More Erik Encounters

Thank god yesterday has come and gone. I tried everything I could to ignore the approach of the time he pulled the trigger, but it was like watching a train wreck. I was screaming inside the entire time. 

Enjoy these Erik Stories:

Story #1

After finding CE a couple years ago, I finally have been honored a few experiences with Erik. The first came about while I was feeding my newborn baby on my couch. I felt the distinct goosebumps on top of my head. It wasn’t like I was cold goosebumps, but more a feeling like static electricity. It is hard to describe. I got such a big grin on my face because I remember Elisa once mentioning these unique goosebumps when Erik would visit her. A couple days later I had a dream of a boy and myself. In our late teen or early twenties. I’m almost 40 now, so I suppose I put my younger self into the scenario. We were laying on a couch or bed a bit propped up. I remember his hair specifically, which reminds me of the many photos of Erik I’ve seen. While I was dreaming I did not realize who this was. He also presented himself a little shy, so maybe it wasn’t him haha!! But, I immediately thought of Erik when I woke up. I tried so hard to get back to sleep to continue the meeting. Since then anytime I wake up through the night I hear what sounds like BB’s dropping to the ground. There is no physical explanation for that! I know it has to be Erik! I recently recalled this was something he did to Elisa as well! A trademark Erik Prank! I feel so honored 🙂

Story #2

On December 1st (2016), I had watched several of your Channeling Eric videos for the very first time.

Then on December 2nd – all day long – I was SUPER “high”, “vibrationally”; SO happy; actually WANTING to be alive-to be here. (And I believe it was all thanks to you guys – Erik, Elisa, Jamie, Kim, Robert – so, Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!).

It was after I went to bed on the 2nd when I believe I “encountered” Erik. I woke up – I want to say – at 2/3 A.M. because of strong and unusual sensations happening in my eye and foot. In reaction, I had lifted my head off my pillow and tiredly rubbed my “wierd” foot hard with my other one. Then looking to my [then] right, I saw Erik (if I’m mistaken, please do tell). It was dark in my room, but I could clearly see a solid, tall-thin-lanky, solid black, [strangely] unalarming, male figure. He appeared to be leaning against my desk (just a couple feet away).. After getting a somewhat good look at him, he then said kind of loudly, “…Know…” or “…No…” (I hope it was “Know”). I remember thinking to myself that it feels like he’s in the middle of a conversation (with someone or himself), and after that thought, I immediately fell back asleep.

I hope to see and hear him – plus my higher self, spirit guide/s, guardian angel/s – from now on.

P.S., you’re all SUPER awesome, inspiring, enlightening, appreciable-appreciated, admirable, wonderful, funny – the list can go on and on and on!


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  • I love the picture too. Such a beautiful child.

  • Loueez

    Oh Sweetie. My heart goes out to you over and over. No one (except those who’ve experienced the same) can imagine what you’ve gone through and continue to go through. I don’t know if it’s any consolation but you have so much love and support here. Thank you for being so damn brave and for sharing with us in such a genuine real way. You are an amazing being. Love you so much.

    • I’m not always as brave as others think!

      • Cynthia

        Oh but you are!. I’m sure you have many days that you put the covers over your head and not want to come out. Which you deserve. Remember, being brave doesn’t mean that you aren’t afraid, but facing it all for the greater good. You could of gave up a long time ago, and take your grief with you but instead you put it out there and faced your inner grief as you continue to do daily. You are an inspiration, not just because you made a blog and others relate to you, but because you are a real person who gives to her children a life of what being human is about. I grew up thinking adults were invincible. If my mom cried I was confused! Your children will know and understand that even on our worst days we are brave because you get back up and keep going with the goal to be better tomorrow. As a mother, I look up to you.

      • Aw, you make me blush. You clearly don’t know my many flaws, haha.

  • Loueez

    I absolutely love looking at all the pictures of Erik you post. So cute and beautiful and handsome! I know all the girls have a big crush on him! I myself am kinda old (I have a grown son myself), but I’ve been told that my teenage self is struggling and needs love and romance (not hard to believe, given my harsh childhood). For years I’ve been told by the channeled group I speak to that a lot of my issues with love stem from this sad teen running the show and to go ahead and imagine a fun, romantic life for her as that’s what she wants. I couldn’t do it, couldn’t believe in any power in my imagination. This morning, however, I thought to pair her up with Erik. This she loves (who wouldn’t?). Most importantly, I can sustain this idea, I guess because, with the wonderful pictures as well as getting to know Erik through the blog, it all seems rather real. I felt guilty at first, but then I realized I’m not stealing him from anyone else who needs him, as so far at least, there seems to be plenty of Erik to go around. Thank goodness! I wouldn’t myself or my very real teen self to be greedy!
    I wonder if it would be a good idea to ask Erik some time what he thinks about the whole inner child thing, which I’m told includes different ages with somewhat different issues and somehow these beings are real. I believe it myself, but I’d love to hear his take.

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