Praise for Our Boy

Rune and I have decided to extend our vacation for one more day so that Michelle, Nicholaus and baby Easton can spend tonight through Tuesday at the campsite. We leave for Houston Monday around noon, so they can have the rest of the time by themselves without a couple of old fogeys hanging around. After all, it’s their first anniversary tomorrow. Congratulations, you two!

Enjoy these heartwarming stories of praise for Erik. They make me so happy and proud!

Story #1

I ran across your page by no accident I am sure..I have several friends who have loss children ….boys around the age of 20..I will share with each of them….Each of the boys have come to me in visions and dreams…They have shown me the beauty of the afterlife that I wish everyone could feel and see….I am so glad Erik has shared with you and you are sharing with others….Some will embrace your stories others will not be ready…know that you are making a difference in the lives that are ready…A message was given to me during one of the dreams that I want to place here…………………* Do not mourn me for I am not gone…I have only been given my Wings which make me invisible to the Material Eye…Believe and you can Hear me..Open your Mind and You will See….Love Conquers All *…………..You are helping people Hear and See…Thank You …and Thanks so much to Erik…xoxo

Story $2

Dear Erik, thank you for your honest account about your life after death. I am a mum who lost her son to suicide nearly 3 years ago. He was only 19 years old and a wonderful person. We will never know why he decided to take his own life – we were left with no clues, no notes, no messages, no signs- and that really hurts. However, reading your book has given me comfort knowing that he truly can be himself in the afterlife. I know he is much happier now as I have had contact with him through a medium here in England. You remind me a lot of him, and in a funny sort of way, I actually feel quite close to you. I am so glad that you and your mum have maintained a strong relationship, one that is enviable. When I read your conversations, I pretend that it is me and my son and it is really comforting. We too would have conversations like you and your mum do. I miss that here on Earth.

Your book was a great read – it gave me a feel for the afterlife. I understand that it is pretty difficulty to put things exactly into words and that us humans also need good imaginations and insight. But what I did get from your book, apart from knowledge, was great comfort. It really did make me believe that my son is safe, happy and continuing his ‘life’ the way he wants. what more could a mother ask for (apart from the physical touch and feel). I miss him soooo much but I was always going to, no matter what he was going to do with his life. I struggle some days more than others but I think of you Eric and know that my son is out there too. Check him out for me if you are able and send him my love (very human thing to say I know!! – but you get my drift!). Thank you again Erik.

From a very grateful mum x

Love this photo. I captures his Erikness so well.

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