Little Japanese Waving Cat

I love this Erik Encounter. It may be short, but it’s sweet! Check out the video at the end.

I gave a maneki-neko, one of those cheesy Japanese waving cats (about 6 inches / battery ran), to my partner for the Holidays. I had bought a very cheap one, but I pulled it apart to spray it in mate black to make it look nice, because he wanted one like that forever. After giving it to him, it has been on a side table waving away next to the sofa. Last night I reached to get something in that side of the sofa (not on the table) and the little paw stopped right at that very moment. I thought the battery died or the cat broke because I pulled it apart days before, and I figured, Oh well, I lost 5€. But no, I moved its little paw and it started back again. The next morning it was still doing working properly, but I did find odd that it had stopped the night before at the precise moment I was looking at it.
When it happened, I immediately thought Erik had something to do with it. That he finally made himself known to me because in the previous days I’ve yelling at him in my car saying: Talk to me, man, talk to me!!!!

He finally did. Thanks buddy!

Waving Cat

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  • Paulette Roberts

    Does he mess with fire alarms that people stick on their walls and ceilings?

  • Robyn Grace

    There was a woman who lived across the hall from me a few years back and had taken her (physical) life on the same day as did Robin Williams. I didn’t know her well as she was very private and I can be quite socially shy. She was around the same age and after she had died, I wished I had made the effort to ask her how she was doing especially as it was obvious her mental health was not balanced.

    Anyway, 3 days after she died, the smoke detector went off in my apt at about 10 am. That thing never goes off even if I completely burn toast, wave incense at it or have forgotten to set the timer when baking. Then the next day it went off at 4 am. I bolted (jolted is more like it) out of bed and ‘yelled’ in my mind, “Guides! Please help this spirit find her way home. I do not allow this to happen here any longer.” It has not happened since. I strongly sense it was a message (or prank) from my neighbour. I’ve no doubt Erik can do–and has done–the same kind of thing here and there for others. 🙂

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