More Love for Our Boy!

I absolutely love it when you guys give love to Erik. It reminds me of how proud I am and the positive effect he’s having on others. These stories have really helped to heal my grief. Thank you!

Story #1

I’ve been grieving the loss of my sweet husband….& my sugar intake increased.
My whole body hurt … Joints, tendons, etc. my thumb was so swollen it had begun to be difficult to write even my name. Then I read Erik’s conversation about arthritis and that sugar fueled the inflammation.

I eliminated the 2 tsp in 2 cups of coffee immediately and any casual encounter with a high sugar item. In 3 weeks, my soreness was at least 55% reduced & at 5 weeks, I have minimal swelling and absolutely no pain. Writing is pain free.

THANK YOU Erik & Dr Medhus…sending hugs filled with gratitude.

Or is it “Doctor” Erik?

Story #2

I lost my son, Josh (36), an only child, on May 14, 2014. We were very close and it felt like my heart was ripped out. We did things each day together; it wasn’t like I just saw him occasionally. Being single without any grandchildren, my life often feels so empty. Past friends tend to shy away. Thank God, I’m a reader. Over the past 40 years, I’ve read hundreds of metaphysical and reincarnation books. However, with this experience, you want to confirm belief in the hereafter. After reading both Erik’ books, much of my faith has returned, and I will continue to follow Erik’s story. Thank you, Elisa, and all the people who continue to covey hope after a great loss. John, Bay City, Mi.

Story #3

My son was murdered and robbed while working his weekend job delivering pizza. I have gone through most of what you have. I was a Christian but that religion didn’t explain or support what Daniel was showing me from the other side. I have developed my own communication skills with him due to not having the income to hire someone. I only trust “spiritual” people who have gone through the hell on earth of losing a loved one anyway.

Thank you so much for helping people like me. And thank you Erik and say hello to Daniel Jaffke for me.

Donna Jaffke

I’m sure they’re big buds now, Donna.

Story #4

I got your book from the library, My Son and the Afterlife. I truly beleive that I was guided to it. My son took his life as well and it has been a hard journey! His name is Joe and he was reborn June 15 2007. He was 26 at that time.

He left me with two beautiful grand daughters, and I see him in them. I have had dreams of him; he has shown me things but not so much these days. I am very spiritual. and I know that there is a afterlife. I have tried to share these things with others but…..laughed at, called coo-coo etc.

I want so much to have a ongoing relationship with my son, HOW??? Is it me? What do I have to do? Erik, can you please tell Joe to call his mom?
Thank you!

Tina, why don’t you call on the radio show and ask Erik this Thursday.


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