Life in Heaven

It’s been a while since I channeled Erik through psychic medium, Kim O’Neill, so I had collected several questions over that period of time. Naturally, I missed him deeply, so my first words were:

‘Erik, hi Sweetie, I love you.’

Kim giggles and mimics Erik as though he’s rolling his eyes at my sappiness, which was quite typical for him. He says, “Hi Mooommmmm,” in mock exasperation. “You’ve been talking to me all morning asking me to speak to Kim. Hi Mooommm. I’m here.” Kim laughs and says “He wants to tell you you’re micromanaging.”

“I love you too, Mom. I’ve been flipping between you and Pappa and Kristina and Michelle and Annika and Lukas and I’ve been spending time with Denise. I feel exhausted. I’ve been trying to give everybody equal time.“

Kim asks him, “Usually you talk a mile a minute. You seem really tired today. What’s going on?” Funny, his answer failed to surprise me.

“I’ve been partying a lot, so I’m really tired.”

Kim asks, “Who are you partying with?” Here, Erik interrupts her question to share some confidential information that I can’t publish.

I had been curious about my maternal grandparents who both passed in the early 80s so I asked him, ‘Are Nana and Pa Pa there with you, Erik?’

“I’ve seen ‘em,” he replies. “We’ve visited, but they spend most of their time playing with Arley. Nana has cooked for me. I’ve been spending pretty much all my time with you guys.”

‘Are you still spending time with Allie and Jordan?’ I ask.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, these are two of his friends who preceded him in death.

“Mom, you’re asking for messages about everyone else, but when you were talking to me today you wanted messages for you. I’ll talk about Allie and Jordan later. I’m happy to, but I want to give you messages first then I’ll come back to them.

“You’re the best Mom anyone could ever have.” Erik chuckles and says, “Mom, we’ve talked more back and forth in the last 3 weeks than in the last couple of years, haven’t we?” Kim shares that he finds that fact amusing.

“I’m sorry for causing you trauma, and I was hoping you would understand and that you would forgive me. I think you already have but it’s going to take me a little while to forgive myself for putting you all through this trauma for my selfish needs. I feel so much happier now. It wasn’t about you guys. I just needed to regroup. I was so confused about who I was, where I was going, what I wanted, and I felt depressed and I felt like I had nothing to look forward to. I want you to know how much I love you and how I treasure all the time we’ve spent together. I’m talking about lately. I like to talk to you when you’re driving. I’ve come to you a couple of times while you’re sleeping, in the form of dreams. I’m going to keep doing that.”

“How come I can’t feel you, Erik? I want to feel your presence. I want some hugs,,” I plead.

“You are capable of receiving that, but I’m not capable of extending that energy yet. I’m working on that. I’ve been working, working, working really hard. I wanted that to be your Christmas present, but it’s gonna take a little while longer. Maybe Mother’s Day. I have to work on extending my electrical energy so that you can not only see me and hear me but you can feel me. It’s definitely possible and I’m working on that right now. Oh well, there goes my surprise!” He laughs.

I’m so desperate for any form of regular contact with my son so I ask him, ‘How can I best perceive you now before you’re able to do that, Erik?’

“You’re already an excellent channeler,” he insists. “The more you speak to me, the more I get a chance to practice extending my electrical energy to you. Whenever you and I talk back and forth I try really really hard to extend my energy to you. Remember before when I use to puff out my chest so I would look like, you know, so I would look bigger? You remember Mom when I used to do that when I was little? That’s sort of what I’m doing now but with energy.”

‘Can you tell me about the therapy you get there?’ I ask.

“Yes, I still have therapy. I have this really cute therapist. I’m spending time with her while you guys are sleeping and nights when I’m not going to come to you in dreams. She’s pretty much given me the seal of approval that I’m healed.”

Kim interjects in mock sarcasm, “Well, Erik what took you so long?” and he answers her, “Yeah, I know! Everybody’s been kinda surprised over here that I did what I did and then I didn’t have that much to heal. I really didn’t have that much to heal.”

My next question is a very abstract one. ‘Erik, was your suicide part of a plan to help you understand loss? I understand your depression was mostly a result of the serious losses you experienced in your past lives. Was suicide part of the plan so you could see the effect your loss has on other people, so that you could watch us grieve while on the other side you have the understanding that there is no true loss because we’re all immortal? Did that help make light of loss for you?’

Kim interjects before Erik can respond, “Oh you’ve gotta write a book, Elisa. That’s just from me, the peanut gallery, not from Erik.”

Erik replies, “You mean was it always my destiny? No. No. But, have I grown and learned and evolved because of this? Have I put that issue of loss to bed? Yeah, definitely yes.”

With a sigh of relief I tell him, ‘Good because I just don’t want you to have keep coming back over and over to go through the same thing.’

No, absolutely not. I never will go through all of this again. I’ve let go of loss. The depression was like a secondary issue for me. It was mostly confusion and the sense of loss and the sense of hopelessness and now that’s all gone. All that healing has been done from past lifetimes. I figure I have one more lifetime to go, that’s it, one more.”

I brace myself for the next question: ‘Okay. Erik I want you to be really, really honest because I really need to know this. What could I have done differently? This is part of my evolving so I really need to know, Erik. You can’t pull any punches with me here. Everybody’s flawed and needs to evolve, and of course I’m one of those people too.’

Kim says “Elisa that’s one of the bravest questions I’ve ever heard, because having spoken with Erik several times now, he has got to be one of the most irreverent, candid, forthright spirits I’ve ever spoken with in 22 years.”

Now I was REALLY nervous, but I answer her, ‘Well good, I want to know the hard cruel truth because otherwise I’ll never grow as a soul.’

Erik responds, “Nothing, nothing, because Mom I really wasn’t listening to you. Once I got to be about 16, I wanted to make my own choices, I wanted to make my own decisions. I would really get aggravated with you or Pappa if you gently tried to push me or suggest. I wanted to build my own independence. You were so understanding. I remained on the earthly plane for as long as I did because of you. You were always either turning the other cheek or you were being understanding and that made this earthly journey so much easier for me and is making it easier for everybody else.

“I should have listened. And when I was upset about something I should have talked to you. My therapist puts it this way: I should have opened up a dialogue with you about what was bothering me. I know you would have listened to me very calmly, very rationally. You wouldn’t have been like a regular mom like jumping up and down freaking out. You know, like ‘You won’t! You won’t! You dut dut dut dut…’

“I know that you were really calm, centered, somebody who would listen. Mom, you’re a great listener. I want to suggest to the other kids that they talk to you more because you’re such a good listener, and because you’re not only a mom, you’re a friend. I should have come and talked to you. If I had done that on a regular basis, I think I would have still been there.

I was so touched by his answer, it was hard to go on, but, choking back my tears, I ask, ‘Erik, right before I left the house 10-15 minutes before you killed yourself, I fussed at you about returning my iPhone to me and picking up the Pit Bike that you took to a friend’s house without our permission. Was that the last straw that made you pull the trigger?’

He laughs and says, “No! God no! You told me to do stuff all the time, Mom. I didn’t always listen. This you know! You’d tell me to do something, and I wouldn’t do it! When you were talking to me I have this shut off valve and I just shut you off.” (He shrugs) “I was there, but I just turned you off. I got really good at doing that. It meant nothing to me, nothing whatsoever. Was I upset or traumatized? Hell, no! I wasn’t even listening! The last thing I remember clearly about me and you was you said good night to me and gave me a kiss. That’s the last thing I hold dear between us on the earthly plane together.”

He chuckles and continues: “When you went into MM or ‘mom mode,’ I had a switch and I would turn you off. I would be there, and I would look at you but nothing would get through.” (God, how I know that expression!)

“Oh, tell Pappa I just got a boat!”

I tell him I will then, wanting to cram in as many questions as I could in such a limited time, I ask my next question. ‘Erik, who are my guides?’

“You have 56 of them. They’re organizing together to help you write a book. They say you’re going to do all the channeling yourself.”

Wow, 56 seems like a pretty high number, I think to myself. I guess I need all the help I can get! But channeling on my own? That hardly seems possible!

Erik breaks my reverie to ask, “Hey Mom, you asked about Allie and Jordan? I’ve seen Allie and I’m kind of upset because we just had an argument. You know how I can’t stand people telling me what to do? Allie is doing that for some reason. I don’t understand. I don’t remember her being like this on the earthly plane. She’s gotten kind of bossy and I have a hard time being around her. She got mad at me, because I didn’t agree with everything she said so she kind of banished me from her universe, and I told her if she wants to talk again, she knows where to find me.”

“As for Jordan, we hang out together” He chuckles at the pun, because Jordan committed suicide by hanging herself.

This upsets Kim, and she admonishes him “Erik you have the most irreverent sense of humor!”

She then directs her attention to me, saying, “I think he does that partly to tease me.” ‘Yes, he’s always been a big teaser!’ I assure her. “Oh my God!” Kim exclaims, still rattled by his Erik’s comment.

Amused by the effect his remarks made on Kim, Erik continues, “Yeah, Jordan and I hang out together and we’re really close buds. She’s come to visit you guys too. Jordan has gotten really really close to Aunt Denise. I thought Michelle and I were partners in crime! Oh! Jordan and Denise! Holy shit!

Then, Erik abruptly changes the subject, obviously bored with where it was going. I could feel the pent up excitement as he again announced with pride, “I just got a boat! I finally got my own place. It’s like a condo. It’s my bachelor pad.”

‘So you can create all this and have a life similar to the one of earth?’ I ask.

“Yeah, we can have everything we have on Earth. We can go out for pizza, have relationships, get married, it’s just the same, but we can manifest everything so much faster plus we don’t have the issues we did on the earthly plane. We have our life’s work, we travel, we can have children. I have my bachelor pad. It’s at the beach. But by the beach there’s a loch or fjord where I take my boat. It looks like Scotland here. I love it!”

Kim says he’s showing her his place and she starts giggling. She says, “It’s sort of what you’d expect for a bachelor. He has a leather couch and a big flat screen TV, an end table with a lamp, a bed, a lamp next to the couch. That’s it! It’s pretty sparse!”

Kim asks him, “No table? Where do you eat?”

“On the couch in front of the TV!” he replies as though this should be blatantly obvious.

I ask if he’s met Tommy, the son of a dear family friend who died in an automobile accident a few years ago.

Nonchalantly, Erik responds, “Yeah, he’s here, he’s here! And Mom, he likes to go by Tom now. He’s married. He has kids. He’s living the good life!”

‘Do you hang out with him?’ I ask.

“Yeah, some, but not like I do with Jordan and Denise. Tom’s busy with his wife and kids and his business. But yeah, I’ve been over there for dinner. Tom’s really happy living a really full life. He knows what he has now he couldn’t have had on the earthly plane. The way he passed was his destiny.”

‘Okay. Erik, there is something else I’m wondering. How do I know it’s you I’m channeling and not me making this all up?’ I ask.

“Mom, you’re really anal about that! I’ll come to you in dreams, and they’ll be really lucid so you’ll have total recall. And I’ll tell you in the dream when I’m talking to you like ‘Hey Mom, it’s me.’”

I still long for some sort of confirmation so I ask him, ‘Can you give me proof that it’s you speaking through Kim?’

After a long pause, he replies, “Michelle’s gift card. That’s the best thing you can do. You’ve been wondering about that. Mom does that work? That’s all I can come up with now. Gift card for Michelle. And I’ll tell you it’s me. You know my energy. You know if you hear ‘Hello Mother, what a beautiful day it is today,’ you’ll know it’s not me!”

That comforts me somewhat, because I do sometimes hear his voice in my head when I talk to him between our sessions with Kim. Until the next one, I intend to bend his ear, practice picking up on his energy and voice, and basically make an utter nuisance of myself. Although Erik and I spent a great deal of time communicating with one another while he was alive, I agree that we may be communicating even more now that he’s in spirit form. Poor guy will probably need earplugs and a cave to hide in, but I guess turnabout’s fair play, Erik! Love you, Darling.

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  • Kistina

    Does the gift card thing hold any significance? And call me when you get a chance and tell me whatever it was you couldn’t post, I’m curious!

    I love you. You really are the best mom.

  • Amazing web site. Thank you Elisa for making this information available for others to see. You are touching so many other lives with that and giving them comfort and love.

    From what I have read you haven’t yet been able to channel directly with Erik. Once you achieve that which I’m sure you will, that experience will be beyond anything you can imagine. It’s quite different to be consciously aware and being able to talk to him directly instead of through a dream or through someone else.

    Here are some materials to read and do. It has worked for me. I was able to connect with my spirit guide. Yes I was very critical too. I didn’t want to believe it. This can’t be… It feels like you are making everything up, but at the same time you have a feeling of truth (the best word we have to describe that feeling, but it’s not enough). I’ve asked to get physical proof and I’ve received it in my experience. It’s stunning when it happens, but no other person will exactly be able to feel it the way YOU felt when you managed to connect the dots together. The best way to channel is through meditation. If you are getting good at it, you don’t need to do the whole ritual, but in the beginning it helps.

    (The information is given by Zeb and Zarna which are very advanced beings in the spirit world). It starts with specifics at item 40.

    I found this site after I could “talk” with my spirit guide so I was pretty stunned when the process outlined there was exactly how I do it without ever really knowing or reading this information before.

    Item 44 is what helped me. I wanted to know what it is like in the soul world. I read this book: Journey of Souls by Michael Newton. I knew I wanted to find a therapist who was trained by Michael Newton. You can search online for a therapist at:

    Pick one if you want to do it which gives you a feeling of comfort. Trust your feelings. You may even want to ask Erik who he thinks is best. You can write to me who I would recommend, but that person may not be the best for you. You have to decide and feel a connection.

    It was an amazing experience. After that I said let’s try meditation. The very first time I had an experience, I could channel. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t expect it or wanted to do it. It just happened, but I knew what signs I have to listen and how it feels due to the Life-between-Lives session. I’m not yet good enough to be able to do it for others, but for me it works beyond my wildest dreams.

    Maybe Erik wants you to have such an experience for Mother’s Day. I don’t know. I’m sure if you go visit the spirit world yourself you would meet up with him and the knowing and feeling you get will be beyond anything you can imagine.

    One more thing: Go with your first thought during the session. Don’t try to analyze it at the time. Simply say it. You can do all kinds of analyzing later on. Make sure you get a recording.

    Then you may want to read the trilogy My Big TOE by Thomas Campbell. After the session I had so many questions and thirst for knowledge. This book is “heavy” at times though.

    And I know it’s hard, but you have to loose your grief. It’s only offering resistance and energy can’t flow as easily through you and therefore it’s much harder for you to receive the bigger picture as well as Erik getting through to you more often. I know deep down inside of you, you know he is having a ball. You only have to convince your brain it’s really true. You have already received so much proof. I know we tend to doubt it. But listen to your feelings, they tell you the truth. I know you are feeling good when you have those experiences with Erik and that tells you, it’s all true.

    Love and Light,


  • Michael, your encouragement and insight are a godsend for, not only me, but others as well. I am practicing channeling, and I do hear him coming through in short intermittent bits, but it’s hard for me to lock onto him for very long. I’ll use some of the techniques suggested in your first link. I’ve also ordered some “how to channel” books from Amazon which I look forward to reviewing.

    I have read all of the Newton books and I agree that a regression to life between lives would be very powerful. It’s great to have a list of regressionists now. I’ve wanted to do this ever since Erik died, and now a name and number makes that a reality.

    My skepticism is slowly melting. Part of it stems from my science upbringing and part of it from the fear of disappointment. But you’re absolutely correct: there IS an inner knowingess deep inside. I feel it. It’s like an absolute, a truth. Plus, reading books like The Hidden Domain has helped reconcile spiritual phenomena with my inner scientist.

    Have you read the Seth books such as Seth Speaks? He’s amazing. He comes through this older woman in a trance and explains all things spiritual, even how thought creates reality. Physicist are studying the transcripts with great interest, because they are just now discovering the truths behind what he shared in the 60s. It’s pretty heavy stuff to be digested slowly!

    I will continue to practice channeling, incorporating your advice. I believe all of us have this capacity, and this fact alone would provide much comfort to bereaved parents.

    You are certainly a highly evolved, enlightened soul, perhaps a guardian angel here on Earth with the purpose of guiding us all toward a more spiritual society and self. For that, I am deeply grateful.

  • michael

    Thank you so much for your beautiful words. You really made my week. You almost made me cry. I don’t regard myself as anything special. I feel like I know so little. But I’m always grateful and appreciate the knowledge I have gathered or received so far. My daily work has to do with technology, but then you experience something like I described and it throws everything you have known upside down. I’m sure you know what I mean.

    You naturally question the experience. You ask yourself: “Have I turned literally nuts now?” At least that’s what I did. I don’t start believing something, because someone tells me so. I try to gather information, facts. I try to evaluate. That’s what makes it so difficult. I believe it helps if you can see other people share the same thoughts and feelings in regards to that. Everything really happens in your “head”. But how else could it work? I know we’d rather have some ghost appear which we can see with our eyes. But that’s stuff out of the movies. Or maybe we’d rather receive a letter in the mail. But then how could we be sure it was written by whoever we wanted it to be from especially these days with computers? If you pay attention little things are shown to us in the physical world.

    That’s where the book My Big TOE (Theory of Everything) helped me so much. There is also a website with a link to YouTube videos:, but the book is better. It’s written by a nuclear physicist. He experienced the larger reality. He has done what we would call crazy stuff. He really doesn’t share his experiences much in the book. This would of course sell copies, but he rather explains from his point of view how he thinks everything works in western language (how our known science is part of the little picture we know so well). But our science will not be able to explain everything. We have to look outside of our box. I think that’s very smart that he doesn’t share his personal experiences. I often thought, hmm was I biased? Where else could I have received this information? Where else did I see it? A movie? So by him not sharing his experiences you cannot get biased. If you do get data which matches with theories he came up with, then that’s much more helpful then a story which would be good for a movie. He often says you have to pull yourself up by the bootstraps. No one else other than you can really experience the larger reality. Other people can help you get there, but no one else can do it for you. YOU have to do the hard work yourself.

    I like to use the example of going on a vacation. A really fun, good feeling vacation. You take pictures, videos etc. Then you come back home. You show the pictures, tell the stories to friends and family. They will listen and have fun as you tell those stories. But if you pay attention you will notice they can’t feel the same joy/fun you had with certain events you really enjoyed on your vacation. The experience of actually being there and going through it is missing. Or watch the video of the vacation. No matter how much video you took or how life like it may look, it’s not as good as actually being there and having the experience.

    For me death is like at the end of the day before we go to bed and take off our clothes and put on some pajamas. When we die we loose that body, but the little YOU inside of that body continues. Maybe it’s like when we wake up from a dream. Oh wow I’m back now. And we say: “Wow I did really good. This was fun.” Or we might say: “Well I could have done a bit better in those areas I think I want to try someday again”. It’s amazing, because when I read your blog entries you mention during the channel sessions, that it’s still Erik. Same kind of wit and feelings of guilt when he did something wrong in the physical life. It really shows that who we are lives on after death. When I “met” my spirit guide (and really you can use any word you feel most comfortable with) me and the therapist laughed out loud as I told the jokes he told me. After all laughter is the best medicine. The point is I asked a very good friend (has known me for more than a decade) to listen to the recording and tell me truthfully is it me making up those jokes and important information or is it somebody else? The answer was No, it’s definitely not you. To me it didn’t feel like it was me (I knew I don’t have this kind of humor), but I had that doubt in my head.

    Don’t get discouraged if it seems like you are only making little progress. Remember when you learned how to walk? You probably don’t. Maybe you remember when Erik learned to walk? In any case it wasn’t easy. It didn’t happen overnight. It took many tries and failures.

    It’s like learning a new skill. The more you practice the better you get. You can count yourself very lucky, because you have someone you have known in the physical life who is now trying with all his mighty energy to help you widen your knowledge. I believe, you two have a very strong connection and that’s why it’s rather easy for him to send you the information. Maybe not yet the way you want, but with time and study it will come.

    We often don’t see the progress we made. Change happens slowly. Look back one year ago. How was your life? Yes your son was still here in his physical form. Maybe you thought he is happy or at least ok. But you couldn’t really see how he truly felt inside of him. Don’t you feel and sense and hear the incredible joy and fun he is having now? Isn’t that much better for him? Look at yourself, would you have thought a year ago that you’d be considering talking to spirits? I think not, probably not in your wildest dreams. Isn’t that progress?

    Yes I completely agree. Anyone of us can channel, gain knowledge. Anyone who says you need special abilities is a liar. Most of those people are only interested in the money you spend with them. They would loose your business if they let you believe you can do it yourself. That’s why I could never charge any money for giving knowledge or helping someone else. No material object is able to give me that feeling I get by simply giving some encouragement to someone else to help them along wherever they are going. It’s like with anything else in life. You can do and learn anything. You only have to want it.

    I also highly recommend to write down any experiences you have (and you are doing an excellent job already). Sometimes the experience may not make much sense or you may miss things which will give you a meaning later on. Also pay attention to little things as you and members of your family already have done. Remember the moving candle light flame? Lots of people would have missed this sign. More often the little tidbits of information will come together as the picture of the larger reality begins to take shape. If you do make that connection to find out what it all meant or seeing a proof you have known only in your mind and then all of the sudden in the physical world, that feeling you will experience can’t be put in words. I’m sure we can feel the incredible love/joy/happiness Erik felt after leaving his body in the physical world, too. Unfortunately we are so busy with our lives that we look for them on the outside and forget they can only be found within us.

    Maybe your mission is to write a book about this whole experience. Imagine how much love and comfort you would be giving to other parents who are going through the same pain/sorrow as you are. Isn’t that something to feel good about? Think about it? How would it make you feel if you’d imagine seeing a smile on the face of a parent who is reading your book who lost a child?

    Thank you so much for recommending more reading material. I will definitely check it out. There is always more knowledge to gain. It never stops.

    I wish you all the best with your journeys into the inner world. Have fun and feel good.

    After all the fun lays in the journey and not the destination.

    PS: I usually don’t write comments as I keep this information pretty private. I’m not there yet to openly share it with anyone (I guess I did it now, by posting some information on a blog on the Internet :-). I found your site by going through 5 different sites, basically looking for more confirmation to my own experiences. I felt something a nudge which made me write that as I thought it will help you. Who knows maybe even Erik pushed me to do it as he may have an easier time to get through me. He said he wants to do something special for Mother’s Day for you. Maybe that’s part of whatever he wants you to feel or experience. I don’t know. I can’t say I feel him or say I can connect with him that would be a lie. But there was definitely some strong force which encouraged me to spend the time and send it to you for whatever reason it might be. I know it’s possible to connect to any being. But I believe it’s just easier for us to connect to a living person via telepathy or a spirit being which are close to you or you share a strong connection.

    • For me, your humility is just confirmation of the level of your soul’s enlightenment. I ordered the entire My Big TOE trilogy and can’t wait to devour it! I want to thank you for your encouragement and the metaphors you so skillfully employ to make such abstracts more digestible and comprehensible. By the way, I have been thinking of writing a book. I’ve written three books, but on parenting ( Now, I’d like to help bereaved parents like me find comfort in knowing that death is not the end but just a return to home, a family reunion. As a physician, it’s in my nature to try to nurture and heal others; in doing so, I heal myself as well. I’m also considering writing a screenplay about a group of teenagers living in the afterlife together after taking their own lives, coming to terms with their decision to commit suicide, trying to help those they left behind, helping peers considering the same option, etc.

      Anyway, I just wanted to say you’re an amazing man and I hope we stay in touch. Love, light and peace, Elisa

  • michael

    Thank you again. Words can’t describe the gratitude I feel.

    Your projects sound excellent. I always say if it only helps one other person, then it was well worth the effort.

    You have my email and if you ever need something or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I will try to help/explain as best as I can.

    Love and Light,


  • Elisa: How can I ask Erik a question? Thank you, Douglas Sharp

  • Hi Elisa,
    I really enjoyed this blog. I get so much out of them and enjoy reading the comments too. Thanks Michael for all the info too. Not sure if you have seen Micheal Newton youtube video but I think you’ll enjoy if you haven’t.

    Also, I love Seth and The Teachings of Abraham. They are awesome! It almost seems that I asked them on the other side before I came here you better tell me this when I get here. lol
    A cool story for me was when I was first reading those books I went to the library and when at the check out she asked me if I knew a Pat and I said yes. And she said ok I just wanted to make sure you were the right Shawna because his name was listed as a contact-I thought that was pretty cool because I always put my mom on top and I honestly don’t remember putting him down as a contact but for her to bring up his name-that was almost like a sign. Neat when we do pick up on those kind of things. I think he helped me pick out some of those books. 😉
    Another thing I got from reading this was that I do think that Erik is an old soul-level 9. Have you read Ainslie MacLeods-The Instruction? If you haven’t I would recommend you check that one out too. Here’s a little blog from him about it:
    Well, I’m sorry I am rambling on but I get this high energy from reading these blogs. Felt it strong last night. A buzzing energy!
    Love & Light,

    • The story about Pat is a cool one! So many little signs. I haven’t read The Teachings of Abraham. Is it similar to the Seth Materials?

  • Oh wow! I get to turn you on to something really cool then!! 🙂 Abraham is channelled through Ester Hicks and Jerry Hicks transcribes it all. Yes, very similiar to the Seth Material but not so deep. Jerri was turned onto it (channelling) by reading the Seth Material! It’s fabulous!! Let me give you some Abe quotes…
    Here is there website:
    One of my favorite feel good videos:

    Setting your vibrational tone
    Enjoy! Must be talking to an angel!

    • Thanks, Shawna. I look forward to enjoying these. A lot of readers have considerable trouble perceiving a departed loved one when their hearts are heavy with grief. I think it may be at least in part because that grief lowers their vibration. Discarnate spirits have a higher vibration, well outside the visible spectrum so they must lower their vibration to manifest to us. It’s harder for them to match our vibration when it’s rock bottom. So maybe learning how to set their vibrational tone will help these bereaved??? What do you think?

  • Hi Elisa,
    I just typed up this long reply and then when I hit reply I forgot to put my e-mail address in. Go Shawna! lol Well, since I do not believe in coincedences I think I was supposed to send you this instead. I was remembering something I watched in my DVD The Teachings of Abraham: The Master Course Video by Esther and Jerry Hicks so I had to go watch it and transcribed part of it here for you (not in exact words but what I thought maybe Erik wanted me to share with you) 😉
    The Chapter titled: The profound grief when one’s child dies? Abraham channeled through Esther answers…
    When they re-emerge into non-physical they are not in our physical experience anymore and now instead of focusing on who they now are the full positive energy…you focus on the absence of them…as you focus on the absence that you want the vibrations are contradictory…and what we want you to hear from us and what we know you can hear easily is that that is what your emotional guidance system is…you can’t look at the absence of it without feeling bad…and what they know they want back they can’t have back…and the more they focus on the absence of it the worse they feel…time often helps but they could feel immediate relief if by making an effort to move up the emotional scale and by acknowledging that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS DEATH, THAT NO ONE EVER CEASES TO BE AND THAT THE VIBRATION OF THIS PERSON THAT IS MISSING FROM THEIR LIFE IS STILL AN ACTIVE VIBRATION THAT THEY DO HAVE ACCESS TO; BUT THEY’VE GOT TO GET ON THE SAME VIBRATIONAL WAVELENGTH IN ORDER TO HAVE ACCESS TO IT…this person that has transitioned they have full and active view of you, they are offering full blocks of thought, they are looking to find someway to interact with you in some meaningful way, but for most humans in their grieving state it bounces off of them…because they have their radio dial set to 630AM while the other frequency is set to 100.3FM and thiers just not a match up of frequencies…so they key is to do the best at feeling as good as you can as fast as you can…we would recommend distaction…focusing on other things that don’t hurt quite so much in the beginning and we have to tell you that we don’t know anyone who truly solves this issue of grief who does not understand that YOU ARE ETERNAL BEINGS…once you get it that you are eternal and once you get it that their is no distance between you and your dearly departed…because they have not departed that far…they are an active vibration that you have access too…and you can train yourself into clear reception of them…EVERYTHING IS ABOUT VIBRATION. 😉
    Wow-I know that was a lot. I hope that helps and helps others. I highly recommend that DVD it’s really long though. What I was also going to say in my first rant was I was also reading another blog yesterday that had to do with your vibrations and I thought it was kind of interesting so I’ll share it here too…
    Dealing with Change by Christina Lunden
    Love & Light,

    • Dang, Girl! That’s exactly what Erik’s been saying! It feels completely right, too. Can you feel differences in your vibration levels depending on your mood? I’ll check out the link, too. Thanks, Shawna!

  • Shawna

    You’re very welcome. Too cool! Don’t ya just love synchronicity! :)I’ve really been feeling in the flow here lately. Glad that maybe that is what Erik wanted me to tell you. The day that I wrote this was the day that I thought I kind of sensed him around me. 😉
    Oh yea, I can feel the differences in my vibrations levels depending on my mood big time. Don’t you? That’s why it’s important to be a deliberate creator (as Abraham would say) and you set your tone. It’s just easier said than done but we can do it! You have to really be the master of your thoughts and emotions.
    Hope to send you some good vibrations!
    Love & Light,

  • Todd

    I wonder what Erik, or anyone in the spiritual realm watches on TV? Are they watching shows from the Earth plane?

    • Ha! I don’t know! Hopefully not reruns of the Three Stooges, but I bet they create any program they want. The God Theory has been interesting especially the part about how they create reality with their thoughts (as we do also, but more slowly.) He talks about intelligent subtraction. Cool stuff.

  • Sheryl

    Elisa, I am very scientific minded like you, but am also amazed by the scientific proof out there that physical matter really breaks down to simply energy and/or INFORMATION… consciousness, an idea. Our reality is kind of like the Matrix, an experience for us to grow, but not really there. Have you read The Hidden Face of God by Gerald Schroeder? Kind of heavy, quantum mechanics, molecular biology etc. but very close to PROOF of the spirit world and the extension of consciousness beyond the body. Just thought I’d recommend it, it has helped me try to grasp why we are here, who we really are, and given me hope that my loved one continues to exist and is waiting for me… Best of luck to you and thank you for your blog

    • I love stuff like this, thanks!!

  • Yahaira

    Uy Uy Uy… since I started reading this page 3 day ago i can feel an energy around me, I mean always feel it and think is my cousin will or my friend Tre (who was a channeler and pass of a heart attack in march) Any way I can only read afeter my baby and fiance are in bed so im alone maybe is just me. ;).. Love the comments wowo so many caring people . LOVE It. Elisa thank you so much. I cant thank you enough. I feel this is going to change my entire life, just reading here and waiting for erik’s answer… I have been needing answers but cant pay for a session really. So i really appreciate this opportunity. GOD BLESS!

    • Hey Yahaira, So glad you’re part of our little family now! If you feel energy around you, it’s probably not you! It’s probably one of your guides, a departed loved one, or maybe even Erik. Do you get intense goosebumps on part of your body, especially an arm, leg, scalp?

  • Bruz

    Erik says Tom has a “business” in the afterlife. Why would there be any businesses when whatever you want is just a thought away? No need for money, buying/selling, etc… so how is there any “business”?

    • You can have businesses without earning money–helping souls cross over, helping budding musicians,, etc. Some people even enjoy a mock business. For example, if someone was a baker in life or they always wanted to be one, they can do so. They don’t have to take money.

  • Jan Drake Bakke

    That was amazing!! I did not know that they have full lives over there like marriage and kids and cooking and etc. But why not. Of course they do and have even more. I am so glad to hear that. Erik is so happy and really all he needed was to listen. He sees that. Wow!! Very nice!!xo

  • Elizabeth Aspen

    Wait, so he has a leather couch. So, God doesn’t mind his creatures being slaughtered so Erik can have a fancy couch made out of their skins? This whole thing makes no sense.

  • You can manifest anything in the afterlife. If you want a leather couch, you think of one and the thought creates it. You don’t need to kill an animal to do that. Elizabeth, I feel one part of you is open minded and another part of you is not. I used to be there and I learned that eventually I had to let go of the criticism and scorn in order to open my mind. That’s what quantum physicists are finally doing to build the bridge between spirituality and science. Thank god they didn’t continue to have their heads stuck in their asss

    • EA

      someone will have to do the deed of killing to “create” the leather. Leather is leather, lady!

      And i’d still like to know how that is allowed to happen over there??? i’m sure Liz still does too.

      Don’t get nasty w/me either please, it’s just i’m baffled at this question; we can’t answer.

  • Julia

    WOW! This sounds so comforting, esp with Tom, HE HAS NOW what he couldn’t have on the earthly plane.

  • Ethan Matthews

    Elisa, did what Erik say about the gift card for Michelle mean anything for you?

    • Yes!

      • Ethan Matthews

        So it was accurate that you were “wondering about” the gift card for Michelle? And you never told anyone about it before this channeling session, not even on Facebook?

      • Nope, it was accurate!

  • ‘Erik, who are my guides?’

    “You have 56 of them. They’re organizing together to help you write a book. They say you’re going to do all the channeling yourself.”

    Really? Why that number? Did that seem right to you? That’s really interesting.

  • Ethan Matthews

    Elisa, when Erik was little did he “puff out my chest so I would look like, you know, so I would look bigger”? Also, was the confidential information something that Kim could not have know about? Was it accurate?

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