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Robert is doing better as of yesterday evening. He was in agony with pain in the area where the stoma was, for some reason. This is odd, because usually the reversal surgery is not nearly as painful, especially considering the had a ruptured bowel and peritonitis then. But after much pleading, I got them to change his medication, and he’s feeling much, much better. I hope the pain continues to abate while his body heals.

In yesterday’s session, Erik also wanted to remind everyone to slowly start collecting nonperishables, survival type gear, and drinking water so that if and when we experience those off-grid periods, we’ll be prepared. He says that doing so over the next six months should keep us in the clear. I didn’t ask him for how long we needed provisions, but I will next time. I’m assuming 2-3 months but I have no idea why.

Again, sorry I haven’t edited today’s entry. If you see anything glaring, please feel free to let me know and I’ll fix it!

Channeling Transcript

Me: Can you actively participate in your life review by changing things, since there is not linear time? It seems like you should be able to preempt the mistakes you make, you know?

Erik: Hell, that sort of defeats the whole purpose of the review, though, Mom.

Jamie giggles.

Me: Oh! So, it like changing the answers after you turned in the test, I guess?

Erik (laughing): Yes, exactly!

Jamie (chuckling): He made that drum sound like duh dum DUM, like you get when you get the right answer.

Erik: No, you can’t actively change it while you’re reviewing it, but afterwards, yes, since there’s no linear time, you can. If there are things that you feel need to be corrected and it serves the greater good or a higher purpose, then you’re allowed to, but if it’s negative and doesn’t serves a greater purpose, you have to let sleeping dogs lie. That shit has to work itself out.

Me: I see. Exactly. Now, can your multiple selves in all of their simultaneous lives download or upload the information you learn in that life review so those other selves can apply it to their parallel lives? Oh god, it’s so complex, I can barely straighten out this thought in my feeble little mind!

Erik (laughing): No, I get it, Mom. You explained it fine. And yeah, sure. But those other lives on earth have to have that knowledge of how to download that information.

Me: Oh, yeah.

Erik: “A,” they have to be aware of it, of the fact that they can do it, “B,” they have to consciously want it, and “C,” they have to be enlightened enough to understand how to use that information.

Me: So it can’t be done on like a soul level, below the ego level? Can you just go in like a stealth bomber and slip that information in nice and quietly? Call it a soul sortie?

Erik: Oh, there’s so much more that happens at a soul level, but that soul level isn’t what really runs your human life.

Jamie: Well, yes it does, Erik!

Me: Oh no! I’m on a runaway train with no conductor at the helm! This is not good!

Erik: Okay, let’s put it this way. It’s a happy balance between consciousness, spiritual amnesia and soul. You need that amnesia so that you can have new experiences. Without that, all you’re doing is being a rat in a wheel.

Me: Well can you take the things you learn in life and, while dreaming, help your other selves? Can you upload information to your other selves?

Erik: In a dream state?

Me: Uh huh.

Erik: Yeah, you can.

Me: Okay, here’s another one related to the whole life review topic. If you kill scores of people like in a war, do you feel each one’s emotions during the review?

Erik: Hell yeah: their thoughts, like what they’re thinking, what’s happening, their emotions, what they feel, yes.

Me: Oh my god. That must be brutal.

Erik: Definitely brutal.


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  • Sylvia
    • I have no doubt that cats are very spiritual. Mine see Erik all the time. He loves playing with them.

  • Pat

    I am so glad that Robert is getting better. What a terrible ordeal for him to have to endure. Tell him we love him and thank you again Elisa for being by his side.

    Okay, this was a really confusing post. I don’t understand how we can change anything after our post life review. If we changed even one tiny thing, it would impact so many other things and so many other lives. Even if life on the other side is not linear, it is on this side and you would be creating a whole other universe of experience. And, if you would be just changing the experience in the non-linear, then you would still need the cooperation of all the other beings that were impacted. I am so confused.

    This one response itself could have been a whole separate subject matter to discuss further…so many questions.

  • JoAnn

    last week sometime i was explaining what i believe happens in your life review to my friends, and i was saying that i believe that anytime in your life you hurt someone else or an animal that you would be in the place of the one you hurt,experiencing what ever that life thought ,felt etc,,,so if you have done anything mean and hurtful you are going to feel it yourself as well ,on the receiving end,,,so i see that i was correct in that far as multiple lives simultaneously i am not able to really perceive that in my mind yet,,,not that i don’t believe it is happening it is just that i can not conceive the idea and i think i will only be able to focus in this life i am in right now and hope with any luck that i am not experiencing any worse lives somewhere else in this world at this exact time…maybe after i work out and learn these new concepts in this life and become balanced ,then i will be able to understand this concept and work on finding out what lives i am living other than this one ,,,maybe one is more enlightened in there journey than i am,,,that is a question for Erik about that ,,,it makes me wonder ,,can our other lives have more enlightenment? i mean isn’t enlightenment from the soul level and if so then we would all have to be the same enlightened,,,like i said i can not comprehend the concept yet but the time is coming at me fast,,i have learned soo much from the post here and it is awesome thanks to all of you my life seems to have a lot more focus and direction all intent is positive and i don’t feel like i have negativity left in my bones. Erik has given us soo much useful information,,,am watching the news about the land splitting in New York,,,after watching/reading the post about the New Madrid Fault line B.S. that the Bad Guys are trying to accomplish,,,,,it makes me that much more appreciative of eriks’ insight,,,i am, working on gathering the supplies needed to be able to go “camping” for a month or more.Now i need to get the rest of the family on the ball so that we are “ready” for the weather changes and the natural disasters,,,the “new” thing is,,,i am not frightened by all the “allegations” because i know that we will be fine,,,,,eyes open and hearts full of positive thoughts,,,remember all to feed the field all your love and positive energy it is the best thing we can do to help in these times. Love to you all!!

    • You’re wonderful attitude never ceases to inspire me, JoAnn. You have such a sense of calm. It’s be interesting to hear from one of the CE channels about your level of enlightenment, etc.

  • Amy N

    This IS confusing and I would think that you’d be creating alternate time lines if you changed your past. It also reminds me of that quantum jumping course that I keep getting solicited to purchase, where you can reach your “other selves” to get advice for this life. Also, if you want to do a one-stop-shop for supplies, try: I bought a seed kit from them but they also have ready-to-go supply packages or you can purchase individual items.

    • Amy N. Check out the comment I just made about the wagon wheel analogy I read somewhere. I think I got it from “Our Ultimate Reality” by Adrian Cooper. Great book. Covers everything and then some!

  • Tom

    “Me: Okay, here’s another one related to the whole life review topic. If you kill scores of people like in a war, do you feel each one’s emotions during the review?

    Erik: Hell yeah: their thoughts, like what they’re thinking, what’s happening, their emotions, what they feel, yes.

    Me: Oh my god. That must be brutal.

    Erik: Definitely brutal”

    Like they say…”do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

    And “What goes around comes around”

    Age old wisdom……and now we know where it comes from..UGH!

    scary post!


  • miachelh

    I have been reading CE for months. I subscribe to the blog and receive the daily posts via email. I love this blog and I admire your dedication! I’m fascinated by the info that Eric shares and I am grateful to Elisa for posing such wonderful questions! And of course it wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of the channels! I love you all and I feel very much a part of your community. I worked very hard to raise my vibration so that I could channel. Actually, I was trying to connect to my “Higher Self” and I ‘accidentally’ started channeling my guides. I have no faith in my ability and I don’t dedicate enough time to the process. But I plan to change this asap and I would love if Eric could visit me!! Thank you again for sharing your blog with us. Please be confident in your information. Fear of being rejected because the material is “out there” stops me too often. And I don’t know why because not one word of Eric’s material has offended me. It does take incredible courage to stand up for what you believe in and you have inspired me in this area! Thank you so much!

    • Aw, thanks Miachelh! We’re glad you’re part of the family. I’m still working on my channeling and I still totally suck at it, but I’m NEVER going to give up.

  • JoAnn

    i would love that myself and i thank you for your comments you have been a great inspiration to me and the blog has saved my life and changed it on a profound level,,,i love everyone on the blog and Erik is so helpful and has taught me that believing in yourself and what has always felt right is the way we are supposed to be and i am so grateful for all the inside information i have been priveledged to receive because of your and Erik unselfishness and ability to invoke others to be honest,giving, and sharing the love in their hearts as you and Erik have done. i thank you both and the rest of the CE family which all have changed me forever so if i am enlightened at all it will be the direct result of what you have helped me to obtain through the caring ,giving and sharing of your love.

    • {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}} JoAnn. I can’t even imagine the blog and the CE family without you!

  • amy cavanaugh

    Interesting about these grid preparations as that I was speaking of them last night-in preparation I am learning to fish. Speaking of-Keith was laid to rest last weekend at N 26.43 W 79.30 off the coast of Palm Beach-thanks to Google Ocean I was able to visit his new digs.

    • Did you spread his ashes in the sea? What connection did he have with the sea?

  • amy cavanaugh

  • JoAnn

    @pat,,,,i agree it has caused alot of questions and i am beginning to think that exactly what Erik has said is the “truth” of the matter. I can almost “see” that in our history on the earth that if the entire conscious mind as a collective of enlightened souls would decide that a positive change in one individuals life review would prevent an undesired future for the world then yes i do believe that they or we would make that change as profound as that may seem ,i do believe it has been done because i am sure that certain peoples have done unimaginable things in error and if left unchanged could or would bring an undesired future for us all. especially with the new knowledge that Erik shared about the fact that we have “help” from higher light being than ourselves. i believe he said that those being are fighting a war of their own in other dimensions and are available to us for defense as needed. i also believe that was one of the post that also told us that there are energy forces or beings that are ‘Dark Energy” he said like a bunch of ‘Dicks” that feed on negativity is how he described them. so alot of the information Erik is sharing with us does make me have questions that i just feel like i need “help” with.but we are lucky in the fact that if we ask we shall receive and that is what i am working on myself,,,i am deserving…of happiness and abundance. and i have a great faith in the “truth” of the love that we have to share and that it can change the world and make a difference.Love to you all

  • Susan

    Glad to hear Robert is doing better…must have been awful though :-/

    I still can’t wrap my head around multiple selves and simultaneous lives. I wonder if every soul does this at every incarnation? or a more highly evolved soul would choose to have multiple lives??I find it very fascinating! Susanxoxo

    • I read something about how if you imagine a big wagon wheel, the Higher Self is in the center (the hub) and all the spokes are different lives of different selves. The rim is the earth time line. So you can choose to send one of your selves to the Middle Ages to be a knight and another to the future to be a Shaman, whatever–it goes down the spoke to that point in time, lives the life, and when it dies, it recedes back to the Higher Self to download the experience. Does that make sense? (If I have it right?)

  • Will

    Indeed, I think one could write a whole book on this very topic Pat 🙂 I don’t claim to fully understand it, but maybe I can share my current understanding of linear/non-linear time with you – that might help you understand how it’s possible to “rewire” things after the life review.

    You have to view this reality and the larger reality as a huge digital system. You also need to redefine “reality” not as a “place” but as a frame of a movie. All the reality frames that you can think of already exist in this big almost infinite digital database. That is why you often hear enlightened beings saying “everything exists in the now” and that there is no past or future, only now.

    Your soul experience “life on earth” as a specific sequence/path through a subset of these reality frames. You literally shift through billions and billions of reality frames every second. You’re so good at it that you don’t even notice it.

    Now based on your quality of consciousness, you make certain choices that determine the probable future reality frame you are going to experience next. After a lifetime of doing this, you can visually represent your life as a single path among a huuuge tree of reality frames. All the reality frames that are not part of your “life path” are the unactualised reality frames that you COULD have chosen to experience but didn’t.

    When you “change your life” after your review, what you really do is update this path in the database. It is similar to post-production in the movie business: you cut some frames out, replace them by a bunch of new ones, move some around, etc… This gives a slightly different movie – hell you can even make a completely different ending if you want. The cool thing here though is that you have access to all the frames you can ever imagine, so you don’t need to grab your cameraman and actors again to shoot a different ending like in real life – everything is already there.

    I think some of your confusion might come from the “but that’s gonna affect so many other people’s lives” concern. That is linear/physical-reality thinking. If you “change your life” after your review, you do not change people. You change the order of the movie frames that you experience when viewing the movie again. There’s a VERY big difference.

    Let’s take an example to illustrate this a little bit better. Let’s say you made this rather bad choice at some point in your life of punching your best friend in the face for reason X. This led to you never talking to each other again during this lifetime. You’re now having your life review, and you would like to see how things would have gone if you hadn’t punched your friend. So you find this subset of unactualized reality frames in the giant database where you don’t punch your friend and swap these with your old ones. You “play” the movie again and see for yourself – this is indeed a great learning tool for evolving consciousnesses like us 🙂

    Now I suppose, for reasons I don’t really understand at the moment, that one could “save” this updated reality path over his old one, and effectively change the life he experienced. But that would really only change this particular life movie of this particular soul, not the people watching (experiencing) it.

    Because when you’re in the “after life” you are no longer constrained to linear-time experience, you can chose to experience these reality frames in whichever way suits you best. That is, in my understanding, what people call non-linear time.

    Did that help, or did that make things even more confusing? Please bear in mind I don’t know for sure if that’s how it actually works, but based on my research and understanding, that is the model that makes the most sense to me.

    • Will, you have the gift of making the muddiest things crystal clear. Dang.

  • Susan

    Thanks Elisa….yes that makes kind of some sense LOL 😉 I’m still working on my channeling too and I suck most of the time too but not giving UP either 🙂

  • Interesting, I feel like a rat in the wheel right now, and that’s with the spiritual amnesia.

  • dinabedina

    FAKE it, till you MAKE it baby 🙂
    That’s my motto …

  • guitarlinda

    re: simultaneous lives………really good books on the subject are the Oversoul 7 series by Jane Roberts. Just reading the first one is fine, it does a great job of how the concept works in a playful and easy to read way.

  • amy cavanaugh

    not spread-the urn was dropped in the ocean-he was a lifeguard-an avid fisher-surfer-always lived at the beach-thats to modern technology I could see his new home-it is 1200 ft down and it is outside the EEZ which means it is not in America-I was really really depressed but getting the news that he was safe and sound cheered me up. I didnt go, I couldnt-his long time fishing buddy took him to his favorite fishing spot-sigh-I wish I was under the sea

  • Pierluigi Di Pietro

    “Me: Okay, here’s another one related to the whole life review topic.
    If you kill scores of people like in a war, do you feel each one’s
    emotions during the review?

    Erik: Hell yeah: their thoughts, like what they’re thinking, what’s happening, their emotions, what they feel, yes.

    Me: Oh my god. That must be brutal.

    Erik: Definitely brutal”

    Uhmm… So being pilot on a bombing plane is definitely a way to enter a world of hurt in the life review…

    Just don’t wanna know what had to endure the Enola Gay pilots. ^^’

    But… wahat happens to people that simply do give orders to kill?

    Also said, is worse to be the killer or the instigator?

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