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I’m feeling under the weather today, so I won’t write an introduction. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy these great Erik stories. Don’t forget to share your own!

Story  #1

I was laying in bed, right before falling asleep, and I started thinking about my cousin and all her troubles, how her mindset is so negative and her troubles with addiction.
I wondered how she got that way, what happened along the way, as we grew up close.

In my mind I thought of the pic of Erik from the homepage, with the blue sky and clouds, and directed my thoughts to him. Soon enough I got a quick answer in my head: Patterns.

The only thing happening is she continues the same patterns of negative thinking and procrastination. That all she needs to do is change her mindset.

It was a quick answer but it was dead on, I felt it in my gut. Plus it coincides with other things I’ve read. :).

Thanks Erik, TTFN!

Story #2

Erik rolled down 4 windows of my car while being OFF !!! Yes erik you scared the shit out of me .. even though I didn’t realize it was you … then while watching your videos on YouTube you pulled my earphone off . Then I heard videos voices at MIDNIGHT ! Then I woke up at 3 or 4 because I felt a blue flash light in my face ” and this was during the first three days I began watching . Then out of nowhere I felt this bad smell and I checked my toddler and it wasn’t him ?? and once again today I felt his fart smell by my house phone ODD . Erik , I’ve had it with the smells ??? jk i love you ??

Story #3

From the title of her submission, Erik made her prescription bottle disappear right in front of her! It must have been quite a shock.

I am still in a state of total shock….I don’t know what happened..but was listening to a channeling with Erik…They were talking about him being a prankster and will let you know it…I said to myself…yea show me a prank Erik………and //well I am so freaked out I don’t even want to tell the story …I can’t believe it myself..I need to talk to someone about this…..really!!

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  • EL

    I just said “yeah, prank me too Erik”. Now…what….lol

  • kanis

    I’ve read your two books. The second one was much better. The first book was little bit chaotic in my opinion. The only thing that is hard to believe in is that there is no hell actually. So basically you can do whatever you want here on the Earth and you won’t get punished? I was wondering what about people like Ted Bundy? Judas, Neron, Hitler and others? They all went straight away to heaven? That seems ridiculous and unfair. The other question – what about satanic possession? Did Erik explained that maybe somewhere? I was also wondering why you didn’t ask him in the books about the name or location of the planet where other people live in the Universe? You know, just basic evidence would be great, so we know where to look for. That topic about different dimensions different universes interested me the most. Just a pity he didn’t say more about this.

    Personally I believe in life after life just I find it difficult to believe that all that things you mentioned in the book really happened to you: like disappearing or moving objects. Ii’s hard to believe in that part. I don’t know. I would have to see that with my own eyes to believe it. Anyway apart from all of these I appreciate what you doing.

    • It was probably chaotic because it was so soon after Erik’s death and I was a real mess.

      • kanis

        Ok I understand. But what about my questions? Do you have any answer for them?

      • Well, I can’t cover everything in the books! I believe what Erik says about the absence of Hell. Have you read posts about it in the archives? Remember that although it may be hard for you to believe, centuries ago, people had a hard time believing that the earth was round.

      • kanis

        I think this is very dangerous way of thinking that we can do whatever we want and there will be no consequences at all. It might actually encourage young people or people in general to life without responsibility for it and taking their own life. Like I said I read your two books and what shocked me the most is that part above. Someone who’s already planning suicide after reading them may think: I’ve got nothing to lose. I know that Erik said that clearly we’re taking our problems with us on the other side and sooner or later we will have to face them. But this was maybe one single thought that appears in the books once or twice. I don’t know maybe there’s something else here I can’t see it. I’ll check that post about hell you mentioned.

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