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I picked up my little grand daughter from the bus stop yesterday, and the first thing she did was drop her backpack, grab a Post-Note and write this. It gives new meaning to the phrase, “Out of the mouth of drunks and and children.” Since the age of 18 months, I’ve played a game with her where I ask, “What’s the most important thing? Is it money?” and she says, “No.” Then I ask, “Is it love?” and she says, “Yes.” I guess she remembered that important lesson. I remember asking Erik where she comes from meaning what planet or area like Atlantis, Pleiades, Sirius, Earth, etc., and he said she was split up directly from Source. I also asked what is she here to teach, and he said, “Innocence.” How precious is that? (Unfortunately, she has her grandmother’s handwriting skills!)



I’ll post Part Two of Emotional Resilience tomorrow, but here’s an appropriate post about LOVE. I put this in uppercase because, like Arleen, I believe it’s worth all caps.

Love is the Highest Form of Energy

By Ricardo Rojas

Love is usually defined as a strong affection for another, as a strong regard for and dedication to someone. It could be for our spouse, our family, our friends…

But love can also be seen as a form of energy. We already know that all matter is energy in movement. Even the most solid objects are built from energy. We are surrounded by energy. We ourselves are energy. The source of this energy is love. Love is the highest form of energy.

Energy vibrates at different frequencies. Love forces vibrate at the highest frequency. Forces of inferior kind show lower frequencies. Love has been seen as the greatest energy of life or the unified field of consciousness.

Those who are in love vibrate at high frequency and can get that frequency throughout the mind and emotions just by recalling the feeling of being in pleasant situations with the beloved ones.

The lack of love opens the door to inferior beings that enter with arms charged with negativity, anxiety, fear, sadness, hate, phobia, etc. Love nourishes health. Negative emotions nourish illness.

Love can heal the body, as a bio-field reader shows. The healing love is not really our love. The healing love is unlimited God’s love. We are channels that conduct God’s love energy for healing. Our love energy is limited.

Healing love energy flows through healers’ hands into diseased organs of a sick person’s bodies when healers touch those areas. We do not help others by identifying with other’s pain. We do help them by channeling extra Love energy needed to move them beyond their pain.

Today, when every day is a nightmare for many people, when depression treatments are so in demand, it is good to remember that love energy generates feelings of joy and happiness in both the receiver and the giver. It produces a flow of physical energy that feeds not only the physical body but the entire being. When you smile and people smile back, love energy has been given out and returned.

If we continuously hold only love in our hearts, we will notice whatever is not in alignment with harmony. We may have to deal with our suppressed remorse, resentment, fear or attachment. We need to clean out our subconscious. We have to release all the low frequency energy. With patience and through the regular practice of meditation, we can accomplish this important task.

Prosperity is dependent on having more love in our life. When we love ourselves we are in condition to give love to others. Fear blocks higher energy levels and limits our reserves of love.

As said before, love is the most powerful healing energy and it flows by lovingly touching. Our inability to love ourselves, or to give and receive love from others, is the cause of all illnesses. Love is the best natural cure.

Author Ricardo Rojas is in charge of The Prosperous People site. He is concerned about sharing with others his findings in personal development. Topics as Health, Wealth, Love, Faith and Wisdom are discussed in

Soulmate Love

Romantic Love

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  • T Diaz

    Omigosh, this is such a cool coincidence that I have to share! Just last night, as I was tucking my 12-year-old son into bed, I thanked him for setting aside his IPod and earbuds as he stretched out his arms to give me a hug, and he said, “Well, it’s important.” No kidding! I think his emotional IQ is right up there with your granddaughter’s, Elisa 🙂

  • Mark

    Thank you Elisa for posting Ricardo’s writings on the nature of love.
    I would like to offer some more information on love that may help those who find it resonant in the reading….
    As always with what I post,… please read on with a neutral, relaxed mindset, and an open heart…
    Rather than looking at the information we attract to us from an ”it’s right”
    or ”it’s wrong” perspective,..please simply feel the information provided… Whatever feels light, empowering and expansive is your higher self’s gift to you,..
    If any of the information feels heavy, controlling or troubling… (hopefully it wont)… simply allow it to be what it is without feeling the need to judge it…..
    At the core of our being,.. each and every one of us is pure,.. high vibrational,.. white light energy.. pure consciousness,.. Pure love..
    We are all created as individual expressions of God,.. “The all that is”,…
    We are God expressing him/her self as infinite fractals (individualised aspects) of the one consciousness that is God..,.. and at our core,.. no matter what we believe to be true about ourselves in any moment,.. we are actually the love we are seeking…
    Though we may not realise it in our current lives, we never have been and never can be separated from Gods love,.. for we are it…
    In order to have the experience of incarnating on the earth, we each have chosen a theme to be played out…In fact we are actually playing out many lives with other themes at the same time,.. these are concurrent,.. not past life,.. incarnations happening now…
    The reason is our soul is desiring to exploring as many different themes as it can for it’s own expansion through experience…
    The Core, high vibrational, love consciousness that we each are has agreed to enter these earth lives,.. knowing that in order to have these experiences we must temporarily forgot who we really are,.. slow down our vibration so as to incarnate here,.. and believe that we are something other than god,.. That we are somehow separate from the “All that is”…
    To do so we take on certain limiting beliefs about how reality works,.. who I am,.. who I should become,.. and how things are meant to be in the life of myself and others…
    Non the less,.. My soul self,.. the loving,.. high vibrational,.. white light consciousness that I am in my core being remains exactly that at all times…
    continually expanding through the experiences we each contribute in the life we find our ‘now’ selves (temporarily) within….

    • Mark

      At a certain point,.. it can be different for each of us,.. we may decide in some form to awaken to more of the knowledge of who we truly are..

      When we do so,.. we create the ability to change the way we play the game of illusion and separation,..
      If awakening is what we want to experience… Our higher self ensures it becomes available for us to explore..
      There is no ”right”,.. or ”better” choice in all this,.. as all experience, be it choosing to remember more of the love we truly are, or continuing on in the illusion that we are separated,.. are of equal value to the soul as experiences…
      Believe it or not unconditional love loves every thing,.. All that is,.. even the worst of it… for it will not stand in the way of experience chosen,.. understanding that victims and perpetrators are engaged in co-creating experience at a much higher level of consciousness…

      The Key for those who wish to expand their consciousness and connection to/experience of love then,.. is in discovering and aligning with more and more of their true, inner selves,.. Some call this the higher self…

      This is done by revealing to ourselves the limiting beliefs and definitions that we hold that keep us feeling separated, victimised, disempowered, etc.,..

      Things like ceasing to judge our selves and others,…

      Understanding that at some level we have chosen to have the experiences we do,.. even the most horrific ones,…

      Understanding that “All that is”,.. loves us and supports us unconditionally in all that we choose,… for all choices are of equal value…

      Understanding that being separated from our loved ones who have gone ahead,.. is also something that we have accepted as a temporary part of playing in the earth game..

      Knowing that the feelings of deep loss can be lessened and healed through changing our definitions and beliefs,..

      Through allowing all that is experienced to simply be what it is,.. to release the need to struggle against… and so much more…

      Moving towards the love that we are in our hearts means releasing the old,… limiting,… separating ideas and finding new ones that resonate with that same unconditionally loving,.. non-judgemental,.. higher vibrating feeling that is truly our higher selves showing us the way home…
      Much love,..

  • Nancy Antia

    Please tell me, Elisa, was your grandaughter what we call an angel before she came to earth this time? Is this her first incarnation? Thank you!

    • Yes, from what Erik says on the eBoard.

      • Nancy Antia

        She’s a true gift. You’re lucky!

      • Yes I am. I look at her with love and wonderment every day. On the eBoard, I asked Erik what she was here to teach our family and he spelled “innocence.”

      • Carmel

        Hi, Elisa Speaking of Angels. my young grandson who has just turned six , has a rare genetic syndrome called Dravet , this syndrome means he has uncontrolled seizures and is on so much medication since he was 6 months old. He lost his daddy , my son in 2009 when he was nine months old . Could you ask Erik if hes sees anything in the near future such as a cure for this cruel syndrome . xo

      • Sure I will, but I have to finish with the book and the other questions on the list. Yours is in queue. If you want an answer right away, you should use one of Jamie’s small group channeling calls. She has three types, and all would be appropriate. You can also sign up for the trance channeling event coming up and ask Erik your question then.

      • Nancy Antia

        I was wondering why you chose to ask Erik on the eBoard instead of when you speak to him through Jamie or Robert. I feel innocence is one of the purest states of being of the soul. I hope to meet Arleen one day. Blessings.

      • It’s just fun. It’s like I’m talking directly to him and my hand is touching his as he moves the planchette.

      • Nancy Antia

        You’re so advanced in the knowledge of the afterlife Elisa! There’s a lot I haven’t experienced yet.

      • It’s not me! I’m learning just as much as you guys!

  • Channelingmyself

    Love is the answer, England Dan and John Ford Coley.

  • cyndi wilkins

    Oh my goodness, this is an adorable post:) Arleen’s little post-it note brought a tear to my eye….My daughter’s choir just had their Christmas festival and the last song of the evening was a heartfelt tribute to one of their peers that passed away over the summer…There wasn’t a dry eye in the church…I felt like my heart was going to explode in my chest! ” Is Love Alive” was the name of the song….Judging by the reaction to it I would say YES INDEED!!

  • Amanda Grieme

    Oh Elisa… I haven’t had the chance to read lately. I’m enjoying catching up so vastly. But this entry, in particular… slays me… in such a beautiful way! Thank you. LOVE ISSSS IMPORTANT, Arlene! My little River Reminds me of that every day!!! xo

    • Aren’t children amazing? Too bad we sometimes suck the spirituality out of them.

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