Mean Spirits and Cheerleaders

I have a confession. I don’t ordinarily post on the weekends. Mama needs a breather at times. But this is a thinly veiled bribe for those of you who haven’t voted for Channeling Erik in the 2013 Bloggies yet. Today and tomorrow are the last two days, so we’re up against the wire. The instructions, which I pretty much copied and pasted from a previous post our of sheer laziness, are below.

Me: Here’s another question. When will science and the world at large begin to acknowledge things like telepathy, channeling, thought manifesting reality, UFOs, etc.? In other words, when can us “weirdoes” come out of the closet? I love this blog member’s question!

Jamie and I laugh.

Erik: Oh, it’s happening right now! Publications won’t really come out hardcore. They’re underground right now, and to be commonplace, it’ll take 15 years. It’s been happening for five, so if we really wanna hit a huge mark we could realistically say ten, but we’re living in a sped up—

Jamie: You lost me, Erik.

Erik: We’re learning at a more rapid pace than we have before so we’re talking maybe six years.

Me: Okay. Wow. I guess we have time for another question before we end off. Here’s kind of a cute one. “How much could a spirit read in me? If I asked him to, could Erik look into my thought and see my memories, etc. Could I let him feel what I feel?”

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Okay. Well, that’s kind of creepy. Could you do it even if we don’t want you to?

Erik: No. Hell, no. No, man. We’re not here to push boundaries and stuff. That’s what mean spirits do.

Me: But could you do it? Is that just politeness, or is it because you just cannot energetically do it even if you wanted to?

Erik: It’s just out of total respect.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: We can totally push over and do it, but—

Jamie: He just kind of touches his heart.

Erik: —that’s not in my makeup.

Me: Aw. So for spirits, are ideas telepathically communicated as big, multifaceted concepts like that? I mean, what about privacy? Do I control what others see, or is it just based on consideration? Okay. Well I guess you have to expand a little bit.

Erik: No, no. It’s totally based on the level of vibration of the spirit you’re dealing with. Your angels, your guardian angels, all of your angels, all of your guides, all of your family members and everything are extremely respectful. Now, if you are strongly laying down a boundary, and you are saying, “Here are the rules,” your intent, your whatever, then we can’t cross them even if we wanted to.

Me: Okay. Even the mean spirits?

Erik: Yes, even the mean spirits. But as soon as you have a weakness, a crack, they can work at it, and work at it, and work at it, and with persistence we can get through. So, you gotta have a strong belief system.

Me: What would that weakness look like? How would one be weak?

Erik: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You have crazy shit happening in your house, and you don’t like it, and so, you know, you call the priest in and you clear it out and you set some boundaries and blah, blah, blah and you think, “It’s never happening again, and I never want that shit happening,” And then like a week later you go,” But it was pretty entertaining.”

Me: Oh.

Erik: “It would be kind of cool if they did it this way, but they didn’t do that and I like this and I like that.” And they left it open. “It would be cool if they threw the dishes, but they didn’t harm me. It would be pretty cool if they did that, but didn’t’ do that.” Well, you’re resetting the boundaries that you just set with the priest and everything, and so the spirit comes in and goes, “Damn, they think it’s entertaining and there’s joy in it. They’re opening up. I’m going to seize the moment!”

Me: Mm.

Erik: “And I’ll just do a little, and I’ll just do a little to where they’re happy, they’re happy. See, they’re entertained. They show it to their friends. They feel like they’re safe.” Then, six months later, it turns sour, because you didn’t maintain your boundaries. You didn’t show consistency.

Me: Give them an inch, and they’ll take a mile. Well what about other reasons besides the fact that the stuff is going haywire in a house? Those mean spirits can be attracted to people who have cracks open for another reason, right?

Erik: Yep, like sorrow, or maybe they feel like a victim, and they wanna reach out. Maybe they feel lonely, and they feel like no human can understand them, but they find solace in drink or an addiction.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik That right there can leave the door open to spirits. They attach to your energy and enjoy your addictive pattern, or a lot of times the spirit will just hang out with you to encourage you to be an asshole, because they think it’s awesome, and they’re an asshole, too.

Jamie and I giggle.

Erik: And so, it’s just like sometimes you can have a spirit who’s like so happy and such a cheerleader, and they love that you’re that way too, and so they feed off of it, and they also help you be that. You know, it can kind of go for any range of emotions. It’s not really what we deemed to be the bad shit.

Me: So, both of those types can show a lack of respect, look into your thoughts, and ignore your right to privacy?

Erik: They win your trust; they show consistency, and over time they break you down and they just fuck with you.

Me: Even the happy cheerleader types?

Erik: Yeah. You know people who are happy all the time, and something happens to them, and they should be pissed off. They should be really working through their shit and their stuff, but yet their smiling, “It’s okay.”

(He says this is a really dorky way.)

Erik: You know, you can be happy to a fault.

Me: Yeah. Oh yeah. So these are spirits who can break down, uh, if you don’t have any boundaries or if your boundaries are very weak, they can get into that crack, that open door and betray your privacy.

Erik (chuckling): Yeah. I bet a lot of people are gonna have nightmares tonight after reading this!

Jamie laughs.

Me: I know. All I can think of are creepy clowns. I think overly happy things are sometimes more creepy to me!

If you find the voting process too difficult for you, I’ll be happy to help. Just email your email address to me at Otherwise, here are the instructions. I’m very grateful for your efforts. This means a lot to me.

Nightie night, Sweetie.

Nightie night, Sweetie.

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  • MikeHulse

    A demonic spirit I have encountered several times, I decided to chastise with the prayer of St Michael. It didn’t go down to well and 6 months later he got his own back. Can’t wait for Erik’s talk on Ouija Boards and how to use them correctly. I’ve used them thousands of times with varying degrees of success. Thankfully always protected myself first.

  • Kendra

    Love this! I certainly crave the time when we are able to talk about these things openly with people and not be looked at like a satan It’s difficult not having someone to be able to bounce things off of ya know? Anyway, I’m still trying to find that fine line of keeping open communication with my Guides and angels, yet not being freaked out when I see/hear things..any suggestions? Thanks for your insight, Erik!

  • TF

    It’s funny, the thing about the mainstream media picking up stories on bump-in-the-night topics. Several years ago I did a large weekly newspaper piece about some cattle mutilations up in Burns Hole, Colorado. The ranchers were absolutely the real thing and I played the story straight — complete with black helicopters and UFOs. The story was so popular that it was nearly impossible to keep the racks stocked. People want to read about this stuff. Journalists just need to get over it and do it.

  • Becki

    The issue of mean (evil?) spirits still confuses me.

    If Source/ Yahweh/ God is pure love and everything comes from Source, are not mean spirits also from Source?

  • Ceridwen777

    I found this immensely interesting – thanks Erik – and thanks Elisa for giving us one of your weekend days off! XOXOX

  • Jen

    This entire site is beyond helpful. I don’t think there are sufficiant words to explain just how much. So, a simple thank you from the bottom of my heart will have to do <3
    I also just voted for you 🙂

  • Chupacabra

    I love this. Thank you Erik, Elisa, and Jamie (and my guides – here on earth and in the spirit world – who brought me here. Forever grateful for all you do and have done)!

  • Already voted a while ago, but thanks for the weekend edition 🙂

  • Lockboys

    I voted but what a drama figuring it all out 🙂

  • Jen

    Sorry if this is a re-post. I left a response earlier and it was up for moderation (?).
    I wish I could say in eloquent words what this site has done for me, unfortunately- I can’t. All I can say and give are my eternal thanks. Every word- everything in here has healed me so much. I am so grateful, really- beyond words.

    • Jen, I’m so glad you’re part of the family. We heal each other.

    • linda2749

      Jen, I can relate to your feelings this blog and the family who carry it out are helping me and my family in more ways then they will every understand, I have grown in so many ways and that has been a benefit to all who know me and most of all myself. No matter what comes my way self, family and friends I know was and is controlled by their true needs, desires and request. How can one fear or question life and how it is unfolding with that knowledge.
      Many, many thanks to Erik, Elisa and Jamie and their families for the time they give up of their loved one, for us.

  • Lorraine (LP)

    *love* this!! Awesome information..
    I agree with Kendra too because I as well try to keep open the line of communication with my Guides and Angels but I don’t want to become startled if and when I do,lol. Suggestions would be so welcomed Erik. much love and hugs!

  • tee

    Seeing that creepy clown and reading this in the dark at 3am was just such a lovely treat Elisa. Lol. Loved the blog!

  • tee

    Do spirits like to mess with you while your in the dark? I havent been able to sleep with my light off for a long time now. Its like if I do try to sleep with the light off, fear always comes over me and I need to turn it back on. I used to see and hear voices at night when I was little but now I just get the feeling of fear. 22 years old and still scared of the dark! Do you think this has any spiritual meaning? Everyone else I know think its stupid but i cant help it. Maybe im just weird…lol

    • God

      You are attached to the pattern. You never sincerely tried changing your pattern by taking divine help, because if you did, you would be welcoming immense loving spirit of God to take care of you in the dark. Opposite of fear is Love. So if you let a love spirit like say, God, get attached to you why should you fear anymore ?

    • Ash

      Hi tee – I’m also pretty sensitive to spirit energy. What I have noticed is that when I do sense someone around, I have a feeling that is very SIMILAR to fear, but it isn’t fear itself. I don’t know what to call it really… it’s kind of that adrenaline sensation, the body tingling that is associated with fear but without a trigger – the best way I know to describe it is “My spider sense is tingling!” lol . Now, if I let my imagination run wild along with it, it can easily become fear. But when I reign that in, it just becomes a physical sensation that lets me know someone else is in the room. Do you think it’s possible that this is what you are feeling?

      If so, try separating the physical sensation from the idea of “fear.” When you start to have it, start thinking logically, “this is what I’m feeling… that must mean someone else is here.” Say hello! And begin to think about sending them love. And always remember, your guardian angel is with you at all times and will always protect you.

  • Rasika

    Hey Elisa, I voted for you today.

  • Everything is love and light and there really is no right/wrong, bad/good, good/evil. It’s just a spectrum thing. Unconditional love is at the top of the spectrum and what we who must put a judgmental word on it call evil would be on the opposite end of the spectrum. But it is still light. Just very dim. This is what Erik says. If you search for the phrase “Good and Evil” I think you’ll find more. Or you can search using the keyword, “evil.”

  • Some spirits don’t respect boundaries, so before you go to slept, try a few things. Simply tell them in a VERY firm voice they have to leave because they’re not welcome there. Then wrap yourself in a bubble of white light for protection. Also, call upon your guides (and of course Erik) to protect you as well.

  • L.A. George

    So I can go back to telling my wife ‘See! The DEVIL did make me do it! (?)


  • L.A.George

    A warning to all. PLEASE do not allow the idea of mischievous entities unduce great FEAR. Not required to do this.

    My understanding is that outside of the earth plane the only steadfast rule is that no one, no entity, no being is allowed to impose his/her will on anyone else. However it appears we can be manipulated by persistent mischievous entities. There are many protecive invocations we can find that fit our individual purposes. I suggest we place out intention as a Knight in armour would, CLEARLY identifying our 3 dimensional boundaries around our selves and our homes to the effect that only those POSITIVE energies truly interested in our spiritual/physical happiness, well being and growth are allowed in.

    Also In these ‘shift’ times many of us find distracting, annoying, unexpected fears bubbling up. These may well be based on experiences from the past. from this and other lives that we have ‘stuffed’ or avoided dealing with. These need to be accepted and loved as part of our totality as we would weloce and embrace a lost child. I try not to confuse this with mischievous entites but it’s tricky. It seems our spritual growth requires balancing not only the upper end of the personality frequency but the lower end in which we have all participated. I think that allows us to follow our soul plans with greater ease and joy.

    I would like to have Erik’s response to this if possible.



    • So you want to know how to distinguish the negative energy from mischievous disrespectful entities from the lower vibrations you feel from the suffering of past and present life experiences?

  • Edie

    I’m glad I checked in. What a pleasant surprise. Thank you Elisa. Hope you’re having a restful and peaceful Sunday. Blessings…..

  • MikeHulse

    Well apart from this, is it me or does it feel slightly empty now we have no more weekend posts from the ST. Echo, echo! lol 🙁

    • I know. I feel so guilty. It’s going to be tough because the publisher is only giving me 4 weeks to do the edits.

      • MikeHulse

        Oh I wouldn’t feel guilty about it. I understand the reasons. Patrick has his work cut out for him from all my questions about the spirit realm. lol And am sure the Boy Wonder is working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure this book is done on time. Will it be your first? x

  • Bashar

    During 2015 to 2017, something will happen that will tell the whole world we are not alone. Something along the lines of Aliens landing on earth and live on TV. Bashar calls them the Shalanaya or Yahyel, the first ET species to start open contact. Everyone will see it. Also the next consciousness portal like Dec 21 2012 falls on 2017 and then 2030. 2017 one is going to be the biggest best shift.

  • I need God velcro.

  • No, this will be the 4th. But they gave me months and months of working with an editor before. This time, the subject is so hot, they want to push the pub date.

  • JoJo

    Hi Mike, I used the board 3 weeks ago with great results. Can you share your protection with me, please? Thank you so much!

    • Jamie and Erik are making full on wooden board and box with instructions. She’ll also post instructions for us. Should be ready by summer.

      • MikeHulse

        Excellent. Will we be able to buy these Elisa?

      • JoJo

        Awesome, can’t wait!

    • MikeHulse

      Yeah it’s quite simple. Sit or stand, eyes shut and imagine a ball of White light coming down onto you. Picture it enveloping your entire being. Then call on your guardian angels, guides and loved ones in the spirit world to come forward to assist you with your connection to the spirit world.

      Most importantly and this goes for any contact with the spirit world, NEVER call out and ask “Is there anybody their”? You leave yourself wide open to abuse and problems. Always deal with loved ones, guardian angels or guides or even spirits of pure love and light. Let them act as intermediary for you. Just like Erik acts as a facilitator between us and the outer realms. We love and trust him to work on our behalf for our benefit and he does.

  • JoJo

    Will Erik consider a post about Ouija board: how to use it correctly, how to invite your guides and loved ones ONLY?? Why is considered a witchcrafting tool, why we hear only negative comments about it? That would be great if we can hear his opinion in this matter!

  • I couldn’t have said it better! Ash, this is amazing and useful information. Reminds me of what Erik said about how to distinguish fear from intuition.

  • The instructions will be free in case you want to use it on a homemade board. The wooden one will be for sale.

    • MikeHulse

      Can I put my name down for the first one please Elisa. x

  • Jen

    I’ve used the ouija board since 2009 without having to use any protective “prayers”. I am an atheist, so I don’t feel that commitment to a higher power except my own higher power. Also, I don’t have spirit guides anymore. I use self-confidence as my boundary, and the over 30 spirits I’ve spoken to have respected that. I’ve always respected them in return.

    With that said, I’ve talked to Satanists, cancer victims, suicides, murder victims, criminals, fathers, mothers, brothers… Never felt threatened or antagonized, ever! They all just had interesting stories to tell.

    The best advice I’ve ever received was from the ouija board: Don’t stress, be happy.

  • JoJo

    Thanks a lot, Mike!

  • Stanley

    Interesting timing. A member linked me this post. I have been dealing with a spirit for the last 2 years. For the first year he was fine. The activity started up about a month after I moved in. And the activity consisted of just moving my bed. Almost as if someone was under my bed with a broom stick and would gently lift and lower different parts of my bed for about 10-15 minutes at a time. Did it on pretty much any padded surface. We even touched a few times. I would hold my hand out as if saying stop and could feel pressure being pushed against my hand. Kind of like when you try to push two magnets together. But it wasn’t solid. If I pushed forward I could push through his field. But a year ago things changed. I began feeling tugging on my blankets. Kind of like if someone grabbed a fit full of the blankets and was gently tug. Then a month later the tugging became full on touching. Then the sexual assaults began. Every day there is some sexual touching of some sort from just touching to as much as penetration. When it escalated to sexual touching things seriously crossed the line for what I was willing to accept. I have lived with spirits around me all my life. But this one took advantage of that. And what started out as kind of a friendship ended at the point where he began harming me. I have tried boundaries, this one won’t listen/respect them. And isn’t bound to the location. At one time it followed me 150 miles and back again. As I understand it, this is what’s called a Incubus. But so far the internet has no advice on how to give such spirits a kick out the front door. So I think even those who are the most careful can still get unwanted visitors. Anyway, that’s my two cents and personal experience on the subject.

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