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One more thing: It seems like my grand daughter, Arleen, has the gift. Not only can see read everyone’s aura, she can channel Erik, too. Watching her channel, she seems to look off to the side for a while before convey what her uncle says. When asked how she does it, she explains, “I just make my mind white.” Her accuracy is uncanny, and she says things that there’s no way she would know, so that’s nice confirmation. We intend to encourage and nurture those gifts, and I can’t wait to see what she does with them in the future. 

Enjoy these Erik stories, and don’t forget to submit your own! Erik loves it when you do!

Story #1

I must share this with you. A few months ago I stumbled on to channelingErik. Since then, I have been reading blogs, and watching YouTube videos. I can’t even begin to tell you how many of them hit home, like I was supposed to be reading or hearing this at the time it was most needed. So, the other day I spoke out loud to Erik and asked him to send me a sign, no bugs, I don’t like bugs! The next day I got up in the morning to use the bathroom, when I went to flush, there was a frog desperately trying to climb out of the toilet. Needless to say this really freaked me out. I flushed the toilet, and went back to bed for about 10 minutes. I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I got up and the same frog was still in the toilet!
I then asked Erik, if this is really you, please do it again!

The next morning, there was a little frog in the same bathroom in the corner. My son helped me rescue it and we put him safely outside. Then I told Erik, no more frogs please! I have no idea how these frogs could have gotten into my upstairs bathroom! And of course, no more frogs have been seen.

Story #2

However, this happened. Last night I was listening to the Healing with the Masters segment with Elisa. I was in bed. At the point where Jennifer asked if I was open to a prank I said yes. When I came back to my bed today I looked at my pillow and the pillowcase was missing. Odd. I looked around and found it laid out on top of the other pillow on my bed. Hmmm. Cute trick, Erik!

Story #3

Hi peeps, well I got another odd one yesterday and today from Erik. It could be something else but I have no explanation for this. So Erik thank you for the computer prank.

Here goes: When I make any comments after reading Elisa’s latest posts that I get in my email inbox each day, after posting my comment to it I sign my name, but since I do not have a FB page, Twitter, Disqus, or any other communication sign ups on the internet, I just sign in as a guest. My post is not posted right away but maybe later on in the day. Anyway the odd thing was when I posted a comment two days ago, I posted as usual, but the format did not give me any options for signing in as a guest or anything like it usually is set up for. I just clicked the post button and there my post was instantly posted. I just figured Elisa changed something in the format. So the next day I turned on my PC as well as my husbands PC (like I do every morning) and the mail came in. I have a different email address than my husbands, but on his computer there was a Elisa comment from her to my comment and it was under Disqus. And this morning it happened again on his PC. He does not even have any sign up with Disqus. He never reads any Erik stuff nor is he signed up for Erik’s website. He has a FB page but that is under a completely different email address than the one that Elisa commented through Disqus. So through husband’s PC it is impossible for Elisa to know or use his emails. I never ever gotten a email on my PC for any comments I posted or Elisa comments back on. I only get emails from Elisa as direct email on ” my” PC when I write to her. My husband looked up Disqus and found that he is not even registered with that. Today I posted a comment just to see what takes place, but it was back to the format for signing in as a guest like usual. So I chalk it up as an Erik prank. That makes 3 pranks so far in the past 2 weeks. Thanks Erik.

Story #4

I’m not exactly sure when I came across this website but it was sometime after a man that I loved with all of my heart was brutally murdered at the hands of a man, hired by an ex boyfriend of mine. To say that this website, Erik, Elisa & Jamie have all helped me through my healing process is an understatement.

I booked a group reading with Jamie and in that session Erik gave me some great advice on helping to control my anxiety while on the witness stand when it was time for me to testify at the trial. I knew that the defense attorneys were going to attack me, my integrity and every detail of my private life, this is what they do to take the spotlight off of the accused. I knew that it was going to be hell but I also knew that I had to be strong and to do everything that I humanly could to get justice for the wonderful man whose life was ripped away from him by a sociopath.

I’ll take you to the day of my testimony. I was prepared. I had spent years in therapy, gone over my previous statements and testimony, psyched myself out on being assertive yet calm on the witness stand and was wearing a rubber band on my wrist, at Erik’s suggestion, to snap when I started to shake and feel anxiety. Before I walked into the large courtroom, I said the biggest prayer that I have ever prayed in my life. I asked God, Jesus, all of the angels of heaven & light, Erik, my spirit guides, the man that I loved who had been murdered & any other spirit of light who might want to join the fight, to be with me in the courtroom that day… to help me fight & to protect me from darkness.

As expected, when it was the defense’s turn to cross examine me on the stand, they came out swinging. I was attacked every which way but loose!! I snapped that rubber band on my wrist several times during my testimony when I started to lose my composure to remind me to breathe and to remember what I was there for. I was up there for hours and hours and hours… Just when I didn’t think that I could take any more, something remarkable happened. A light show, the likes of which I have never seen before, erupted before all of our eyes! These were not just flickering lights. No… the lights were turning off and on at random intervals, computers were shutting on and off and power point presentations on the screen flashed wildly. It seemed that any and all electronic devices in the room were affected! Everybody in the room just stopped what they were doing and looked around bewildered. This happened in only the courtroom that we were in, the rest of the building was operating perfectly fine. The judge called a brief recess and very shortly after that my cross examination was stopped and court was recessed for the day!

A few days later the accused, the man who ordered the murder, was on the stand and his attorneys were letting him speak. The lies and hatred coming out of his mouth about me were almost too much to bear. I prayed again for help from all of my spiritual peeps. I asked that someone go into that courtroom & sew his lips shut so he couldn’t spew all of that darkness anymore. Now, I knew that no one was actually going to go in and go at him with sutures, but you catch my drift! I curled into a ball and pulled the covers over my head and continued to meditate and pray. I must’ve drifted off because I was awakened by a phone call from a friend who said that while he was on the stand talking about me, fire alarms starting going off throughout the building! Once again, a recess was called and when the fire alarms stopped sounding, court was called into session again and his defense team moved on to another topic.

I can’t know for sure who all joined the fight so to cover my bases I thanked everyone! BUT, here’s what I DO know… I KNOW with all of my heart that this was Erik leading the spiritual pack in a rescue mission!!! Only Erik would pull pranks on such a magnitude as to actually stop proceedings in a court of law! I am awestruck and grateful beyond words…Many, many thanks to you Erik!!!

My story is ongoing and fluid. I will update you with more Erik adventures should they arise.

Love and light to all.

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