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I’m on the road back from Kerrville where Rune, Bella and I had a great camping adventure. The highlights were our visits to a winery or two and the gorgeous weather. Houston just doesn’t do it for a nature lover like me, so these camping trips are so important for my soul! 

Tomorrow, I go to my ortho doc. Wish me luck and pray that I don’t have to have any surgery. I’d hate to take several weeks off of my kickboxing classes because I love them. Plus, that fat pad of mine that laps over my trackpad and types all sorts of stuff on its own is shrinking. I hate to undo all that progress!

Enjoy these Erik stories, and if you want stories of your own, ask him to prank or visit you!

Story #1

Earlier this month my fund representative resigned and was replaced by another rep called Eric. This morning I went out to Singapore so I had my cell phone switched off. When I got back home I switched on my phone to find that there were 5 missed calls from Eric. So I wrote him an email explaining that my phone is usually switched off on Tuesdays due to my being in Singapore. Later on, I checked my list of missed phone calls only to find that there were no such missed calls from Eric while I was gone. Strange, until I remembered that he has the same name as our Erik who must have borrowed his number to prank me! Hope Eric, the rep, doesn’t ask me what my email was about because I’d hate to have to explain to him that a dead guy borrowed his phone number to call me. Creeeeepy!

Story #2

I bought “My Son and the Afterlife” a few days ago in Bangkok and started reading it, though I’ve been reading your blog and watching youtube videos of Jamie channeling Erik for several months on and off. I lived in Thailand for 15 fabulous years until 2014 when I returned to the U.S. for a year, but now I’m back in the country I love.

A few days ago I began asking Erik to show me a sign, make me aware of him, and also to bring with him Aon, a 25-year-old Thai friend/roommate who died suddenly in 2012, an event that was devastating for me and left me feeling depressed for several months.

Then yesterday I was walking down the road when a lizard came scurrying across the street and stopped right in front of me, just a few feet away. It looked up at me and just kept standing there staring with facial expressions that seemed awfully expressive (for a lizard). This behavior was exceedingly odd, as these lizards normally won’t get close to a human, much less stop and look at one in this manner.

My very first thought at this strange happening was “Erik?!” When the lizard just kept standing there looking, I bent over and started talking to it, asking if it was Erik. The gangly lizard even looked a bit like Erik (well, as much as a lizard could). But it was the feeling I had when it happened that made me think it was indeed Erik, or a sign from Erik.

It then jumped onto a nearby image of a lion-deity and I took some photos with my phone. I posted it on my Facebook page, though I omitted the part about believing it was Erik. (All of my friends aren’t quite ready for this!). Last night I sent a private message to my friend and spiritual mentor about the incident, telling her I was convinced it was Erik.

This morning I asked Erik to send another sign today. At work my friend replied on my FB page, saying when she pulled up her FB feed, the post just prior to mine was a pic of a lizard with a butterfly on its head with the caption “I’m sick of politics. Here’s a lizard with a butterfly on its head.” In many cultures the butterfly is a very common physical manifestation of spirit guides and nonphysical beings. I experienced this firsthand last year in the Philippines when I kept noticing I was surrounded by white butterflies, even as I was having a difficult time with a lot of emotional pain.

All of this just seems too bizarre to be a coincidence, especially since I don’t even believe in coincidences anymore. I want to thank Erik for answering my request, and in such an interesting and unexpected manner. I can’t wait to see what happens next, especially if he brings Aon with him.

Story #3

Dear Elisa,

I think Erik has pranked me a few times before but my skeptic mind always came up with a reason to ignore it. Tonight, however, something strange happened and I know that it is Erik.

Tonight I was feeling lonely, missing someone very much, and I prayed to God to ease this feeling of sorrow and then I asked Erik to help me. Not long after my prayer I heard a noise, as if something small made of glass was dropped to the floor. I looked everywhere in my apartment and I couldn’t see anything on the floor. But the sound was so clear. I think it was Erik letting me know that he is here with me.

Thank you Erik for all that you do. I love your blogs, posts, videos, they help me out so much!

Much love to the Medhus family and all the mediums who channel Erik.


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