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Story #1

I’ve been a big fan of Channelling Erik for a long time now, and always hoped I’d get a sign from him or my mum who died last year. This morning I couldn’t believe that my internet connection was pulled out of the wall socket. I didn’t see it happen but heard the thump as the quite heavy plug dropped to the floor. I still can’t believe how this could happen, I was right in the room. I can only think it’s an Erik prank. Has this happened to anyone else?

Story #2

I came home from work, went outside and started talking to Erik and I asked him to please give me a sign that he is real. So I told him that i want to believe but i can’t because I need proof! So jokingly I said, “Okay if you are real then let me win this $5 lottery ticket.” It wasn’t about the money or how much I would win I just wanted to see proof. I started scratching my lottery ticket I had three numbers that matched on one card! At that time i didn’t even know how much I won . I went upstairs and told my son what had happened but he was busy. I went back downstairs and on the back of the lottery ticket there is a second chance win so I talked to Erik, I said please show me this symbol. Like I said it wasn’t about the money it was more of me asking for proof or a sign from him. So I started to scratch it and the symbol was there on the very 1st one I scratched! I started freaking out and at this time I still wasn’t sure how much money I had won but I started going crazy telling my husband and son what had just happened. You have to understand I felt very overwhelmed and my husband and son just thought I was freaking out and telling me to calm down. Another thing you have to understand I have been reading his book “My Life After Death” The book is incredible! It makes so much sense that all of these religions I now understand that we are here on this Earth because our soul needed to learn something. Thank You so much for sharing your Son to the World! I also want to say I am sorry for your loss but as you say he is not really lost or gone he is just in a different form. Please please please just take the time to call me I really need closure. Thank You.


Lori A

P.S My husband thinks I am crazy. I forgot to tell you how much I won. It was $40 but like I said it wasn’t about the money.

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