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I’m packing up the campsite, getting ready to head home. We had a wonderful weekend in beautiful weather, and I didn’t end up with any broken bones mountain biking, although I can say there were a couple of close calls. 

Last night was a little hard. I was thinking how much Erik used to love camping with us and how he would be enjoying everything we did yesterday with us if he were alive. I got into that, “I can’t believe he’s dead” state of mind. He’s been gone 6 years now, but I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that there is no body to hug anymore. I don’t think I’ll ever get to that point. I also thought about how horrible it is for a mother to lose her child because, after all, it’s our job to protect our cubs. I failed at that job, and there are no do-overs. Today, I practiced tweaking my perspective, reminding myself that he isn’t truly gone and that the main Erikness is eternal. I also shifted my perspective toward all the things in my life I’m grateful for–and there are many–so I feel somewhat better. Still, when I heard that Nancy Reagan had died, I got a little jealous. After all, she’s with her Ronnie now, and I have so long to wait to see Erik again. 

Happier Times in Disneyland

Happier Times in Disneyland

Story #1

I’ve had a tough week because my husband’s been seriously ill in hospital so after taking care of him for the last couple of days at home and lots of journeys to hospital I’ve begun to feel slightly worn out myself. So last night I had a hot bath and went to bed. This morning I woke and thought I need the bottle of lavender oil I use for a because burn on my leg as it was feeling pretty sour. I’d remembered seeing it the night before on top of the toilet where id left it but as I rolled over there it was laying next to me! I was pretty baffled and shocked that it had appeared there! I Told my hubby as he’d been Sleeping on the settee due to being poorly and he also shared a story about the night before. He had seen a shadow moving around our living room for around ten minutes before he went to sleep. I believe it was Erik because I’d been been watching the latest video on u tube the night before and believe he came along to remind me to take more care of myself. I also believe he told me in a dream because I instantly woke and thought about my leg and my health, including taking more care of myself. Thank you Erik for reminding me. I have been over doing it so I’m now taking more time for me.x

Story #2

I’ve been following you guys for awhile now. I feel like Erik has been there for me in a couple of situations. I ordered the book My Son and the Afterlife last week. Well, today I was watching random YouTube videos about the paranormal. I fell asleep in my chair and was woken up by my cat calendar falling from the wall. It scared me a little because there was absolutely no reason why it should have fell. The hook was still in the wall. Then all of a sudden I thought of Erik and I said “Omg, I bet his book is the mailbox and he is trying to let me know.” Low and behold, it was out there! I just smiled and thanked him for freaking me out. Lol. I love Erik and Elisa and Jamie. You have all helped me with personal situations. I will continue to follow you guys. Love and hugs from Paris Texas.

Story #3

I have been following the Erik blog for about a month and just finished reading his “My Life after Death” book. I was hoping he might prank me, but at the same time a little nervous about it, too. I work graveyard shift in a large building where I take care of all the floors. I am mostly alone and like to I talk to Erik as I am going about my work.

The other night I stood in the doorway of a large room and flipped on the lights. I noticed that it had been decorated for Halloween. There was stuff all over the room and on the walls. I glanced at the carpet from the doorway to see if it needed cleaning. But I never stepped into the room. Deciding that it didn’t need to be done at that time, I flipped the lights back off. One of the decorations on the wall (a skeleton head) started laughing and the eyes flashed on and off! Yeah, for a split second my stomach did a flip flop. It stopped after a few seconds. Then I said into the dark room, “Erik, was that you?” And the skeleton head went off again! This decoration is supposed to only go off when someone physically walks in front of it.

So, the next night, eager to put this decoration to the test and see if it was just a fluke, I went and stood in front of this decoration trying to set it off. Three times I did this and that skeleton mask just sat on the wall not moving. I went back and stood in the doorway looking at the mask from across the room. I said aloud,” Well, Erik, I guess that was you last night.” Suddenly the skeleton starts laughing again! Now I know without a doubt it was Erik! Thank you Erik!

Story #4

Hey there,

I am an American citizen living in Canada for the last 20 years. I read the first book about Eric written by his mom a while ago in the book-store. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon the You-tube interviews just three days ago or so now… Very Cool 🙂

Anyway, I got home today and went on Youtube to listen to more interviews with Eric through Jamie and I heard about his new book he wrote, so I got in my car to go buy it at the local Chapters Book Store near my house in South Surrey.

I am clairauident , and I feel energy, and know things…ect……. ( but I sometimes doubt myself), anyway while I was driving in my car to go buy the book I asked Eric that if I have been hearing and feeling him ( I feel lots of energy when I am watching the Youtube videos and I think it is Eric) anyway…. I asked Eric that if it was him that I am hearing to make sure that the bookstore would have his book and I would be able to buy it today and read it tonight and that if it was there then I would know that I am hearing him….

So when I got there, I went right over to the section that I thought it would be in and looked… but I could not find it… but I heard Eric say… It’s here… so I kept looking and I saw one copy of his book…. and when I found it… I heard… Eric say… ” told ya”! I am feeling tons of energy now as I am writing this… I have asked him to be one of my guides and he said “sure”! I love his sense of humour . He’s funny too!

I have a daughter who is 17 and I did find a letter 3 years ago that she wrote about taking her life ( thank God she has not)…. and on top of that she says that I am crazy for believing in ” this stuff”. I have asked Eric to guide her and my 14 yr old daughter to look at his videos and to read his book, I know that he is on it now!! 🙂

Thank you Eric, Elisa and Jamie for doing this. You all ROCK 🙂

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  • Thomas Müller-Grud

    So uplifting, all these beautiful and humorous Erik-experiences!
    I had a reading with one of the mediums from the channelingerikmediums website tonight. Erik provided help deeply, thanks again, I love you man!

  • FanGirl

    Elisa, remember to not get lost in the tragedy. I lost 3 out of my six family members, so I understand loss. And with each loss, questions and doubts and things that had been left unsaid arise, which made it even more difficult! But thanks to time and stumbling upon the YouTube videos, then reading your blog, it has helped me to piece together my spiritual being and what it truly means to forgive. Thank you, Elisa and Erik and Jaime! I love you guys (and I don throw around words loosely!) btw. First video I watched was just a couple weeks ago. A friend posted the YouTube video with the Jesus interview. I had no backstory on whom I was watching, I was just intrigued that these people were contacting Jesus (I’m not a holy roller)! So, long story short. I swear I heard a conversation between 3 people, Elisa and Jaime, and Erik, whom I assumed was probably working the camera or too shy to be on camera. But that changed when I went to the blog!!! I was like, “WTF?!” He’s dead?!?!” ……that’s when I became hooked!!

    I have faith that this blog will stay pure……thank you again❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Yes, those voices were Jesus, Quentin Crisp and Erik! That was a pivotal moment in my healing.

  • Concerned Citizen

    There is a chance that there will not be a new US president this Fall, the elections may fail to elect one. So can you ask Erik how things are going to end up for the US ?

    • I’m afraid to ask. Last time I posted about politics, a lot of people got pissed and left the blog for good. 🙁

      • Concerned Citizen

        OK, then lets wait and see. FYI.
        Who has said that a big change happens during USA elections 2016 that changes EVERYTHING LITERALLY ? – Bashar
        Who has said no presidents for US after 2016 ? – Baba Vanga

      • Rob Xsiq

        the only time a president wouldn’t transfer would be under martial law in a clear and present danger where such transitions would simply be impractical…so short of aliens attacking or perhaps a zombie outbreak (or a major full scale invasion), then no..there will be a potus one way or another, most likely hillary (regardless of your thoughts, just simple vegas betting), and nothing of great interest will happen.

        Second thought…what makes you think spirits are fortune tellers? they go on about non-linear time, which makes no sense, but they also say over and over again free will is key here. so I think they may be simply discussing different dimensional likelyhoods verses physical linear time when they discuss future events…aka, either they are all guessing like the rest of us, or there is absolutely no free will and we are living in a pre-recorded movie…there can be no middle ground here.

      • Concerned Citizen

        I agree with you, till the election day. After that, it’s ………… wait and see. I already said too much.

      • We need a change. I hope it’s a good change, though.

  • shughesd

    Elisa, it makes me so sad for you the massive loss you still feel despite having such profound contact with Erik. I have to fight the feelings of loss daily just because my children are growing so quickly! Everything I am learning about our everpresent and eternal nature helps me cope with the passage of time better. Thank you so much for contributing to all the information that is growing out there that allows us all to expand our awareness and confirm hopes about the nature of our existence.

    I still get to put my arms around my 4 children daily and don’t take one second of it for granted. Thank you for giving me even more than that.

    And thank you Erik.

    • I know I haven’t lost him. It’s just that I miss his physical presence so much.

  • Sarah

    I’m not sure if this was Erik, but a few weeks ago while I was sleeping my Husband said, our basement door shook three times and my corn dolly I have hanging for decoration was swaying back and forth as if someone touched it. He was freaked out and I was sorry I missed it…LOL

    • Could be! Or it could be one of your deceased loved ones.

      • Sarah

        Yeah, My Fathers Birthday was 2 days after it happened, he passed from cancer in 2013. I got a feeling it was either Erik or my Dad. =)

  • Foisnet Lysa

    Dearest Elisa,
    You didn’t fail at protecting your cub Erik…From what I can feel in my heart, you’re the best mum a kid could wish for in his life, you and your family were so close, and have done everything you could to make each member’s life a happy one … But before you both came to the earthy planes, you and Erik obviously had the guts to agree on extremely difficult parts of your contracts : he would have to leave early so that he could accomplish his extraordinary mission of enlightening and helping Humanity from the other side, and you would be his voice with the help of mediums…None of this would exist without your team !! See how far you’ve gone!! You two have such an impact on so many people from all over the world, teaching them, helping them understand, open their minds and heal ! You two agreed on one of the grandest missions one can think of…But we all understand the cost is extremely high, because you can’t hug, cuddle, kiss, see him, which is terrible for a mother, and he can’t do that either for you, and it makes me so sad when both of you are sad…You two are so brave, and so unique !! You surely will be proud of your life review, Elisa!!! Complete success with your contract !! As you two have had a few lives in common, please, next time, just chose a normal one, give yourselves a break !! He’s so proud of you, is happy and loves you so much and you’re so proud of him, have a lot of happy moments and love him so much, that’s all that counts…Don’t blame yourself for anything, there’s nothing you’ve done wrong, it’s just that it’s so difficult to understand contracts from our side of the veil, considering what a lot of people go through sometimes… With my fondest affection for you, Elisa, Erik, our little angel, Jaimie, Robert, Kim and all the mediums who help us on this wonderful journey…and of course, for all the Channeling Erik members, you are all part of my family…

    • Thomas Müller-Grud

      Thank you so much, Foisnet Lysa! This is SO true!!

      • Foisnet Lysa

        Thank you Thomas, sending you lots of love from France !

      • Thomas Müller-Grud

        And to you lots of love from Norway 🙂

    • Thank you. {{{{HUGS}}}}

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