Mean Spirits and Cheerleaders

I have a confession. I don’t ordinarily post on the weekends. Mama needs a breather at times. But this is a thinly veiled bribe for those of you who haven’t voted for Channeling Erik in the 2013 Bloggies yet. Today and tomorrow are the last two days, so we’re up against the wire. The instructions, which I pretty much copied and pasted from a previous post our of sheer laziness, are below.

Me: Here’s another question. When will science and the world at large begin to acknowledge things like telepathy, channeling, thought manifesting reality, UFOs, etc.? In other words, when can us “weirdoes” come out of the closet? I love this blog member’s question!

Jamie and I laugh.

Erik: Oh, it’s happening right now! Publications won’t really come out hardcore. They’re underground right now, and to be commonplace, it’ll take 15 years. It’s been happening for five, so if we really wanna hit a huge mark we could realistically say ten, but we’re living in a sped up—

Jamie: You lost me, Erik.

Erik: We’re learning at a more rapid pace than we have before so we’re talking maybe six years.

Me: Okay. Wow. I guess we have time for another question before we end off. Here’s kind of a cute one. “How much could a spirit read in me? If I asked him to, could Erik look into my thought and see my memories, etc. Could I let him feel what I feel?”

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Okay. Well, that’s kind of creepy. Could you do it even if we don’t want you to?

Erik: No. Hell, no. No, man. We’re not here to push boundaries and stuff. That’s what mean spirits do.

Me: But could you do it? Is that just politeness, or is it because you just cannot energetically do it even if you wanted to?

Erik: It’s just out of total respect.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: We can totally push over and do it, but—

Jamie: He just kind of touches his heart.

Erik: —that’s not in my makeup.

Me: Aw. So for spirits, are ideas telepathically communicated as big, multifaceted concepts like that? I mean, what about privacy? Do I control what others see, or is it just based on consideration? Okay. Well I guess you have to expand a little bit.

Erik: No, no. It’s totally based on the level of vibration of the spirit you’re dealing with. Your angels, your guardian angels, all of your angels, all of your guides, all of your family members and everything are extremely respectful. Now, if you are strongly laying down a boundary, and you are saying, “Here are the rules,” your intent, your whatever, then we can’t cross them even if we wanted to.

Me: Okay. Even the mean spirits?

Erik: Yes, even the mean spirits. But as soon as you have a weakness, a crack, they can work at it, and work at it, and work at it, and with persistence we can get through. So, you gotta have a strong belief system.

Me: What would that weakness look like? How would one be weak?

Erik: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You have crazy shit happening in your house, and you don’t like it, and so, you know, you call the priest in and you clear it out and you set some boundaries and blah, blah, blah and you think, “It’s never happening again, and I never want that shit happening,” And then like a week later you go,” But it was pretty entertaining.”

Me: Oh.

Erik: “It would be kind of cool if they did it this way, but they didn’t do that and I like this and I like that.” And they left it open. “It would be cool if they threw the dishes, but they didn’t harm me. It would be pretty cool if they did that, but didn’t’ do that.” Well, you’re resetting the boundaries that you just set with the priest and everything, and so the spirit comes in and goes, “Damn, they think it’s entertaining and there’s joy in it. They’re opening up. I’m going to seize the moment!”

Me: Mm.

Erik: “And I’ll just do a little, and I’ll just do a little to where they’re happy, they’re happy. See, they’re entertained. They show it to their friends. They feel like they’re safe.” Then, six months later, it turns sour, because you didn’t maintain your boundaries. You didn’t show consistency.

Me: Give them an inch, and they’ll take a mile. Well what about other reasons besides the fact that the stuff is going haywire in a house? Those mean spirits can be attracted to people who have cracks open for another reason, right?

Erik: Yep, like sorrow, or maybe they feel like a victim, and they wanna reach out. Maybe they feel lonely, and they feel like no human can understand them, but they find solace in drink or an addiction.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik That right there can leave the door open to spirits. They attach to your energy and enjoy your addictive pattern, or a lot of times the spirit will just hang out with you to encourage you to be an asshole, because they think it’s awesome, and they’re an asshole, too.

Jamie and I giggle.

Erik: And so, it’s just like sometimes you can have a spirit who’s like so happy and such a cheerleader, and they love that you’re that way too, and so they feed off of it, and they also help you be that. You know, it can kind of go for any range of emotions. It’s not really what we deemed to be the bad shit.

Me: So, both of those types can show a lack of respect, look into your thoughts, and ignore your right to privacy?

Erik: They win your trust; they show consistency, and over time they break you down and they just fuck with you.

Me: Even the happy cheerleader types?

Erik: Yeah. You know people who are happy all the time, and something happens to them, and they should be pissed off. They should be really working through their shit and their stuff, but yet their smiling, “It’s okay.”

(He says this is a really dorky way.)

Erik: You know, you can be happy to a fault.

Me: Yeah. Oh yeah. So these are spirits who can break down, uh, if you don’t have any boundaries or if your boundaries are very weak, they can get into that crack, that open door and betray your privacy.

Erik (chuckling): Yeah. I bet a lot of people are gonna have nightmares tonight after reading this!

Jamie laughs.

Me: I know. All I can think of are creepy clowns. I think overly happy things are sometimes more creepy to me!

If you find the voting process too difficult for you, I’ll be happy to help. Just email your email address to me at Otherwise, here are the instructions. I’m very grateful for your efforts. This means a lot to me.

Nightie night, Sweetie.

Nightie night, Sweetie.

1) First, click here: VOTE

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3) Repeat the procedure for “Weblog of the Year.” I used “The worst cheese blogs” in the other three spaces. Hee hee.

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Be sure to check your email as instructed after you vote in order to click on the link to make the vote count. If you don’t receive it, check your spam folder. That’s exactly what happened to mine and nearly every other person with a gmail account.

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