Monet Reincarnated?

I found this fascinating evidence for reincarnation from Victor Zammit’s site. What a heart warming story about an amazing little boy.

On February 16th at 1:15 EST, Jamie and Erik will host their next biweekly small group conference call. This time there will only be ten spots so that every will have plenty of time to visit with their loved ones, asked for guidance in their life, address health issues, etc. If you’d like to sign up, do so at:  These spots fill up quickly!

Also, those of you coming to the Channeling Erik event, prepare to have so much fun! Jamie, Erik and I keep adding new surprises to the mix. I just signed my family up and can’t wait until you meet “Mr. Elisa,” the kids and grand baby Arleen! Here’s the registration link:

Love you all!

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  • What a great little soul! he’s my favorite new artist. This ain’t his first rhodeo, no one paints with that much soul unless they have done a time or two in the ring of life. Note to his parents,…as much as possible, let that child paint! Bless him.

  • Anonymous

    Can you ask Erik about the meteors/fireball sightings over the east coast and in Texas? And ask him who he would vote for president? (Since he can see people for who they really are from there LOL).
    Also, is Aaliyah on your celebrity list to be interviewed? She was the R&B singer who died in a plane crash in 2001, I think. Very beautiful person, angelic voice, just heard her on the radio the other day and wondered what her experience was, crossing over.

  • Lisa

    Wow. thank you for sharing Elisa!

  • Interesting. As I work on Erik’s channeled book “The Great Mysteries of the World,” I begin to see that more of what we don’t know involves aliens.

  • farensultanaasa

    when it visualizes on something to transpire, then certainly it is happens. Visualization is actually a mental ability to foresee what should happen to us in the future. It is inherent in some people to have this ability to envisage or see in your mind’s eye the future. This way, those who are gifted with this skill has more chances of getting into success in their endeavors in life because they have a way to prepare for what is in store for them. Reincarnation

  • Nehaa

    Hey Elisa, Just saw this today. Thanks for sharing this. It was beautiful
    But why is he called Mini Monet? WHy not mini (another famous artist)? What’s the connection?

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