More Praise for Erik

Praise #1

I’ve got the book here in my computer and I am reading it. So beautifully written! So much clarity and honesty and gift of “Home”in the book!
This sharing couldn’t be any more beautiful and clear – not ever! Thank all who had a part in bringing this together – and Erik, give my Danny a hug and squeeze from his Mom!

Thank you from deep in my heart!

Praise #2

Hello Dr. Medhus , I just come to tell you my world is brighter because of you Erik, and Jamie. My son left his physical body two years ago when he was 18. A few of my best friends supported me through those heart breaking times. Then you and Erik came to my life and since then you are like my full time supporters. What you do is so beautiful and so important to people like me. I am so grateful for your wisdom and honesty, though we don’t know each other, yet you are like my best friends, who gives me love and support whenever I need .

Thank you, Dr. Medhus! Erik you are so great ! I love you !
Congratulations for the second book, great, yay !

Praise #3

Oh Elisa, Erik had done a wonderful job with you all getting this book out. So needed in society today. I am about halfway thru. Read it from midnight till my eyes were trying to shut. Erik’s description after his death in those first moments validated my own NDE to the T. All the feelings were right there in his words. This is an amazing read and putting it down is hard. This will benefit so many. This will help make me a better teacher and medium. Every medium should read this as we have all the same questions about life after death as anyone. It’s not like we know what that journey is for the most part. We only know what we are told during a reading. I had many feelings about what it was and I am pleased that so many of my theories and feelings about it have been so validated. Erik sweet boy, you have done something out of this world to help so many and I am giving you amazing spirit hugs, Love Ya. Hugs to you and Jamie, Elisa for all you do, Go a head hun. It’s okay to be one proud, shining MOMMY. Just to add this morning I came a cross a young lady on my ITC Collective sight who had just lost her brother this last week. She was trying to reach him with her ITC app. I added my comment about giving it time for him to discover his new self and to keep just talking to him. Although he did seem to be reaching out to her on the app. I heard “I’m here with Pappa.” But didn’t hear again when I listened back so that may just been me hearing him myself. But I walked out on my porch and as I was sitting there just taking in the moment, two lines of a song started playing in my head. I know I was thinking about music and this song though was vaguely familiar and wasn’t something even on my mind in that moment. So I looked it up on good old YouTube..cus they know everything you know..LOL. There it was and there was a moment fifty years ago in Sunday school when I heard it. So I went back and posted it to her comment and told her sometimes spirit gives me things in this way and I hoped it meant something to her. Turns out her brother was an animal rescuer and the song’s two lines that repeated in my head were: “All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small.” Had to laugh. Pappa was her father-in-law who had passed. So that is who he’s met up with I suppose. Now that the song is stuck repeatedly making me sing the first two line for the rest of the day, I can look at it as something beautiful that helped someone because it was a moment I think as Erik teaches where things come from the heart to the head. Thanks Erik for teaching me that. It makes being an empath much easier to understand. I am still as I was at home. That emotional being who understands why I kept that knowledge when I came back to this life.

Praise #4

Trying to get a hold of Jamie but, I see she’s addicted to changing lives. (joking) Anyway thought I’d stop by and show some love and talk a little about handsome Erik. Erik’s mom, Jamie and me are very close! I’ve been communicating through Erik for quite some time and throughout it all I think we’ve grown as a family. We’ve all been helping each other confront our biggest fears by talking about it. I thank them greatly with a big hug and kiss and am more than glad to expand on this subject if asked of me; Hope everyone has a very blessed day and much LOVE and LIGHT to my newest family!!! Love you all
Peace out!

Praise #5

Like many of you I came across Channeling Erik out of sheer “coincidence”. I have had a lifelong struggle with religion and spirituality. By age 40 I had worked through many doubts via research of scientists, philosophers, guru’s, ministers, and such to at least come to the belief that there had to be life after death. I always believed in a God/Source but just didn’t buy the pearly gates and streets of gold I had been taught by grandparents when I was young. Why would God need material wealth? I didn’t understand the contradictory statements of the Bible about the love of God and then the wrath of God. I knew I would never have the answers to these questions until I actually passed….but I was wrong. Dealing with severe panic disorder and major depression since birth made this subject a very paramount one in my life. The panic stricken me was terrified of dying because yet another part of my life was being dictated and hence feeling not in control. Then the alternating side which was depression just wanted it all to end. One day in one of my bottomed out days I found Elisa, Erik and Jamie on YouTube. It was Erik talking about his death and the afterlife. I connected immediately. Not only were my beliefs validated, Erik added an amazing nonmystical extended account of the reality of “Heaven.” His ability to be himself and to be real and open about his experience changed my life in ways that I never imagined. I immersed myself into everything from the very beginning of the blog to current day. That was 2 years ago. My life now is one of more calm and peace than I ever experienced in this lifetime. I have learned to connect with my loved ones thru channeling and auto writing and Erik taught me how to rid myself of leftover crud attached to me by my ego and to think and feel from my heart and soul. Am I perfert? Erik would say, ” Fuck yeah!” I just think that now I’m better than normal. Thanks to Elisa’s strength, determination, and undying love for her child as well as her amazing ability to unselfishly share him with the world…these 3 amazing people have come together and created the gift of life, hope, and understanding in a world that can be sometimes overwhelming. I just finished Erik’s new book My Life After Death. If you want to understand your own life after death, read it, and if you want to understand the reason for your life then immerse yourself into Channeling Erik. Start from the beginning and let the light shine in.

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