All Lives Matter, Part Five

I’ve been meaning to tell you this story for weeks now, but I keep forgetting. When I was in North Carolina visiting Kristina and Houston, we ended up at a place to buy more wine. The clerk was looking down at some papers, then asked for my ID, but when he looked up at my face, he started laughing and said, “Oh sorry!”  At first, I was flattered because it’s been decades since I’ve been carded, but that’s only because he hadn’t seen my wrinkles and just heard my voice, which sounds on the young side. But when he laughed–and I mean belly laughed–talk about the wind leaving your sails! Haha. Actually, that wasn’t all that great a story. I think you just had to be there. Another thing I noticed recently is how when I’m on a website that asks for my date of birth, I furiously have to flick the digital wheel to get to all the way down to 1955! Feeling my age lately, I guess. 

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Here’s the last of the All Lives Matter series. Tomorrow, I’ll post Patrick’s channeling of Carrie Fisher and her mom, Debbie Reynolds. Talk to you guys tonight!

Me: Well, let me ask you one more question, any of you three guys. Do you have any final, important message or piece of advice? You can answer this individually or together. Whatever you want.

Robert (smiling): Rodney King just came in.

Me: Oh, okay! Hi, Rodney!

Rodney (very politely): Hi, Dr. Medhus. They asked me to come in because well, I’m just cool!

We both laugh.

Me: “I’m cool like that!”

Rodney: No, seriously. I agree with what everybody quoted. We just gotta get along. We just gotta get along. That’s all I got to say, and that’s all we got to say. It’s just as simple as that.

Me: Okay. Anything from Martin Luther King, Jr.? Does he have anything to say? Is he around? I think the world would really listen to him. He had such a wonderful message of connection and togetherness and peace.

Robert (grinning widely): Aw, his energy is making me smile. He just puts off this reverence.

(Long pause as Robert listens)

MLK: The thing I’ll say to you, Dr. Medhus, that I’m most proud of is that the work I did was built on the work that the people before me did, and the work that I and others after me is built on all of that. Everything we do, as a society, is being less focused on one of two specific kinds of individuals. We’re all becoming that light now. People like myself, like Gandhi, like Mother Teresa, like Medgar Evars, all of them, they were there, and they were meant to be that light to help ignite that in other people.

Medgar Evars? I guess he taught us how not to be.

Me: Do you have a message for the African American community and the police officers?

MLK: To my community, our community because it’s yours, too, I would say that you must remember that you are light. Don’t let that light burn out. It can’t burn out anyway, but always remember that it can’t. Even if you think it has, it hasn’t.

Me: I like that. What about a message for the police officers all over the world?

(Long pause)

Robert: I’m sorry. I’m trying to pick up on him, but Erik’s chiming in, too!

Robert laughs.

MLK: What I would say to my—

Robert: What? I’m sorry. Erik, be quiet!

Me: Erik!

MLK: What I would say to my brothers in blue is to remember that we do love you. It’s just that things are broken right now. They’re in the process of mending. They’re broken with you; they’re broken with us; they’re broken in society, but that’s all going to be healed, and whether you know it or not, there are a lot of people that support you.

Me: Good. That’s awesome.

MLK: I understood when I was coming up that you had to work with those people who were there to—the people who in that day you’d label and the ones who are in power—you have to work with them. You can’t come at them with this attitude of, “You know, you work for me.” We work for each other.

Me: Oh, I like that! Thanks, everyone. I think this has been an interesting session. I thought it would be a big downer, but it’s given me a message of hope. It’s hard to imagine how we’ll get there so quickly, but hopefully we’ll try. Just remember, everybody, that we are all human beings first, and we’re all a part of the collective. Anything you do to hurt another person will hurt you, too because you are also a part of that collective.

Robert: That’s right. I am you; you are me, all a part of family.

Robert laughs.

Me: There we go! Bye, Erik. I love you, and thank you so much, Robert. I almost called you Roger! What the heck?

Robert (chuckling): Roger!

Me: A Roger must be thinking about you or something! Bye everyone!

Erik (waving his hand): Bye, Mom.

Me: Bye, sweetie. Come visit.

Erik: Of course, but I’m always there.

Me: I know.

Erik: In your ear.

Me: In my ear. There we go.

Robert: He’s talking about giving you a wet Willie.

Me: Oh god, no. Please don’t. No thank you. Bye, everybody.

R.I.P. Rodney King

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  • Amy Olson

    I’m curious about the comment about Medgar Evers….he was killed for his activism. Why should we learn “NOT” to live like him?? Please respond Elise.

    • T Diaz

      I have the same question, tyty.

    • kandake27

      Right, I’m curious too, because Medgar evers was a civil rights activists who worked to overturn segregation at the University of Mississippi. If anything, he was a martyr and an example of perseverance in the face of a system that was against him.

    • I got confused about who Evans was.

  • Andrés Acosta Escobar

    Would like to ask Erik: How can you connect to someone that doesn’t know you (or barely knows you) and talk to him or her somehow? Is this possible? I continuously get this feeling that I couldn’t tell people what I wanted to share with them, because of external circumstances or luck.

  • That comedian from today’s radio show. Could you give me his website? His name is Joey.

    • I think it’s but I’m going to ask him again. I think this is him: Erik’s right. He IS raw and I love that!

      • I only got to a chinese website. i have tried to look him up but i dont get the website. hope he sees this.

      • mia

        type in ‘Joey Herman comedian’

  • Yes!

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