More Erik Pranks

Story #1

I was in the kitchen with the iPad and the iPhone. Had a podcast playing on the phone. I opened the daily CE blog on the iPad and a song started playing. Just like before. I decided to quickly check my music app as I had found some songs. I had not downloaded playing there the last time. The music stopped and the app was empty. I know it was a Bjork song bu couldn’t identify it before I exited . Went back to open the blog thinking you might have added music to the blog post. Nothing. But, I figure this was Erik giving me a heads up on that days blog as he had answered a question almost identical to one I submitted.

Love you guys!

Story #2

Hi my name is Maggie Smith. I’m about to be 27 years old, and am from Wisconsin. I live all alone, and both of my parents are departed. This website has healed me so much. I have been the Channeling Eriks biggest fan for over a year now. This website is even saved to my favorites on the mac.

Every time that I look at this website I like to talk to erik in my head and ask him to show me a sign. I am pretty sure he’s been hiding my cell phone and/or he hides items that would just have prior. Long story short I thought I was going nuts until I heard Erik’s chuckling in my head. It was bad I was up late searching and searching one night and then the item just magically appears out of the blue.

Story #3

Finally! I have had a prank from Erik! I’ve been following the Channeling Erik blog and youtube videos for some time now. I’ve been asking Erik to prank me. Tonight, while talking to my brother, Siri on my cell phone (which was not near enough to me to accidentally activate) activated itself and repeated the phrase I had just spoken to my brother. I remembered when this happened to Jamie during an interview and the Siri on her cell phone activated itself and repeated what she had just said. That’s how I knew it was Erik finally getting around to pranking me. I look forward to many more pranks from Erik!

Elisa, I love that you are reaching out to all of us and bringing these messages from Erik. Jamie, you are lovely and very gifted. And to Erik, I love you and enjoy the messages you deliver with such humor. Erik reminds me of my own son with his silly humor and sensitive sweet soul.

Brightest Blessings,
Julie Carter

If you missed our radio show last night, here’s your chance to catch it. The topic: The nature of fear and how to overcome it, Part One. Enjoy your Saturday!

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  • Travis

    Do you mean Seth Rich? I tried looking for a Seth Riley but couldnt find one connected to the clintons. Crooked Killary and her rapist husband are truly the worst people on the planet. How anyone can vote for them is beyond me. The leftist media is going all in to destroy Mr. Trump even accusing him of raping a 13 year-old girl. It is truly repulsive the lengths they will go to to ensure crooked Killary is president including CNN giving Donna Brazil a debate question before the debate in the Democrat Primary against Bernie Sanders to pass along to crooked Killarys campaign. PEOPLE WE ARE LIVING IN A DYSTOPIAN NIGHTMARE!

    • BonelessSausage

      Grow up. At least you show your ignorance up front with CAPs, silly juvenile name calling etc…Hey, they have Hillary Clinton toilet paper, buy it, right up your childish alley.

      • Travis

        i presented facts. The un-democrate party rigged the primary to get Killary nomimated. Its all out now thanks to wikileaks, you can deny it all you want, but it is a fact. And according to Erik she has had people killed and she has parkinsons. Also, she wants open borders which would be a disaster. And this person you are defending, why? Oh because you have the intellect of a 5 hear old.

      • Travis

        Do they have toilet paper with you ugly mug on it? You can give it to me as an early christmas present. Fun for the whole family!

      • 403LEC

        I blocked that dude…ugh

  • Amy

    Erik said Trump in that post a few days ago.

    • BonelessSausage

      He also said in a former post. To change the climate of our political system, whispers in Jamies ear. How? “Vote for women.” And he said just recently…’In an astral level he can speak on this from a parallel universe side’ that Trump would win. He knows fully well on this plane he has zero chance.

      • Amy

        I did see the part where Erik said a female energy would be good for the country. I missed that second one you mentioned. Your comment about Trump having zero chance seems to be your own opinion, which I respect, but it does not equal fact. Looking at the polls, I’d say it’s anyone’s game. I’m intrigued by Paulette’s comment that free will may account for Erik’s back and forth. Was hoping for some clarity, not opinion based banter.

    • But that was from a session months ago. It takes time to go through the queue.

      • Amy

        Ahh, makes sense. Thanks.

  • Paulette Roberts

    Wow that’s interesting, I guess due to free will the outcome is always subject to change. If those things are true about Clinton which no one except us blog members would even consider that They might be, we will watch, is she aware she has Parkinsons or will she be finding out later? It’s weird that Trump keeps insisting she is sick, it’s like he knows something that he’s not supposed to know. Now he wants a drug test before the debate, weird. I suspected him of cocaine use as he has super energy and kept sniffing. He can certainly afford it.

    • Travis

      He doesnt even drink alcohol, but you think he does cocaine, weird. He has super energy all the time which wouldnt happen if he uses cocaine chronically because eventually there is a crash like with caffiene. Its odd and not right for you to be asserting drug use when you clearly know nothing about drugs. He has super energy because he is a succesful bussiness man and has created way more jobs than crooked Killary. Also, everbody knows she is sick that doesnt read leftist propaganda, thats why she wont release her full medical records. Go look up Dr. Ted Noel on youtube and he will explain how her symptoms fit parkinsons. One symptom is her pupils dont look in the same direction when she is speaking.

      • Paulette Roberts

        Many people many theories, so if you can come up with one why can’t I. I worked for 24 years w the homeless and do know some things on this curve. So don’t assert your theories then. It’s mostly ego in the end anyway. This is simply a crap shoot, people are allowed to throw things out there, nothing is etched in stone. He lies, she lies, yep crap shoot, I have hopes for the country for sure, but hey don’t lose sight of what matters and people can agree to disagree, it’s a free country, so far.

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