Milk of Amnesia

I’m sitting by the fire while it’s sleeting and snowing outside with my laptop in my lap. It’s so cozy. The kids’s schools have all been canceled. (It doesn’t take much here in Houston. One snowflake and everything here comes to a grinding halt!) For those of you in the Midwest and Northeast, be careful. Time for a mug os warm cocoa. 

It seems like a lot of people have been experiencing pranks from Erik lately. How fun! I encourage you to share them with the rest of the class by going to the “About Erik” tab, then “Erik Encounters.”

Finally, I have some sad news. I’m going to close the Channeling Erik Facebook group. We’ve just lost way too many blog members because of the drama there. I asked Erik whether I should through the eBoard and he said, “yes”. I’ll give everyone a week to exchange email addresses, etc. so they don’t lose contact with the friends they’re made in the group. 🙁

Me: Why do we have to have spiritual amnesia? Why do we have to come here and forget everything we knew and know as spirits?


Jamie: He was trying to think of the number one surgery where body parts are removed and hysterectomy was the first one he could think of.

Me: Okay.

Jamie: That’s why he came up with that one. That and [appendix].

Erik: Why do we have to have amnesia?

Me: Yeah. Milk of Spiritual Amnesia.


Jamie (giggling): He just called you “dude.”

Me: Hey!

Erik: If we didn’t have that, Mom, then why are we kicking off and coming back to life on Earth?

Me: I ask myself that question all the time!

Erik: If we didn’t have the amnesia part, we would have all our memories, first and foremost—we would have connections to all the other lives we were living simultaneously, because remember, time is not linear.

Jamie (laughing): He says he’s going to take it upon himself to beat that into everyone.

Me: I think we’ve been there, done that and bought the T-shirt, Erik. Seriously.

Erik: I’m not giving up.

Me: Okay. (Sigh)

Erik: If we didn’t have that amnesia and we had contact to all of it then what are we here to remember? The “absence of” gives us the opportunity to pretend that we have a clean slate and to pretend that we have to learn these concepts. It is all about remembering. It’s all about using our own skills, our own survival skills on Earth—.

Jamie: “Emotional survival skills” is how he wants to put it.

Erik: — to find our way to love which is a good definition of how we want to describe ourselves. Everybody’s definition is going to be a little different.

Jamie: He’s kind of pacing back and forth.

Me: He always paced! Now, some people don’t, right, like Jesus? Didn’t he come down—“down.” I don’t know why I say “down”! —Did he come here with some or all of the knowledge that he had as a spirit, as a free spirit?

Erik: Not all. You know, you have to learn stuff, but there are many people—

Jamie: He’s saying thousands.

Erik: I don’t know, thousands, thousands that come down and didn’t get the amnesia kick. Luckily those—

Jamie (to Erik): Start over, Erik. I’m sorry. I lost you.

Erik: Luckily those that are in the limelight or that have had stories written about them, they’re the ones who had parents that understood that what the child was doing at a young age was not normal to the human experience. They knew it was something beyond—a link or connection to the beyond, and so the parents helped house that. But—

(Long pause)

Jamie: Sorry. I didn’t mean to go blank. Sometimes I forget that my mouth’s not moving, and I’m just listening.

Jamie and I laugh.

Erik: Also the stories that go with these iconic or spiritual people, the story about how they came into being was falsely created to make that person be more ethereal or kind of separate from the human experience. It’s because they wanted the words and the life of that person who has the memory of the afterlife and all that is to be seen as more special. So, yes, it always does come with a little bit of bullshit, because, think about it, whoever is watching the situation or relaying the information, grapevining it always translates it through their own brain and they add their own shit to it. So, you can’t take it as 100% that that’s who that person is or what’s happened to them. You have to look at where they’re coming from, and you have to look at who’s telling the story, like—

(Long pause)

Jamie: I’m sorry. He’s talking about some beautiful stories being told about children who remember their past lives, books being written about it, research done on it, but a lot of times it will depict the religion of the parents and not necessarily the vulnerability and newness of the child. The parent will see it through their own belief system whether it’s Jewish or Christian and start defining their child’s actions in that belief system. So the story that you’re looking at, the moral to it, might be the parent’s belief system and not really the vulnerability and newness of the child’s experience.

Damn, is he going around in circles?

Erik: You always have to look at where the story’s coming from. Every human has a little bit of bullshit, and I’ll tell you right now, every human should be proud of their bullshit.

Jamie giggles.

Erik: You don’t need to set it aside. You just need to know what it is so that when you’re conveying your story, you also can convey it without your bullshit. To know your bullshit is also to know how to set it aside at the appropriate time. But always—

Jamie (smiling): He’s pointing his finger.

Erik: Always be proud of that shit.

I chuckle.

Me: He’s a character today!

Jamie: He is, and (to Erik) thank you for not messing with the computer anymore.

Me: Ah, but the night is young!

Jamie sighs.

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