Love, Part One

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Robert: Hey there.

Me: Hi, Robert. How are you doing?

Robert: I’m fine. I’m nervous today!

He chuckles.

Me: Uh oh. It’s not because of me, is it? I’m not that scary looking, am I?

Robert: No, it’s not because of you!

Me: Maybe Erik’s been getting on your nerves lately!

Robert: He always gets on my nerves!

He laughs.

Me: Well, what do you think it is?

Robert: I just get that way sometimes before a session because sometimes they’re will be a lot of energy around me, and it kind of amps up my nervous system.

Me: Oh, yeah. I can imagine.

Robert: So then I’ll get nervous and stuff.

Me: Getting all that out through channeling is going to help.

Robert: It always does, yeah.

Me: That’s awesome.

Robert: Because I find that [the energy] will build up.

Me: Well, I want to say hi to my boy. Hi, Erik!

Erik: Hi, Mom.

Me: How are you doing?

Erik: I’m always fantastic.

Me: I know! Who wouldn’t be over there?

Erik: You know, I’ve been talking about you to everyone over here.

Me: Uh oh. They’re all lies!

Robert and Erik laugh.

Me: Tell me about that. What have you been saying?

Erik: We’ve just been talking about how wonderful you are.

Damn, I walked straight into that one!

Me: Aw, that’s so sweet!

Erik: There are not too many human beings that can experience the loss that you have and be able to do what you’ve done.

Me: Yeah. Well, it’s not easy.

Robert: I was talking about Erik earlier today to a friend of mine. He changed my life!

Robert laughs in amazement of his transformation.

Me: Aw, that’s so awesome.

Robert: It might be strange for some people to hear that, but you know how it was when you first met me. I was pretty frail, and things were pretty bad. I had health issues and stuff.

At that point, he didn’t want to continue living. He was in a very dark place.

Robert: So I was telling this friend about how he talked me through the whole thing, about how things were going to get better. And he was so patient with me because I can be, well, I had gone through so much that I kind of went into my shell, you know?

Me: Yeah.

Robert: It was difficult to get through to me sometimes. I still have issues with that, but I had never experienced a person like that in spirit. Everything changed for the better, and everything he said to me came true.

Me: Isn’t that something?

Robert: I guess the whole reason I’m saying that is because we had one session telling everyone to express their appreciation for you, and that’s part of what we were talking about earlier. He says how everyone appreciated you, but I think now we should put something in there that people can share what Erik has done for them, you know?

Me: Yeah.

So proud of my son.

Me: He’s transformed so many lives, 180 degrees. I almost said, ‘He’s changed their lives 360 degrees!’

Robert: That would be back to the start!

Robert laughs.

Me: I know! Okay, 180.

Robert: I used to say that until I realized what that meant! But yeah, people should put that in the comments.

Or click on the “Share Your Praise” button on the right hand sidebar of the homepage.

Robert: And it’s in line with what we’re going to talk about today because Erik is wanting to talk about love.

Me: Yeah, I thought that’d be a perfect segue! What is love, really?

Robert: Right. What is love? What does it do?

Me: Stop growling, Bella.

Robert: She’s a fierce young lady. Talk about love. She’s like a little love bucket.

Me: I know!

Robert (chuckling): I love her!

Erik: Mom, love is the thing that we’re all made of. If you want to look at it as something physical, it’s what creates the structure of everything. That structure isn’t possible without connections. You have to have connection, and those connections then enable the structure to form either through conscious thoughts or physical form or whatever. It’s the enabler of everything. Without it, we wouldn’t exist.

Me: Wow.

Erik: We call it love, as human beings, because we associate it with connection to family, friends, romantic connections, all of those things. Ultimately, what that’s doing is forming a structure.

There’s a lot of noisiness in the house.

Me: Wait, I’m trying to text people to be quiet. HEY YOU GUYS, BE QUIET UP THERE! I’M HAVING A SESSION FOR THE FREAK OF LOVING GOD! Okay.

Erik: Love itself forms a structure, so when we talk about the different labels that we put on it as human beings whether it’s familial love for your family or for your friends and romantic love. What’s that all doing? It’s creating a structure, a social structure in that instance, but it’s also the thing that enables everything to exist. And it does so unconditionally. It doesn’t say, “This can exist, and that cannot.” So it enables everything.

Robert: About a year or so ago, I was asking Erik and other spirits this, what is love? I was wondering that because it’s such an abstract thing, and he said, “Well, I’ll show you.” That’s where the whole structure thing came from. He showed me this whole network of cords running everywhere. If you look at it up close, it just looks like a bunch of cords going everywhere, but then they kind of zoomed out—and they were a silver color—and when they did, you could see that it was forming something. It was really fascinating.

Me: Forming what?

Robert: It just depended on the circumstances. In that instance, it looked like the universe. I’ve seen pictures before where they’ve shown how the universe looks very similar to the brain networking and stuff.

Erik: That’s the real cool thing about it, too. If you look at the universe itself, you’ll see a pattern emerge. Everything seems to follow a certain pattern.

Me: Energetic patterns, yeah.

Erik: Energetic patterns that you see in physical forms.

Robert: I think he might have said this before, about how, when you look at an atom, it looks like a little miniature solar system, and you can scale that up to the universe, which looks like a brain.

Erik: You wouldn’t be able to recognize those patterns at all if you didn’t have the structure, which is love.

Me: Yeah, everything is so highly patterned, even our bodies. They look amorphous or whatever, but down to the atoms, it’s highly patterned. Everything is highly patterned. All energy is. It’s got its own very unique pattern of vibrational frequency and everything. There’s a lot of physics behind all of this.

Erik: Absolutely. And another thing I want to talk about, Mom, is how, when we connect with someone like a loved one or a pet, even a material thing, the hardest things for people to get beyond is the loss of that.

Me (somberly): Yeah.

Erik: That’s a very hard lesson. Everybody goes through it.

Me: Yeah, sure.

Erik: Of course, what creates that grief, and it’s a natural response to a connection that’s being transformed, but what will perpetuate a person’s staying stuck in grief is their attachment to what used to be.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: The best way for people to get beyond that is to see that attachment in a different way, not as what was but what was given to them and then to connect to an appreciation of that.

Me: Well, yeah, because before, early on and for a long time, I was missing what used to be. I’d think about Erik when he was little, and I’d think about our intimate conversations together and our hugs and everything, and then I would think about what would never be: grandchildren, a good career, etc. But now I’m in this place where I know I still have a relationship with him. It’s different, but it’s just as real as the one we had together when he was alive.

Erik: And when we go into the appreciation of it, then that can help to, not necessarily completely get rid of the pain of not being able to physically hold that person again—

Me: Oh, yeah. Yeah. That will never completely go away for me.

Erik: Yeah, that will never go away especially with parent and child, but especially mother and child. That connection, for you as a human being, feels like it was completely cut. From our side, it’s not that way. We still always have the connection. So that creates the hurt even when you connect to the appreciation. The appreciation just makes it so that you can find some hope and see a broader side to things, and to see, in my case, how I’ve changed so many people’s lives. Out of all this tragedy that has happened—

Robert (tearing up): This is one of my favorite lines.

Erik: –something beautiful came of it, you know, for a lot of people.

Me (choking up): Yeah, including Erik. Erik, you’re happy now for the first time. Well, maybe not for the first time, but…

Erik: I’m just unencumbered. In life, I was encumbered. I’m not encumbered anymore, so I can be who I really am. I couldn’t be that way in life. When I hit adolescence, things started to change. When I was a kid, that’s how you see me now.

Me: You were so happy all the time! Just so happy.

Erik: That’s the way I am now. We go back to the way we were as children, but we have this side of us that’s like an adult. That’s another key when it comes to loving everything and creating connections. You have to know how to meld those two side: the childlike side with the wise adult side.

Me: Yeah, I see both in you. But the realization that we still have a relationship even though it’s different and that you are happy and transforming so many lives, including Robert’s, has gone a long way to heal me. Not completely, of course. That will probably never happen until after I cross over. I want to suggest to everybody who has lost an animal companion or loved one that you can continue to have that relationship. They’re not gone forever. They just don’t have a body and are in a different dimension. That’s the long and short of it.

Robert: Yeah, Erik was just quoting something my guides have said a long time ago when I was a kid, not just for me, but for everybody.

Erik: Life is painful. It’s difficult. There’s going to be a lot of loss. There are going to be things you don’t want to accept, but if you’re going to get through your lives, including the one you’re living now, you have to find something in that loss that’s valuable. Then you have to take that and turn it into something beautiful. The value you find in that loss is that beautiful thing.

Me: There is always value in pain.

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Even a painful childhood. Through my childhood full of abuse, I became more assertive, more compassionate, and I became a much better mother than I probably would have been otherwise. I’m super nurturing much to the annoyance of my kids.

Robert laughs. He knows.

Me: Especially when I ask them to sit in my lap. They don’t like that very much, especially when it’s in front of their friends, but whatever. It’s a mom’s right! I heard that—and maybe it’s just with sons—you can find a son’s DNA in the mother after she gives birth.

Robert: Yeah, I read that, and the son’s DNA is also found in the mother.

Me: That’s what I said. So the mother’s DNA is also in each cell of the son?

Robert: Yeah, I think it was in the mitochondria.

Me: Oh, the mitochondrial DNA?

Robert: Mm hm. I think so.

Me: Not with daughters, then?

Robert: I read the same article, and I don’t think they could tell with daughters. There’s too much similarity, I guess, but with males they could tell.

Me: I don’t know if it would affect the grief or not.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. Rune, Arleen, Bella and I are going camping in Galveston! Hopefully the sun will continue to heal me! For those of you enduring or bracing for harsh weather, I’ll pray for you. Please be careful!

Here are some powerful quotes:

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Elisa Medhus

  • KickAsh Artistry

    My husband smacked me with wanting a divorce a couple weeks ago. It’s not the same loss as mentioned here, but this helps me to try to look at it in a different perspective. 🙂 Thanks.

    • Oh I’m so sorry! You’ll no doubt find someone who understands the treasure you are.

  • Stacy M

    I am so grateful for Erik and Elisa and Robert — everyone on the Channeling Erik team. After a sudden death of someone very close to me, the blog, the videos, etc. helped me dust myself off and transform my life into something better than I could have every imagined. In each of Erik’s posts, there is at least one transformational nugget to be mined. I send all my love to all of you.

  • T Diaz

    A great blog today! Also really loving the quotes posted at the end. I was thinking about how one’s attachment to a person that’s passed on can also be about “unfinished business,” things unresolved while the person was living. It’s some consolation to consider that what’s left unfinished will be resolved once we get to the other side. I give a daily “shout out” to Erik before I meditate, and I’m grateful for the mantra he gave me through Kim at the CE conference in Denver last June. It’s still a bit challenging for me to fully take to heart just yet, but I love what he shared with me through Kim. It was so kind and non-judgmental. That’s what I’m most grateful to Erik for.

    • T Diaz

      P. S. Just watched the video and glad the tissues were right next to me! Sent it along to my parents 🙂

    • What’s the mantra? (Or is it a private one?)

      • T Diaz

        Kind of private but will email it to ya.

  • Ginger Nelson-Kellar

    Erik has changed my life completely…he is my angel..he is my friend…he is my confidant…after going through some great loss over the past year and starting to channel at the same time(thank god) i connected with Erik before my mom..grandparents..God..etc! He is still with me often and helping me with my growth and healing..channeling can be very demanding but he brings a new perspective to it for me…he lightens it when it gets heavy, he makes me laugh when things get to serious..he makes me cry when i miss him and he knows it and just shows up. I love him dearly..I wish i had more time to visit on channelingerik but i’ve been crazy busy learning from my guides about everything and anything to do with Ascension/Revelation…etc etc. I will be channeling soon for work also like Robert and Jamie and i can’t wait! I love doing it for friends and so far its been a great success…Erik is usually there to help 🙂 Thanks again Elisa for sharing your beautiful son and light , Ginger

    • Keep us posted. :et me know when you want to do a session on Skype for me to post.

  • Lorri Lewis

    I hate to think of Robert not wanting to go on. He’s a wonderful person.

    Elise, most would not be able to turn such a monumental (physical) loss into something to help others to the extent you have.

  • Marj

    I can totally relate. When my dad passed away in 2005 it was too painful for me because i just couldn’t go home. The day he died, he came to me in a dream and dance with me for the last time. many more unexplainable things happened after that. That’s when i start to realize that they are not really gone. They’re love and connection will always be there. That is what started me to read more about the afterlife etc….and i thank people like you Elisa, Robert and Erik for all the wonderful things that you do. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  • Nancy Antia

    Elisa, thank you for this lovely post! Every time you or Erik – as he did this time- say that if there’s no pain, there’s no gain and that we should find the sunny side of our losses, I feel a profound disappontment and even a sort of instant depression. Deep inside me I know you’re right but I still would prefer a different way of learning my lessons. That’s one of the reasons I stayed away from the Catholic faith and the Catholic Church. They say the road to heaven is paved with your own blood and put the accent on the fact that it does you good.
    My question for Erik, in case you had the chance to ask him, is the following: Will there come a time (earth linear time) when we, human beings, won’t need pain and suffering any more in order to learn our lessons? Thank you!

    P.S: Erik started helping me in November 2.009 when he showed up at the DVD rental store where I was at the request of my son Santi. He’s never stopped helping me since through his wisdom and humor. I know that I have them both, Erik and Santi in case I get one of those difficult transitions. Hope not, though.

    • I know. Can’t we just get a memo sent to us? I’ll ask your question. If you want, you can submit it as an Ask Erik question. You’ll get the answer quicker. I just called out for questions so email me yours if you want.

      • Nancy Antia

        OK. I will. Thank you, Elisa!

  • Ted Roberts

    Hi Elisa 🙂

    I am hoping you can help me

  • Sarah

    I was healed this morning by Erik, I asked for healing in general from my guides, waking at 4:30am and I had a dream after falling back to sleep of that of a glowing white rainbow Orb healed me throughout my body and it was like being in complete bliss… I was unsure what/where it was coming from and Erik appeared. I awoke right at 6am on the dot! Opened my eyes to the clock at 6am. I could still feel the residual energy and with tears in my eyes I thanked Erik. I was shocked b/c as of I know I’m not gravely Ill so I was grateful that he made an appearance… Thank you Erik! I am grateful to my Guides and to you as well my friend!

    • I could have used some of that healing last week, Erik! Next time, I’ll ask!

  • Marie

    Love this part: “Life is painful. It’s difficult. There’s going to be a lot of loss. There are going to be things you don’t want to accept, but if you’re going to get through your lives, including the one you’re living now, you have to find something in that loss that’s valuable. Then you have to take that and turn it into something beautiful. The value you find in that loss is that beautiful thing.”

  • Cheryl

    I’m playing catch up with my Erik channelings. I’ll tell ya what.. I have lost a ton of people in my life but… I suffered with my cousin’s death the most. My husband and I were talking about it being “my one” that kind of puts everything else in perspective. It totally did. He was my best friend and more of a brother to me then a cousin because, of the way our life played out. It took me a while to accept what happened. Even though I had other loved ones dieing, it didn’t really hit me as bad as when my cousin died. Didn’t mean I cared for them or loved them ANY less.. it just is what it is. But he also visited me in a dream, and that’s where this particular channeling session Really comes into play. I still remember waking up and feeling this overwhelming sense of love, you don’t forget something like that. That’s how I’ve always explained the feeling, & I’m sticking to it! Lol Honestly though, I have no clue how else I could explain what I felt.. It was crazy.. It wasn’t like anything I’ve ever felt before.. You know how you look at someone you love, and you get that warm butterfly feeling and just smile thinking about how much you love them. It was kinda like that, but exaggerated a hundred times stronger. Almost like, if you took all the love you have ever or will ever feel for someone, made it into an energy ball, and threw it at someone! It was intense! I actually felt like I had to recuperate from it! I remember after having that visitation dream and feeling that love… Things started to click, like a domino affect. He told me during the dream that ,the love I had for him keeps us connected. It keeps him going. This session is total validation for what I experienced & the message that was passed on to me. That love, that connection, Never dies, it just evolves. I would even go as far as saying it’s part of what connects us all, in one way or another. I think there are a few different facets for it, and I feel it’s also different for everyone. Even though my cousin used a few words and a strong feeling of emotion to give me this message.. It was much deeper than that. I had this outrageous understanding, that I had a really hard time explaining to others afterwards. But this session sums it up beautifully!

  • Marina Nelson

    “The best way for people to get beyond that is to see that attachment in a different way, not as what was but what was given to them and then to connect to an appreciation of that.”
    “And when we go into the appreciation of it, then that can help to, not necessarily completely get rid of the pain of not being able to physically hold that person again—”

    This is so beautiful, Erik, thank you for these words – they are so healing. I saw a dramatic change in my grief – it just began lifting, being replaced with love and peace – after I decided to feel grateful and blessed for being able to be a mother to my son even though my motherhood lasted less than 24 years.

    • Nancy Antia

      I lost my only child when he was 23… I can relate to what you said. Thanks!

      • Hugs

      • Nancy Antia

        Thank you! God only knows how much I need those hugs.

      • Marina Nelson

        Please accept my love and compassion, Nancy. Yes, I lost my only child Alexander one year ago when he was 23 too.

      • Nancy Antia

        Thank you! My heart goes out to you for your loss. We say “loss” but Erik has told us many, many times that we haven’t lost them. I assure you our sons are alive, well and even more alive than you and I. Are you in Facebook? I’d love to be your friend there too. Blessings!

    • {{{HUGS}}}}

      • Marina Nelson

        Thank you, Elisa, for having me here and for sharing your beautiful communication with Erik with the world. It’s helping me so much to deal with my tragedy and Erik, for sure, has a wonderful gift of lightening things up. Love to both of you, from the bottom of my heart.

      • Sending love back!

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