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Praise #1

I apologize in advance for posting a request here if this isn’t the place or link to doing so. I wanted to praise all those involved in making this forum possible and sharing Erik with all of us that are willing to gain from his teachings. Every interview posted on the site that I’ve read or watched has brought some kind of clarity to me, or turn the light bulb on. I feel that I am so much more aware of the energy around me and the spiritual dimension than I was prior to meeting the world of channeling Erik. So, thank you for that Elisa and Jamie, and of course Erik!

Having said that, may I make a request interview for Tupac Shakur? It would be so f*ckn awesome to hear from him! Please pretty please? I just thought it would be fitting just having read the post on music and how music affects us spiritually.

Here’s Part One of his interview. Parts two and three follow. 

Praise #2

I had heard about Erik briefly ,and just knew I had to know more all I knew was that his Mom was communicating with him from the other side . I searched and searched ,could not find him, all I knew was Erik. Then I was listening to Wisdom from North and Elisa was her guest, I have not stopped yet! I have listened to most of the YouTube videos, just finished the book. I have been reading many Books on this subject for years now ,like Anita Morjani,Eban Allexander,Dr. Brian Weis ,Dolores Cannon ,Tom Campbell, Natalie Sudmen “The Application Of Impossible Things” “After life of Billy Fingers”, “Dancing on a Stamp”, and so many more! When I started to listen to Elisa asking Erik questions ,I was blown away by his insight and wisdom. I feel so connected to them ,Maybe because I live so close to Houston(Galveston). When I heard Elisa mention Tom Campbell, Erik refer to Eminem (who’s music I love)and Erik’s language It made me feel comfortable, no BS! I just wanted to share how grateful I am to have found his message ,I don’t feel the need to figure it all out now, just relax and know this is temporary ,and Its not so hard to just learn to love. Cant forget to mention how much I love Jami also, I love her relationship to Erik and Elisa. Just Thank You To Erik ,Elisa and Jamie!

Praise #3

I am 56 year old man, and I bought your book and follow your messages. I kept reading different accounts of what happens in the other life, until Erik cleared it up by saying that you carry your belief system with you and create the afterlife with your beliefs. That made a lot of sense to me. Why are not other souls doing this over the centuries? Why has it taken us so long just to get to the point where one soul is bringing all this forward?

I looked up the date when Erik passed on and did his astrology. I thought I would pass that on for your consideration. He will still have bouts of depression, he is returning as a mechanical genius, he loves speed, and he as a way of saying things that grabs people’s attention. More with the description.

I may have been pranked? I was putting out the recycle food material and there was this huge disgusting puke smell that in all the years I have been emptying the waste food into the bin, I have never sensed such intense smells. I had to hold my breath it was so horrid. I looked into the bin and saw nothing in it. I thought perhaps there had to be reeking liquid water on the bottom, which I was unable to see, otherwise how could this happen? The next day, it was even worse! I held my breath and closed the garage door and it even followed me half way to the door of my house. Just after that happened Erik said that some people where ‘heady’ and were not able to recognize that they were pranked. I don’t consider myself ‘heady’ but I was able to come up with an explanation, that I really had to admit it afterwards that it doesn’t work very well. How did it follow me?

Recently our neighbour Derik Johnson hung himself. His son Jacob screamed and it was heard all the way down the street. It would be a healing moment if Erik could connect with Derik and somehow we could send this message back to Jacob, his son. I don’t know, perhaps it will not happen, but if Erik feels that this could work, then I would be willing to help more than just bringing the idea to all of you. Thanks for listening, and I feel the love between you all.

Erik Medhus

Evolution is the Law of Life
Number is the Law of the Universe
Unity is the Law of God
Pythagoras, as quoted by Edouard Schure in his book The Great Initiates

Death: October 6, 2009 (afternoon)
6.0 Astrology – Basic Paragraph:
Basic Paragraph:
6.1 Astrology – Conjunctions
For conjunctions, if there is a star after the number then that paragraph is true. If there is no star, the paragraph may be true or completely false.
(174) Sun trine Jupiter:
The qualities of luck, energy, magnanimity, and good spirits here are very similar to those under 169. The creative urge, however, depends on other things and requires some effort. You have lots of vitality and optimism, together with a broad, tolerant, philosophic viewpoint – a sort of hail-fellow-well-met person making friends readily and generally keeping them. This is an excellent position for business. In a professional or artistic career this ensures financial return. No poet with this aspect ever starved in a garret, or anywhere else, for that matter. You spend freely and convivially, and your abundant vitality makes it possible for your to keep going for a long time.

(186*) You have a deep, precise, and above all serious mental outlook, ranging from the profound to the melancholy but never frivcolous or light. Knowledge is sacred to you. The Law is the Law. You stick by the Code as you understand it. With (198 – you have it), mystical bent, intuitive, inspirational, and with flashes of deep wisdom, perhaps in science, religion, or philosophy. With (198 – you have it), the sobriety of this aspect is not injured; you are still profound and deep-running enough but the depth may turn to trickery in mental processes and the moral sense by somewhat upset. If with (240), danger of depression. You are an impressive speaker and logician, whether you’re fighting on the side of the angels or against them. A certain power and authority, amounting almost to pompousness, attaches to your manner of speech. You don’t merely say things, you state them; and this has its effect on your listeners, who will have to have strong wills not to fall in line with your subtle reasoning. You can outwit most people, and being suspicious, are rarely fooled. You have it in you to manipulate the world. Nobody is ever going to sell you any gold bricks or phoney oil stock.

(190) Mercury trine Venus (true or false?):
You have a facile mind, capable of grasping scientific facts and interested in them. But there’s a strong tendency to wasting your mental energies through lack of purpose, direction, and concentrative faculties. If other things show concentration, then this adds to the facility; if not, you’ll have to fight against a tendency to skim the surface. A temptation to live by your wits is always present. If held to a purpose your road to success is eased by quickness, perception, and ready grasp of details.

(198) Mercury Square Uranus
Quickness and mental facility are you gifts, with a periodic insight of great swiftness and accuracy but no great stability. Your mental control is not good, and your energies are wasted in temperament. You are independent in thought and action and your own mentor of opinion, frequently differing violently from established authority – and more likely than not to get into trouble through tactlessness. You like to talk back to policemen. The revolutionary spirit is strong in you with a ‘whatever it is, I’m against it’ attitude. You like a battle of wits and will take the other side of the argument juts for the fun of it or to help out the underdog. Your great independence and vigour of mind can make you a leader of thought when you have learned to get the chip off your shoulder.

(220) Mars trine Saturn:
You are a builder, willing to start at the bottom of a career and work your way deliberately to the top. There’s nothing flimsy about the structure you build. This may make you an actual architect, or it may make you figuratively an architect of your own fate, laying your plans far in advance, and working soundly for th4eir accomplishment. You have an excellent balance of boldness and reticence, aggressiveness and tact. You know when to fight and when to run away, when to push your affairs and when to let them bide their time. Your great asset is a sense of balance and proportion. Your judgement is excellent, and you always know where you are going and how each brick, however small, is going to fit into the eventual product. This is one of the best of all aspects (except those to the Sun and Moon) for self-reliance, progress, and sound success, the extent and nature of which will depend on other indications. But as insurance that your energies will find constructive and progressive outlet, you wouldn’t want anything better than this.

(221) Mars trine Uranus:
You are inventive and mechanically inclined. Electricity, railroads, steel, iron, metals, and mechanics of all sorts are the natural media in which you work, and your highly original turn of mind will find new uses and combinations in connection with all these things. On the purely intellectual side, you are critical and analytical – cold, detached, and impersonal rather than emotional. You love speed and will drive a car, fly an aeroplane or run a speed boat at breakneck pace. You are a gambler with safety as well as with finances and ideals and will stake your all on a scheme or a plan the success of which you are convinced.

(240) Saturn square Uranus:
you are a pioneer and in some way an eccentric, independent in thought and action. Your independence doesn’t work very strongly for your success, and you have to learn cooperation, tact, and diplomacy. In a horoscope that shows inventiveness, originality, and executive force, this increases those traits adding a note of quarrelsomeness, but none the less making you a strong and influential character. You are forceful in an electric sort of way and impress people even when they don’t like your manner or your methods. In a non-executive horoscope the benefits of this position will not be felt. You have a peculiarly destructive temper – destructive to yourself chiefly – and must guard against the temperament that underlies your disposition.

(255) Pluto Trine Moon:
Quality, not quantity, is the hallmark of your emotional make-up. You like having a few close friends rather than spreading your feelings and loyalties thinly over a wide variety of people. You are apt to be fair in your judgements of others, evaluating inner qualities rather than superficial traits. Warmth, loyalty and devotion mark you emotional reactions. You are protective of loved ones without smothering them.

What an awesome reading! Thanks for taking the time to do it!

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