More Information on JonBenet’s Murder

Although I didn’t publish the details out of fear for personal safety, I’ll (nervously) share that the story below is exactly in keeping with everything Erik said about the case. Wow.

Patsy Ramsey

I really, really want all of you to consider reading Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth. Erik told me to read it in a previous session, and, although initially I complied to avoid further pestering (you know how he can be, heehee,) now I can’t get enough. I’ve already finished the paperback version and have started the audiobook. As I was reading, I knew, just from the power of the material, that I would need to read it more than one, so I started to highlight only the most salient sentences worth revisiting. After a couple of soggy pages drenched in yellow. I gave up and threw the empty highlight in the trash. There was not one single superfluous sentence. Not one. No fluff. This is material that is clearly channeled. Here’s a peak.

The entrenchment of the ego intensifying while the true spirituality is opening up.

On a side note, next week, I’m going to share the channeled interview of Jack the Ripper. The case was never solved, but Friday, he actually shared his name. The interview was absolutely fascinating and full of surprises!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.

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Elisa Medhus

  • Anonymous

    Elisa – Christopher Hitchens passed yesterday – BIGtime non-believer. Think Eric could ask Hitchens what he thinks now? I’d love to know!

    • Denise_C

      Elisa kinda already did ask a non believer. Read the Carl Sagan sessions posted not that long ago. They, like all of sessions, were awesome!
      A lot of people really don’t understand Atheism or atheists. I don’t claim to either, as I am not one. A good definition I found once though is: Atheism does not require absolute certainty that god(s) do not or cannot exist. Just until they see or get “proof” they don’t believe.
      Personally, I don’t believe in the punishing god I was taught about as a child. I think that a lot of that was “man made” by the church to try to keep us all in line. I don’t need a fear of god to make me behave and not do bad things. Haven’t been to church in years. My church is nature. My spirit is nourished there. I think out of all the people that have roamed this great Earth, I like the Native American beliefs the best. If we don’t take care of Mother Earth, as she has cared for us, well, you know the rest. I do believe I will see my loved ones again. You can call the place I will see them in again “Heaven” or whatever, just as you can call the Source “God” or whatever you choose. I don’t think it really matters. They are just words and names we have given to them in our different cultures. If more religions and their followers would realize that, we might not be fighting all the time. Just my two cents. 🙂
      Thank you Elisa, Erik & Jamie and the rest of the Channeling Erik Family too.
      And as that wise sage John Lennon said: Happy Christmas (War is Over) xo

    • Robert Martinez

      Me too! I was going to ask, but you beat me to it, Gracie

  • Ash

    Yep – I’m finishing up Conversations with God right now. Will probably head for that book when I’m done with this one. And will be waiting for Jack the Ripper! That’s always been a case that fascinated me. I think there was a tv special not too long ago (a year or two?) that people thought they finally solved the case – and they also tried to prove that he came to America. I’d be interested to see how those two compare.

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely love Eckhart Tolle! I found The Power of Now when I was at a really low point in my life and it truly helped me!! I recommend it to everyone! I still go back and read passages in it when feel my perspective of things getting out of whack. I haven’t read this one yet but I plan on it. 🙂 One love <3

  • Tom

    Patsy Ramsey also passed away a few years ago from Cancer. Erik ‘might’ invite her around for a few questions…..if she’s up to it. It’s kind of a touchy thing since her husband is still around…Soooooo, but if Jon Benet or erik mentioned something already and this article has been released, the cats already basically out of the bag. Kind of a bummer though to be blaming the child’s death on a parent who is also deceased and cannot defend herself, not that I have any regard either way…it’s was just another disgusting public display of the media feeding frenzy and all the destruction that followed.
    You would think that there would be some learning from all this, but as we have recently seen in other cases….we have a long ways to go =(
    Anyways, just my 2 cents, I’ll check out that book also. Of all the literature out there on the topic, this one sounds the most promising and grounded.


  • you know that thing you said about the missing baby a while back was correct as well.

  • Artsbylindalee

    Patty Ramsey has passed over, have they made contact? If not can Erik find Patty for an interview?

  • Anonymous

    Why on earth was the mother not indicted?? I second the housekeeper’s questions – why grill the housekeeper but never Mrs. Ramsey? Odd.

  • Elisa,

    Thanks for taking the risk and publishing the information. I always was curious about that case, I think someone earlier mentioned it but perhaps Erik could bring the mom forward in one of the sessions.

  • divya

    ma’am could u post your interview with ted bunny….it would b interesting to read what such an evil creature has to say about his horrifying deeds and how he felt when he had to do his life review.

  • Stanley

    Hello Elisa,

    About JonBenet’s Murder, I feel if you have any information, that you should report it. Either by name or annoymously. I know it’s scary to get information and want to do the right thing but be afraid of being attacked. But you can call up a police station and give a annoymous lead for them to check out.

    Over the last few years, I wish I could have acted on information I channeled. With events, I get dream visions of future events. I saw the title wave that hit Sumatra back on September 29th 2009 2 weeks before it happened. I saw the 7.0 earthquake that hit Haiti about 3 weeks before it happened. And I saw the plane crash in New Delhi India on May 22nd 2010 a week before it happened. All these events I wished so hard that I could have done something about. Given word to someone. But I couldn’t act because I didn’t see any indicators in the dream of a location, nor did I have a time frame to give them. All I could do was wait and watch it happen.

    So in your case, you have the chance to act on concreate channeled information. Maybe you can give the information to someone else to turn in to the local police. Just how I feel about the situation. Hopefully one day channeled information will be concidered totally reliable in court. I used to watch a show actually called “Medium” about a woman who channeled and she would turn over the information to a friend of her’s in the police who would then act on the information. The show only ran for about 2 sessions if I am not mistaken. Good series if you get the chance to see it. Wish you the best on this topic Elisa. Trust your heart. 🙂 **hug**


  • It’s in queue!

  • Yes they have. I can’t remember what she said. I think all is forgiven. I didn’t post the whole interview.

  • Ash

    Hey Todd – I think I saw a post you left on Steve Pavlina’s site a while back about something strange you were experiencing in your sleep (at least someone with your “Channelingmyself” name) I’ve had a similar experience I wanted to share with you and see if we can compare notes (if that was you). I’ve posted it in the forum:

    • Hi Ash,

      I replied to your posting on the forums. Channelingmyself is the name of my blog so sorry for the confusion. I would like to compare notes on OBEs. I haven’t had one for a while and certainly would like to have that experience again.


      I just bought A New Earth tonight and started reading it. Thanks to you and Erik for the recommendation, from what I’ve read so far sounds like the book that I’ve been needing to read for some time now.

  • jen

    I agree that Eckhart Tolle’s books are so amazing! It made me look at things in a whole new way and immediately felt like truth. Regarding JonBenet, I noticed that the article was originally written in 2001 and the housekeeper wrote a book about it from her point of view I believe but I also read that the Ramseys were both cleared by DNA evidence and were issued an official apology in 2008 from the DA’s office. I’m not sure that the police would consider looking at Patsy Ramsey as a suspect again based on anything other than hard evidence or new DNA.

    • She didn’t kill her. JB said she hired someone to do it. Makes more sense. I’ll interview Patsy and see.

      • liz

        Ahhh, okay, b/c I was wondering the same thing (DNA evidence). I always suspected the parents had something to do with her death, and I read lots of web sites that pointed out much of what you posted (where the body was, how it was discovered, etc.)

      • Guest

        If we are able to solve murders by simply channeling those who have passed over, why wouldn’t this be and accepted, common practice? It seems puzzling to me how all these unsolved murders that cost a fortune in tax payer dollars could be that easily solved. Once the information is communicated, authorities could do what they need to verify the “lead”.

      • I think it will be eventually. But so many skeptics, so little time. I’d love to see the day when deceased can be material witnesses!

      • perkyshayne

        I know this is really late for me to comment, but I was wondering who do you mean when you say “JB said she hired someone to do it.” Who was the person that did the hiring? thanks

      • It was the mom who hired someone.

      • Jeanie

        I’m late to the party as well but I’m curious, what was Patsy’s reason for doing this, if you don’t mind sharing?

      • I can’t remember if I asked? I think it was because her daughter started balking at doing the pageants.

      • Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry that you’re going through so much pain. Keep reading the blog. There are posts in the archive that might help you. I think one is entitled “For Those Who Struggle” and there’s also one about shifting perspective. I can’t remember the exact title.

        I bet Erik and your mother nudged you to the blog. She probably wants to talk to you and help you. Jamie is booked up for over a year, but she does have some small group channeling calls, one that’s directed by Erik. There are other types of calls. Be sure you ask Erik to come to them if you choose one of those. You can also book an appointment with two of my guest bloggers. One is Kate Sitka and the other is a couple, Kent and Cindy Lehman. They’re not as booked and their prices aren’t too bad. I believe I have them in my links list. Jamie’s site is Keep me posted. Hugs.

  • Su

    Thnkas for tip..devoured Power of Now this year..gonna take New Earth with me next week for my big trip back home to Ethiopia xox

  • Take pictures!!

  • Van

    I have a very good friend who is a born medium and she said the killer will be caught with in the next five years. ( it’s hard for a medium to pin point the exact time) She explained that the DNA will link him to the murder of JonBenet. I do think Erik is very wrong on this one . Patsy Ramsey did not murder her daughter. I guess we will see what happens in the next five years.

  • Jeanie

    I watched an show i think called ‘psychic’ investigations’ once, and they covered the JonBenet murder case. Who knows how accurate anything they said was, but according to them, the killer is still out there and has killed again. Scary stuff. I never wanted to believe the Ramseys were responsible, but so much evidence leans towards the latter. And their unusual behavior in every interview I saw. They seemed more defensive of themselves against the accusations than upset over her death. Sad, either way.

  • Annie

    It is extremely far-fetched that Patsy Ramsey hired a hitman to kill her daughter in an extremely sadistic manner just because JonBenet allegedly wasn’t interested in pageants anymore. Patsy Ramsey passed a lie detector test.

  • Diana

    Where is the interview with Patsy? It’s not showing up in the search.

    • I didn’t interview her.

      • Debbie

        You seem to be VERY vague when it comes to this case. Is it because the truth is so horrendous and you are trying to spare us this emotion? It seems so incredibly hard to believe that a mother could do this to her child but that is what you seem to be portraying-either by her own hands or a hitman. You don’t give complete answers no matter how the questions are asked. This case was emotional for everyone. What is the reason that this isn’t discussed in more detail?

      • I get a little nervous getting specifics when involved parties are still alive. I mostly wanted to find out how she was, how she is and ask various spiritual questions we can learn from.

      • Debbie

        I didn’t see or read that interview. Where is it? I only saw the paragraph where you said Erik told you that everything is pretty much how the following article portrays the situation. That article said that Patsy Ramsey was responsible. I wanted to read JonBenet. I guess I just needed to hear that she is ok. And see why her and her mother agreed to something like this. I ‘get’ that we all arrange stuff before we get here. I’m just perplexed as to the ‘why this’ of the situation. Thank you for being so brave on this front.

      • You mean you can’t find the original interview? Hmm. Maybe I took it down for fear of legal troubles.

      • Simon

        It’s still there, she comes across as a sweet little girl.

  • Riki D

    Wow, truly remarkable information after all these years. I wonder if her early onset of cancer was manifested by her own guilt. Then knowing throughout her struggle that she would in fact meet JB again in the afterlife. She probably, literally, tortured herself to death. So sad all the way around.

  • Sean

    Hi can you do a vid on Jonbenet

    • I already did the regular post. We just weren’t videotaping at that point.

  • Sky Yozenko

    You must go to the website ‘Unveiled Secrets and Messages of Light’ and read their file on JonBenet Ramsey. It’s posted in the ‘Extraterrestial Files’.

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