Memory Loss and Dissociation

Yay, I have a tiny bit of time before I board to post a Best of Erik for you guys. I hope you enjoy it! But first, check out the latest Ask Erik column by clicking HERE.

Me: Are memory problems related to being out of body and sort of dissociating sometimes. (Pause) Like not being present sometimes?

Erik: Or they’re related because you’re a drunkard.

Me: Oh yeah. I can imagine.

Erik: Or a drug addict. Or you have dementia.

Me: Oh yeah. But can it sometimes be because of dissociation? Because what I’m saying is—

Erik: Yes.

I can hear Jamie laughing.

Me: —I am out of body so much that I do not remember stuff that people tell me. It’s like they’ll be talking to me, and I think I’m listening but I’m somewhere else. I’m wondering if that’s part of some people’s memory problem including my own.

Erik: Yes.

Me: Okay. What percent of the time am I out of body? I’ve been trying the grounding exercises. I forgot to do them.

Jamie and I belly laugh.

Me: That’s ironic. But, um, yeah, so what percent of the time am I “gone”?

Erik: I’m going to say 25% of the time. Even though that’s a low number, that’s a fourth, and you gotta remember, most of the time you’re asleep.

Jamie: Is that including sleep, Erik, or is that conscious—

Erik: That’s conscious awake time. So, that’s a huge chunk.

Me: Yeah, I know! Dang! Okay. I’ll try to work on that. I’ll just try to remember to do those grounding exercises. I was transcribing a previous session where you mentioned how to do those, so I put them on my iCal as a recurring event!

Erik: Yeah, you need to definitely write it down so when you wake up you see it, and you need to do it at least 21 days before you see it start to make it a real habit.

Me: I know. I’m going to do it.

Erik: And you know, Mom, a lot of kids and adults who are diagnosed with ADHD are just a little out of body, too. Sometimes all it takes is some grounding exercises for them.

Me: Wow. That might give Big Pharma a run for their money.

Erik: Fuck yeah. So you hear that, CE family? If your kid has a diagnosis of ADHD, try those daily grounding exercises and see if they help. Teach them ways to get back in their bodies when they’re in school like when they’re in the classroom listening to a boring ass lecture. Keeping them in their bodies may be all they need.

Here’s what he has shared about grounding exercises from other posts:

Erik talks about an exercise where you simply concentrate on where your feet are, feeling the surface they’re on and send energy from the soles of your feet to the core of the Earth. You can also imagine roots sprouting from your soles and growing all the way to the Earth’s core.)

Here’s another one:

Erik: Send the energy to the Earth. Just imagine after you’re sending, which is connecting, pulling your energy through your body to the core of the Earth—that’s the connecting part. It’s also the healing part, because you’re giving the Earth energy—then allow the moment to receive, and allow the Earth to send energy to you, to the bottom of your feet, up to your heart, and throughout your body. Then tell your body, you know, “Identify this vibration. Match it. Match it. Match this vibration.” Even though it’s just this stupid verbiage you’re running through your head, your brain will catch on and send signals, and at least your physical body will start matching that vibrational level and start increasing your chances of enlightenment!

Time to board my plane. I made it!

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