Is This Woman Crazy?

I know that there are some who read my blog and think ‘Grief has tossed this lady into the deep end.’ I’d like to address that now for several reasons, none of which have anything to do with my ego, reputation or self-esteem.

Even before Erik died, I’ve been curious about spiritual matters. Deep inside, I knew that there was more to life than that which is contained in our limited three-dimensional reality perceived by our five senses. If we limit our beliefs to those engrained in us by Western culture and most organized religions, we are left with so many unexplained phenomena. How do psychics see into the past and future? Why do some children have imaginary friends? Why are we visited by our departed loved ones? Why do some children, barely old enough to speak, talk about their past lives? Why are some people born with phobias? Why does thought seem to create reality? The list goes on.

It seems that the theories I’ve been reading about most closely honor Occam’s Razor which states, in a nutshell, that the simplest theory that explains things is the most likely to be correct.

Because of my strong science background, I always felt at odds with spiritual matters, even as I felt a deep sense of knowing that the soul survives the body after death, that there is an afterlife, and that there is something to psychic abilities, reincarnation, and other matters that most would relegate to the domain of flaky gypsies and airy-fairy, New Age types. Despite, or perhaps because of this inner war, my search for scientific confirmation began in early adulthood. After Erik’s death, a keen sense of urgency propelled me to unravel the mystery with a more intense passion.

Much of what I’ve learned has been comforting because hard science is beginning to reconcile science with the mystical. Books like The Hidden Domain, by theoretical physicist Norman Friedman and My Big TOE (Theory of Everything), by nuclear physicist Thomas Campbell have provided painstaking evidence in terms of quantum physics that the mystical is not really hogwash, it’s actually very plausible. In fact, once you read what these and others have to say, there’s almost no denying these spiritual phenomena.

So why are these enigma so difficult to believe? In our limited physical material reality, we seem to label something as “real” only when we can observe it with our senses directly or with a measuring device that delivers the information to our senses in some way. Thomas Campbell compares our viewpoint to that of a bacterium dwelling in our intestines. Is that bacterium concerned with the nuclear fusion that takes place on our sun or the density and composition of our atmosphere? Of course not; these things have no direct significance to bacteria. Although, like all living things, they depend on the sun’s energy and the density and composition of the earth’s atmosphere, they cannot directly experience either. Their reality includes only that which is potentially knowable to them. Just like our limited perception in this 3-D, five sense reality of ours, the reality of a bacteria seems complete in its perception, even if it neglected to include the money in your bank account, the light bulb in your refrigerator, or the car in your garage. However, these items may indirectly have a profound effect on the current intestinal environment.

Money, refrigerators, light bulbs, and automobiles are too far removed from the practical, functional, or theoretical scope of bacteria to be comprehended by or to be a direct importance to them. To the bacteria, the source of the food descending from the stomach would seem mystical, right? The economic, social, and physical circumstances and processes that indirectly result in a particular food being deposited into the stomach would seem beyond mystical. The causal mechanisms that drive and order these apparently mystical events and processes are necessarily invisible to even the most brilliant intestinal bacteria. The forces and relationships that govern the growing of wheat as well as the making and marketing of bread falls beyond a bacterium’s theoretical ability to imagine, and therefore lies far beyond the largest reality it can possibly comprehend. Do not be too surprised to find us human beings in a similar situation.

That said, I believe we are part of a much larger reality where time and space must be redefined or put aside altogether, where thoughts become matter, where souls can enjoy immortality, and where creative energy is infinite. So we must keep an open mind and heed what Erik and other’s say. Once we do, our horizons will expand beyond our wildest expectations, and our perceptions and priorities will undergo radical transformation.

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Elisa Medhus

  • But the question becomes: Do bacteria have an afterlife? Do they have a little bacteria heaven made for them where they do their little bacteria things?

    What about all the creatures we evolved with and from on this planet? We are no different, no more “special” than any of our cousins. If there is an afterlife, there must be one for every creature on this planet?

    • Of course they do! I guess the point I was trying to make is that we are all limited by whatever we perceive to be knowable. What we believe is unknowable, we label mystical. Thus, we question the very validity of anything we can’t define as “real” in our limited perspective. I hope we all try to remain open minded and acknowledge the possibility that some truths, some realities may actually exist outside of that little box we call our objective reality. Our ancestors thought the shape of the world was a mystical issue. Because the true shape was unknowable to them back then, they created a number of myths to explain what lurked beyond the horizon whether a dark abyss or hungry man-eating monsters. To them, any belief or explanation was better than none. Other scientists were ridiculed for their theories, including that the Sun, not the Earth, is the center of the Universe. So that which is not immediately or directly “knowable” is, as part of human nature, explained away as mystical nonsense, heresy or danger.

  • I believe that there is something for all of us after we die, animal, plant, whatever, and that we are all connected together.

  • Tracy Lamont

    Yes, Elisa, it’s true, many people have a blinkered view of reality. If it can’t be perceived with our 5 senses, or can offer us no material gratification, then we don’t need to concern ourselves with it. Mankind is definitely evolving, though. Going back 30 years when I was at school, showing any interest in matters psychic or otherworldy was considered seriously weird and you would be laughed at. I always knew, though, that we live on and have spirit guides etc. I just wouldn’t share those ideas with my peers for fear of ridicule. My dad told me when you’re dead, you’re dead – and yet I have had a visitation from him since his death!
    I think the reason for my own spritual awareness, and yours, is that, deep inside, we always knew we would lose a child. Our souls were preparing us for that sad time – keeping the lines open, as it were. Going back to my dad, I awoke one night – about 6 or 7 years ago now – to the feeling that someone was rubbing my leg. I opened my eyes and my leg was hanging out of bed. My dad was rubbing it and crying lke a baby. (He was dead at this time, incidently – thought I should mention that!)
    I said, ‘Dad, why are crying! The next thing I know I was being pushed up toward the ceiling by 2 people whom I couldn’t see. I presume they were my guides. I found myself in a beautiful garden and my dad was waiting for me there. He held out his arma and I ran to him for a hug. He din’t speak but he communicated me mind-to-mind. He said, “You will be fine; Neil (my husband) will take care of you. You will always have each other.” Then, when I drew back from him; he was now Neil!
    Then I was back in my bed. It was only after Adam’s death that I fully understood the significance of this visitation. My dad knew we had heartbreak coming, that’s why he cried for me. But he also gave me a gift. A small glimpse of heaven’s beautiful garden. My dad – the skeptic whilst on Earth – needed to show me that I was right and he was wrong because one day, we woul lose our boy and we needed to know that is soul lived on in a sublimely beautiful place.
    Incidentally, the date of this blog, March 2nd, is the day on which my darling Adam passed. I had trepidation even turning to the page. That date is horrific to me. I used to look through my old diries and see what I did on previous March 2nd’s. Hair appointments, nais etc. Superficial rubbish. Wasted time out when I could have been with Adam. But, of course, we don’t know what we’ve got coming, do we?
    Sorry, Elisa, I’m rambling. You have your own horrific day to contend with. Thank you again, for the gift of this virtual diary of Erik’s travels. It helps me so much. I write up my own experiences and have done so since Adam’s death, but to share those heart-wrenching emotions with the world is a step too brave for me.
    Elisa, I salute you,
    Love and blessings, always,
    Tracy xx

    • Oh Tracy, what a wonderful story and what a wonderful gift from your father! My dad, now 90, is also a skeptic. In fact, one of the first things he said when I went to his place after Erik died was, “Well, Elisa, I’m so sorry, but you know, this is the end for Erik. We all just turn to dust.” Meanwhile, I could see my mom kicking him under the table. But that night, Erik visited him and he was so shocked. You probably read about it in an early entry. He said it startled him to see and feel a younger Erik sitting in his lap and comforting him, telling him in Spanish that things come in three’s. (My father is from Spain.) So this opened his eyes. Kim once told me that when my father dies, he’ll come to me and say, “Damn, you were right! You were right about everything!!!!” I just wished he believed now, toward the end of his life, so he won’t be so fearful about death. Hug Charlie for me.

  • Mmddupre

    Good Morning Ms. Elisa. I just started reading your blog after getting this link from another mother that recently lost her son to a tragic suicide. At the beginning of reading your blogs, I always have felt very uneasy about any spiritual matters. I was frightened of it. My mother passed away 20 years ago when I was 13 years of age. I was always “scared” of her manifesting before me in a spiritual form. I really cannot explain why I was “scared” but it did. AMAZINGLY, after reading some of your blogs, I asked my Mom to come to me in a dream last night. I can not recall if she did or not. I know that I need to keep trying though. It is also amazing that my co-workers and I were talking about channeling just yesterday morning and I just happened to come along to your blog hours later. I really believe that everything happens for a reason and I know that I was meant to read your blog. Thank you for being so open and allowing us all to share your life. I know Erik is very proud of you and if you can ask him to tell my mom Rudie that I will be trying very hard to speak to her every chance that I get so I hope she will be listening.

    Thank you

  • Wow, talk about synchronicity! You were led here for a reason and I’m glad you’re part of this family now. Of course I’ll ask Erik to find your mom. He’s really good at helping spirits communicate with their loved ones. He teaches them how to come through dreams, etc. Some have more trouble communicating than others. That’s one of his roles, besides being a guardian angel in training.

    • Mmddupre

      Thank you so much Mrs Elisa. That really makes my heart happy knowing that he will help out..still reading 🙂 I have gotten though March of 2010 so far. I have to take little breaks to get work done LOL Please tell Erik thank you from me also, I appreciate anything that he could do.


  • Kate

    What a wonderful way to explain it! Loving yours and Erik’s site. Starting from the beginning and only just got to this entry xx

  • Thank you for the blog, Elisa. You’re a good writer. And thanks for the book recommendations. I have The Hidden Domain, and have been with Seth forever, it feels like. But now I’m going to read My Big TOE. It looks great.

  • kat henri

    I completely understand the feeling, and the notion of people thinking you’re crazy. I too since I was a child have been able to feel energies, negative and positive. Aswell as see shadows, and have dreams where my deceased family have visited me to communicate or send a message. A week ago my cousin passed away in a tragic car accident. He was only 25, I am 22 and we were so close, like siblings. Everyday he would visit me for hours at a time sometimes during the day and night. Sometimes he would make me smell things sometimes he would blow a kiss into my ear, and sometimes he would just watch over me as I slept. Everytime I told my family I saw or felt anything they’d say “here she goes again” but he has started to communicate with them also. And little by little they are starting to believe. But it’s the best thing to see him smile and hear him laugh again. I miss you so much Michael Fabre

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