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Blog member, Daniel Lucas (who is a real sweetheart) made this for us. He’s so talented, I thought he was a graphic designer or some other type of artist.


As far as the poll on the CE Facebook closure, it looks like 11% want it closed. I had an epiphany. When there is drama or negativity, those who are bothered by it shouldn’t leave the group; they should try to find the lesson within. Also, these are teachable moments in that we can try out the emotional honesty and boundaries Erik has taught us about and express ourselves respectfully instead of launching a counterattack which only serves to fuel the fire. So, there are plenty of lessons to go around. Maybe Erik said no on the eBoard because he wanted me to come to this conclusion. In any case, I’ll ask him again through Jamie.

As far as the EVP contest goes, we have a winner, John H. (not sure if he wanted me to use his last name, so…).Listen to the voice and give your feedback as to what he’s saying. John, email and let me know what celebrity YouTube you’d like me to send you!

And now for some excitement. For the first time in years, we’re going to have our first Ask Erik submission. Please tell us your story and what questions you’d like asked. Keep them short because sessions are kind of expensive as you all know, and I’d like to be able to keep this up. Here are the rules: You have until 12 noon CST to email your submission to me at During that time, I’d like to request that everyone limit their regular emails to me because I get swamped as it is and since I’ll probably be getting a lot of these submissions, it’ll be overwhelming. Those submissions not withstanding, I’m asking everyone to refrain from emailing me unless it’s a pressing issue. My OCD compels me to answer each and every one of them, and it’s just getting to be too much. That doesn’t mean I don’t love you, though!!


As promised, here is a conversation between blog member and gifted medium, Jesse Sulam and Erik. Thanks Jesse (and Erik, of course!)

Like so many people in life, I have lately been struggling with feelings of being stuck.  Growing up in a certain place and finally deciding to leave it behind, once and for all, I thought, “What better way to approach this issue, than to ask Erik for his insight and opinion?!”  Cue the music, people.

Erik shows up in some casual jeans with holes in them, a black faded T-shirt, and a backward baseball hat.

So Erik, what are your thoughts on those people out there who cannot seem to make a decision, or get stuck in the whole “paralyzation-through-analyzation-thing “?

You live in Montana, so you will appreciate this.

He shows me the image of being late for work, and a car stuck in a snow bank unable to move.

There are many ways that you can deal with the situation, but simply trying to jam down on the gas pedal does not work.  You might need a bag of cat littler under the wheels, you might need someone to push you out, you might need a tow.  Too often people will just stay in the car and keep trying to solve the situation from in there.   

So basically, could it also be seen as stepping out of your comfort zone, and trying something different?

Exactly.  Having change be peaceful and shit is all about listening to your feelings, in the moment.  

He sends me the image of him in a ridiculous chefs hat, stirring a huge pot of soup.

When you are cooking a pot of soup, there is a constant feedback going on, as to what you put in.  Yea, sure, you may be following a general recipe—but you are adding a touch of this, a bit of that, according to your taste.  You know it needs a little paprika? (BOOM) A dash of pepper?  (BAM)

(He gives me the image of Emeril Lagasse, doing his famous sound haha)

You don’t have a strict adherence to what it looks like, bro.  You only know what tastes good and what doesn’t.  People could learn a lot from this, about living in the moment.  

Yea, my sister went to culinary school and she always says that baking is a science, and cooking is an art.

He speaks in this hilarious Forrest Gump voice, and says, “ F*** chocolates.  Life is like pot of soup.”

So how do you understand whether to keep pushing, or to actually try something different?  
You have to get truly quiet, man.  Get to that really still place inside yourself, where you ask; Am I going forward in a healthy way, or am I simply spinning my wheels and resisting change?”   

You mean like mediation?

Sure, if you want to call it that.  But it’s not so complicated as all that.  

Ugh, but what about the fact that change is so damn haaaard?

Everything changes man.  Everything. People get so attached to what something should be that they don’t allow for what it COULD be.  Going back to stuck car, this leads to my next point.  Have you looked under the wheels to see if you have bald tires, have you asked for assistance for a tow?  We are MEANT to be interdependent beings–NOT solely independent beings.  In society you are often taught that, “If you want something done right do it yourself.  People always are always being told shit like this.  That they should be an island, unto themselves.  

He sends this image of a sunburned guy with a straw hat, strumming his ukulele on the beach all alone.

I have said this before, but NOBODY is an island.  Nobody. Noooooone.  Fuck that shit.  That’s a huge part of the reason why there’s such high levels of depression in some cities.  Because people live in these bubbles, where they don’t get to know each other and aren’t interwoven with their community.  

Here, on the other side, we understand that there is a connectedness.  If we need rope, we go get fucking rope.  If we need help, we go ask for help.  There is no ego in the sense of, “ I can’t ask for help because I am too prideful, or I am ashamed.”

Yea, it’s not easy to ask for help though, Erik.  Especially, when there are many judgments and preconceptions flying around.

I never said it was easy.  But it is necessary, dude.  Think about guys who do not ask for directions.  There is a lot of pride that goes into that type of thinking.  They are so sure that they know where they are going.  And then they end up in the fucking woods somewhere.

Haha I guess that’s a good point.  My dad never asked for directions, and it caused so much unnecessary stress and yelling.

The best part about reaching out for help is, that it allows people to be more emotionally honest, more grounded in reality, more compassionate.  There is a lady who is a famous news anchor, who came out as an alcoholic.  She is going to have a huge impact on those in corporate settings.

(I had to look her up; I think he is talking about Elizabeth Vargas.)

She admitted that she couldn’t handle the issue by herself, man.  She realized that she required help from outside sources. But by helping herself, she is also benefiting others in similar positions of power, by showing them/ giving permission to be brave enough to acknowledge their own substance abuse issues.

What about when you have tried so many things, and nothing seems to be working?  When you  STILL are stuck?

He brings up the example of the car again.  Damn, I need new wheels.  He keeps showing like this pimped out Range Rover, haha.

Well sometimes when it comes down to it, is there a reason you enjoy being stuck in the driveway?  For example bro, by being stuck can you avoid going into work that day?   Is it kind of a “get free out of work pass card?”  These are not the kind of questions most people will ask themselves dude, but that shit is there nonetheless.  

Ok, good point.  I have definitely been guilty of this… Any parting thoughts?

No, just that sometimes the answer is as siiiiiiiiimmmple as a fucking bag of cat litter.

Hehe, fair enough.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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  • Jacqueline Orszulak

    Such a good message erik, People need to read these and digest them intellectually! such golden advice. Thank you wise one!!!!!!!!!!thanks Elise…..

  • Jaime Baxter

    too funny – was talking with erik and mj the other day and i was talking about how i used to get married to michael jackson everyday after school when i was small. i was trying to remember what album cover i had began my crush with and a couple of michael’s (one of the ones i had) have a glow around him. i was looking to see if i could locate erik’s birthday online (i use them as markers of reassurance for certain signal confirmations) i don’t remember if i found it- could you supply me? anyway i saw a pic you have titled “my angel” he’s in the clouds and glowing and we laughed about the similarities to the album cover – once i saw this pic we had a good chuckle and wanted to share 🙂

  • Jaime Baxter

    and as far as the celebrity question is concerned (i get it a lot) “why do so many celebrities contact you?” the REAL question is – why were they celebrities in the first place – i believe it is so that we (mediums/channels) have the help of images, words and sounds from these chosen souls to allow us to read their genetic pattern of energy – they were placed in these positions to set up what is happening (has been happening) to synchronize easily (or more easily) it’s not about their fame but what they were meant to do after passing over. i talk to more than celebrities but it’s hard for me to find the info i want to confirm the meetings. i receive other signs but for us at this time, loving proof and reassurance in some of our wobbly leg stages and until all info is more readily available (in whatever capacity ;)) it’s all part of the plan!
    thank you daniel for the beautiful photo!
    jen – and the posse 😉

    • Interesting thought! I think it’s all about lessons. FOr fans it might be to learn to be grounded or to see that we are all humans living the human experience. For the celeb it could be to contribute their gifts: art, music whatever, to soothe out souls, help us learn to express from the soul. Maybe they need to learn the value of privacy, separation. There must be tons of other reasons.

      • Jaime Baxter

        i agree – i’ve always felt bad for celebrities so i never pried into their lives. when they began talking to me i was ilke “i’m prob the last person you should be speaking to, i know nothing about you” but i’m glad i didn’t, otherwise i’d prob chalk it up to memory. people do get star struck even when they don’t believe me. i tell them “he/she is just a person” i know what it’s like to be ignored due to intimidation so i guess i’ve always been sympathetic that way – in school i was the genius girl and people wouldn’t talk to me much and when they did were very self conscious and formal at times – i just wanted to laugh and be silly – they expected me to want to discuss data or something – smart doesn’t equal boring 😉

    • Jaime Baxter

      btw erik’s brilliance blows me away – i’m never disappointed or bored. he’s such a great teacher because he understands making it fun(ny) learning and understanding doesn’t have to be a chore or feel alienated haha he musta’ had a real cool mom 😉

  • Daniel Lucas IS a real Sweetheart! I have the honour to know him in person, converse with him often, and occasionally work with him! <3
    He brought me here, and to the Facebook page. 🙂

  • Jen

    Love it, Jesse! And so fitting with all this dreaded snow.

  • :)!!!

  • Daniel Lucas

    Awe Lori, thank you so damn much! I really appreciate it! You’re pretty great yourself 😉 <3

  • Daniel Lucas

    Elisa, thank you SO SO much! I’m so happy that you like the edit I did of Erik, and genuinely hope that he likes it as well. I always enjoyed Erik’s profile picture, it seemed to be professional, yet his style, but I thought it needed a little flare for such a special, amazing person/soul!
    I am honored to have something of mine on this blog since, after all, I came here in a dark place looking for a little bit of light, and found it through you, Erik and Jamie; and now here is a little piece of me in that mix. Wow! haha

    I hope you have an amazing day, to you and your family!

    P.S. I am also very excited for the possibility of “celebrity” interviews to be re-posted, since I missed the chance to read them the first time!!

  • Deb Keckley

    Oh crap then Erik.. I don’t get stuck in the snow bank or sit in the driveway I seem to like to circle the block a lot though..Go figure!.

  • Deb Keckley

    okay after posting and leaving the imagery that came to mind was of doing the hokey pokey with a distant sound of that song I can’t remember three steps forward two steps back….I just shake my head at this. In other words I make big progress and then get in my own way..Oye

  • Scott Cole

    “Lost in the sauce!!”

    Apparently, I don’t have software to listen to the EVP of this message (grayed out). Suggestions anyone??

  • Carla Carney Pizzuti Finke

    this may be off topic..but maybe not….As I have told you in email…and I can’t get over this being a truth for you….You talk about quiting Facebook….I just don’t understand why you would do that. Use Facebook to promote your book…we see it everday the ads that come up on our Feeds. I still feel you are missing a huge opportunity to create sells for your book. But this will be the last time I mention it…because it is like seeing signs from our loved ones…unless you are ready for it….you won’t even see it.

  • Lisa Musick

    Any word on the celebrity interviews for future and past posts?

    • I don’t know what the deal is! I’ve emailed them twice! After the Fall book season, the publishing industry takes a long hiatus. That’s probably it. But they usually come out of hibernation sometime in February so we’ll see. Check back with me in case I forget!

  • Lisa Marie Potter

    Great job, Jesse. You are pretty darn amazing. Wonderful information, Erik,

  • Tiggg

    I heard “Try to get some”

  • Jeanette DiPasquale

    Loved what Erik had to say on this subject.
    My mom use to say to me you never want to be burden on anyone so, I literally took what she said seriously. It took a long time for me to get over that. There are times when the word,”burden” creeps into my mind but I acknowledge it say hello nice to see you but I am really ok.

    There was one thing that Elizabeth said in her interview about her alcoholism, that she grew up with a father who was a perfectionist. I am guessing that is what she thought she had to be as well. It is funny how are parents can say something that can carry itself a long way. Some good, some not so good. Peace!

  • Kari Silver Lining Mena

    hey jesse, this resonates with that 9w8 thing, that i do not ask for help…

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