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The air is so freaking dry here that I’m having a hard time reading things like emails, comments and Facebook messages. That’s because I have pretty bad astigmatism. I guess what I’m hinting at is if you guys could keep the emails, etc. to a minimum until I’m back in Houston, that would be really helpful.

Kim wanted me to see how many of you would like to go to a CE event in Oahu, HI September 23 and 24th, so here’s the poll that will help her make that decision!

One last thing: I’m headed back home Thursday and that evening I’ll either be in Cañon City near Pueblo or in Palo Duro Canyon. Both have nonexistent Internet, so I’m not going to be able to have the radio show. Sorry!

I’m going to give my eyes a break and leave this unedited. 

Me: Do people know deep inside that they are going to pass. Are there any sign in some small way that they only realize after they pass?

Erik: Yes.

Me: In the case of one particular blog member’s dad, things seem to come full circle before he left them. Her family released the connections of loose ends. Maybe death presents itself so in some way we are prepared to go. So, can you elaborate?

Erik: Yes, yes and yes, and it can come with premonition in a dream and it can come with a felling that you are leaving the room that you’re leaving the room for the very last time or that you’re giving an extra special hug just because you felt that it was necessary. And you really don’t know why, but you see that oh my god that was the last time that I was there, that I spoke to that person. And it’s really cool in older people; they’ll start making amends. They’ll start saying I’m sorry, they’ll start, you know, giving away their things. They may be healthy, you know, there may be nothing wrong, but come on, man, people live to be 114! Then they get sick and they’re gone in ten days.

Me: Wow. Okay, here’s another one. “These people who are and will be declared saints—what happens to them in the spirit world? Do they have different jobs up there and can they reincarnate too?

Erik: Yeah, they can reincarnate. Just because they get a title on Earth, it doesn’t take away your free will options. It doesn’t sign you up for a career for a lifetime.

Me: Yeah and they don’t become special people there just because they’re special people here do they?

Erik: No, they are special people? Imagine what they had to go through just to be the saint!

Me: Yeah, like Mother Teresa. Did she get declared a saint? I can’t remember.

Jamie: I don’t’ think so. She should be.

Me: Yeah, she should be, oh my gosh. So, what do they become in your dimension, Erik?

Erik: They’re recognized for their accomplishments that they had in that lifetime but that was just that lifetime.

Me: Yeah, that’s true.

Erik: But even—it’s with celebrities too. After their life is over, generation after generation after generation they’re still thought of, they’re still listened to, they’re still honored and by doing that it keeps that lifetime open for them—

Jamie (to Erik): What?


Jamie (Astonished): He just told me to move over?

We both chuckle.

Jamie: I came down and sat next to him. (to Erik) Move over! Go ahead Erik.

Erik: Just because those memories are keeping that lifetime alive and active it doesn’t mean they have to continue to play it out in Heaven. It’s letting the human people, in what they consider to be their current time, be able to play out whatever they desire. Like Santa Claus.

Me: Yeah. Okay. Well, can a saint who passes over come back as a whore when they reincarnate? What happens there?

Erik: If that spirit needs that lesson, yes.


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  • Kamala Saraswathi

    Would someone tell me, if a person crossed over, and relationship with significant others when the wrong way (a narcissist ) would this person goes through decompression and healed in our time let say two years +. or until the deceased healed ? Appreciate an answer. Thanks.

    • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

      I wonder that too Kamala. How does a narcissist go in the afterlife, considering they spend their lives on earth using people to meet their own selfish needs, gaslighting and manipulating. Everyone is a mirror to a narcissist. If

      • Kamala Saraswathi

        I really don’t know, I wish I knew. It has damage and a deep pain emotionally because of him. The worst thing is I did not know my husband was a narcissist until he crossed over. Then I saw a therapist. described his personality and out of the blue, she said narcissist. A big sadness went through me. I am still struggling to understand.

      • Yeah it’s tough. I was raised by a narcissist.

      • Pattie Kovaleski

        Hi Elise, my name is pattie and i just joined your blog, im learning how this works. If you can help me alittle bit to understand this blog i would really appreciate it. I find erik to be very entriging to me and want more knowledge about the other side. My daughter also commited suicide, and some say suicide souls goes somewhere else. Me pesonally i do not belive that so just asking for alittle bit of feedback on this and how can i talk to erik to check and see how my daughter is doing.Most important i also have two daughters on the other side, one commited suicide, the other died in a car accident. would really love to hear from them. i cannot afford to go to a medium and i have read that you love to help suicide victims, so if you can help me with this closure i would so much be forever grateful. Thank you Elisa

      • I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through! I can’t ask Erik personal questions through the medium for people because that comes out of my own pocket and I already spend so much! Maybe you can go for one of Kim Babcock’s cheaper group channeling calls? Maybe a friend or family member can help with the cost. Her site is

      • Andy

        Elisa, I continue check your blog and You Tube regularly for Erik’s insight into why some people incarnate as Narcissistic Personality Disordered. It’s such an important issue for the human condition. Hope he can address it soon. Thanks

      • I’m pretty sure we talked about that. Just do a search for narcissism.

  • Dorrinda

    I remember before my mom passed she use to say there was a tall man and a little girl in her room and she didn’t know who they were. When I looked over and seen nobody there I told her it must be her family coming to get her and it was OK. She passed not to long after and always wondered if it was indeed people she knew from heaven trying to make her journey home a little easier.

    • Anna Patty

      My mom is with Hospice now in my home. She sleeping a lot now, a couple things she told me right when she started to wake up was that my dad will come first and then her mother. I was told in a reading that my dad would come for her. Two days ago, she said to me that “dad” my dad is here and she is going to go home with him. She was so happy 🙂 I have NOT seen emotions with her like this since before her strokes that caused her Dementia. I said, OK Mom I want you to go, and be well again and be happy with dad, your family, friends and be with your animals. My mom has Dementia and COPD etc… It’s terrible to see the suffering she goes through, specially dealing with both of these together. I have taken care of her for 6 years now in my home. He passed in 2003, and he controlled when he would go. He said it’s time I flew out said my good-byes and he died the next morning with me holding his hand saying you can go now dad. He smiled as if he saw people and he left. I will be so happy when they are together again and I hope they get to enjoy it for a long time over there. They were so in love, I can’t imagine them playing any other parts after this.

  • M&M

    My brother passed away when he was young, he had just moved out of the house two months prior and was very healthy, so no one would have ever expected it. The week before he passed, his family and friends- myself included, ran into him in the most unusual ways, things that were not planned by either person. Looking back everyone could see that we all had the opportunity to have a pleasant encounter with him right before he died. It was uncanny how it happened to each of his family members and the friends that he had not seen in a while.

  • shelley

    I lost both y parents when they were 52 in the same year, then in the last 3 years I have lost both my brothers and now my only sibling left my sister…My parents died of cancer(young) both my brothers died of cancer, my sister had an aneurysm, now its just me let and i’m 62, since no one in my family including grandparents lived past 64…how am I suppose to go on? Also my sweet daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma the worst stage there is 5 years ago..she made it thru barely and because she is sterile her and her husband are now going to foster to adopt..but..she ended up in ER with enlarged lymph nodes again..very suspicious?? What am I suppose to think about all these early deths of my family and so much cancer?? Someone help please ERIC? btw love the sight and Erics humor

  • Pattie Kovaleski

    Pattie Kovaleski
    Ihave a simular story about my daughter that happened to her somewhat to the way Erik died. In 2009 my daughter commited suicide, she decided to end her life by taking a overdose of pills. I belived she commited suicide, some of my family belives she just took to much and she accidently died. I as a mother know that she did not want to be here anymore. I belive she was a very young soul. Erik if you can just ask her for me why did she leave me so soon and so heart broken, and why is it that i cannot feel her presance around me. Does she hate me now, is she happy. So many questions i have. Thank you for taking the time to listen, oh by the way her name is Tara Ann Harrison. Wondering how can i get a response back from you erik……. by the way i think your a really cool guy. I just hope you are happy on the other side. Thank you again PK

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