Letting Go

This segment of the transcript starts out with more on DMT, which we’ve already covered to some degree. Sorry. But then Erik delves into a very important subject that I, for one, grapple with day in and day out. Enjoy.

Me: Erik, I read an article about the D.M.T. spirit molecule. It’s that natural substance we all have, and they’re trying to figure out what it is about that molecule that gives people spiritual epiphanies. I’ve heard that Jim Carrey and others go out and licks poisonous Amazonian frogs that secrete D.M.T. from their skin to have spiritual experiences. What’s that all about?

Jamie (laughing): Seriously, Jim Carrey does that?

Me: I know! Well, that’s what I’ve heard. Maybe he just did it once, but apparently there are people who do it regularly.

Erik: When you have D.M.T. abundance in the body or when it’s in a position where it comes to the surface to be used—that’s what makes us feel connected to God. That’s what makes us all knowing. The suppressing element we have is really our logic, which controls the hormone system in the body that dampens—

Me: Well, what does D.M.T. do? Does it sort of disconnect our spirit a little bit from the body or… I wonder how it works.

Erik: It kind of works more on a cellular level.

Jamie; He kind of rolls his eyes when you said that about the disconnecting the spirit from the body!

Me: Sorry!

Erik, Jamie and I laugh.

Erik: You know, it’s not really like there, but it’s a great visual, and it will help people understand, because maybe that’s the way it feels. The spirit is using the body more than it ever has when D.M.T. is in production—when its levels are high.

Me: Oh!

Erik: It’s like we can feel and use every crevice within our bodies a bit like a superman would—a superhuman.

Me: Hmm.

Erik: But it’s more in the realm of being super-spiritual.

Me: And I suppose all the things like meditation, good nutrition, exercise—do these things raise the D.M.T. level? Is this why those things work?

Erik: Well, that and endorphins. You can access D.M.T. more through deep meditation and the discipline of daily living. You know, you just can’t fuck around any more if you want that connection to the bigger picture. You really have to clean out your body and do it.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Our world is so corrupt and nasty and dirty that it’s not helping you naturally whereas back in the old frontier—

Jamie (laughing): He says that with a Texas twang.

Me: Let me whip out my banjo and accompany you, Erik.

Erik: No, but back then, it was easier, because you connected to the weather, the plants and the environment around you. You had a more peaceful lifestyle that was less stressful, and you had more meditative moments.

Me: And now life is more object-driven. Everybody wants stuff.

Erik: Yeah, it’s ego-driven.

Me: Yeah. Now, I know you’re going to cover this more during the event in Austin, but how can we learn to let go? That’s so hard for most of us, me included.

Jamie: He loves this question. He’s sitting down in the windowsill where I am. It’s pretty deep.

Erik: Letting go involves two things: One is the brain driven by the ego that keeps wanting to bring it up and look at it. Humans are naturally perfectionists, they want to over-analyze to understand what they could have done otherwise they feel that they have an incomplete answer.

Me: Okay.

Erik: So, sometimes letting go and you can’t means you don’t have all the information. But get this catch: Sometimes you can’t get all the info. You just can’t. That’s when you have to forgive and forget and say you’re just not meant to know. You’re totally on the right path, Mom. If you didn’t have your ego, then you wouldn’t have a hard time letting go, because it just wouldn’t be about you.

Me: Do we need our egos for anything? I feel like it’s an appendix like it’s a vestigial organ we don’t need anymore. Like wisdom teeth or something. Before we needed it for survival, but now they’re just a pain in the ass.

Jamie (laughing): He’s so laughing!

Me: Seriously, It doesn’t seem like we should have one at all!

Erik: No, you can see ego in a positive way. It helps us enjoy being individuals.

Me: Ah! Yeah, because I guess you don’t want to be completely connected with everything else all the time! I hear that spirits sometimes like to be by themselves and experience separation.

Erik: Yeah! Plus you need that separateness to have the contrast or duality for the human experience that makes the earthly plane such a great playing field for spiritual growth.

Me: Exactly! I see!

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  • I find it so interesting. Plus, erik used to be so ego-driven, in that he could never let go over things that he wanted, materialistic things (we were very similar in that regard) but it’s interesting to hear this straight from the horse’s mouth! 🙂

    • So true, big sis!

      • Jason Shapeofacloud

        This morning I asked him a related question and he replied with,

        What’s the cure for when one is just tired with life, you know, world weariness?

        Love what and where you can, and let the rest go as you go with the flow. Get on your back and float for a while. Struggle and risk downing. All waves eventually run aground. Ride your wave until you feel you can paddle some more. You are and always will be your worst judge. It is extremely common to have over inflated expectations, so much so that no one would ever be able to live up to them let alone yourself. As us guys always say, just chill out and love yourself for a change. –Erik

      • M and M

        Excellent questions Jason, and excellent answer Erik! Thank you for sharing this. I love the term “world weariness”, that pretty much sums it up.

      • Jason Shapeofacloud

        As I am sitting her eating lunch, listening to music, he also has this to say.

        “Worry causes brain rot. Think, feel, and let it go. You tell me all the time, you can’t help it. You say, easier said than done– Erik. You say your trapped, stuck, need answers–hell, demand answers. Here’s the deal. You didn’t come here with failure as an option. Wash ur mouth out with soap. That stuff stinks. Just spit that shit out. And even if you think it, don’t say it. YOU are perfect. You came here with everything you need to explore and express who you are. When you don’t know what to do, where to go. Just take any ol step and try to be OK with just “being”. Once you’ve gotten into that comfort zone, the rest will start being guided to you. You’ll pull it to yourself. It will come all natural, just be patient! It will be what you need, not what you think you want. Let that go too. Instead, think about what you do have and what your grateful for. That will show you the next step to take. Not worry. Remember, every time you say I can’t stop drop and roll. (grin)”

      • Jane5

        Is he saying TO demand answers or to NOT demand them? Also, what is it you’re washing out of your mouth? Saying “I can’t” or saying worrisome things to yourself?

        “Worry causes brain rot.” Lol, well-put!

        And great questions you asked him Jason. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for the answers Erik 🙂

      • Tiffany_E

        I don’t think he’s saying TO demand or Not to demand. You can do either but you’ll get answers when they are ready to be given.

        The mouth washing is to stop saying negative things about yourself in general. I can’t, I’m ugly, etc. Be positive and trust that the universe will help give you what you need and that you brought the map with you when you came.

      • Jane5

        Thanks Tiffany that makes sense.

      • cc

        My friends dad died of a brain tumour.Do you think it was caused because he had constant worries which affected his brain to detoriorate or was it something else like just part of a life plan to exit that way?btw he was a pastor

      • I mean Erik’s big sis, not mine!

    • Simon

      I’m the same way, get obsessed.

  • M and M

    Love this post. Letting go is something I have discovered requires a lot of understanding. If you go at it from a force mentality- I’m going to force myself to believe this or that doesn’t matter- I’ve found that only makes it stronger. Deep down a part of you believes what you are hanging on to is important. What I have found that works best is acknowledge it is there, whatever the issue is, and surrender to the feelings that come up. By surrendering you give up fighting, and fighting only brings you more of what you don’t want. You learn what you are supposed to from the emotions that come and then at some point you realize the issue has gone away, it has no strength or power on you. Once you get the hang of it, easier said than done, it is very freeing. But I have found that it requires a whole new way of thinking and looking at things.

    As for increasing DMT levels and direct experiences with spirituality, sure wish there was a way for more immediate feedback on these things. It would be helpful to know, to feel, when we are doing something that puts us on the path to where we want to go, instead of spending tons of time meditating or eating a certain way hoping to have a spiritual awakening while the rest of the world marches in a different direction.

    On a different note, I think Erik paid a visit last night. Right before I fell asleep I smelled dirty socks. I asked for a nicer smell instead, like brownies or lemon bars. I heard a chuckle and the question “what do lemon bars smell like?” Good point, I thought. Then the dirty sock smell went away and I fell asleep.

  • Clau_Bueno

    interesting!!! ok, everyday i open the CE website as my morning start, then i go to huff-post, and see what was there:

    Tchau for now and love you all,

  • Denise

    My approach to life has always been like tubing down the Itchetucknee; I just go with the flow. I wondered many times if that was enough and decided that’s who I am. On the other hand my daughter paddles upstream and my husband is on a bulldozer crashing throught he trees clearing a path. So my theory is you get to do it however works for you.

  • Su

    Just discovered film about life after life, ‘Nosso Lar – Our Home: The Astral City’ . Anyone watched it? Looks good. Will try get hold of it.

  • Su

    I just found the movie on veehd.com, not sure it if will work in US, think you have to download a flash software too watch movies on there. I’ll let you know what its like. http://veehd.com/video/4619006_Nosso-Lar-2010-dvdrip-flv

  • Clay

    From Wikipedia:

    “Psychoactive toad is a name used for toads from which psychoactive substances from the family of bufotoxins can be derived. The skin and poison of Bufo alvarius (Colorado River toad or Sonoran Desert toad) contain 5-MeO-DMT and bufotenin. Other species contain only bufotenin. 5-MeO-DMT and bufotenin both belong to the family of hallucinogenic tryptamines. Due to these substances the skin or poison of the toads may produce psychoactive effects when ingested.”

    Well, I don’t know too much about licking no frogs, cause down here in Louisiana we usually gig ’em out in tha swamp and fry the legs. Tasty with some cole slaw and a beer. 🙂

  • Maria

    I wonder what Erik would say about prayer? what is it? what effect does it have, if any? what about “when two or more are gathered in prayer” versus praying alone? who hears prayer, who answers prayer? Maybe this has come up before. I was just wondering.

    • Erika Jozsa

      Great questions Maria. I would love to know what Erik has to say.

  • Clau_Bueno

    Hi Su,
    Yes, I did watched! It is a very good movie! I don’t know if they already have the entire movie at youtube, but you can go to the movie’s website directly and download it. I have in my computer. 😉
    I hope you enjoy!
    Tchau for now,

    • Su

      Just watched it claudia…it is good! 🙂

  • Clau_Bueno

    Hi Elisa

    I would love to ask Erik what he thinks about TM (Transcendental Meditation) and if he thinks that worths learning. Watching a video about it seems to be a miracle and most of the problems in the world would be solved with that! But is not for everybody, the “class” for 4 days is $1500. The practice is not explained in the video…

    • Jason Shapeofacloud

      I am typing up Erik’s reply right now on prayer and meditation. I’ll post in a few hours

  • LOL.. Dr. Medhus @ I meant Erik big Sis.. not mine. We really Enjoyed today’s.. I mean yesterday’s post. lol. it’s after 2 a.m. You know we’re night owl’s.. lol. So very interesting. Trying to get a grasp on the whole D.M.T.. there’s just so many ways to tap into the Spiritual Realm. It’s like one could just trip up on it by accident. As a matter of fact.. Accidents can activate awareness.. which is not an accident, because they don’t exist.. okay.. it’s after 2 in the morning.. Confusing myself.. hehehe. Brightest Blessings~

  • Cynthia

    Great advice, Erik— thanks much!!! I’ve been a “worrier” throughout my life, perhaps coming from my family lineage.

  • Yvonne Chireau

    There is a New Age tradition that says that we will all experience DMT in a powerful moment this year during the time of the alignment, and then it gets REAL crazy:

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pApktY_tRH8&w=560&h=315%5D

    That link might not work, so http://youtu.be/pApktY_tRH8

    Sending love, Elisa, et. al


  • Jason Shapeofacloud

    I saw the questions on meditation and prayer this morning. As I was walking to the bus stop. Erik chatted at me, and I typed it up.

    Erik says,

    “Tool time.

    K, so yall asking bout prayer and meditation.
    Basically these things are bout tools. See, the average Joe, is window shoppin. Looking in store windows, peeping in others windows, or looking out their own windows. They are doin this while driving by in their pickup. Lookin through the car window out. And a good chuck of them think their windows got a crack in it, broken, busted, blown out, or all dirty with bugs. And their out of washer fluid. Or so they tell themselves. Then they make all these judgements about their vehicle. My ride is shitty, I am on the looser cruiser, even grandma wouldn’t want my car. So instead of lookin within and seeing that they picked out this car for a reason, or looking at the classic they have, they think they need better and better. When really all they need to do stop and get out and go for a walk and smell the fresh air.

    A lot of people do DO this. But they are walkin to the strip mall. They are still window shoppin. Some think they can walk into the health food shop and buy some vitamins and swallow a cure-all. Or tell their neighbor about this or that remedy. Some got in the pet store, get someone to share their problems with. Some go into the hardware store. And a lot of shoppers are awe struck at the rows and stacks of packed tools. Shiney tools, sharp tools, blunt, heavy, small, hard, easy, power tools. Shit they even have tools to blow shit up! BOOM! heh heh, oops, wrong tool, wrong job…. (grin). A lot of you are already jumpin ahead and thinkin, oooh right tool for right job… NOPE. Your putting others human assumptions and value judgements on not only which tool to pick out, but on how to use it, how well it works, and if it’s right for your skill level, knowledge, or job. The thing is there is no such thing as a right spiritual tool for the right life. That will always be what you make of the tool you create.

    Because these spiritual tools are manifestation, focusing, and exploration tools. First thing you gotta ask yourself while shopping is; what do I already have? A lot of the time, it’s not that we need to build shit, It’s that you gotta clean it off, so you can see that awesome car inside the garage. Can’t take the t-bird out for a spin, if you got it all caked in dust, with a tarp thrown over it. You dont’ need tools for that, you just gotta reach in and hose it all down, uncover yourself. Other questions you gotta ask is, what am I am going to create? How big do I “think” my job is? What do I have to work with? How do I feel about this? Do I “really” need a new porch or do I just need to mow the lawn? Don’t be lookin at your neighbor to tell you what to do with your yard. Your only gonna grow what you plant yourself. Once you figure out some basics like this, you can go back to that hardware store and look at some tools.

    Now back to those tools. You wanna put something together. Cause you feel like there is something missing right? You wanna fix you. Change out the hardware? It’s like I said earlier, Peoples physical experience kinda wobbles on the tip of nail. Don’t see much… Only see from a tiny point of view. That’s what looking into the dense lumber of life is like. Ever so often your house shakes as though life is being pounded on. Well…. That’s because in Spirit you are not that nail tip. Your not even the nail. Your the dude driving the nail into the wood looking down at what your building. Your creating something. Your getting better at it all the time. Someday your gonna be a master craftsman! Your gonna see the big picture then. But if you really wanna get into what’s being worked on. Just look back up inside yourself and feel each of those shakes and follow that feeling back up into the nail as it passes through wood, and into the hand. It’s only by following those feelings that your gonna see where the next nail is gonna go.

    Don’t worry about what kind of tool you have to pound your nails. I can use a screwdriver, a brick, a 2×4, heck even a rock to pound a nail. Just because I use a rock don’t mean the house aint’ gonna get built. or that my neighbors house is somehow better built. It’s about feeling yourself as you build that house. Feeling who you are inside as you pound that nail. How does all that sweat feel? What does it make you think about? why?

    Another thing is people think they gotta build an addition to their house. They look around and they think if only everyone could fix their house, or if only we could save the world and toss more money at it, or if only someone else could fix it, if only people would learn how to do this or that home project, the neighborhood wouldn’t be goin to the dogs.

    Well, that’s bunk. That’s like going out in your back yard and you see the fence leanin down. Instead of just taking the fence out, and planting flowers, you wanna have that separation, so you go get the duck tape and staple gun and go to town on it. Now you fixed your fence, but it looks and feels like shit, and your neighbor thinks your nuts.

    Do you see what I mean with all this? Spiritual tools like prayer and meditation are about inner focus, manifesting, and looking within with intent. Ask yourself, what am I using them for. Don’t say, I want, I need, I don’t want. Look within and focus. Visualize what you have, what you will create, what you can share and help others with. No matter who you pray to, or what you believe, visualize that as being already a part of who you are. Don’t pray for unity and healing if you really believe you are separate and can never be joined. Study your house plans. Look at what you have to work with. Don’t go running off to build an addition, when all you need is to throw out what you don’t need any more. Don’t horde all those tools. Ask yourself if you can get by with just focusing on how your hammering right now. Getting that fancy power hammer and learning how to use and maintain it is not for everyone. Some tools require intense maintenance, dedication, discipline, and practice. Some tools take more than one lifetime to master. If you get that fancy tool, but are overwhelmed, well then it just sits there and you’ve spent a ton of dough and time. Not to say that’s bad, just maybe not in your best interest at this time. Really who’s to say what the “right tool” is. Your the one who has to use it. Your the one with having to live with what you build. Your the one doing the work.

    Speaking of work. Using Spiritual tools can be work. But like any work, you get what you put into it. There is a certain energetic rhythm to work. It can have a swing, a certain music to it. If you go with the flow, time will slip you by and the next thing you know you’ll have a barn built. You’ll look around you and think. Hey, look at all these neighbors. I am so glad we got together to build this barn! It was so much easier. Look at all the power we channeled into this project? Look how fast that roof went up! wow. I really feel apart of everything. Like we made a difference. Together we can get stuff done. wow.

    So you see, tool time can be a tv show, or it can be your life. But it’s about the process not the tool.

    ps. Be good to yourselves. Don’t be a tool.. (laughing). ” — Erik

    • Mommazee

      Thank you Jason! Erik always says the most perfect things at the perfect time, for me.

    • HSB

      Ha, this is very timely for me, thanks Jason! I had been struggling with my attempts at channeling Erik because I only seem to be getting random pictures and a few sentences at a time. I wanted to be able to have the kinds of conversations with Erik that you do – full of spiritual information and discussion. However, I’m now reminded that I have to work with the tools I have and stop comparing myself to my neighbour – you! 🙂

    • Patrick De Haan

      GREAT stuff……. great, great stuff….

  • Jason Shapeofacloud

    pps. — From Erik

    “Follow up: I wanna let people know prayer is a type of channeling. Only some folks are always channeling outside of themselves without focus or direction. They unknowingly, unaware, they want to get closer to all that is, what they are connected to, to God, Source, their inner self. They think tossing a bunch words at or to something is going to give them what they want or don’t want. That’s not really useful. If you focus your intention. Feel it, visualize it, and then do the same for whomever you are praying to or at. Then the same for who you want to help or connect with. Your working with energy here. Not signing a petition. There’s a lot of schools that have you give over control, results, problems, etc to a higher power. That’s all well and good for some. Especially since this alleviates worry, doubt, and fear. But without that inner focus, study and inner focus on your beliefs and feelings, your not helping much but increasing your anxiety. Also people strongly believe that they are communicating to or at higher spirit. That they are heard. If people would realize that all thought is energy and directed energy must go somewhere, they’d realize that their departed loved ones can hear them just fine. If they really want to communicate, but are struggling with doubt, look to prayer as an example of channeling. Only know that not only are you heard, that just as you direct focused thought and feelings…. know that spirit can and does send focused thought and feelings back to you. That this channel works both ways. Thought and feelings.”

    • Jason, you are a gift to Channeling Erik. Isn’t he, everybody????

      • nikki6278

        yeah, he’s a keeper!

      • Patrick De Haan


        Yup, he is…!! Thank you Jason!

    • Clau_Bueno

      Jason…. as always, thank you!!! Super thanks for Erik too! You guys rock! I think I’ll be totally fine nailing with a piece of brick 🙂
      My “archangel card” said to me yesterday : “you are in the right path”.
      I just need to trust myself!!!

      Big hugs to you!!!
      BTW, ERIK… you go for rides with Jason… feel free to come for a car ride with me at the beautiful 101 in San Diego as well 🙂 HA!

  • Sending love back! You’re my voice of reason!

  • BeFreeMyAngel

    Oh no…. now a everyone is going to go get some LSD and trip their brains out !! LOL ! Just kidding, but the sensation he describes is very similar to being like a light switch in the “ON” position. Worry free would be nice… but that takes an ego that will let go…and it all seems to be a nasty circle, once you feel you actually freed yourself something else happens and your GFI circuit goes right back to where it was programmed to and your back at the same place you started. Anywhoooo, thats how it is for me right now. Does that make sense or have I just completely lost it?

    • M and M

      I agree completely! It also seems there is always another layer to the onion to peel back and let go of.

  • Patrick De Haan

    Allow me to quote:

    “Prayers, our thoughts directed specifically to Heaven – or whatever word is preferred for our real home – with a request or message, or our thoughts, desires and emotions, all are heard by our Guardian Angel guides and loved ones, often loved ones we do not “know” in this specific lifetime on earth; e.g. the grandfather who died before you were born. Anyone else in Heaven that needs to know, can, BUT our Guardian Angels have pretty much complete authority to block intrusions if unnecessary. [Those are extremely rare, like pink eagle sightings. “There’s no such thing as a pink eagle” I can hear being said. Well, that goes to show how rare the sightings are!] We all agreed to this arrangement.

    We all agree a life plan before birth; we are not absolutely constrained to follow it BUT when our prayer might materially alter the plan WE made for ourselves, it’s unlikely a request will work out, or work out quickly. Our plan and wishes are not easily overridden; there is a complex set of interactions that requires reorganization, in many cases impossible to achieve without negative effects on our “earthmates” the many “everyones” with whom we’ve planned to meet up. There is plenty of flexibility, we also plan that, and shift points are planned to permit course corrections.

    All prayers are heard. Always. Always. When more people are gathered together, the effect is exactly exponential, exactly as in physics, because physics is simply our emotional energy expressed. There is no difference between emotion and science; they are the same thing. Twice the speed requires 4 times the braking distance to stop just as twice the prayer has 4 times the effect. The effect isn’t usually seen on Earth within the time frames we are conditioned to expect or even ABLE to expect, but in Heaven…it’s right now!

    Your prayers are answered by the ones listening, to whom they are directed. Even if you don’t know specifically who is the object of the message, the object knows, just as the arrow shot randomly into the meadow is known by the blades of grass it strikes. The difference is, in Heaven, those “grass blades” understand and can answer.

    We are all watched extremely closely and with limitless love and affection from all those in Heaven who might come to see us. Heaven is all around, at the higher vibration of our home, to where we will all return. We are esteemed and admired for attempting a life on Earth, and all who can observe watch with great pride, interest and curiosity. Your prayers usually catch a filled amphitheater of attention, and rapt attention is given your every expression. Do not for a moment doubt that you re a star. The number of souls that exist and can see us is so much larger than we who are crazy, foolish and brave enough to ride inside our barrels over the many waterfalls of life.

    Never doubt your prayers aren’t heard or will not be answered. Your prayer for a new car is no less valid than a prayer for the life of a relative in danger. Will your life’s plan require the car or is it simply a different tool that plays the part of a tool and nothing more, in a larger and greater scheme whose objective can be achieved with any of a number of tools? So while your prayer for one today is heard, the manifestation can be less than instant or not occur if it conflicts materially with the greater process YOU planned for yourself. Your Guides will respect your wishes and choices ALWAYS, even when the choice is not remembered and prevails over the smaller choice of today. Remember, there is no time at home. Before is not a concept to be measured by minutes, days, weeks, months and years.

    There are no value judgments beyond what we ourselves choose to value; Erik did not observe the activity of his family after his return to Heaven other than to ensure he had the opportunity. Whatever judgment he took away from it was his alone.

    What benefit is gained from an experience inures to the participant and what s/he chooses to value.

    ‘Pray always and often, and ask for a response and a result and be always open and aware of that which you have said in your prayers, as the response can come when least expected, often at the instant your Higher Self knows you can best use it.’ ”

    Great help I have. I suspect Erik was in this choir; in fact yes, he was I’m told!

  • Wish4change

    I’d like for you to channel Einstein. Also can you ask Eric. What we need to do to heal Anxiety attacks and Agoraphobia? I need to get better.

    • Einstein is on the VERY LONG list. I’ll ask about the other stuff. Very good ideas!

  • Buford

    I am a 61 year old male and I’m considering suicide. I feel like I am finished with this incarnation. I hope everything that Eric says about the other side is true and that I don’t end up in some dark astral plane. I’ve been a good person all my life and have loved God, loved all my fellow earthly brothers and sisters unconditionally and forgiven everyone unconditionally. I feel like I am simply done with this incarnation.

    • Please before you make that decision I want you to read what Erik says about suicide. It’s not for everyone. Sometimes it’s an exit point but sometimes it makes things worse for those that take their life and those they leave behind. I also want you to participate in the next channeling conference call with Erik April 12th. It’s $45. If you can’t afford it I will pay for it or the channeling Erik family will all pitch in. We love you. My email is emedhus@gmail.com. I’ll give you my phone numbers.

  • Yahaira

    Oh I smoked it last Friday my friend brought me something. What she tough me is to pray ask for protection, ask your angels n guides to be there bcs they are lot of ppl that have hellish experiences when they try DMT bcs they didn’t protect they selves . Any who when i was praying Erik came to my mind so i asked n hoped he’ll be there. I smoked it but i never learned how to so i coughed lots n wasted it almost all. I saw a goddess showing me like just to be quiet n pray n i saw many colors patterns on the air n if closed my eyes then the colors where better. I could see with eyes closed. I felt relaxed n at rest but didn’t break through for me, but since that day i’m more psychic than ever. BTW I didnt know ppl lick frogs for that omg. Im going to a place very soon where they have a doctor n a chapman to guide u n its through the veins bcs we have inhibitors in our liver so when its only smoked dont go all the way.

  • cc

    About wisdom teeth?lol can erik explain why we have them when we dont need it?I thought we are always given only what we need?When I was a kid I always thought wisdom teeth was for when we were 60+ our teeth will fall out and new ones would grow.lol.So about prayer and meditation..If your destiny was to die of cancer for eg..would that destiny change if tens of thousands prayed for you?Or will you still die?I just want to know if at any time a person was meant to die but the “plans” changed and source said oh what the hell(no pun intended)..add another 20 years to their life:D

  • cc

    Another question?..Sometimes when people pray in a circle before eating or during a family gathering..I open my eyes to peep at them..I know its a little bit naughty but sometimes I get this feeling that their words are not heartfelt,like they just do it because its a christian thing to do,I feel like their prayers is very one dimensional like a horse in their starting positions before to start a horse race.Does source know those prayers are fake?and what do they think of it?Sometimes I meet people that dont need to pray or dont come across as over religious but they are so geniune in and out and so wonderful.It inspires me to be a better person just more of being my real self.I usually like helping them instead than saying a prayer .I do pray but not in the over dramatised way people want me to do…like when people say jesus’s name 6 times in one sentence..Does jesus choke alot?..people sure say his name alot..;Dhehe

  • It could be either or both.

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