July Arrives

For newcomers, this is the substitute teacher in for Elisa on her day off.

Today the first day of July starts the second half of 2012. We ask Erik to step up to his internet pulpit (and suggest no grabbing of it or anything else, as a break for Jamie!) How long that might last, well….who knows? The intent is golden… “time” is relative and hope springs eternal. The substitute teacher has no lesson plan this week, so mass will be as the sermoners decide. As usual, ST = substitute teacher, E = Erik, C = The Committee.

ST:       Erik, 2012 is the big year and we’re halfway though; what’s in store?

E:         Another half year mostly. The world ain’t gonna end and George Carlin will still be here, no matter what he says.

ST:       What’s happening to us over the next six months?

E:         We’re going to begin to see the new age on Earth, lots of changes, some big for some people and some not so big for some people. All that will start.

ST:       You know everybody wants to know what date and time this is going to happen and that’s going to happen. Can we know?

E:         No, because the days aren’t known. The plan of events is, but the moment on Earth is random, whatever time it happens to be on the date, that’s when it happens.

ST:       Can you explain that in more detail?

E:         Throw a ball at a spinning disco mirror chandelier; where’s it gonna hit? Does it matter? You know it’s gonna hit if it’s aimed right. Nobody runs around with watches timing shit; the people who need to be certain places when something happens are there. Time gets slowed down or sped up for ‘em so it’s all coordinated. What time it is on Earth doesn’t make a difference; what’s important is not what Timex says.

ST:       Big things seem to be changing all the time, Greek and European economies, US medical insurance laws, political scandal involving the US administration and stuff like that. Are these things part of it?

E:         Yes, weather stuff, too. No purple rain or pink snow’s gonna fall. The weather and natural events are all things that happen anyway, except the pattern will emerge after a while. Some people will see it, some won’t for a while. It’s all a part of what’s going on.

ST:       Should we be worried?

E:         If the events don’t affect you, no. Look at the news, sure, but don’t get hot over it, man. Most of what’s the system now is gonna change anyway.

ST:       The “system” you said; what systems?

E:         Government, education, business and stuff like that. You’ll have all this, but it’s gonna change and pretty quick, it’ll have to. Some people are gonna be disappointed and a lot of people are gonna be really surprised. Who you thought was bad maybe was a mix of good and bad, same thing for the good person. A lot of people are gonna see things weren’t like what they thought.

ST:       Give us a few examples for the things you mentioned; what changes can you describe?

E:         Government’s gonna be less of an influence, play less of a role. The idea government action is key to causing problems or solving them will go away because governments aren’t going to be able to help or hurt things. What’s coming is new and doesn’t fit what the government’s been set up to do. Education will be less administration; more teachers and students. Teacher volunteer work is coming back; teachers as career employees will be less and less. Business will change the most, ‘cause all the stuff y’all buy and sell will be less and less. Ya ain’t gonna be importing food from across the world or sending TV sets and appliances someplace else nearly like now. It’ll be a lot less business activity. More family time, friend time.

ST:       Disasters that sink continents? Earth’s poles reversed? Hidden planets showing up? Green martians from outer space?

E:         None of that shit. Some stuff’ll be going on, and some of it’s gonna scare people, but it ain’t the end. It’s a phase.

ST:       You know we had some good entries this past week on abusers, abuse victims and estranged children and many touching, emotional, heartfelt comments. Your humble substitute teacher mentioned these would be covered in today’s sermon, and we’d like The Committee’s and your input on what we all believe are meaningful subjects.

E:         Damned right, just what I was saying about family time. By the way, Jamie you know I love you just as much as the shock look you put on! These things are what’s important; this is what life on Earth is about, mostly, and other stuff just feeds into it.

C:         Indeed we say and allow us to tell you all, we have a larger than heretofore committee this visit. More of our friends have come to help out, nicknamed Yoda by some readers. Great smiles we wear as we think of this movie character as representation of us. This day please think of a Yoda Committee, we this costume enjoy, we do.

ST:       Yoda Committee?

E:         Ya gotta see this crowd! It would make the Star Wars bar scene look like British House of Commons. Better behaved though, no communication with language, less interruptions!

C:         Indeed, please all hear your thoughts. Listen to the words you do not hear; hear the messages not spoken. All of your Angels to you they speak. They say much of great value. Great wealth there is given.

ST:       Esteemed Yoda Committee, can you expand on this past week’s discussion of abuse and abusers?

C:         Erik’s arrows point accurately; there is truth in his descriptions. We must say, we felt the emotion of thinking a young child would shoulder blame, hold fault or responsibility for this treatment. Your life there shows the child as that alone, as it is intended. The soul of all is far more than the body and role seen, played out and lived. There is great strength in the young person subject to such behavior; such force, resilience and power as a human cannot know, for you are human. Just human for this moment and inside what you know, you know what is wrong with this and so learn from it you all do. Indeed the pain of this lesson is unbearable in many cases, and we do say, there is comfort given not seen, that cannot be seen. You all learn a great compassion and understanding from it.  We shall, as he has suggested and given permission to mention, describe your great Erik as a good example. He served as a teacher to many who needed his strength; a police officer who will know the error, the others whom he knew who have now thought deeply of their interactions. Had Erik not crossed their paths, how would they have come to experience their own selves and learn of what churns inside them to then send it out, unaware it came from inside their thoughts?

E:         I had plans for many and met them.

ST:       You mentioned some time ago, your family was, as much as anything, your platform?

E:         The best possible. All great trees grow from solid roots, my growth came from the best.

C:         The interaction of abuser and abused builds a framework of understanding. The abuser will, as planned, observe the encounter, step back into the role and review it from this point as the provider of the behavior. Then, with knowledge that damage was done, the abuser will experience what the object of behavior felt, knowing the pain and hurt was caused deliberately. The abuser will be again in the steps that led to the place of damage and see where opportunities to steer away were not taken. The pain felt as the abuser knows what is to come and what was done by the abuser’s own hand is excruciating to a level and degree your life does not know, so terrible it is. We know humanity’s lesson is forgiveness and how difficult this reaction is; it is the difficulty of reaction that so much learning supplies to your soul. The need to carry the hurt need not be; for all the challenges of organized religions there are, as you describe them in the density of Earth dimensions, jewels of wisdom in them are to be found. The concept of forgiveness is the great jewel of value to your souls. To turn the other cheek, as is said, requires great strength. The attack will be reviewed and relived by the attacker and so strong will be the twist and pain of the soul as this happens that no human words do to this give service.

Your souls we all see; the person you know not, aboard the train or the plane travelling quietly is as we see all of you. You yet on Earth, who would observe such traveler, know the person is far more than the hairstyle, necktie, suitcase or luggage even though this is all you can see. We see you all on Earth in this way, as you see yourselves and we also see into you, who you REALLY are, far beyond the life circumstances, the suit of clothes, if you please, into which you have travelled to live a time on Earth. The plan, the hurt, the pain, the joy and the review of all things of your life are to be seen by you again as you have chosen. All that you see and live, all of these things are as real as anything in the universe. They are not an illusion but for the idea that what is around you is all there really is. THIS is the illusion, that reality for you is complete in what you can see and touch; it is complete it is, inside the temporary veil of your choosing and visit there. The illusion is finality and separation, that what not seen by humans is not to be seen by humans, yet it is.

The abuse, the participants, the objects and perpetrators, all a great challenge they assume; to confront, have opportunity to change course, to refuse the pain, to resist the urge, to stand ground, to follow though, to suffer and all of it, all the outcomes of your free will, all to be reviewed and seen. It is with great compassion we all embrace the abuser as the act is seen, felt and reviewed for benefit. The experience of the pain with understanding of the choice to inflict it, this is so tough and horrible a thing of permanence that the object, the victim must be a truly compassionate soul to know how the review will be felt. Great and old souls are those who choose this route and it is of great service to enlightenment they assume this burden.

To execute a murderer as punishment we see as so pointless and we do know one great leap forward humanity will soon take is the understanding of the murderer’s experience. There is no punishment of this thing so horrible, and there is no purpose to doing it. Freedom of choice and ability to change course have often permitted this to be recognized and allow such killers to be treated differently; know that what awaits is not what humanity can see. Separation of a killer is the better route, for the killer not but for you who would see the effect of the act. Execution in one way sets free the soul of a murderer; where humanity need not end a life, it should not.

ST:       What of estranged children?

C:         Many examples of this there are, and varied are reasons. This will soon not be.

E:         It’s fucked up, for everybody. Maybe it has to happen sometimes, but it’s still, what it is.

ST:       Fucked up?

E:         Yup.

C:         There is no complete answer to this; many circumstances have led to this in some families where in others, no such breakdown would take place. Circumstances of life on Earth will bring some families back together; many have this in their plan. Separations of this way will not be common.

ST:       Yoda Committee, can you give us your input in general about what we need to know now?

C:         As wealth seems to decline, remember poverty is where perception and circumstance cross paths. A reliable, inexpensive bicycle is more valuable than a car missing a wheel. The cyclist could be considered less wealthy than the owner of the car but when abruptly faced with the need to travel a good distance urgently, perceived wealth is of what value? This will come to face you all more often in the coming months and years. Circumstance will lead to beliefs of wealth lost; as you feel this, can you see what you might gain? “A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse” will bear relevance again for some.

Speak well of your foes as you see them flounder, as reunions with them you will face. Fall easily, as you need not crash when tripped. Look up for guidance and let not your hopes obscure those of others who might disagree with yours. The same ship you all occupy, as you chose to do. Poke not a hole under that foe to believe you shall sink not; water its level always finds. No burden you cannot bear will come about; great joy and fascination will also be offered and happy you can be with them.

You will all soon set sail in new directions; look not back with longing, look forward with appreciation for what is now behind you; there is no wrong in the past; the richness of experience is great for every human being, every one of you. There is no grade or qualification to be earned and compared and used to rank, classify and judge, so do not. Completion is a great accomplishment for all and all of you completion shall have. Bear witness to a great society now to be changed, its lessons to be the enrichment of you all, from this moment. Good tidings and blessings.”

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  • Amber

    Thank you All, for bringing to us this beautiful Sunday Sermon. I understand all that is spoken. I listen intently. I will read it again.
    I think of Stanley and many others here on the CE site at the sentence “Great and old souls are those who chose this route and it is of great service to enlightenment they assume this burden”.
    There is so much love in this sermon. THANK YOU.

  • George

    When will Erik reveal the football scores? I’ve been waiting for that for ages. The Euro Final is today. C’mon man! 😀

  • Kathleen


    I thought you may want to share this with the guy whom Erik said would want to look into juicing cannabis leaves also I posted a comment on your facebook page about qi gong that you may want to share with the callers of last conference. Love and hugs!

  • Jane5

    Erik’s description of his connection to, and life with, his family was very touching.

    • Karen Boyd

      It does seem a Beautiful Family connection:) I enjoyed that in My Life before My Mom and Dad died in 1988. I however have not had the good fortune of communication with the afterlife. It would be nice to considering I have suffered depression all my life (51yrs). I feel like I may have made a mistake in having a brain surgery to reduce it, but it doesn’t seem to have helped. When Erik talks of “The Plan”, was I mean’t to have the surgery?

      • Jane5

        I think that’s the idea, that you may have decided to experience the depression and the surgery for some reason, to learn or experience such a life. If you can, doing one of the group channelings with Jamie might help as you can ask Erik your question. I am sorry for your struggle, that is a difficult road.

      • Karen Boyd

        ThankYou, You are very Kind. I am new to the Group, I hope Everyone is so Kind as well. There is so much stigma with Depression. (((HUGS)))

  • Kyle, check this out!!!

  • Nancy Antia

    Thank you for this post. It provided me with few answers I needed. Love the style!

  • Nancy Antia

    I’d like to share Nanci Danison’s today newsletter. She’s a NDEr (Near Death Experiencer), lawyer and author. In her letter she discusses free will and evil.

    Why Evil Exists in the World – Part 4

    “Is Free Will Effective Against Evil?”

    In previous months, we agreed that human animals are violent and tend to blame the consequences of their bad behavior on someone else, even God/Source. We noted that humans have contradictory and arbitrary judgments about what constitutes “evil.” And we discussed why we “Light Being” parts of Source chose to inhabit “evil” humans. Readers now ask where the concept of free will fits into the picture of evil on earth.

    Robert writes: “From my perspective, Source gave us all freedom of choice. For me, it is not about why Source created violent and immoral mankind. It’s about why mankind chose to be violent and immoral.”

    Robert is exactly right about Source having full freedom of choice. Robert also points out that we parts of Source who inhabit human animals retain our ability to exercise our own independent free wills while inside these bodies. I would quibble with the characterization that mankind, i.e., human animals themselves, has the ability to choose to act contrary to its innate animal nature. That thought reminds me of the fable of the scorpion riding across a stream on the back of a frog only to sting the frog and drown them both. Humans are violent and self-serving by nature. Their nature cannot be changed. But their behavior can be controlled.

    We Light Beings do have free will. And we can impose our will upon the being we inhabit to control its behavior. We do it all the time without characterizing it that way in our minds. We call it “self control” and assume our human is exercising it. We call it “restraint” or “exercising discretion” and assume the human mind has made a decision that the body will not misbehave. In all three cases the Light Being soul inside the human is exercising its free will to control its host’s behavior. Human nature is essentially overridden by spiritual nature in these instances.

    Both Light Beings and humans themselves can control human behavior through training. Light Being souls can train their hosts to eliminate certain behaviors through repeated acts of free will. That’s how most of us overcome bad habits. Battling addition–the ultimate test of free will–requires a constant spiritual effort of imposing Light Being free will over human physical nature. Human parents train their offspring in how to act in the world, how to get along with others, and which behaviors are acceptable and which are not. But behavior training does not stop there. School systems and various interest groups train their members. Humans can be trained more easily than other animals to do just about anything. Physical, mental, and emotional training are the backbone of societal structures as diverse as military special ops, police forces, fire fighters, and street gangs on one end of the spectrum to sororities, cliques of friends, religions and athletics on the other end.

    Both spiritual free will and animal training can be used to eliminate evil behaviors in the world. It is the widespread failure of both that allows violence and selfishness to run rampant. The exercise of free will could be increased if more of us would become aware of our true spiritual nature and powers and realize that we can use our powers while inside humans. And humans would be better behaved if parentse and our training institutions would take more responsibility to train out violence and selfishness. Our cultures must remove the violence in TV, movies, books, games, videos, and social networking media, all of which train young humans that violence and self-centeredness are acceptable forms of behavior. We each have the power–both body and soul–to stop evil. It’s time to stop complaining about evil and personally do something about it.

    My next article will focus on whether Source is ultimately the source of evil in the world.

    Thank you so much for being open to the messages I returned from the afterlife to share.


    Nanci L. Danison, JD, afterlife experiencer, attorney, and author of BACKWARDS: Returning to Our Source for Answers, BACKWARDS Guidebook, BACKWARDS Beliefs: Revealing Eternal Truths Hidden in Religions, and the Light Answers to Tough Questions series of CDs and DVDs (A.P. Lee & Co., Ltd., Publishers). Visit me at http://www.BackwardsBooks.com or watch me on YouTube.

    Subscribe to this newsletter at http://www.BackwardsBooks.com.

  • Samantha.

    I have found these last posts very interesting on a personal level. I have been estranged from my ‘family’ since I was 16, and having been tormented, neglected and abused as a child I can see no bridge back as my mother is mentally ill and a severe alcoholic (also hates me because I was born) and my father is a drunken bully (hitting women was his forte). For me, I used to be envious of those with good, loving parents and family (having none myself). Unfortunately, I have found most people I have encountered in my life so far to be unfriendly, multi-faced, selfish and spiteful and very involved in themselves. I wonder then how this new emphasis on family and friend time will affect those of us who have none, nor have any chance of gaining any? At home there is just myself, my husband and our two cats and if anything ever happened to them I would have nothing worth staying here for. All those who have a good, loving family and a network of decent friends, remember how lucky you all are – although it might not be a bad idea to be on your guard as you never know when one of them will stick a knife in your back. Many, many people reflect one personality on the outside but wear an altogether different one inside. Oh well I had better get myself another TV while I still can. Interesting post though.

    • Amber

      “nor any chance of gaining any” ? Come on Samantha, you can gain friends if you take yourself to the right places with a friendly attitude yourself. Ok, we’re all fallible, even those so-called ‘normal’ family people, but there are so many goodhearted people about -take this website. I’ve done a lot of mistrustful withdrawal from people, and am not particularly sociable in the flesh, I hide behind the written word, but I do accept that that’s to do with ME and my responses and perceptions, and not everybody ‘out there’. If I don’t relate well, then, like with you, I can see the reasons why but I’m not blaming every body!
      And though I really do appreciate and sympathise with the horrific life you had, do think yourself lucky you can snuggle up to your hubby on the sofa….a lot of people are more alone than you are 🙂 xxx

      • Samantha

        Hi Amber. I do get depressed when I let myself dwell on family (sour grape syndrome I suppose) . ‘Hide behind the written word’. That’s so me lol. I am still reeling from a very nasty betrayal by the person whom I looked to as a mother and a best friend for over 20 years. It stings when that happens. I may have lost my trust in most of humanity but I do know that there are many good people out there (many on here of course). It’s just a case of right place, right time I guess. I am lucky in the respect that I have one good person in my life and I know this but I always feel really aggrieved when Mother’s Day and Father’s day come around. It’s something I am working on though. At least I wasn’t sexually abused like my half sister was. Mind you, that man has just been sent to prison (35 years too late mind). He is in his seventies now so he will probably die in there.

      • Jane5

        Samantha I would really like to know what Erik would have as an answer for you. Maybe you could submit your question to Elisa? He did say that for some people the separation is necessary.

        My understanding of the therapeutic school of thought is that it is good to separate from and let go of people who are toxic to you. Otherwise so much of your energy on all levels is taken with negative interactions where you struggle with the negativity they stir up and dump on you.

        I am only speaking as a fellow human here but I say good for you for creating a more positive environment for yourself where you can create and grow and breathe.

        Advocating for yourself is one of the most valuable and honorable things you can do in my opinion b/c it is more than just self-preservation (although it is that too) it is also a central part of loving yourself, it seems to me.

      • Jane5

        Also, i imagine this time of increased reliance on family, friends, and community will increase our ability to develop more bonds with people if we are open to doing so. I imagine it may be uncomfortable at first but necessity will make it easier i imagine. Hopefully people will all start to feel better as they will become more significant in their communities and actually have a role or something to contribute.

      • Samantha

        Jane & Amber: Thank you both for your input. It does mean a lot to me when others understand, and I do try but (and my husband will agree) I am my own worst enemy and can be self-destructive. Letting go of the hate is the hardest part for me. It just bubbles up like a big, angry volcano and I am sure many others feel as I do. Also when you have a string of things going wrong, it makes you wonder whether you are on the wrong track or are working through your lessons. One thing though – I always keep up the humour.

        I wouldn’t want to bother Elisa and Erik as they must have so many questions to work through, but I think this ‘separation from family’ is probably something my husband and I opted for (it’s both of our families oddly enough). We met very young (I was 15) and he moved in next door and it was only due to shyness that it took us 6 months for us to get together, then shortly after we escaped (and it seemed like it was out of the frying pan and into fire – literally, as we nearly got burned to death at one point) Well, there was no chance of us missing each other anyway! Good job I met him because if I had stayed with my mother we would have ended up killing each other because I was losing it and had become a drunk myself (bad at 15 I know) and things were getting very violent.

        I also want to say to all those who have suffered at the hands of their parents – I understand, and what I used to find annoying is when people who never understood say crass things like ‘well, she is still your mother’ and ‘blood is thicker than water’. They can have no clue just how evil my mother is. I don’t call her the Anti Christ for nothing.

        Also happy Wednesday everybody! I did try writing a book about my mis-adventures but it’s very bloomin’ hard to do! I sent it to a few people for input and it did make them laugh in many parts, which is what I intended.

        Anyway, I have hogged enough space methinks!

      • Amber

        Glad to see your sentence “I’m working on it though” and I agree with the right place, right time thing as well. Sometimes when we’re working on it, things start to come round for us. By the way, I don’t celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, Xmas, Easter, weddings, etc, hahaha. The only cards I send are spontaneous ‘ HAPPY TODAY AND EVERYDAY’ cards, and THANK YOU cards.
        So here’s to you and hubby…and cats….
        HAPPY TODAY AND EVERYDAY, love from Amber xxx

  • Edie

    The last two paragraphs are empowering and has strengthened my understanding of my personal experiences and a renewed joy of the future to come. I feel blessed and have an immense appreciation to be living the human experience in this time of change.

  • ccassara

    What I find so interesting is that despite being raised in an organized religion and trying a few more on for fit, the messages about life and living that resonate most, that I think about a lot, are the Committee’s. “Speak well of your foes … as reunions with them you will face.” And the life review where we relive the hurts we caused. This is a whole different view of what we knew as Judgment Day –no rank or rating–and it rings true for me at some core level. I thank the Committee again for sharing. In the dark of the night, I think about these things and just nod to myself, yes, yes YES. Powerful. Thanks to Erik & Elisa and the Substitute Teacher

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