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I have a question for you guys. I think it would be fun to start having live chats on a regular basis with Erik, Jamie and me. First, what do you think about that idea? Second, what format would you prefer: Twitter chat, Reddit, Facebook, or YouTube? I think YouTube has some sort of live chat. It would be ideal to have a way to archive the chats so that people who weren’t able to join the live sessions could listen to them later. I’m not very good with this stuff so your guidance would be appreciated.

It’s also time to make Channeling Erik more fun. Let’s start by having exciting little contests. Our first one will be for all orb submissions, photos or videos. Do your research on what constitutes a real orb vs. those that occur from dust, ash from burning candles, or refractive anomalies. The contest will start today and end in two weeks. Email your orbs to me (, but know that I will not comment on them mostly because I get 100s of emails a day and don’t have time to reply to them all. 🙁 I will have an independent group (that excludes me) judge and vote on each entry. The prize is an autographed copy of my book, My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations from the Other Side. v

Speaking of the book, I’d like to remind you all of the following:

1) It’s a great holiday present. What better gift than one that can transform the life of someone you love?

2) Missing your loved one? This book will bring you more comfort than a cup of warm cider by the fireplace. You also may know a friend or family member who has a rough time grieving over the holidays. This book will give them hope that their loved one is not really gone.

3) As you know, I refuse all donations and ad revenue. Many of you have tried to encourage me to change my mind about this, but I can’t. However, buying the book for yourself or others will help me create that nonprofit organization I’ve always dreamed about. That’s the ultimate goal after years of working so hard on the blog. The organization will be run by Jamie and Erik and its goal is to provide relief in many forms to those who grieve but either cannot afford that help or don’t know where to start. I will NOT profit from this book, other than knowing that I’m helping people and that Erik’s death will have some meaning.

4) I don’t want to shamelessly beg.

Here’s the link to Amazon (although it’s available pretty much everywhere.) You can get it as an eBook, a paperback (dur) and an audiobook. I love the audiobook because it’s funny to hear this pretty, young narrator drop F bombs.)


Okay, okay. I know. Enough already. Here’s the post for today. I lumped these two topics together because they’re so short.


Me: According to a blog member, in one of the posts Erik said that love of a parent is the most important. I don’t really remember that one at all! Did you really say that, Erik?

Erik: Yes!

Score one for parents! Yay.

Me: So, when you look at soul mates, is that as important or even important at all? Sometimes we meet our soul mate but we don’t end up together. Is that a free will thing? A destiny thing?

Erik: It’s a free will choice. The reasons I say that the love of a parent is stronger than the love of a twin flame or a –

Me: Oh, I was thinking you were talking about the kid’s love for his parents, but yeah, the parents loving the child, oh gosh, yes!

Erik: Because it’s that relationship that teaches you how to be open and available to love another person.

Me: Hmm!

Erik: You know, your parents are kind of ground zero. Whether they completely fuck you up or send you off with everything, it doesn’t matter. It’s the interaction that you had with them—from them—first that shape how you’re going to interact for the rest of your life.

Me: Mm hm. That’s true.


Me: Why is it that almost every channeled entity out there, Bashar, Seth, Abraham, etc., why are they all presented as males? Why are there no female channeled gurus?

(Long pause)

Jamie bursts out into laughter.

Erik: Because we live in a patriarchal society.

Me: Ugh.

Erik: Where the fuck have you been? There are tons of females!

Me: Okay. But so many more are male.

Erik: Thank god I have a dick. Think about it. When this was coming about—when channeling and communication with the afterlife was coming into mainstream again, right? —

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: Cuz it used to be very much there back in the old days, the Greeks, they had gods and goddesses and prophets, and mostly that was matriarchal.

Me: Like the Oracle of Delphi. I think that was a female thing, but I don’t know.

Erik: Back then it was the women who were pure, but now we have a patriarchal society and really for us on this side to know how to get the word out, we’re going to take the easiest route. So, if you believe that men know best and men are stronger and men are leaders, then that’s what we’re fucking going to be.

Me: Ah!

Erik: We’re already entering into your comfort zone of your beliefs. We’re not trying to make you change it. So we can teach you and show you more. It’s not a fool’s game or a trick. It’s giving the masses what they understand the best.

Me: Hmm. Okay. That makes sense.


Remember that there will be a book signing for my book at the Book Passages -Corte Madera bookstore this Sunday at 4:00 so if you live in or around San Francisco, come get a hug!

Also, I might not be able to post until Tuesday because I fly to San Fran tomorrow morning and don’t get back until Monday afternoon. If any of you want to do a guest post, send it to me.




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