More on the Shift (and Yes, Santa Claus)

In the next few sessions, Erik expands on the exact nature of The Shift. This will not be an overnight metamorphosis. In fact, it will likely take years and has already begun, to which many of you can attest. We are the butterflies in our cocoons ready to be unleashed and free.

Channeling Transcript 9/5/11

Me How are you doing?

Jamie: I’m doing good! How are you?

Me: Pretty good, all things considered!

Jamie: All eyes are focused on you.

Me: Really?

Jamie: Yeah, as you juggle your life and everything that’s going in it.

Me: Oh god. It’s a nightmare! What’s next, locusts? So, I guess you’re here, Erik? How are you, Baby?

Jamie: He’s been doing fine. He says he’s been just as busy as you.

Me: I bet. Now, is there such thing as Santa Claus? Let’s just get that deep and mysterious question out there first.

Erik (laughing): Mom, you know the story. It was based on some dude. No, he wasn’t fat and he didn’t wear a red suit and he doesn’t live in the North Pole. All this was created just to tell the story to kids.

Me: Okay. So, there’s no Santa spirit, I guess?

Erik: Yeah, well there is Saint Claus spirit.

Me: Oh! So he really is a spirit that exists?

Erik: Yes!

Me: Good, cuz I had y’all believing in him when you were into middle school. I’m such a great liar. I’d have so much fun making up ways for you to believe.

Erik laughs.

Me: Now, another person wants to know if there will be another big earthquake on the east coast since that one originating in Virginia?

Erik: Yes, and the epicenter will be further up towards New York.

Me: Okay. Will it be bigger?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Oh no! Are you saying it’ll be more destructive?

Erik: Most likely, because all the homes built on the fault line aren’t really prepared for any kind of big earthquake.

Me: Another person wants to ask more about the Shift. Will it be mostly a shift in perspective like a focused intent on another dimension or reality? While someone is focused on fear based things, others are focused on loved based ones, so it sort of splits into two dimensions just because two polar thought pools create two different realities?

Erik: Yes, Amen! It’s going to be a good world, Mom.

Me: Oh, good. It’s gotta get better. When the Shift occurs, will we still have physical bodies?

Erik: Yeah. The third dimension will still be alive and well. We’ll just be able to use our minds and our capacity beyond the 3rd dimension.

Me: Will we be in the same dimension as you’re in, Erik? (wishful thinking here)

Erik (laughing): You wish!

Me: Oh, no!!

Erik: We’ll have more cross over, but you won’t be 100% in the same dimension I’m in, because of the quality of a lower energetic life. You know, you need that as well. But telepathic stills, telekinesis, those will begin to be available. And with telepathy, you’ll also be able to communicate more clearly with us.

Me: Okay. What will happen to those in the fear based dimension?

Jamie (giggling): I’m sorry. He was giving me a funny visual. What will happen with what?

(I repeat the question.)

Erik: Most commonly, what they’ll do is self-destruct.

Me: How weird, because I just got this image of spontaneous combustion! How terrible!

Stay tuned for The Shift, Part Two tomorrow!

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  • Steve Trask

    I’d love to learn more about the Shift. The Dolores Cannon books have been talking about this for years – Two Earths. The 3d and 5d Earths, and the 3d Earth will pretty much be destroyed. Those that don’t shift, go to the 4th (spirit). In 5d, there is a new reality with light bodies. My rational mind is not buying this at all. I’m thinking it will be more like a slow vibrational shift to where we have like a peaceful, spiritual awakening on the planet, but it will take a long time to complete.

    • George

      I’m with you Steve, I feel there will be conscious choices and as always we’ll live with the consequences. Those learning and teaching 5D conscious living will remain (if desired) with increased human abilities. Robert Monroe called it Human +.
      5D living hasn’t reached critical (population) mass yet but it has begun. Blogs like this help us team up and communicate better.

    • Patrick

      “The Shift” is underway now and involves both mental change and geophysical upheaval. Physical upheavals will be the catalyst; difficult challenges await us just ’round the corner. Many will not adjust to new surroundings and will succumb to worry, concern and stress.

      Earthquakes, storms, volcanic eruptions and other phenomena will increase in frequency and intensity around the world. Recent New Zealand and Japan earthquakes and Icelandic volcanic eruptions are early events in the pattern soon to intensify. Crude oil’s price will go up and fuel costs will increase several multiples; severe economic effects will result. Unemployment will rise to 30-50% in many nations. Air & sea transportation will become very difficult; the European Union will dissolve. International trade will be steadily and nearly completely removed; multinational companies will break up, many will dissolve completely if their remaining component parts no longer have value. Volcanic ash will cause a temporary dim period of reduced photosynthesis and an abrupt change in crops; there will be food availability issues. Upper atmosphere ash, which will not affect life on the surface directly, will contain the Earth’s radiation of heat, lifting temperatures. The belief that the surface is heated mostly by sunlight isn’t true, however the initial, incorrect reaction will be that blocked sunlight will lower temperatures. Polar and glacial ice melts caused by warmer conditions will lift sea levels and much coastal land, including cities or portions, will be abandoned. Current populations will be displaced.

      Political leaders and systems will lose power and influence as more and more decisions become local. The Earth’s magnetosphere will be disturbed and increased solar radiation will reach the surface. Human fertility will be reduced and steady population decreases will follow. Over a 20 to 30 year period the Earth’s population will be halved, as births will decrease well below replacement rate.

      Disturbances to weather and temperature extremes called “global warming” and “climate change” are a part of the shift. Misjudgments at both ends have been made; human activity has not caused warming. Dismissals of its existence as just aberrations are not accurate.

      Political leaders and institutions will resist waning influence and efforts to retain a firm grasp on power will cause its ever quicker erosion. Political leaders will be seen as ineffective in dealing with the crises soon to be upon us all. Humanity will soon see how emphasis on industrial output, wealth and material goods were misplaced and spurious. Much resistance will meet these circumstances but to no avail. Current economic models will collapse as the easily available, inexpensive energy that have fueled them will be withdrawn.

      What awaits us, which will arrive all the more quickly as humanity embraces these developments, is a new world and way of being that refocuses life on its true purposes.

      I will venture that this weblog was born out of the upcoming changes. Many of us have come here to learn and speak about it and expand the role we agreed to have. I certainly have come to play a large part behind the scenes, energy related, and each of us will serve in some capacity of great value to both greater humanity and to ourselves.

      Our collective challenge is to overcome fear, which produces resistance and delay. Fear is erased by confidence, born from knowledge, understanding and love. All humans row the same boat on a single ocean. Recognition of our Great Ark of Humanity will steer our course to the better world which awaits with a smile and open arms just over the horizon.

  • Lynette

    Elise, were you given any idea of about how many years it will take for the Shift to complete? The larger the number of years, the less perceptible the changes will be for us.

    • I think he said around 5 years, but it’s in the blog somewhere. If you can’t find it I’ll ask again. Just let me know.

      • Jackie

        I’ve heard it will take several decades before there’s a critical mass ascension for humanity. However, it’s the beliefs, contracts, and agreements that we have that allows us to ascend now or anytime before mass ascension occurs. We can ascend through death, belief or agreement. We must incorporate love, peace and good will within our selves and then create the same in the community. It begins within and spreads outwards. I’ve also heard on this 3d dimension, there will be great strides in research in medical science and technology. These are supported by the elite who are searching for immortality. This technology for immortality will eventually be seen as a failure as the spirit and soul cannot be absorbed into the technology.

  • Stacey

    I just wanted to say thank you for asking about Santa Clause! I was thinking about him the other night and thought it would have been so cool if you could have gotten the question asked during xmas week! Or better yet, an interview like you’ve been doing with all the other celebrities. (I’ve known the answer for a long time) I just didn’t want you to think I was a little too off-center! Great validation!

  • Stanley

    Hello Elisa,

    I belong to a website for Indigo’s called Indigo Society ( The shift has been something talked about for some years now. There is a group called Light Workers who’s spirital job it is to keep the possitive energy coming in. Even the Clearing I was taught to manage being empathic, the last part of it is to give the earth love and light energy. Being that the earth is very much alive, that we just live on the skin.

    One discussion, even in a few books, it’s been said that Indigo’s may be the ones who will meet those races who visit earth. The reason being that our gift of being empathic and to feel if someone is violent or kind in minutes may be needed to judge swiftly if a race visiting earth in the future is violent or kind. Channelers I can imagine would be useful in knowing if a race is violent or not as well. The last thing we need is a group lying to us and doing harm. I don’t know how on the mark this discussion is. What I do know is I personally have been able to judge if someone is violent or mean within a few moments in their presence. So perhaps there may be some truth about it.

    Anyway, I think there is a lot of good out there in the world. And I am all for a 5D world of peace and love for fellow man. I think we will be alright. I just feel excited about the shift. And for some reason, I hear my guides are “giddy” about coming changes for me. So I don’t know what kinds of good things they see for me. But in the end, I would rather it be good things over bad. 🙂 But yea, I see it as no accident that Indigo’s are here at this time.


  • Anonymous

    I am so excited for the Shift. I’ve always felt like the world could never catch up to where I am and now I think it might finally happen. Will we be able to communicate with beings from other planets, as well? I wonder if Erik can tell me where I’m really from, because I’m fairly certain it’s not here. :0)

    • Ash

      I read somewhere that everyone is originally from somewhere else – we’re all technically starseeds. So I asked where I was from. “Milkyway” Well thanks guys – that really narrows it down….

  • I say, Stanley for President of 5D!!

    • Stanley

      Me? No thanks. I am more of behind the scenes type of person. I am just hoping the future isn’t quite as bleak as Patrick shares. Otherwise I need to kick my higher selfs butt for me walking-in right now… If it’s going to be that bad, I hope I have a exit point coming up before the really bad stuff starts. I have been through enough crap. I don’t really think I could go through all that Patrick shared about on top of it all. I don’t know. Just makes the shift sound so negitive. Sure no one has a time machine that we can just transport ourselves to the future after all this stuff? 🙂


    • Maybe you are one of the Indigos, Elisa.

  • LOL! Me too! I love Santa Claus! I was thinking about writing a book with channeled mysteries of the world. Maybe I should include him!

    • Stacey


  • LOve that last sentence. ANd what we resist persists. Everything “war” on something ends in failure, including the war against death.

  • God I love your writing! Do you think some of it’s channeled? How fast do you type? Damn!

    • Patrick

      Thanks, certainly, no doubt about it (remembered, too) and I’ve never timed myself!

  • Probably, cuz I can be a troublemaker!

  • Denise

    I love the idea of a book with channeled mysteries of the world.

  • Patrick

    The changes are nothing to fear, they’re the Age of Aquarius and the New Jerusalem but like a purging process, upheavals will spark the progress. Nothing like losing a job to start looking for another one, is there? Unpleasant yet an effective kick start. It’s not a bleak future we face; it will be challenging and most worthwhile.

    You have a time machine already Stanley, that’s how you got here, choosing the moment and circumstances and opportunities. You will flourish; it’s not whether you can go through it, more like who will be able to keep up with you. An inner strength and drive like you’ve never known will sprout from within your heart and you will be a center of hope and a beacon of relief for many people around you, both near and far.

    Elisa asked if some of my bloviations were channeled; the preceding paragraph certainly was!

  • vickie

    the earth quake in newyork, thats close to me [ philadelphia.] did erik say when?

  • No, he didn’t. It’s hard for psychics to pin down time, but probably in the next two years.

  • Cindy Kernats

    So is Eric saying with this new SHIFT coming in I will be able to communicate with Heath allot better than I am now? That is my dream!

    • Yes! (hell yes, in his words)

      • Cindy Kernats

        I cannot wait! I feel Heath so strongly but cannot see or hear him all the time. That is really important to me. Does Eric talk to Heath about the fact that he is with me? Tell Eric thank you so much!

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