More on the Shift (and Yes, Santa Claus)

In the next few sessions, Erik expands on the exact nature of The Shift. This will not be an overnight metamorphosis. In fact, it will likely take years and has already begun, to which many of you can attest. We are the butterflies in our cocoons ready to be unleashed and free.

Channeling Transcript 9/5/11

Me How are you doing?

Jamie: I’m doing good! How are you?

Me: Pretty good, all things considered!

Jamie: All eyes are focused on you.

Me: Really?

Jamie: Yeah, as you juggle your life and everything that’s going in it.

Me: Oh god. It’s a nightmare! What’s next, locusts? So, I guess you’re here, Erik? How are you, Baby?

Jamie: He’s been doing fine. He says he’s been just as busy as you.

Me: I bet. Now, is there such thing as Santa Claus? Let’s just get that deep and mysterious question out there first.

Erik (laughing): Mom, you know the story. It was based on some dude. No, he wasn’t fat and he didn’t wear a red suit and he doesn’t live in the North Pole. All this was created just to tell the story to kids.

Me: Okay. So, there’s no Santa spirit, I guess?

Erik: Yeah, well there is Saint Claus spirit.

Me: Oh! So he really is a spirit that exists?

Erik: Yes!

Me: Good, cuz I had y’all believing in him when you were into middle school. I’m such a great liar. I’d have so much fun making up ways for you to believe.

Erik laughs.

Me: Now, another person wants to know if there will be another big earthquake on the east coast since that one originating in Virginia?

Erik: Yes, and the epicenter will be further up towards New York.

Me: Okay. Will it be bigger?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Oh no! Are you saying it’ll be more destructive?

Erik: Most likely, because all the homes built on the fault line aren’t really prepared for any kind of big earthquake.

Me: Another person wants to ask more about the Shift. Will it be mostly a shift in perspective like a focused intent on another dimension or reality? While someone is focused on fear based things, others are focused on loved based ones, so it sort of splits into two dimensions just because two polar thought pools create two different realities?

Erik: Yes, Amen! It’s going to be a good world, Mom.

Me: Oh, good. It’s gotta get better. When the Shift occurs, will we still have physical bodies?

Erik: Yeah. The third dimension will still be alive and well. We’ll just be able to use our minds and our capacity beyond the 3rd dimension.

Me: Will we be in the same dimension as you’re in, Erik? (wishful thinking here)

Erik (laughing): You wish!

Me: Oh, no!!

Erik: We’ll have more cross over, but you won’t be 100% in the same dimension I’m in, because of the quality of a lower energetic life. You know, you need that as well. But telepathic stills, telekinesis, those will begin to be available. And with telepathy, you’ll also be able to communicate more clearly with us.

Me: Okay. What will happen to those in the fear based dimension?

Jamie (giggling): I’m sorry. He was giving me a funny visual. What will happen with what?

(I repeat the question.)

Erik: Most commonly, what they’ll do is self-destruct.

Me: How weird, because I just got this image of spontaneous combustion! How terrible!

Stay tuned for The Shift, Part Two tomorrow!

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