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Okay, I know this is my second post in a day, but call me the incorrigible overachiever; what can I say? Actually, this post comes from reader demand. Many of you want to know more about Kim, the psychic who channels Erik for me. She’s been on several radio and TV shows. She’s helped local law enforcement and the F.B.I. solve many cases. She’s written several wonderful books. Most important, she’s a delightful, upbeat spirit with a big heart.

I’ve known Kim for many years, decades, really. She’s performed hundreds of reading for us, and the information has proven to be uncannily accurate and helpful. Let me give you several examples:

1) When I was pregnant with my fourth child who is now seventeen, I asked Kim what sex it’d be and if it would have any birth defects. She predicted the baby would be a male and that he’d be born with the use of vacuum forceps. She also said he’d have a small brown spot on his left wrist. All of these are completely true. Lukas’s birth went just as she predicted 17 years ago, and he still has a half inch pigmented spot on his left wrist. How much more specific can you get?

2) My husband, Rune, is a pilot, and we had our own plane for several years. In one reading, she warned him about a pinpoint leak in one of the fuel tanks. He dismissed this as incorrect, because you just don’t get pinpoint holes in an aluminum fuel tank. He figured she was having an off day. But lo and behold, after the plane underwent its regular inspection and maintenance, the mechanic called Rune and told him, “You have a pinpoint leak in your reserve fuel bladder.” Rune thought Kim was referring to the main fuel tanks; he hadn’t even thought about the reserve ones.

3) When I was pregnant with my fifth child, I again asked Kim what the sex would be and how the birth would go. She told me I would have a girl, but the birth would be a few weeks early because of a problem with my blood. I asked her for clarification, and she told me they’d have to take the baby by c-section because my white blood cell count would be elevated. Indeed, my little girl, Annika, now 15 years old, was born by emergency c-section a few weeks early, because I had developed an acute appendicitis. My white cell count was through the roof!

4) My husband is Norwegian, so we try to visit his family at least once a year. In one reading, Kim told me that while driving in the countryside in Norway, we would come across a motor vehicle accident at an intersection. A young girl would be seriously injured; I would help to stabilize her (I’m a physician plus I’ve stayed at Holiday Inn Express) and my family would be looking on in awe as I worked feverishly until the ambulance arrived. My first thoughts were, “We never ride around in the country in Norway. We just hang out at relative’s houses,” and “There are more moose than vehicles in Norway; what’s the chance of two cars crashing at an intersection?” Again, I was skeptical about her accuracy on this particular prediction. Nevertheless, a couple of years later, we did indeed go for a drive in the country, we did come across an accident, there was a young girl who was lying on the pavement, I did diagnose her as having a ruptured spleen and stabilized her until the paramedics arrived, and my family was hovering over me with wide-eyed stares and mouths agape. For the first time, they saw me as a competent physician rather than an often forgetful, clumsy and easily distracted mom. When we all got back into the car, my husband asked me if I realized what had just happened. After giving him a puzzled look, he reminded me of Kim’s prediction. It sent shivers down my spine.

There are so many stories and so little time. For anyone interested in learning more about Kim, I’ve added her link to my home page.

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