How I Met Erik

Along with the Erik encounter I just posted, I thought I’d post this testimonial. Thanks so much for these, guys. They make me so happy!

I first found out about Erik was when I attempting to find out “Jesus”. As I was trying to understand more about “spiritual”…then there was the video Jesus: The Afterlife interview by Medium: Jesus’s Voice caught on Tape.

After I spent 37:17 to finished it I cannot decipher if it was true. I turned the computer off, trying to walk off the idea that Jesus didn’t died on the Cross and had 5 children after he moved away to France. For many days I didn’t want to touch… But strange thing (perhaps my heart know it was true ) I just had to watch it again, and again… I kept on watching more and more different topics of videos. I love how Jamie descripted the spirits she saw and felt & I love Dr. Medhus’s questions.

I always watched the video in the morning, mostly when I sat on the toilet. On this particular morning, I watched again the video that Jamie and Elisa asked Erik to prank on the blog members & I thought “these video are all old, they have been posted for long time. Erik probably not knowing that I was listening to the conversation. ” I continued my daily life without even thinking of Erik.

The next day, I sat on the toilet and did my routing “thing” I saw and heard the trashcan moved. “I must be delusional”, I thought.

The very next day it did the same thing again. The trashcan moved and I was not delusional. Of course I still not connecting this “prank” from Erik.

The 3rd day I decided to use different bathroom. This time was not trashcan but
the magazine holder that laying on the floor moved in front of my eyes, not from the peripheral vision…. OHHH my God!!! IT WAS ERIK…. He is telling me that HE IS HERE!!!!!

From this days forward on, my life has changed to become better. I immediate sign on the CE blog members. ERIK is REAL. I want to thanks Elisa Medhus (mom) I felt you are my mom, too. Thanks you for everything you do for us & Sharing Erik. I love you and love Erik.

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  • debjepsen .

    Whoa…good thing you were on the toilet already! That might have made me have an accident on the spot! *chuckle* Wonderful encounter and testimonial. 🙂

  • nancy martin

    Thank you for that story! I can only imagine how you must of have felt. It’s funny when things like that happen, my first reaction is to want to be able to rewind and watch it again, since we are so used to being able to do that to our TV’s. Then you find yourself asking, “Can you please do that again??” I’m glad you got three confirmations. You are so lucky to have had an Erik visit, hooray for you!
    Can you leave your name or signin name so we know who you are if you come back to the blog?
    It would be fun to hear about any others 🙂

  • Mika

    Elisa I feel like you’re my mom too. 🙂 Thank you!

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