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  • Heidi

    Happy Happy Birthday! Robert! Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  • Maria

    Happy birthday robert!!!! enjoy it !!!

  • Foisnet Lysa

    Happy birthday Robert! Love you ! Lots of hugs, kisses and light!!

  • T Diaz

    Happy Birthday, Robert!

  • Pamela Beardsley

    Happy Birthday Robert! Hope you have a day that’s as amazing as you are!

  • Gwen

    Wishing you a Happy Birthday Robert! Hope your day was a great one!

  • Corinna

    Happy Birthday to you Robert!

  • Scott Cole

    Happy birthday Robert!

  • Alba Kambouris

    Happy BIRTHDAY and may you be forever blessed.

  • Cecile Hall

    Happy Birthday Robert✨

  • Fiona Ranalli

    Happy Birthday Robert!

  • D. C.

    Hi, I had an experience last night which may be of interest to you. In the middle of the night I experienced an over-layer of someone trying to come through me. That would be another word for what some might call “possessing” and I froze. I looked at my husband next to me, and I was completely aware of a strong verbal projection going directly to my husband, saying, “do your worst.” I was aware that instantly my husband woke up, panic walked around and came back to bed. I was also still aware that I was in a frozen state. In this state I drifted off to sleep. I woke up and knew what had happened. Somebody was doing something very wrong to mess up my life and my husbands life. I label this as ‘wrong’ because it is not respectful and it’s intrusive to my own personal choice and will and my husbands.

    This morning I woke up and checked some facebook images coming up on my cell phone. I was immediately directed to look at some public f.b.’s that were coming up on my page. I clicked on a link to a f.b. discussion and saw a females page which I was automatically led to click on. Briefly reading her page I saw a link on her page for channeling Erik. I listened to the channel and the guy told me it was him. I listened to a few of his messages, one about Heaven, conspiracies reptillians.
    He is not actually telling the truth. He has said that he is in heaven. This is not the case. He is earthbound. Did you ask him HOW HE drives his motorcycle? He said he masterbates, how would he do that without a body? He can’t show you his body, he has to inhabit a channellers body to communicate. He attempted to inhabit my own body to move through me and do put a very dark focus on my husband. He is earthbound. He describes the marvelites as a good drinking game. How would he drink without a body? Many of the earthbound beings, like himself, possess/inhabit bodies, espeically ones who drink alcohol or are conducive to being open, for the means of experiencing life. That’s how he experiences what he is claiming is his ‘heaven’ experiences. Many earthbound spirits ‘bump’ up a person with emotions to influence them. They get a great kick and fun out of playing with embodied people, because humans are very easily programmed. He mentioned that as well in one of the alien videos. The problem is that he is not telling complete truth. His friends who ‘come to the party’ as they say are doing just that…. having a great fun party earthbound with humans. It is not heaven however. He is perpetuating a lot of untruths and he himself is being taken over by the dark ego nature which presents itself as reptile. He’s noticing this. I give him a lot of credit because it’s not easy to notice a persons own deteriorating condition because it’s gradual.

    One of the videos says he likes to watch the blogs and watch who’s blogging and communicate with them. So, I see that he wanted me to know who he was, which was why he had me find him on the channel immediately when I got up.

    Now, one of the videos you asked him what he was up to. He said “I’m up to no good, if I were I wouldn’t be here.”

    That is a truth. He is up to no good. Now, let’s look at labels for a moment…..
    It is not good / respectful to do what he’s doing. It will darken his condition. When a person does things that are hurtful to others, like game-playing and disrespectful like he’s doing, this will (and does) darken a persons condition. Manipulation like this darkens a persons character and emotions and therefore the results of cause and effect that follow.
    It is extremely addictive, which he showed me quickly on the Moon vid describing that he is indeed addicted.
    He showed me his belief of good/bad as described on the videos. He said it’s not true because he does feel himself getting worse…. more addicted and it’s going worse.
    Obviously there is a good/bad scenario playing out, because he was intrusive and disrespectful to myself and my husband. This is not what I’d label as ”good”. There is in fact a ”’good” in this case. His action and choice wasn’t under that category. The results are that it darkens a person condition. He has lied many, many times. He has buddies who get together and ”party” and play games to trick and deceive and feel like they can get away with it because they say there is no good/bad. Look, you can call it ‘not nice” I don’t care what the label is, but it is NOT NICE! Period.
    It’s hurtful to manipulate a person when he knows humans are easily programmed and frozen up. If one decides not to use the word good or bad, what do you call a person who does that?

    He has choices ahead of him and he is afraid that he doesn’t know how to cut this addiction with you. He’s afraid that it will leave you empty. He’s afraid he will be left embarrassed. There are numerous fears attached. Erik’s swearing to look cool is only one indication of many that he’s got a lot of social problems. His complete disrespect and manipulation of others while calling it fun, and posseessing people’s bodies so he can experience things while claiming he’s in heaven is extremely harmful to readers.

    I asked him why he came to me. There is a reason. I understand his suicide and pain probably more than most people.
    I also simply have no place for the lie system. I’m also passing over a hurdle of forgiving people while making them none of my business and giving issues over to the Father of Spirit. Erik’s so-called ”play” in my life definitely provides yet another challenge for me in this regard. It’s not play. It’s not funny. My husband has been working long hours and tired. When he couldn’t sleep last night, got up pacing back and forth, I told him what happened. I spent the rest of the hours of night stroking his head to keep him asleep while I went without sleep.
    The darkening condition of his spirit, is having a rippling effect. His justification can’t change the effect it’s having regardless of how he wishes to justify it and make up stories to make his choices appear okay.

    Now, If your husband thinks he could have tried to make Erik happy if he was still alive, HAPPY IS NOT WHAT IS NEEDED! Happy is an empty human emotion. Joy is something of the spirit which comes from being in harmony with The Father of our Spirit, It’s truth and feelings of love — choices that are in alignment with that. THAT brings joy. Erik is missing out on that so it’s obvious that all the misguided ‘happy’ making attempts would have fallen short. You are still feeding these traits in him, which isn’t helpful to his spirit at all. He needs more instruction on choices and the results that are causing him to become darkened. The Jesus whom he brought over was not Jesus. That is another lie. He wants to end his lying and he feels he is in too deep and will embarrass you.

    I describe to him that you can use this as a stepping stone to real truth – not the lying games he’s been having a fun party with. He knows and sees something coming down the pike. Everybody who is sensitive does. He wants to make ammends.
    At this time my life is in a living hell over the results of a person who is a pathological liar — whom I trusted. I have forgiven that person and he thinks I can forgive him too and help him break his earthbound connection of lies and game playing.

    • PollyMax2010

      If the energy you were experiencing wasn’t loving, then it wasn’t Erik. Sorry you feel this way. Maybe you need to speak with many here who channel Erik’s loving energy. Blessings and Love

    • Leilani

      That was a lot of information you shared, D.C. and I have to agree with PollyMax2010 – if that energy you experienced wasn’t loving, then it wasn’t Erik. You’ve latched onto something you think caused your situation simply because someone in Facebook had a link to ChannelingErik. You may disagree with the information Erik has shared but from my perspective, it’s all been Erik’s honest experience. He’s been consistent in what he’s said over the last 6 years. His testimony is also consistent with other information I’ve read over the last 30 years by those who’ve left this world behind. Erik plays practical jokes on those who visit this website because it’s HIS PERSONALITY. It was his personality BEFORE he died and it’s true for him to this day. I also want to point out that he ONLY does practical jokes on people WHO HAVE Visited It – PAST TENSE – NOT BEFORE. And the kind of jokes he plays are hiding sunglasses, papers, making fart smells or dirty sock smells – and in my case, making my cell phone not hold a charge. He is VERY respectful and doesn’t do anything to SCARE ANYONE. He’s said that. I believe it. Many who are a part of this website and community will agree. Erik’s job now is to HELP others. He’s a warm and loving spirit. He even has a girlfriend in Heaven. He doesn’t need you or anyone else’s body here. He also doesn’t need to masterbate. But for the record, it’s not an uncommon practice here on Earth. And it’s not a sin. It’s something he jokes about because he knows that. He’s very happy – and has repeatedly said that. I’d also like to say that HAPPY IS NOT AN EMPTY HUMAN EMOTION. I’m Very Happy and Very Fulfilled. And Erik is no longer Human – so your point is invalid and moot. It’s my opinion from what you’ve said, the kind of spirit/energy you experienced obviously left you with a sense of fear. I would recommend that you have your home cleansed of bad energy and if you should experience it again to simply ASK THE MOTHER FUCKER TO LEAVE. Period. It’s as simple as that. No games. No jokes. And there’s no need to worry that now you’ve visited (PAST TENSE) this website you’ll be visited by Erik because I’m sure Erik doesn’t feel welcome to visit you or your family – EVER.

    • Lu A

      Sorry to hear you have bad night with a very creepy momment I am sure that one who visit you is not Erik .. I Promess Erik don’t do that! Erik is all love , and he really help people around .- He help me much! And he’s pranks are silly for me .. I love his Pranks!! Erik is a gentleman and he never will be mean with people .- when Erik is near me I just fell much love and protection from a best friend ever!! Send you a big Hug! Hope you have better nights .-

      • Yes, that’s what people say. When Erik is around them, they feel incredible love.

    • Wait, was someone saying they were trance channeling Erik? Sorry, I’m not feeling well so I didn’t read your entire comment. Was it Ivan Teller?

      • Leilani

        Much worse. Blame.
        I hope you feel better soon, Elisa. I was just reading some more on the Blog and saw that your birthday is just around the corner. Must rest and recover so you can PARTY and CELEBRATE One More Year On this GLORIOUS Planet We Call Earth!

      • Amen!

    • maria

      i’m sorry…what??

    • Foisnet Lysa

      Dear D.C, I’m so sorry for what happened to you, I understand it must have been a terrifying and traumatic experience , but Erik woud have never done that to anybody, it is not him…He ‘s an adorable, loving, playful and funny chap, helping and guiding us by “teaching” us the greatest lessons you can think of…on so many different subjects !! And I agree with Leilani, not only would he never scare anybody, but he wouldn’t even do pranks or jokes on someone he “doesn’t know”, someone he’s never be connected to somehow…When I told my 25 year old son about Erik, introduced him to Erik’s story, Erik came around him and did a very nasty smell, as a signature, so that my son could get his message “Hi ! It’s me ! Your mum’s right, I exist and I’m your new friend, you’re part of my family !!”. Many times have I asked him to give me a hand, and he always has…May be you got the message wrong : you were led to this website not to find out who did this horrible thing to you, but to find answers on what is nasty and evil, on how to set boundaries, on how to protect yourself, and Erik’s teachings and messages can help you…That’s what I personally think…Sending you a lot of love and light…

    • Joanne Jerome

      I am curious as to how you are dealing with the supernatural to feel you or your husband would be possessed. It didn’t just come out nowhere if you even felt it was Erik why wouldn’t a psychic channeling him ever feel anything negative in energy or vibrations.

  • jamsknit1

    Happy birthday, Robert! I hope it was filled with light and love 🙂

  • Leilani

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERT! I hope you were surrounded by love and joy and that all your wishes came true! ~ Leilani

  • Love that!

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