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We finally got to our little mountain cabin where I have (expensive) Internet that allows me to post. Thanks so much for refraining from Facebooking and emailing me until I get back on the 19th. That means a lot. It’s beautiful out here, and I’d prefer to look out at the mountains than a computer screen (except to post for my loving cyber family!)

Enjoy these Erik stories. 

Story #1

I believe Eric “MAY” have turned my fan on and made the smoke detector go off whilst watching his youtube videos.

Story #2

Hi Dr M,

Would you please add Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity to the list of topics for Erik to discuss. I ended up acquiring it by accident when in Australia. The condition is more prevalent in northern countries such as Canada, and northern European countries so I have gleamed (sp?) insights from MDs over there. Electromagnetic hypersensitivity affects both the CNS and ANS so it is frustrating as crap. My MD and I have most of the symptoms under control via meds but one symptom perplexes me and I have not seen any literature on this symptom anywhere and I am hoping Erik can help out with this. I produce wire filaments at random times. And yes, I’ve bagged, dated and time stamped the wires but both my MD and I cannot figure out the wires (outside of skin as 1/4″ loops and inside thicker skin with these aging out). As well we just tested my blood for heavy metals and all metals came back negative.

This next request is very important to me. Can you ask Erik if he was involved with pranks/ etc with me in late November/ December. Odd stuff occurred and I am trying to figure out if the Smart-meter energy of nearby highway lights affected me, Erik, or what ever affected me. I ended up clairvoyant writing (and of all odd things, I listed a jeweler’s address plus contact person), receiving emails that had my dissertation proposal plus scanned data attached (but I had only sent that to myself years ago for safe keeping), and back in November I’d sent you that email about seeing a short grey in my bedroom. So I can easily write this off as CNS behavior because of my Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity but I do not want to write off what happened if Erik had come by to visit.

Best regards,


Elisa here. Stephanie, I put your question on my list!

Story #3

Hey Elisa! I’d like to share a possible Erik experience with you all. If it wasn’t Erik it was definitely SOMEONE lol. So, I have this awesome pair of Coach sunglasses, the most expensive pair I’ve ever owned. I’ve had them for a couple of years but for the last 4 months or so I haven’t been able to find them anywhere. I’ve searched my car, my house, my old purses, everywhere! I’d finally concluded they were lost for good. Well the other day I was at my mom’s house and went into her room to use the mirror on her dresser, which I use pretty much every time I’m there which is literally every day. I looked down and on top of this tray she has on her dresser are my Coach sunglasses! I know for a fact I’ve checked there multiple times because it kind of acts as a catch all for any and everything miscellaneous she finds. I asked my mom and dad if they had found them and put them there and they both said no. My mom seemed super confused because she knew I had been searching for them for months and had even helped me several times. I was so happy to find them and thanked whoever placed them there for me to find 🙂

Also, around the same time period, I was in my living room changing my 2 year old’s diaper when out of the blue she looked up and over and said hi and started waving. She was really smiling and seemed genuinely happy to see whoever was there. I asked her if someone was there and she said yes. I asked if it was Erik or maybe Jaden and she said both! I didn’t even know she knew what both meant lol. Pretty neat I think 🙂

Story #4

Hi! My name is Jodie Newell. I’m 43 years old and live in Denver, CO.

Erik first came to me last week. And now after listening to the audiobook, My Life After Death, I understand what he did. Soooo, last week, I was looking at audiobooks for a specific author on my local library website and as I scrolled down the page, Erik’s book was listed and it caught my eye. I immediately got the audiobook and began listening to it. Totally love Erik!! His personality and cursing are both things I relate to. I like his humor!!

After listening to the audiobook, twice!, since last week, I felt nudged to recommend it to everyone I know and posted it on facebook and in a skype chat room I’m in.

All in this same time frame, the past week, I saw an interview on (alternative media, healing, etc – which btw, Elisa you should totally check out getting involved on that platform – it’s got a huge and growing audience and this material would fit right in!!!) called Sex, Love and Dharma with Regina Meredith interviewing Simon Chokoisky.

I was so riveted by Regina and Simon’s interview that I went to Simon’s website to buy his book and discovered that he does consultations, so I booked one with him.

Today I had the consultation and it was AMAZING!!! Simon does astrological charts and helped me greatly with some questions/crossroads I am currently experiencing re: having children, love relationships and career.

Well, how this fits in with Erik…..towards the end of my skype consultation with Simon, we were discussing health and that I have a very healthy constitution, which is apparently unusual for those with my Dharma (outsider/educator).

I explained to Simon that I began to become very aware of my body and the signals/information it gives off, in 2003, when I began having serious suicidal thoughts. And that I was never bothered by these thoughts but more curious as to why they became more severe at that time. I saw, then, that I was not being my authentic self and was holding back being who I was/am. I saw that my body was shutting down (severe insomnia, very emotional, lumps in my arm pits, various other anomalies that weren’t life threatening but made life extremely uncomfortable and just plain awful), so for the first time I talked to my body and my intuition told me that it was time to stop holding back who I was, to stop being inauthentic, and to BE me.

I saw that my body was telling me that I had the choice….1) BE me and let it all hang out or 2) keep living a lie (not being me). I saw that my body was telling me that if I chose to live the lie, it would not agree to that and so I might as well exit the body (suicide) because the path of living the lie was NOT what I was here to do or be. And if I chose to follow the path of BEing me, the authentic me, then my body would heal and life would be better.

I chose to live and stay in the body. Again, the suicidal thoughts weren’t weird to me or bothersome, but more a curiosity. I felt that I was so stubborn about being stuck in playing the role of not being me, that it took something huge – like suicidal thoughts – to get my attention and it certainly did the trick. I was 30 years old when this happened.

From that point on, I rarely get sick because I am so in tune with my body and the signals it gives me. If I get the least little cough, etc, I just talk to my body and ask it what I need to do or say, and who I need to say it to, etc.

As I shared all that with Simon, he went on to say, “You should write these experiences down and share them.” He said that sharing my suicidal experiences would be helpful to others. I told him that I’ve had blogs in the past but shut them down when I felt they served their purpose. He said to keep it in mind, that I may write about my experiences and/or blog about them down the road, as a way of helping others.

After my call with Simon, the more I thought about it, I was reminded of Erik’s website and how people connect with each thru the blog. And got the feeling that I should try and connect to this community of people. What’s interesting is, a couple days ago, I had the same idea – of connecting with others thru Erik’s website but dismissed the idea.

But now I can see that Erik (thanks, Erik!) has been guiding me to do this. So here I am on this website and writing about my experiences. lol

I have a completely different view about suicide and I’m not attached either way to labeling it as right/wrong or good/bad. It just IS. So when a person says they are suicidal, I never say “Oh, you don’t want to do that!” Rather, I ask them questions without judgment about it. I’m truly curious as to what they are experiencing and not attached to the choice they make. It was the same way with myself. I had decided, like Erik, to use a hand gun to kill myself. I wasn’t frightened but since I had already decided to live, I KNEW I needed help, so I checked myself into a psych unit that same day. I was hospitalized for a week and during that week, I felt safe to be me for the first time in my life. 🙂

Btw, I totally loved listening to My Life After Death. Erik’s descriptions of what he does was very inspiring to hear.

much love,

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