science in it’s current state. It’s not there yet. Ask any quantum physician—

Jamie (laughing at her error in translation): uh, I mean physicist.

Erik (teasingly): Get it together, Jamie!

Jamie and I both laugh hard.

Jamie: I stuttered on it! (Pause) Go back, Erik.

Erik: Ask any quantum physicist to explain what quantum mechanics is; they can only touch the surface. They can’t give you a full explanation. They’re still learning. Give us about 5 or 6 more years, which is not a lot in the big scheme of things. We’re going to have more definition, more grasp, and people, the mass of the people, tend to wait until there’s acceptable knowledge before they allow themselves to consider it a reality.

Me: Yeah, I can see that.

Erik: That’s what’s gonna encourage this whole enlightenment movement, Mom.

Me: So it’s not too far off. Awesome.

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  • Randi

    I’m so intrigued by the “enlightenment movement” Erik discusses because it seems improbable to me, based on how the world is getting away from faith-based ideas (organized religion aside). Interestingly, a psychic intuitive I saw over the summer also predicted a “big shift” similar to the one Erik mentions. I hope they’re right. I believe it is much needed in our world today.

  • Paul Conklin

    Dear Elisa,

    The reason that scientists have not yet discovered the afterlife realm is that they still have not discovered multi-dimensional physics. The afterlife realm is nothing magical. It too has certain peculiarities that relates to that realm. However, certain scientists are beginning to go in the direction of multi-dimensional physics. How else can they claim that there are 11 dimensions, yet there are no afterlife realms?

    From what I understand, we vibrate at the speed of light. Suppose though that there was another realm that vibrated faster than the speed of light. That realm would be just as real as the realm that we call home, except, we would not be able to see it with our 3d eyes.

    That would explain how beings from the afterlife realm can go through walls and other solid objects. The solid objects that they are going through are vibrating at the speed of light. if they in fact are vibrating faster than the speed of light then they could easily go right through what to us is a solid object. But again, this is not magic, it is simply multi-dimensional physics.


    • Yep, I totally agree. Most of this has to do with the differences in frequencies. In a way, science (materialistic science) led us astray, but now, science (theoretical physics, etc.) is leading us out of the spiritual dark ages again.

  • Kate

    I stop by every day to read. I lost a loved one to suicide. Thank you Elisa and Erik for giving me hope. We are nothing without hope.

  • Danielle Notaro

    Read a long time ago that God or The All created/creates everything therefore God is ahead of science and that is why science cannot catch up.

    • That’t an interesting thought!

  • Is the afterlife real?

    Throughout time, throughout ‘this time’; Humankind has relied upon mysticism, tradition, religion in the search of the answer to this question. And they relied on Faith. What is Faith? And why rely upon it? What does the concept say about us and the universe around us? And, why do we use it?

    It is the inner trust that a subjective experience is real and has some kind of meaning to us. How we interpret that and apply it to ourselves is one of the things that define us beings. It shapes our soul-form. It’s a combination of emotion and inner thought that gets applied to our life. We do this to ourselves, or allow others to apply it to us.

    Over time this thought/feeling evolves and is shaped by our experiences and shapes our very experiences. Is what others experience, as valid as what you experience? Which is the right path? Who gets to determine that? Well, the answer is you. You do. How you define your life around you shapes your reality. The right path is that which raises your spirit. The trick is to figure out how high you want to go. Where do you want to go. What do you want to do, learn, see, feel, know. You think the answer is without you and elusive, possibly even unknowable. But it’s totally up to you. The choice is really all about YOU. The answer is within. Seek the inner light of love. Let it radiate out for others to see and it will light your way on the narrow path.

    How you interpret that concept is fine and right for you in your now, but embrace the higher emotions and let go of the rest. Each has their own journey.

    Spirits, Guides, Angels, and the Divine work behind the scenes in ways you can’t see to try and steer you in the right direction and make sure you feel the love. Cause if you can’t feel the love you can’t pass it along! Open your heart to possibilities and look to the the light of your inner flame, and see it shine in the Heavens.

  • Steve

    Elisa, you posted a video this weekend that was intriguing, and the woman talked of polarization going on right now. We can see it in our politics, but I can see it in people. There are people becoming more and more grounded into black/white 3d earth thinking (going to one side), and more people opening up spiritually. I think this is natural as we approach the upcoming shift, which will include more enlightenment spurred on by the understanding of quantum mechanics/physics, etc.

  • Dear Elisa, Your conversations with Erik are so interesting! Do you or Erik know about the Matthew letters?

    Matthew communicates to his mother, Suzy Ward the way Erik talks to you – maybe not in the same exact way but they talk. Matthew sends out these amazing letters about what is going on in the world of politics,finances, etc. I’m wondering if Erik and Matthew could talk to us together sometime! Thank you for your wonderful channeling.

    • No I don’t know anything about the Matthew Letters, but I’m about to find out! Thanks for sharing the link! I’ll ask Erik if they’ve met, etc. I’m sure there are several afterlife/earthly plane teams helping to raise the collective awareness. No two people can do it alone, of course. I’m hoping there are hundreds of thousands, even millions, who are hard at work! XOXOXOXO

  • Dear Elisa,
    James Randi is the High Priest of Professional Skeptics. It is unlikely that Randi would acknowledge any evidence of an afterlife even if Erik and Randi’s parents were to all materialize in his bedroom, lecture him at length on the afterlife, and leave apported photographs of themselves on his desk. He simply cannot/will not be moved since his entire life and current career is predicated on disbelief and debunking. Here is the link to Victor Zammit’s YouTube video explaining the fraudulent nature of Randi’s so-called “challenge”. There are also several websites devoted to explaining how Randi’s ‘challenge’ is inherently bogus, but I can’t seem to find them right now. The bottom line is that he has never intended to pay out the money he advertises as the prize for the ‘challenge’ since he never has had it to start with. Erik’s take on Randi is spot on.

    • So he IS an ass!!

  • Barbara

    Elisa, I have been following silently, and still find incredible solace in your blog. My spiritual guide, who has since passed over, told me in the 1980s that a huge shift would come in spirituality soon after the year 2000. What an exciting time this is to witness and in which to participate. Bless you and Erik for taking it ‘public!’

    Peace, Barbara

    • I’ve missed you, Barbara!! It’s so good to hear from you! I’m going to ask more about the coming “Shift” and in the channeling session today, he did talk a bit about it in connection to the growing terrorist threat. Interesting stuff, so stay tuned!

  • Jason

    An inspirational message for the group about our journey.

    “Think not of the afterlife. Think only of life.

    The Heavens burst with uncountable Voices all crying out in the light and love for mankind to hear. A call on the winds of the heart-mind breathe out in the hopes that it will fan the inner flame to light our way on the narrow path through time and space. Fear not and have hope for each turn of the wheel on each wheel has meaning, each turn is of value. For some the path is but short. To see and know the rising sun or to travel a switchback of life. For others like you in this point, in time, it is for you to remember, and to experience all that life has to offer. But you ask your self what that is. And is that even possible? That is why we embrace the never ending cycle of life. Ever onward must you march. But to find the way in the darkness of your creations you must find the secret light within and let it shine for all to see. In this new era, you and we gather together to reach within and shine the light that others might find their own. Look around you and remember the true purpose and puzzle out your reason for living. For only then can you complete the leapfrog through time and help each other leap over the edge to the next phase of your journey. “

  • Danielle Notaro

    “Think not of the afterlife. Think only of life. ”

    Dannion Brinkley who survived several death experiences-it wasn’t near death, the dude died, has said,” Life is For Now, Light Is For Later.”

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

    • Too true Danielle. I often feel like I have my head (and my heart) stuck too far into the afterlife. Life is for now. We must be thankful for all it has to offer, warts and all!

  • John

    Hola Elisa and thanks for all you and Eric are doing,
    Does this “enlightenment movement” that Eric discusses have anything to do with the Mayan calendar and 2012?

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