More Than Just a Prank

On the way back home and, as promised, here’s the post for the day. I’m going to try to post this past week’s radio show and a YouTube video when I get home, but my Internet there has been acting up and upload speeds have been terrible. It takes me over 24 hours to upload a 15 minute video. Sigh. Xfinity is working on it, though 

Over the last year and a half that I have been reading the blog I have had a number of pranks. Erik playing with my phone as I was complaining to a friend that I have yet to be pranked. Erik waking me up in the middle of the night and telling me it’s party time. I literally fell back to sleep and there I was at a party. Erik turning on my daughter’s Siri on her phone and saying “what’s up?. But recently he did something for my 16 year-old son, Harry, that was much more than a playful prank. On May 16, 2016, my son all of a sudden had three grand mal seizures. This happened a day that he was so excited to sign up for his road test. It turned out that he has a little lesion on his brain, which causes seizures. He is now diagnosed with epilepsy and taking daily seizure meds. Of course, he can’t drive and in NY a person has to be seizure free for six months before able to drive. My son was devastated by this. Six months is forever to a 16 year-old boy. One night about 4 weeks after the seizures, my son was down in the basement alone. It was around midnight and everyone was sleeping. He turned off the TV getting ready to come upstairs when suddenly he hears his name being said in a loud whisper. He hears it two times. It really freaked him out. He came running upstairs and wakes me up to tell me. The next day we used the eBoard to ask who it was. Erik says it was him, and he wanted Harry to know that he was not alone. It was the sweetest thing I had ever heard. Then just last week my son was riding his bike and was struck by a car doing a lot of damage to the vehicle, My son walked away with very little injury after breaking the car’s windshield with the impact. He was extremely lucky. I truly believe that Erik was there protecting him. Thank you Erik!!!

What a sweet story. Erik had an atypical febrile seizure lasting 20 minutes when he was 18 months old. We were on a 10 hour flight from Norway to Newark at the time and had to emergency land. I truly believe that this prolonged seizure caused him to have the learning issues he had. Perhaps it was a potential exit point. An ER doc kept telling me, “He’s not going to make it! He’s not going to make it!” What terrible bedside manner!

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  • Pat Lokan

    Would you ever consider asking a few questions on behalf of someone having serious health issues? I live in Rockport, Texas and could really use some help. Thank you.

    • There are several options. You can call in during the Thursday night radio show, submit questions to Raylene ( the first day of the month, submit questions when I call out for them for the Ask Erik magazine column, or book a session with one of the mediums I’ve vetted (or one of your choice0. I can’t use my YouTube sessions for people’s personal questions because I get deluged by them and just can’t. That’s why I offer so many options, most free.

  • T Diaz

    I love that Erik watches over some (probably all) of our kids. I was told the same about my son. The medium asked if he had wild hair “like Erik,” and I laughed and said, yep, never combs it! Evidently, Erik checks in on him every now and then 🙂

  • JaniceT

    I am so very sorry that you have to endure such pain along with your son. I can only imagine how painful it is for a mother to watch her child suffer ailments and watch it devastate their self-esteem whilst feeling helpless. My mother went through similar pain through my ailments, by watching me suffer. However, in her case she was so frustrated of my situation, that she took it out on me by saying things like “why can’t you be more..”. I was already suffering, self esteem shattered, so having my mother tell me that I should do something about a situation I had no control of, only made it worst. All I wanted to hear from her was that she was there with me and for me. She didn’t have to be “strong” for me; just be there for me.

    So Elisa, you are a wonderful mother, being there for your son, and as you have written, Erik is there for both of you; you and your son is in good hands.

  • connectionup

    Am I living in a different universe or am I insane? If you know your child’s health condition why don’t you try asking someone to pray for him/her? A lot of people are practicing these with startling results as I can see them on YouTube. If you love your child why not give it a shot? They do it for free. Look at Tom Loud’s YouTube vids for a start. He’s in Seattle but I am sure you can find someone closer.

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