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Story #1

June 13th 2014, within a couple weeks of me visiting the blog & reading the 1st book, we had a birthday dinner for my dear friend Mika at a restaurant. At some point while taking group photos our friend said “No, I have to re-take it there’s a weird light over John’s face” I asked to see it, then we looked at the other pix we had taken and the light was in every single picture (except one), in different spots, and different lengths/sizes. I knew it was definitely a friend from another dimension but didn’t want to assume it was Erik.

We continued taking pix, and at one point our friend was about to take one of me & someone else and she literally saw a ghost. Her eyes got huge and she moaned “Ahhhhh” and dropped her phone. She said “I saw the light come right next to you!”

Anyway, I have 6 pictures with our light friend in them. I called the restaurant the next day & asked the Manager if that is something that occurs there ever, and she said she had never heard of it happening ever. I posted the pix to the Erik Facebook group, got a couple likes, and let it go.

A few days ago, listening to the Audio book of My Life After Death I got the really strong sense that that was definitely Erik posing in all our pix. I used my pendulum to ask questions, and got a HUGE fast YES to the question “Was that Erik in our pix?” I also asked “Was that Mika’s dad?” (the birthday girl), and got a definite no.

Erik posing in our pix was awesome, and I’ve invited him to show up in more pictures if he wants, it is so fun!

I would love to share the photos, you’ve got to see them! Is there a way I can send them in also?


This is Elisa: Milena, can you email them to me? Very cool story. Erik loves to photo bomb us, too!

Story #2

Well…. I have been following Channeling Erik on YouTube for a few months now. I have read both books and find them thought provoking, interesting and well-written.

There were two times I had an Erik visit, both in dreams. The first time it happened I was very skeptical but found it interesting. A good friend (and former boss) died suddenly and tragically a couple of months ago. He had just retired and was at his best friends home and they (both couples) were driving to the cruise port and taking a 7 day Caribbean cruise the next morning. In the middle of the night, my friend, for some unknown reason, got up and was going downstairs. While going downstairs he fell, hit his head and died. This was so unexpected because he was healthy, in shape, and not one to be clumsy. This really bothered me because I just could not understand how this could happen. In this dream, Erik ‘popped’ up, and I did not recognize him but he introduced himself to me and I asked him about my friend and he said “He should have had that knee operation.” Wow, what an eye opener and one that came very unexpectedly.

The second time was last night (that is why I decided to write this). I dreamed that I died and crossed over. Not sure why I dreamed that but I remember it was very vivid and real. I could even feel the ‘lightness and beauty’ so many NDE’ers talk about. While I was in that different realm I remembered looking around at my surroundings and suddenly to my surprise I saw Erik standing right behind me. He had a big grin and looked at me like, “Here I am again,” introduced himself and helped explained the surroundings and the realm I was in. It really was a remarkable experience that is very unique to me and my history. I am still trying to process this whole thing as either my imagination or a real encounter.

Story #3

I have been watching channelling Erik for the last 4 or so months. The information Erik brings through the gifted medium Jamie Butler resonates with me. I have a security camera at home as I work away a lot. Whilst away I received a text message saying there was movement in front of the camera. I checked my phone and to my surprise there was a very bright white orb moving about in front of the camera. I would like to know if this is Erik. I have since recorded more orbs and would like to upload here if possible. Also I love your work Elisa. It takes a lot of courage to do what you are doing! you have our support xx

Me again. Can you email them to me at I’d love to see it. I can show them to Kim or Robert to find out who they or it is.

Story #4

Some months ago, after reading “My Son and the Afterlife,” I awoke to find my cat on top of the dresser across from my bed. Our cat, “Miss Kitty,” was playing with a gold coin that seemed to have appeared in the air just above her. The coin was a new one dollar gold coin, which appeared out of nowhere, since I don’t have such a coin!

I remembered reading in the book that Erik likes to “mess with the cat.” Here he was messing with our cat, who is very playful and loves to chase things—and who obviously was seeing something that was invisible to me! This was the perfect way to get my attention and to prove to me that all this is real!

Though I have relatives who are on the other side, I just knew this had to be Erik, since I had been studying the book and following the blog for some time.

Thanks so much, Erik, for taking the time to visit me in such a creative and clever way!

It’s true. When you read his book in particular, you’re just asking for a prank or visit, all in the name of good, clean fun! Be sure to send me your Erik Encounters or stories of praise because I’ll be running out of them soon! I’d really appreciate it. 

Don’t forget to join Kim, Erik and me tomorrow night around 7:00 PM PT/9:00 PM CT/8:00 PM ET on Into the Parabnormal LIVE. If you want to listen or chat with Erik, click HEREHave your questions for Erik ready! You can submit them via chat or call 818-672-6865

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  • Judith F.

    Wonderful stories, as always, Elisa. Erik sure gets around! I listened to Thursday night’s program about uncertainty. It amazed me how big a role uncertainty plays in our lives! I won’t say anymore because others should listen and find out why. Your and Robert’s YouTube interview with Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown just blew me away. I always think “Gosh, how many people are missing out on such priceless afterlife interviews!” Robert is such a gem. I receive such joy watching him looking at what he’s seeing that we can’t see, his reactions and his infectious laugh. Yes, he briefly got mixed up between two of the interviewees, but that was understandable because a lot of other young spirits came rushing in to be part of the conversation, and there was cross-talk and a lot going on. I’m going to watch it again because everything they said was so enlightening.

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    The poor mother who lost her husband and her son, and now whose daughters won’t speak to her. I wish I could speak to the daughters to tell them that no amount of anger or retribution can bring their brother or father back;and that now is the time to come together. The grandmother needs her grandchildren now, more than ever. When everything is stripped from you, remember who you are–the mother you’ve been; the great decisions you’ve made; the love you gave to your children and your husband. God bless her.

  • Maya

    Now this is the theme for the month: non-bias perspective.

    4 x 4 = 16.
    273 + 3947 = 4220.
    5894 : 2 = 2947
    Law of gravity.

    The topic is “exact science”, everyone. Set aside your personal feeling on everything. Just find out the truth.
    There is nothing hurtful about 3 x 3 = 9, or 4 x 3 = 12, except if you are counting your salary and you wish it to be 100!

    Be neutral. Have no feelings on everything. Speak up your truth. Even the world maybe against you.

    If you have clarity, don’t succumb to the ones who are confused. They are not your match, and they will crippled apart…

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