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Story #1

When I first received Erik’s eBoard, I was both excited and a little nervous to give it a try. I carefully placed the board on my kitchen table and read the directions, twice, just to make sure I was prepared. I followed all the suggestions, and kept re-reading the intention sample provided until I was comfortable with words and it had meaning for me. As soon as I thought we were all set, we put our fingers on the planchette and I muttered aloud, “I sure hope this works”.

I asked a question and waited for some some movement but nothing happened. “Wait a minute,” I thought, “maybe I forgot to do something”, so I read the directions again for a third time convinced that I had missed something. Just then the automatic soap dispenser by the sink started to make its familiar noise as if a hand was positioned under it ready to receive some soap, except no one was near the sink. “A-ha!”, I thought, “I need to wash my hands again; that must be it.” However when I went to use the dispenser nothing worked. I changed the batteries, cleaned the nozzle, but still the soap dispenser did not work or make a noise. Back to the board, now even I began to think how silly I was being with making sure everything was just right before starting. Placing my fingers on the planchette once more, I asked Erik if he was there and told him I hoped it would work this time. No sooner had I finished saying that, the dispenser began to make its noise and kept dispensing soap, even though no one was near it. I later learned through a session with Jamie that Erik was having a little fun with me. And since then, whenever I place my hand under the nozzle and nothing comes out even though everything is in working order, I know it’s Erik stopping by to say hello.
By the way, that first try ended up going very well.

Story #2

Hi, I have watched numerous videos, read and followed the CE progress with full appreciation and respect. Today, though I actually liked CE on Facebook and joined for updates etc. After searching for hours to no avail I also posted to ask where do we email our questions for ELISA to ask Erik? Erik is quick because while I was watching Bigfoot part 2 this evening my picture froze and there was no sound. A few moments later the picture sped through to catch up with the non existent sounds , it all looked so funny, then it all ran as normal. Just to check I replayed the video and guess what, it ran perfectly! I am no channel but I received a message from Erik in my mind to go ahead and post my prank and ask my question at the same time. So here it is. I actually have many questions but this is the main one I told Erik about out aloud. Is it true that sound due to its vibration and frequency can heal all illness and dis’ease’? And how does the Ancient solfeggio affect the human body?

Namaste x
P.S ELISA what a wonderful example of being human, you are.

Story #3

My husband and i live in Belgium, Europe. My husband is American and i am Belgian. We started watching the channeling eric video’s and visiting jamie butlers website a while ago.I have always been very spiritual and sensitive to peoples energy but my husband was always a sceptic.Although he felt inside that there might be some truth to all the spirit stuff,it was still hard for him to believe that the loved ones he lost at home and in Iraq were still around. So i eventually convinced him to start meditating with me and discovered something amazing about himself that he would have never thought to be possible. He started seeing deceased peoples during his meditation. Including Eric who told us that Gerald is a messenger. We then bought a ouija board and heard all kind of things of so many different peoples that we started to doubt our own sanity.Then Eric started pranking us for examples while i take showers i listen to the radio and i love 80is music so i listen to a channel called nostalgia but for 3 days in a row as soon as i put the radio on he shuts down my station and turns it into this danced/trance music which i am not a big fan of ,i then retry like 10 times to put it back to my channel but 1 second later he has switched it back to that other channel.I checked with my husband because i thought there was something wrong with my radio but he never had any problems just me.Then he hid my coffee grinder, i found it 2 days later in my herb drawer which i had used already several times before and there was no coffee in i swear. our fire alarm went off to and there was no smoke,etc…Anyways Eric told us we were going to meet (elisa) face to face one day and now i see you are coming to Europe so know that you are always welcome here.Unfortunately we cannot come to Ireland because our 2 children have autism and travelling is hard for them. So i hope to see you one day here in belgium. Thank you for your courage.

Love always Emanuelle ,Gerald, Jada en Lia.

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  • Luci

    That’s a fantastic question asking whether sound vibrations can heal. A few weeks ago I was told by a medium that in spirit my beautiful daughter is working on sound waves/vibration to heal depression but that this hasn’t been discovered yet. When my daughter was a small child I had a medium reading. When I asked what my daughter’s vocation would be, this is what I was told: “Your daughter will be working with music in the future. My guides are telling me that they are not allowed to tell me too much about what she will be doing, as it is something yet to be discovered”
    Today I received a copy of Erik’s and your book Elisa “My Life After Death”. I’m looking forward to reading it and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. xx

    • Maya


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